Rush Limbaugh Blames Obama and Democrats For Elliot Rodger’s Killing Spree


On his radio show today, Rush Limbaugh blamed the mass killings in Santa Barbara over the weekend on the class warfare and war on women rhetoric used by President Obama and the Democratic Party.


LIMBAUGH: Yeah, CNN has the news on the Elliot Rodger manifesto. He called his mother “selfish” for not marrying into wealth. He wrote about how seeing rich families enjoy life made him resent that his, quote, “damnable mother had not married into wealth instead of being selfish.” Now, again, you know, every time one of these things happens, the first thing the Drive-Bys do is see if they can link it to the Tea Party.

Then they try to link it to conservative talk radio. Then they try to link it to some Republican politician someplace. So we always eschew that. We don’t play that game because it’s cheap. But it’s fun to kind of reverse roles now and then. As far as these people are concerned, these perpetrators cannot be responsible. There has to be some external force like the Tea Party poisoning their minds.

Conservative talk radio must be filling them with hatred, bigotry, and whatever the cliches are. Republican politicians are planting in their heads elitism and all that, whatever it is. It can never be that a perp is simply a bad guy and is responsible for what he does. There has to be some external force. The gun. The NRA. Okay. The more we learn about this guy, the more obviously we see he was conditioned by liberalism.

He hated, he resented the rich to the point of calling his mother damnable and selfish for not marrying a wealthy guy. He hated women. Who is it that’s out there talking about the War on Women all the time? It’s the Democrat Party. Now, you know me, and you know yourselves: When this kind of thing happens, we do not make a mad dash to try to blame this and politicize everything that happens.

But when they do, when the Democrats do, when the left does, then we respond. We react to it, and we point out how they are wrong. Here are more quotes from this guy, Elliot Rodger, about the rich. “I couldn’t help but feel a bitter form of envy at all the rich kids at the concert. They grew up in lavish mansions, indulged in excessive opulence, will never have to worry about anything in their pleasurable, hedonistic lives.


This is exactly the kind of mind-set that the Democrats create with this class welfare rhetoric. They create the resentment. They want people to resent the rich — and then when the rich get theirs, “Oh, tax increase!” and lose everything, then people like Elliot Rodger are happy. His life hasn’t changed any, but he’s happy that others are suffering.

Only Rush Limbaugh could blame the actions of a deranged killer who writes several times in his manifesto that he hates women on Democrats. The mass murderer didn’t hate rich people. He wanted to be a rich person because in his warped view, being rich would get him the sex that he thought he deserved.

Anyone who has read the manifesto that came from the deranged mind that was warped by hatred for women knows that Limbaugh is cherry picking quotes in order to make a horrific event a partisan cause to exploit. The killer saw women as objects that were supposed to give him the sexual satisfaction that he was entitled to.

It isn’t a surprised that a woman hater like Limbaugh would ignore the misogyny in the manifesto. Political partisanship had nothing to do with what happened in Santa Barbara. Anyone who claims that it did is a disgrace. Rush Limbaugh has once again demonstrated why the advertiser boycotters must keep fighting. Rush Limbaugh can say whatever he wants, but he has no entitlement to financial gain from such deranged and hateful language.

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  1. A long time ago, Rush use to advocate the idea of “think” don’t just follow the propaganda. I wonder what happen to that man. Because now he is one of those people whom he use to speak about.

  2. Pig-baugh is a kindred spirit reflected in the mentally-ill deranged rantings of a misogynistic mass-murderer; no surprises he would unsuccessfully try to deflect this hatred onto Dems because he is the profiteer of hate & violence.

  3. I wonder if he stills thinks he is relevant to anyone or anything other than that pitiful little audience of his. Is it just me or does Rush and Rove look like brothers?

  4. “Rush Limbaugh Blames Obama and Democrats For Elliot Rodger’s Killing Spree” SERIOUSLY?! IT’S THE GOP WHO BLOCK ALL THE GUN CONTROL!!!!!!!

  5. He’s about as relevant as a steaming pile of s**t circling the drain! Anyone who puts any stock in a single word coming from his mouth has to have a single digit IQ.

  6. Last time I checked it wasn’t Democrat politicians walking around claiming that women are monsters for not wanting give birth to rape babies or making rape sound like it’s not a big deal. It’s also not Democrat politicians walking around wanting to turn this country into a Christian theocracy which of course would make women second class citizens. I have yet to run across one liberal male who thinks that he has the right to force a woman to have sex with him.

  7. Rush and his ilk created this culture of hate. They are trying to throw the scent off and put it on Democrats, liberals, feminism, etc. But we know the truth. Even THEY know the truth.

    They’ve created little monsters and they don’t give a damn, not if it keeps women “in their place.”

    Honestly, we’re not surprised here, right?

  8. Quit humping guns and we’ll stop trying to link your philosophy to mass shootings.

    FWIW, being rich is what gets Rush sex. No woman in her right mind would do him for his sparkling personality.

  9. The man responsible for Timothy McVeigh killing 168 innocent people ought not blame anyone for being in on a killing. They ought to put Rush in a cell with Charlie Manson.

  10. My response to the headline was “Pffft, of course he did!” But I read it anyway because we need to know what was said to best combat it. So, surprised? Nah, not really. Resigned? Never. Going to keep fighting till his hate no longer pollutes the airways.

  11. How does the sick, hateful, vile, twisted p.o.s. sleep at night?

    Oh right, he gets tucked in by Big Pharm and Koch whores.

  12. Says the guy who coined the term ” feminazi’s” that fat pig really stepped into it. It’s obvious he is projecting.

  13. This stupid pig wouldn’t admit he was wrong even to save his own life. This man’s ego is incredible. He thinks he has all the answers, when in reality he has no idea what is going on. He’s just an imbecile who has followers idiots as followers. You would think this evil piece crap would die a horrible death, but he’ll probably go by just eating a piece of candy or worst yet in his sleep. I wouldn’t want to reap what he has to sow.

  14. This guy is the king of misogynists……remember his rant about Sandra fluke….and the way he would pronounce her last name then call her a sl*t! He refers to strong women as femnazis……my question, why is he still on the radio?

  15. Rush is simply gasping for air. he knows his reign of bullshit is coming to the end. Therefore he has to incite as much hate and violence as possible before they pull the plug. Notice the GOP “leadership” fiasco doesn’t involve Rush, as none of their previous parties invited the “titular” head. When they pick Phil Robertson over Rush. can you say goodbye fat boy?

  16. Rush limp dic Limbaugh, is just trying to deflect the real truth, away from “him” and his kind. The “Guns R-US” crowd.

    He has turned into a “fool” and a real “bottom feeder”. Anything he says, is akin to the National Enquier and other fantasy media.

  17. #METAL GODDESS – I couldn’t agree more. I trust that your tag implies that you are a relative of mine. LOL from Colombia….

  18. Flush LIMPBAUGH is a crime against humanity. Only the sickest of air waves carry this flunky from humanity. Everyone is correct when they say that no woman would be with him if he didn’t have money. Personally,I find it hard to believe how some women will prostitute themselves for money. He is demented,cruel,and not even charming. He has made his millions on putting everyone down so in return he deserves the same type of response on shredding his character. How would he if everyone called his wife and ex’s sluts like he did Sandra Fluke. It probably wouldn’t bother him because he knows they only marry him for some kind of prestige and the settlement they will get. He’s nothing but a shameless crackpot who sits in a frigid air condition studio to keep the BO at bay.

  19. Once again Limbaugh mouthing another bald-faced lie!

    I would think that the hatred, racism, lies and their lack of ethics, that pour out from the Limbaugh, TGOP, Faux News, the NRA and other right-wingers, could very well be one of the main reasons for the craziness.

    Hate breeds hate and fear breeds fear.

    Some day they will drown in their words.

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