Virginia Republican Praises Tyrant Bashar Assad as a ‘Defender’ of Religious Freedom

Vrigina state Senator Richard Black

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According to Virginia State Senator Richard Black, Syria’s tyrannical leader Bashar Assad is a great defender of religious freedom.

Sure all leaders who believe in religious and other freedoms protect those freedoms with the indiscriminate mass murder of their citizens with chemical weapons.
He said it in a love letter to Assad who Black describes as “heroic” and where he describes Assad’s indiscriminate slaughter of his own citizens with poisonous gas as “exhibiting extraordinary gallantry” just like dear old dad.

Assad’s critics, including Republicans, call the mass murder of his own citizens with chemical weapons a war crime and a crime against humanity. But hey they just don’t understand those things don’t matter because Assad defends religious freedom, but please only for the right religions.

Assad has really good reasons for the two attacks  in recent days on international observers who were charged with making sure the tyrant of Syria complies with the agreement he made with the U.S. and the international community to get rid of those chemical weapons.

This passage of Black’s love letter to Assad is especially priceless:

You have followed the practices of your father by treating with respect all Christians and the small community of Jews in Damascus. You defended their churches and the Jewish Synagogue, and you have permitted them to worship freely according to their beliefs. I am grateful for that.

As reported by Politico, Assad was so moved by Black’s letter (not to mention its propaganda value) he posted it on Facebook for the world to see. See, the letter proves to the world that Assad, really is a good guy.  He just very misunderstood.

It wasn’t that long ago that Republicans in DC were whining that Obama is “timid” “weak” and “too soft” on Syria because he opted for diplomacy instead of going straight to war to topple Assad.

Obviously, those Republicans  didn’t have the benefit of Richard Black’s expertise on Syria and on Assad.
Black went on WAMU on Wednesday to explain how we’re at a fork in the road with the only options being the blood thirsty tyrant Assad or the opposition who he describes as terrorists and falsely labels Al Qaeda supporters.  Of course, simplicity is important when stating your case in defense of a war criminal because those nasty facts get in the way and sort of discredit your narrative. So Black wants to keep it simple by saying either you’re with Assad or you’re with Al Qaeda. He went on to say that if Assad is toppled that would be Al Qaeda’s greatest victory since 9/11. And yes, he offered the now expected Republican crocodile tears of how unfortunate it is that is falls to Black, a state Senator, to defend Assad and the religious freedom of Christians from the Jihadists.
Aside from Black’s obvious naivety when it comes to Assad’s war crimes and reign of terror, there’s one problem with Black’s assessment of the opposition- facts about who the opposition is. According to David Pollock,  who knows a lot more about

this than Black could hope to know, the vast majority of those who oppose Assad are moderates.  Most support key democratic values and look to the west for both inspiration and protection.

This is the degree of whacko that the state senator subscribes to.  Even though Black obviously either didn’t get the GOP memo on Syria or chose to ignore it; his “rational” coincides with the Republican approach to Foreign policy.  Lebensraum territorial expansion, using chemical weapons against your own citizens and anything else is okay as long as you’re espousing the pseudo Christian values that freedom loving Republicans like Richard Black believe in.

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