Gun Fanatics Express Their Support For a Mass Murderer’s Second Amendment Rights

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 06:05 pm

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gun fanatics

Solidarity is a feeling of unanimity, agreement, and identification with a specific movement or action; especially among individuals aligned with the movement’s purpose whose devotion and mutual support inform their mindset is in complete harmony with the movement’s mission. If Americans have learned only one thing from the increasing number and frequency of horrifying mass shootings by crazed individuals allowed unrestricted access to firearms, it is that gun zealots, 2nd Amendment fanatics, and the National Rifle Association are in complete solidarity with the shooters.

The notorious response from gun fanatics after each mass murder using firearms informs why this country will continue suffering firearm tragedies; “guns don’t kill people, people with guns kill people.” The response from the NRA, open-carry advocates, and 2nd Amendment devotees to this country’s predilection to shooting-sprees and mass murders informs that they share a common worldview with the people who go on shooting rampages; “my right to own weapons of mass destruction (guns) trumps your right to live.” As gun zealots are inclined to parrot ad nauseum, guns are not the problem, crazy people are, but there is no difference between crazed mass shooters and gun fanatics.

Gun advocates revealed their solidarity with the Santa Barbara shooter immediately following the tragedy when open-carry advocates in Texas strapped assault rifles across their backs and went into family restaurants terrifying patrons. Without provocation or solicitation, Joe “the plumber” Wurzelbacher penned an angry “open letter” in response to the bereaved man whose 20-year-old son was indiscriminately gunned down to inform him that “your dead child doesn’t trump my Constitutional rights” as if he is the victim in the horrific Santa Barbara mass murders. Of course, the National Rifle Association followed its regular tactic of lying low for a week or two before emerging with a new round of calls to put more guns in the hands of more people for no other purpose than equipping them to kill other people.

The NRA will never reveal that the only purpose of a firearm is to terminate life. It does not matter if it is ending the life of a wild creature or a human being, a gun’s only purpose is to kill. However, without a human behind the gun, it is just an inanimate object devised, manufactured, and utilized by humans to end life with immediacy and extreme prejudice; likely from a distance. It is a common occurrence after a mass shooting for gun zealots to rise up and defend the shooter’s right to own and use firearms, including publicly displaying guns to show their solidarity with the mass murderer’s 2nd Amendment right to end life. Make no mistake, shotguns, long rifles, automatic handguns, and assault rifles are manufactured to end life; primarily human life. Except for a dwindling number of hunting enthusiasts, the preponderance of Americans who purchase firearms have them to kill other Americans; even if kept for home security. For gun maniacs, the NRA, and open-carry advocates who immediately terrify the public with assault-style weapons strapped across their backs and automatic handguns holstered on their hip, the reason for displaying their guns or supporting unrestricted gun ownership is publicly announcing that, like mass shooters, they own firearms with the intent to kill people. The reason the Santa Barbara, Columbine, Aurora, and Sandy Hook, among many others, shooters had possession of firearms is precisely the same as gun fanatics; to kill other Americans.

If, as gun fanatics claim, gun safety advocates are bent on placing restricting guns that do not kill people without people using them, then it is time to change the conversation on gun control to regulate people whose sole purpose in owning a gun is ending the life of other people. It cannot be overstated that the people most likely to advocate for unrestricted gun ownership, are advocating for people like mass shooters and themselves whose only purpose in owning guns is to kill other people. The overriding character trait among those who champion universal gun ownership is the brazen lack of humanity that, without an existential threat to their personal safety, have no compunction in anticipating their apparent joy in taking a human life that likely manifest itself early in the person’s life.

The solution is mandated comprehensive psychological examinations of prospective gun owners including in-depth background checks going back to childhood. For example, if an adult had anger issues in junior high school, initiated physical confrontations, tortured or mistreated animals, threatened other students, teachers, friends, or family members, then they should be permanently prohibited from owning a firearm. Likewise, if an adult has a history of brandishing firearms, whether in a private residence or in public places such as restaurants, shopping malls, or at political protests then their firearms should be confiscated forthwith and they should be safely ensconced in a mental ward until they undergo a thorough psychological evaluation, and intervention if necessary, to determine and treat their dysfunctional personality that led them to publicly reveal their solidarity with mass murderers.

Gun advocates claim the U.S. Constitution exists to protect their right to own firearms to end human life, but the Preamble to the Constitution tasks the government to provide for the general welfare of the people. Tantamount to providing for the people’s general welfare is intervention to regulate the people, not guns, whose sole intent in owning firearms is killing other Americans; not doing so is contrary to providing for the people’s general welfare and violates every American’s right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

Gun maniacs cite the Santa Barbara shooter’s use of a knife and automobile to kill and injure other people and claim they are not regulated (cars and operators are extensively regulated), but those objects, unlike firearms, have other uses. However, people deemed by psychologists to be a danger to themselves and others are prohibited from being around sharp objects such as knives and are not allowed to drive automobiles. Those are ridiculous arguments from ridiculously callous human beings who would dare equate an eating utensil or transportation device with an object created explicitly to end life.

Solidarity is expressed in myriad ways whether it is wearing the jersey of one’s favorite sports team, flying a flag of one’s home country, or putting up signs in support of striking workers or a political candidate. It is no different with gun zealots who wave their guns, fly 2nd Amendment flags, or write letters claiming dead children do not trump 2nd Amendment rights and the message is always the same; they stand in solidarity with mass murderers who used their 2nd Amendment rights to end human life. It is the only reason crazed 2nd Amendment advocates, the National Rifle Association, and the rest of the mentally-deranged gun fanatics love their firearms because very, very few of them hunt.


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