Waterboarding Coward Sean Hannity and War Criminal Dick Cheney Call Obama a Weak President


A coward who backed out on a promise to be waterboarded and scammed the troops (Sean Hannity) teamed up with a vice president who committed war crimes (Dick Cheney) to label Obama the weakest president in a lifetime.


Hannity accused Obama of apologizing for America during the president’s commencement speech at West Point, blamed the VA scandal entirely on Obama, and claimed that America is in decline.

He then brought in former Vice President Dick Cheney who said, “I think the perception around the world is increasingly negative, Sean, but I think the main focus is on our president. He’s a very, very weak president, certainly in my lifetime, and I know from my own experience, in a recent trip through the Middle East spending several days talking with folks I’ve dealt with all the way back to Desert Storm. They all are absolutely convinced that the American capacity to lead and to influence events in that part of the world has been dramatically reduced by this president. We’ve got a problem with weakness. It’s centered right in the White House.”

Dick Cheney is no foreign policy expert. He is a right-wing ideologue, who while serving as vice president committed several acts that fit the legal definition of a war crime. Cheney made it clear in the interview that by the capacity to lead and influence events, he meant war. The American capacity has been diminished by two wars that the Bush administration started. That isn’t a sign of Obama weakness. It is a the lingering legacy of failure that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney left their country with.

Sean Hannity is a coward who backed out of being waterboarded and his “Freedom Concerts” were outed by a conservative blogger as a scam that didn’t benefit injured troops, or the children of fallen troops. Hannity wigged out last year when he was called out on backing out of the waterboarding challenge.

A war criminal and someone who scammed the troops are who Fox News holds up as pillars of American strength. It would be funny if Cheney’s policies had not killed tens of thousands of troops and wounded a million more. In the deranged anti-Obama media, ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is weakness. Trying to close GITMO is weakness. Getting Osama Bin Laden is weakness.

In their view strength only comes from sending people into war with no plan for the future. Republican strength involves waving the flag while the troops are fighting, but denying them benefits and resources when they come home. President Obama has done a good job of cleaning up the mess that Bush and Cheney left behind. He also has the country back on course with a diplomacy based foreign policy that is more in line with American tradition than the shoot first and question nothing Bush years.

Dick Cheney and Sean Hannity are the epitomai of conservative weakness. They both hate President Obama because he is restoring to the nation the strength that they lack.

29 Replies to “Waterboarding Coward Sean Hannity and War Criminal Dick Cheney Call Obama a Weak President”

  1. At least Bush is smart enough to keep his mouth shut. Cheney should be in prison for war crimes. I cannot stand him. Hannity is just a weasel who fleeces his mindless followers for his own profit.

  2. Exactly. There is no record of him leaving the country recently. I suspect he hooked up with his Blackwater buddies here in the states, bemoaning the fact that we aren’t hiring their paid killers any longer. And Dickie promised them Mittens would win and keep the wars coming. Weak? President Obama gave the order to get bin Laden, against advice from the staff. Cheney is a jealous SOB who should be dead…I feel bad for the person whose heart beats in his body, and their family.

  3. Cheney received 5 deferrments during Viet Nam, and he has the nerve to call ANYONE “weak”? He claimed he had “other priorities”, like making money. Given a list of VP potential choices, he decided HE would be the best choice. Enriching Halliburton, and himself. He does not want war to end, he is making profits fom these wars even today. Hannity, well what is there to say about that weak willed toady? When is he going to get waterboarded like he promised? Cheney should shut up, go home, read his wife’s soft porn lesbian novels ans leave the governing of this country to people who WANT peace in our lifetime. Cheney had $80 million invested in private prisons, so he wants another easily manipulated idiot in the WH, like Dumbta.

  4. The problem is they misunderstand the word “strength.” They think you have to run around the world invading countries for no good reason and shooting anything that moves in order to be considered a “strong” president on the global stage.

    Trouble is, the world is a lot different nowadays and a winner on the global stage is not necessarily the one that has the most weapons and uses him whenever he fancies.

    The world is changing.

    Cheney, Hannity, and others like them are getting left behind.

    And it scares the hell out of them.

  5. Oops DUBYA, or Numbnuts. I am so riled up I can not type properly. Who CARES what either of these clowns thinks of our President? Their opinion is as useless as used toilet paper in my estimation. Dickless Cheney is probably still upset his vile daughter had to give her bid for political office. Trying to get back on the government teat, easy living. President Obama WON two elections, fair and square. The opposition both times were rejected soundly by voters. Rove’s dirty tricks failed, and will fail again since everyone knows his low down tactics by now.

  6. I still feel the good people who donated their loved one’s heart to him, needs to demand a return.

    I think his mechanical heart worked better for him, because we saw and heard less of him.

    Whatever Higher Being you believe in must be preparing a very special place for this man.

  7. Well you know he didn’t go to Iraq. Maybe he went to Iran to make money and break the law like he did before he effed up the country

  8. A war criminal, and a traitor seditionist both of whom never served calling Obama weak? These criminals need to be in prison.

  9. For some reason,
    My mind translates what
    they’re saying into:
    A man is “weak” if he doesn’t
    beat his wife if she has a
    different way of doing things
    than he does. Just beat the crap
    out of her even tho’ sitting down
    and talking, working it out in a
    civil manner would work.
    Beat the SH*T out of her first,
    just to show her you’re stronger
    than she is. That will prove to
    the world what a big strong man
    you are…….

  10. The fact that the media continues to give Cheney a stage is insane and just as destructive as Cheney himself. Did they conveniently forget who began these awful wars that demolished our economy, killed and wombed thousands of soldiers and even more civilians while all the while making profits for his own pockets? I get extremely ill at what’s happening to this country at the hands of the evil, coldhearted, racist, bigoted, greedy Republican party, MSM and the Corporations robbing and destroying America under the guise of Christianity and patriotism. The cowards are the GOP who won’t even stand up for kids and innocent citizens being gunned down worst than animals! They vote against the VETs while pretending to be patriots! They shut down the government costing us 24 billion but they’re fiscally conservative! They take food from hungry kids! It’s time to march on Congress! POTUS can’t fight all these battles alone! UNITE, march, protest and most of all VOTE these monsters out of po…

  11. I just read the column about Hannity and his “Freedom Concerts” that was linked in the article. It came out several years back, but tells us a lot about the man…as though any of us need to know much more about the man. I thought Hannity was at least a decent guy in terms of giving money to kids of fallen soldiers by having these concerts, but it turns out that they were (probably still are) just grifting the American middle class, particularly those conservatives who listen to the Hannity show.

    Over a period of years from 2003 until about 2009, the “Freedom Concerts” took in over 48 million, with less than 2 million going to children of fallen military and severely injured military. Less than 4 cents on the dollar. Most of the money collected went to administrative costs, also luxury hotel suites, planes, and limousines for Hannity and his family and friends. It’s more disgusting than Cheney. Find and read the link in the article above.

  12. Cheney has got a deep seated grudge for Obama and his Administration, so any degrading adjective he can throw out there willfully negative proves that Cheney is not an honorable ex-Vice President. Still slinging mud at the sitting President from a former VP is disrespectful and downright un-patriotic. Sounds like Cheney has a mental problem too.
    BTW, if Cheney’s heart stops ticking before Obama’s term is up…If I were Obama I would NOT attend ANY funeral or celebrations for that man, I would send the lowest ranking official at the White House to represent the Presidency. Be real! ;)

  13. Cheeny dodged the draft an Sean water boarded his pants when he found out what water boarding really is :drowning. These mooks are riding hobby horses at the Ky Derby when dealing with Obama.

  14. Don’t worry he wont have the honor of lying in state.By regulation and custom, only Presidents, military commanders, and members of Congress are granted the honor of lying in state. Except for Presidents and former Presidents, the honor is not automatic.

  15. No one should be surprised. That’s the conservative model for fund raising and the rubes are so stupid they think they are doing good by giving their money.

  16. Cheney talked OF A RECENT trip out if the US. I wonder just how he managed to travel and not get picked up for being the war criminal he is. What countries was he in?What air line did he use?

  17. Why send anyone to this creeps funeral? Which by the way, he does not deserve to be honored in any way. The sooner this creep is forgotten, the better for our country. We have too many ways to remember him and shrub, with all the Vets they helped create.

  18. Cheney, although a revolting excuse for a human being, isn’t dumb. He ONLY goes to countries that will not turn him over to the International Criminal Court for trial.

    He only stays in Arab countries who should loath him, but…

    That’s how he can travel and not be arrested. The entire Bush administration, W, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, ALL of them are criminals for lying to use and the world about Iraq’s WMDs.

  19. Hmmm, two cowardly lying republican liars full of hateful, hate filled, hate mongering lies. Spouting lies and hate about the President that points out the lies and hate and ruin of the GOP party, the President that kicked their parties ass in the last two elections. What else would two cowardly lying republican liars full of hate babble on and on about.

  20. Sean couldn’t be weatherboarded because he might have his hair mussed up. What is it with that little football he has? If Fox were suddenly taken off the air the world would be a happier place. Old fools would smile again and not have to take anti depressant. Cheney and Hannitty will scam anyone for a buck. Both are dishonorable men who use and abuse people. The Cheney’s look like the Clampetts with less class and empathy. They just can’t stand that the Pres. is smarter than they are. They look like country bumpkins next to him. Neither Sean nor Dickies deserve any respect. Dickies heart should have not have been replaced. God wanted him to rot away years ago.

  21. Well said. Both are desparately trying to stay rich and relevant, and both are losing traction.

    Cheney wants to protect his legacy, not this country. Bet he’s sad about the New American Century- he and all his PNAC pals took a country with a surplus and world respect, and took us to a dark evil place with deficits, torture, two unpaid for wars, the destruction of our global reputation, a wounded Middle Class, and a country at war with itself.

    Hannity is just an “enabler” who rudely talks over the top of his guests.

    They both will fry – one for being plain evil, the other for being a greedy liar.

  22. Love, love the comparison of the Cheney’s to the Clampets. fits them way better then any other comparison…:)

  23. Cheney can’t just accept that he is actually weak. He wouldn’t dare to step out into public anymore. All of former Vice Presidents actually does enjoy their retirement and doesn’t have to worry about protections, freely travel outside of country. America is Cheney’s prison.

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