Gun Advocates Are Suing a Texas City For The Right to Terrify Motorists

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There are certain times and situations when one expects to see adults openly carrying firearms, such as soldiers in combat zones, law enforcement officers patrolling their beats, or on the streets of Somalia, Yemen, or Afghanistan. In a developed and civilized society, though, one hardly expects to witness adults walking the streets, visiting eating establishments, or approaching vehicles at traffic stops with assault-styled firearms strapped across their backs as if they were in a combat zone in Afghanistan, or more recently in Texas. For residents of civilized society, armed men roaming the streets is disconcerting to say the least, but when they started approaching vehicles stopped for traffic in Arlington Texas, the residents complained to city leaders for redress. Subsequently, the city is being sued in federal court for violating the heavily-armed men’s 1st Amendment rights to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights to terrify motorists stuck in traffic.

After open carry advocates in Tarrant County Texas terrorized motorists in busy intersections handing out pocket-sized copies of the U.S. Constitution and pro-gun literature, the Arlington City Council passed an ordinance, like most cities, prohibiting pedestrians from approaching and blocking traffic. It was too much for the gun fanatics and they fulfilled their promise to sue in federal court claiming the ordinance violated their 1st Amendment right to defend their 2nd Amendment right to inform motorists in traffic of their imaginary struggle against an imaginary federal government gun seizure crusade. It is not completely clear why Texas gun fanatics think portraying soldiers in a combat zone is going sway public opinion to support their imaginary war against imaginary gun restrictions, but attempting to make sense, or understand, the psychosis of gun fanatics is futile indeed.

Since no-one has suggested, or attempted, to seize anyone’s firearms, perhaps open carry advocates could explain how and why taking weapons into family restaurants, approaching vehicles at traffic stops, or joining roaming bands of heavily-armed and obviously paranoid men is preventing imaginary gun seizures. It is true the pretend combat soldiers claim that terrorizing motorists, shoppers, and hungry families teaches Texans the phony soldiers’ 2nd Amendment rights are being violated, but the assault-style weapons slung across their backs are not valid props to make their point. So the real question open carry advocates need to answer is; if they can legally carry guns in public, are they now demanding to use those firearms for the purpose they were intended? Is their goal gaining the legal right shoot other people without going through the inconvenience of claiming their “stand your ground” rights? Do they want to amend their cherished Second Amendment to include the right to open fire at their discretion or to declare the entire country an open combat zone?

Open carry advocates claim carrying guns in public and passing out pocket-sized Constitutions is about their 2nd Amendment rights, but Americans know about the 2nd Amendment. Americans certainly do not require heavily-armed men terrorizing citizens to remind them the Founding Fathers were suspicious of standing armies and favored “a well-regulated militia, for the security of a free state” instead. Many open carry advocates claim the only way they feel safe in public places is with an assault-style weapon strapped across their backs, but that notion informs they are extremely paranoid and need psychiatric intervention and treatment for their disorder. A disorder, by the way, that forced family-oriented restaurants to “politely” ask the open-carry advocates to keep their firearms out of their businesses and incited claims that business owners were “spineless panderers to liberal leftists.”

When Mexican food chain Chipotle asked customers to leave their guns home or in their cars when visiting its restaurants, gun advocates called it a “gun ban” and said, “as we all know, law abiding gun owners are clearly the problem when it comes to gun violence in America.” At least they understand the the increasing rash of mass shootings and gun violence in America are always at the hands of “law abiding gun owners” with “legally procured firearms.” One gun fanatic was livid private businesses were instituting a “ban that isn’t really an outright ban” but a “political pandering to the anti-gunners” with a “please don’t bring your guns here” request. The gun zealot complained about Starbucks instituting a no-gun policy in Newtown Connecticut after the massacre of 20 children and six adults by a “law abiding citizen with legally-procured firearms,” and said he was not deterred and still carries his gun because the 2nd Amendment; company policy and terrified customers be damned.

These gun fanatics are obsessed with transforming America into a war zone and if they are not satisfied being able to openly carry their guns, one can only assume their next logical demand is to be able to legally use those firearms in public because although that was not the Founders’ intent of the 2nd Amendment, it is the only “right” gun fanatics do not have. They claim, loudly, that their Constitutional rights are being infringed upon because carrying weapons in public is not satisfying enough. What about the rights of private businesses and sane citizens to go about their lives without being terrified by heavily-armed men approaching their vehicles at traffic stops or barging into restaurants with assault weapons in tow? Apparently that question will be answered by a federal court tasked with deciding if a city council has the right to enact traffic ordinances restricting pedestrians from accosting drivers at busy intersections in Texas.

Conservatives have clamored to take the country back to an imaginary time in America’s history, and gun fanatics wrongly assume that time included heavily-armed men wandering the streets looking for someone to shoot. The images of men carrying assault-style weapons in public and approaching vehicles stopped for traffic are reminiscent of Iraq and Afghanistan and not a civilized society. The Texas open-carry advocates claim it is about the 2nd Amendment and feeling safe in public places, but it is curious that millions of American mothers feel safe taking their children shopping or to restaurants without the need to carry assault weapons.

Gun fanatics, 2nd Amendment advocates, and open-carry zealots need to come clean with the public and explain exactly what it is they demand and why having the legal right to keep and bear arms is not enough to satisfy their gun lust. There has not been any gun safety legislation enacted in twenty years, and there are no attempts to confiscate their precious guns open-carry advocates claim drives their campaign to terrorize the public, at least in Texas. Maybe their goal is transforming the entire nation to resemble a combat zone like Afghanistan, or Texas. It is more likely that open-carry advocates are frightened, insecure little men who only feel safe, and masculine, when they are given free rein to assert their phony manhood because if they really wanted to be in a combat zone or a region fraught with peril they would be on the next flight to Somalia, Yemen, or Afghanistan where everyone has guns and are not afraid to use them.


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  1. The 2nd Amendment does not mean what these yahoos seem to think it does.

    If the Founding Fathers were here today, they’d be appalled at what these people are doing.

  2. These are the dredges of the NRA. The NRA and their cohorts are whipping these small minded insecure pathetic little men into a frenzy. Hoping for that showdown with the government.

    There’s an old saying that I live by. Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it.

  3. I can tell you why. These people have ginormous inferiority complexes and need the public to confirm they are alright

    These are the people who need to be disarmed immediately. The constitution for some ungodly reason says they can have guns, but it doesn’t say just any guns.All of these people fall under the mental health clause that aught to be in every state

  4. How true. I don’t recall any of the Founding Fathers walking around with their muskets slung behind them.

  5. Pea-brained ass#0les!!!!!!
    There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING, in the Constitution that says right-wing idiots can form an armed mob and harass honest, law-abiding citizens!!!!
    No wonder the educated Americans in the blue states are ready to allow the moronic red states to succeed!!!!! Good riddance!

  6. This is part of a campaign to make certain that ordinary citizens become too intimidated to voice an opinion or vote a conviction that is not expressly approved by the dextrosphere, and it is being centrally orchestrated. One way or another, we may find ourselves under some type of martial law, and if not our elected government’s, then theirs.

  7. I thought that it was just MOAR GUNZ and OBUMMERS A MUSLIN. I don’t know, my eyes go crossed reading the rhetoric, partly out of a love of proper spelling and grammar, and partly out of the disbelief I share a zip code with people who think shit like this.

  8. It will take one of these nutjobs go into a government building, shooting officials of law, for them to look into the issue. I might be wrong, but what happen if one of these guys shoot a congressman or woman as well as some law officers in a mass shooting. Officers are not suppose to draw their weapons in public, because of innocent bystanders.

  9. Don’t you know by now these yahoos can’t read let alone understand the constitution. It’s time to ament the 2nd Amendment so that it will so to understand, even a child would know. Time to make them understand that we live by laws, not rights. If they are terrorizing citizens, then they are breaking the law. These assholes don’t really want to fight the military. Evidently they care more about their guns, than their families or even God. And God has a way to show them that there will be no other Gods before him.

  10. They don’t care the tiniest bit about the constitution, the law, or this country.

    They are nothing but dangerous, vicious bullies perverting the constitution written by intelligent, educated, sane men, to serve their dark fantasies of power and control.

    The only thing that matters to them is that they can legally terrorize people and nobody can stop them. Indeed, frightened citizens have no choice but to helplessly allow these yahoos to do as they will without daring to oppose them.

    They think this makes them, finally, Real Men. They are wrong. They are still worthless scum.

  11. Knowing the GOP they will clean the weapons, polish them and load them with fresh ammo. All to appease their members of the GOP base.

  12. and what is up with home depot having open carry celebrations on their property. avoid this rw nutjob company. lowes or other places will have the same stuff.

  13. Dude, a lot of us here are not bat shit crazy, but as my parents used to say, ” an empty wagon makes a lot of noise”.

  14. It’s only a matter of time until someone in a state with gun laws that allow shoot first ask questions later if one feels threatened opens fire on one of these douche bags and a firefight breaks out that kills and maims many innocent bystanders. Hope I’m not around when it happens but what follows (minus the grieving and funerals) will be a legal circus the likes of which have never been seen. I wonder who will plead insanity as a defense. As near as I can tell most of these proponents of 2nd Amendment rights are punks who couldn’t go one on one with most of those they intimidate. What a useless bunch of assholes. Even most gun owners are distancing themselves from these brave defenders of gun rights.
    Oh yes, I am a gun owner. Where I live high velocity lead poisoning is how we take care of pests. So fellows, don’t come around here or you might become the victim of an unfortunate firearms accident.

  15. When did some white guys become such big pussies that they feel the need to carry guns everywhere.

    P.S. I think I know the answer but I’m just throwing it out there.

  16. When Open Carry runs smack into Stand Your Ground, it would be a sight to see, were it not for the innocent lives lost in the crossfire.

    I happen to be one of those “liberal leftists” these yahoos decry.

    I am also an honorably discharged Cold-War Army vet whom Uncle Sam taught quite well, and who is quite capable of hitting what I’m aiming at quite effectively. I haven’t owned a firearm in quite a few years, as I’m not a paranoid who sees an existential threat behind every bush, but these chickenhawk idiots have given this old vet reason to reconsider, if only to defend the defenseless against their irrational fears and paranoia.

    And I’ll still never open-carry in public.

    I happen to be reasonably sane, and don’t see my fellow citizens (most of whom have never fired a weapon, have never wished to and never will) as the enemy.

  17. I went through Air Force basic training in San Antonio years ago. I haven’t been back to Texas since, and every time I read something crazier and crazier about Texas I find no reason to ever go back.

  18. Don’t ya love it! As they relegate us to cages called “Free Speech Zones”.They strut around with their phallic symbols decrying perceived threats upon their constitutional rights.These are shallow minded cowards.

  19. Well all of us have family member’s that have fallen for all these demagoguery websites. They are really paranoid to the point of psychosis. I really have to bust out all of my diplomatic technics in the hopes of helping them realize that what they believe is pure demagogy ( Obama coming to take our guns and bibles) it’s an uphill battle and we have a lot of work ahead of us.

  20. I took a look at the picture in your link. I don’t recall seeing the family in the center in any of the gun parade pictures. I would love to see the reaction of the Texas gun lover’s if the brown citizens were to use this tactic to promote their lofty cause.

  21. Bob,
    I’m glad someone is thinking the way you are. In a “Stand your Ground” state, you would be justified in blowing one of these idiots away if he approached your car with a gun. It’s only a matter of time before one of these gun fanatics gets killed by a “good guy with a gun”, to quote Wayne LaPierre from the NRA. As long as no innocent person was harmed, it would be poetic justice.

  22. It happened when a mixed race man was elected President, removing any doubt that their “whiteness” alone isn’t enough to make them all powerful and they no longer had the built-in authority of “I’m white so I’m better than everyone and because I’m white, I rule them all!”

    Then add right wing wackjobs and the all wackjob, all the time, “news” station telling them they are correct in their racist, delusional, hateful, terrified, bullshit…….for starters.

  23. They are lucky that that I wasn’t in that traffic because I would run as many of them over as possible. Frakkin coward Wussies!…CCW= Cowards Carrying Weapons!

  24. Firearms had not one thing to do with the founding of this nation! Many revolutionary war soldiers had no firearms, and they DID NOT fight for religious freedom. They fought for FREEDOM it’s self and because of wrongful taxation.

  25. Somebody has already shot a congresswoman, as well as several others in a mass murder, and nothing has changed.

  26. Funny how times change. As a kid growing up in England we routinely carried Lee Enfield .303 rifles when getting on public trains to some Army camp or other (cadet force).

  27. These are The Smokers In the Future of Waterworld” Lock Up your Water Craft and Chevy Trucks Now!


    This is a painting called “puritans going to church.”

    Their laws about children and guns were strict: every family was required to own a gun, to carry it in public places (especially when going to church) and to train children in firearms proficiency.

    On the first Thanksgiving Day, in 1621, the colonists and the Indians joined together for target practice; the colonist Edward Winslow wrote back to England that “amongst other recreations we exercised our arms, many of the Indians coming amongst us.”

  29. I don’t care if they open carry, but I don’t want anyone coming up to my car on the street carrying anything or not.

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