With Blood on His Hands and Lies on Lips Lindsey Graham Accuses Obama of Losing Wars


In advance of the President’s expected announcement Tuesday afternoon that we will be ending a decade of war, Republicans were upset.


Indeed, prior to President Obama announcing a troop drawdown in Afghanistan to correlate with the end of our combat mission there at the end of this year, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina let it be known that Obama is totally wrong. We should not announce an exit because it “emboldens the enemy” and Obama is “not ending wars, he’s losing them.”

Here are some of Senator Graham’s tweets on the matter:


“Announcing that all US forces will be out after 2016 emboldens the enemy. #Afghanistan”
“President Obama is not ending wars, he’s losing them. #Afghanistan”
“Doing the same thing he did in Iraq and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. #Afghanistan”
“President Obama is repeating some of the same mistakes he made in Iraq. #Afghanistan”

Graham saved this for after the announcement, “The Taliban and al-Qaeda will welcome this decision. The Afghans who fought alongside us will be devastated. #Afghanistan”

Maybe he thinks if we don’t tell them, they won’t know we’re leaving?

It’s hard to know why Graham is alarmed. This has been the plan for quite some time. In January of 2013, Obama announced, “This week, we agreed that this spring, Afghan forces will take the lead for security across the entire country, and our troops will shift to a support role. And by the end of next year, America’s war in Afghanistan will be over.”

I guess no one told Graham that it took a year plus to move equipment out of Iraq. So, yeah, things have to be planned and it’s hard to hide. It’s not like going on a weekend jaunt, catching the Jitney for some r & r.

Graham isn’t that naive; Rather, Graham is trying hard to keep us in Afghanistan forever.

Senior Administration Officials explained in a conference call early Tuesday afternoon that the Obama administration believes an announcement of our drawdown is necessary for planning purposes, for the allied forces and Afghan government. They argue that knowing what’s going to happen and being able to plan for additional responsibilities has provided security. This seems logical. Senator Graham can’t think that irresponsibly just taking off one day is better than a plan.

You probably remember Graham from the many times he went on TV to mislead the American people into believing the weapons of mass destruction lie that led to the Iraq invasion.

reminded everyone, “In the 2003 lead-up to the Iraq War, McCain and Graham made appearances on Sunday talks shows such as Meet the Press, Fox News Sunday, and Face the Nation where they made the case that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and would not hesitate to use them… Later, responding to a question from then-host Tim Russert about reports Saddam was destroying certain missiles to comply with the United Nations, Graham emphasized intelligence showing presence of chemical weapons.”

At some point, it gets old having people who were so cravenly dishonest to the public in order to sell the Iraq War opine as if they were an expert on military strategy. It’s especially odious when it occurs at the same time as their party vilifies the Obama administration for what they claim was one misleading television appearance by Ambassador Susan Rice right after the Benghazi attack (it wasn’t misleading; it was a careful script based on the information available at the time).

Graham has served in the Air Force; however, there was a scandal when he was accused of having passed himself off as “an Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm veteran” despite having no legitimate claim to such, per a February 1998 article in The Hill, retrieved by Media Matters. In fact, Graham was in South Carolina, pushing papers for the Air Force.

Graham has gone to Iraq several times, including serving a two week deployment to Iraq as a reservist in 2007. But still. Does going to watch a surgeon operate for two weeks make you a surgeon? A month? How long do you need to watch a teeny, tiny part of one surgery to be able to plan all surgeries?

Republicans used to be all for leaving these decisions to the military. The amount of troops is on par with the 9,000 Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel supported based on military recommendations. If all goes well, we’re drawing down at the end of 2014 to 9,800 troops and by end of 2015 to half of the 9,800, concluding with an embassy presence and continued support in a broader capacity, per Senior Administration Officials.

The troop drawdown is contingent upon the signature of the bilateral security agreement that has already been negotiated with the Afghan government. In the event that neither presidential run-off candidate signs the bilateral security agreement, we would not stay after 2014.

Graham’s notion that we could drawdown and no one would notice, could exit and no one would notice, is absurd. Bases will be taken down or turned over and this will take at least a year. The “enemy” will know about it for that entire year. The truth is that this fear-mongering excuse is just another way to make the case for indefinite policing of Afghanistan with our troops.

Senator Graham, who championed WMD on TV and misled people about his own service, is accusing Obama of “losing” the Republican wars.

It might be more helpful if Senator Graham were to discuss with his party why they never planned or budgeted for the wars, let alone the anticipated load they would add to the VA. After that, he can explain why he misled the public about weapons of mass destruction. Only then can he have a reasonable shot of explaining what makes him a credible voice on war and military strategy.

Also, what exactly does “winning” look like to Republicans? The answer to this question should have been discussed prior to engagement, instead of constantly moving the goal posts for Bush’s vague “war on terror”.

President Obama is trying to end the Afghanistan war in a responsible manner, without leaving a power vacuum in our wake. The people who started these wars with no exit plan might want to zip it for a while.

30 Replies to “With Blood on His Hands and Lies on Lips Lindsey Graham Accuses Obama of Losing Wars”

  1. Hey you POS CHICKENHAWK, Why did you vote against funding our Veterans healthcare but you are so eager to send them to war? Now go wring out your panties you effing coward

  2. Lindsey Graham is without credibility in anything he says. Was it not he and McCain who went to the middle east and met with opposing forces without letting the ambassador know of their intentions? There was speculation at the time that they were in some way advocating providing weapons. I have no knowledge whether this actually was true but they WERE there and McCain said he could determine who the “good guys” were while being photographed with known bad guys.
    I have no use for either of these two. Don’t care if Graham is gay or not but just wish he would SHUT UP and go away.
    South Carolina, you are better than this. Vote and get him OUT. He is a disgrace to your state.

  3. When you peel back the onion, Senator Graham is just another Right Winged, racist, obstructionist. The same group of GOPer’s that have never given President Obama the respect he’s entitled to and can’t stand the fact that there’s a black man in the oval office.
    Of course, none of them would ever confess to this being the reason, however actions are proof positive.

  4. Are we supposed to stay there forever?

    It’s like Pres. Obama said, it’s so much easier to start wars than it is to end them. Kind of interesting, isn’t it? We start wars, thousands of troops die while thousands upon thousands are maimed for life, not to mention the untold numbers of civilians who die, and that gets criticized but then a President tries to stop it all and THAT gets criticized.

    It’s ridiculous.

  5. Graham is such a lying sack of crap…he’s been bought and sold so many times that he can’t seem to remember all of his lies, or, he thinks the American people will forget the nonsense that comes out of his pie-hole if he keeps feeding them new scandals. He’s an embarrassment to the state of SC, and needs to crawl back into the hole he came out of.

  6. Ms. Linzey, is one the few Conservative politicians with a set of lips. They almost all have very thin lips.
    My guess is one of the reasons he is in the conservative realm is that it helps him hide in the closet.
    Too sad!

  7. “President Obama is repeating some of the same mistakes he made in Iraq. #Afghanistan”

    And what exactly would those mistakes be? Does he mean getting our people out of Iraq was a mistake? I thought that going into Iraq in the first place was the mistake – he’s just another Bush Republican flapping his ‘gator.

  8. Of course they don’t want the war to rnd. Both Graham and McCain have stock in hallibuton. They get richer as long as we remain there

  9. Graham is always running in front of cameras lately because he has several TP challengers in SC, and he is trying to prove to SC’s rabid RW voters that he’s worthy of their support. He knows the best way to convince them is not by telling them the truth but by making Pres. Obama his #1 enemy. He knows this is a tried and true tactic that pays off at the ballot box in SC. Jack Kingston is doing the same thing here in GA by claiming that Common Core is a product of the Obama Administration and an example of “big government.” He knows, or should know, that CC is an idea that governors came up with a few years ago. If Hillary runs in 2016, after she wins, the GOPTPers will link her to everything under the sun. Lying means nothing to these so-called Christian patriots.

  10. I didn’t know Miss Lindsey could speak without his sidekick, the old man. I bet he was coached by the old geezer.

  11. I am starting to think that instead of voter ID laws the Dems should establish IQ voter laws. If you can’t pass a basic test then no voting for you. The way I see it that would pretty much wipe out the red states entirely.

  12. OK, I would have Graham explain to everyone, especially those who are vets that have or are coming back from Afghanistan, why the idea of scaling back our troops and letting them do their own work considering ‘losing’?

    Our troops will finally come home and the Afghans will have to make sure that their country is safe for all who live there. That, to me, is a win for both sides.

  13. Like a broken record the three stooges again inserts foot up their warmongering asses
    McCain calls troops withdrawal in Afghanistan ‘monumental mistake’
    U.S. Senators John McCain, R-AZ, Lindsey Graham, R-SC, and Kelly Ayotte, R-NH, released this joint statement following Obama’s announcement Tuesday morning.

    “The President’s decision to set an arbitrary date for the full withdrawal of U.S. troops in Afghanistan is a monumental mistake and a triumph of politics over strategy. This is a short-sighted decision that will make it harder to end the war in Afghanistan responsibly.

  14. Can you imagine where this country would be had McCain actually won the presidential election? Scary stuff.

  15. Yes. Thousands upon thousands have died during these Wars of Profiteering and Deception, but Lindsey wants to keep it all going …. while he’s also one of the people who shrieks and moans and pretends that the 4 Dead in Benghazi is the most horrible thing ever to happen to Americans and America.

    Liar, Liar, Frilly Panties On Fire.

  16. Some of the commenters above said, Senator Graham is an embarrassment to SC. I don’t believe the citizens of SC are embarrassed by any of their over the top ignorant politicians. Fact is they are proud of them, because they relate so closely to their position on things that matter to them. Ignorance begets ignorance.

  17. His judgement is very scary. Just think Sarah Louise Palin. Just that one act alone is enough to discredit anything that “Song Bird” says.

  18. Hey, Graham! Where were you when President Bush announced ‘Mission Accomplished’ about 6 years early???Where were you when Bush and Cheney lied about ‘WMD’s’???

  19. I have absolutely no respect for this blowhard. He offers nothing of value, yet he is the first to bloviate and put down those who are trying to resolve two of the thorniest problems inherited from the Bush administration- two devastating wars. Wars that have cost us overwhelming life, limb and treasure. This President will eventually bring these two wars to a responsible end. A stand down of forces this massive must be planned Mr. Graham. You just don’t walk away quietly. Also, the President announced at the beginning of his administration that he would be ending this war by the end of 2014. So, what are you really trying to accuse the President of, Mr. Graham? The problem with fools like Lindsay Graham is that they drain the life blood from a our democracy. They aren’t interested in making it work for the good of the people. They only work to frustrate and aggravate any real effort to legislate policy to govern a country that is in dire need of good governance. Great job Lindsay!

  20. Apparently, Lindsey Graham likes losing his job. Lindsey, you have lost your job, you can fill out the unemployment paperwork online now, oh wait, you didn’t pass the Bill, well you have enough money. Move in McCain’s guest house and do not come out…EVER. Okay?

  21. I wish I could “thumbs up” your comment twice; once for the statement and another for your user name.

    If Graham thinks Obama is going to extend this “war” a second longer than necessary, he’s got another thing comin’.

  22. I’d rather it be the candidates tested. A few psychological tests wouldn’t be bad either. Does she/he has an IQ of average or better? Does the person have empathy?

    Then it wouldn’t be as devastating when the misinformed, uneducated or just plain ignorant people vote, because the over all options are better.

  23. The Constitution is clear on what part of the government declares war. The president can put troops on the ground – and needs to because sometimes action is needed in a hurry. But within days (or at most weeks), Congress should have the ability to take over its responsibility and either declare war or tell the president that there’s no war.

  24. Because a true patriot would know that 13 years of US military might is not enough to defeat a ragtag army like the Taliban.

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