A Hysterical Reince Priebus Claims Benghazi Disqualifies Hillary Clinton From Running



RNC Chairman Reince Priebus had a full on meltdown as he hysterically rambled on Fox News Sunday that Benghazi disqualifies Hillary Clinton from running for president.



Priebus said:

You know, Hillary has been playing politics with this issue from the very beginning, and now she’s launching a political defense, an organized political defense. I mean how did this chapter get leaked to the newspaper? It got leaked because obviously their people are trying to prempt or stop any more criticism that she’s been receiving on Benghazi. But she from the beginning the Secretary of State should have known that this was al-Qaeda the entire now, and now she’s claiming somehow that this is a political attack.

She played a part in the White House’s cover-up of what this is all about in Benghazi. It was a terrorist attack. Our heroes and diplomats have died and were murdered, and she continues to play politics. Hillary Clinton is politics 24/7, and this is no different. This is not going to end. We are continue to pursue this, and she needs to answer the tough questions.


Yet she continues to perpetrate this political answer. Number one to make sure Barack Obama got himself reelected, but number two to save her own hide by perpetrating this lie. Here’s another question. Why was it that Hillary Clinton was not the person on television that Sunday morning? How was it that Susan Rice was chosen? In December of 2012, Susan Rice said the reason Hillary Clinton didn’t show up on television that morning was that she had a grueling week, and was tired. Now, one of two things are true.

Either Susan Rice was telling the truth, and Hillary Clinton was tired and she failed to report for duty and, therefor, I don’t know she can President Of The United States, or second, Susan Rice is lying, and in fact, Hillary wasn’t tired and that’s not the reason she didn’t report for duty. The fact is Hillary Clinton has to answer these questions, number one, and number two, if she’s even thinking about running for president, I think she has been disqualified because of her actions here.

This is an escalation of the desperation that was first seen coming from Priebus a couple of Sundays ago on Meet The Press, when he admitted that the Republican plan is to scare Hillary Clinton out of running for president. The chairman of the RNC sounded hysterical and insane during this interview.

Apparently, the Benghazi scandal is now about Hillary Clinton not appearing on the Sunday morning shows after the attack. Priebus repeatedly used the phrase failure to report for duty, which is interesting because most of us had no idea that appearances on the Sunday morning shows were a part of the legal and formal duties of the Secretary of State.

At least Priebus finally admitted that this Benghazi nonsense is all about implicating Hillary Clinton in some Republican imagined White House cover-up. Priebus also made it clear that Republicans are going to continue to flog this dead horse to nowhere through the 2016 election.

A sure sign that there is no scandal is that Republicans keep changing what the Benghazi scandal is about. If Republicans think that some Fox News generated conspiracies are going to stop Hillary Clinton, they are in for a long, long, long 2016.

Hillary is causing a full Republican meltdown, and she isn’t even a candidate yet.

32 Replies to “A Hysterical Reince Priebus Claims Benghazi Disqualifies Hillary Clinton From Running”

  1. Funny how the chairman of the Republican National Committee, a 100% political entity with the sole purpose of getting Republicans elected, can accuse anyone else of playing politics 24/7.

    Mr. Pot meet Ms. Kettle.

  2. Hillary has not even declared her candidacy, yet the freaking out continues to escalate. They are very, so very afraid, aren’t they?

  3. Seriously Reince? Losing it aren’t you? This coming from the party of make believe. Damn, what’s that smell? Oh, it’s desperation.

  4. It happened. It was a loss for our diplomats. I do not think the way it was leaked mattered. Stop beating the dead horse or start beating another drum with the embassies bombed during other attacks that were more devastating.

  5. Funny, with every other writer, an early peek into a soon-to-be-released book is called an excerpt. But if it’s Hillary Clinton, it’s a called a pre-emptive leak.

  6. You know is going to be interesting to see, is after all this huffing and puffing about Hilary Clinton and Benghazi, and then Hilary doesn’t run at all and instead we get another candidate from the Democratic party. Which would make all this Benghazi attack thing silly and wasteful.

  7. Nice to see that the RNC Chairman is running around like Chicken Little screaming “The Sky is Falling”, for Hillary has come!
    Go suck an egg GOP.

  8. First of all, I don’t think the chapter on Benghazi was exactly “leaked”, but released early. There was likely some highly competitive bidding to be the first to bring it to the general public.

    And why would that be? Because from the day it happened, Republicans have not let it go. They insist on giving it a top spot on their agenda and make sure it is has been given constant exposure in all sorts of media.

    So of course this chapter was eagerly anticipated by so many people for so many reasons. Republicans can only blame themselves.

    Reince Preibus’ reaction makes me wonder if he and his fellow Republicans fully expected the Benghazi chapter of Clinton’s book to consist of the two words they really wanted to hear: “Mea culpa”.

    Sometimes I’d swear that’s how out of touch from reality they are!

  9. TEA-Republicans are attacking Hillary because they have no one available with any credibility or panache to take her on. Their current possibilities are measured in single digits against her. The Republican Leadership Conference chose Rafael Eduardo Cruz with 30% of the vote. That is not 51% of their leadership. Hillary will get 100% of the Democratic Vote! Ha! Take that Eduardo!

  10. Preibus is rapidly taking the GOP to the point where they will no longer be a national party…I think they are in such deep trouble that even some of their “smarter” members are starting to see it. After they lose in November, they will be in far worse shape for 2016…and they are seeing JEB Bush as their most electable candidate as of right now…

  11. The story wasn’t leaked and nor was the chapter of Hillary’s book. A leak is something learned that was meant to be secret. Benghazi was a well covered news story and Hillary’s book chapter was in the public domain. Reince hasn’t a clue what he’s saying, anymore. He’s simply throwing shit against the wall and hoping it smears something. A very busy SoS didn’t appear on the precious Sunday morning shows to talk about what happened and that constitutes some kind of dereliction of duty? WTF??? As has been pointed out, the clown head of a political entity who’s sole purpose is to generate votes is accusing a SoS of playing politics? Really, Reince? Go home and leave our nation alone.

  12. In terms of just observing body language and tone of voice, I love how rapidly Priebus is speaking, how his voice goes up an octave and breaks out of nervousness. He also leans forward and his eyes widen…..I like to call that the “Nixon Pose”. All he needed was the sweaty upper lip. And he didn’t really answer Chris Wallace’s question about what he, Priebus, would want to ask Clinton. There is nothing they want to ask her. If she is not intending to run, I hope that Hillary just leads them on and on, and someone totally unexpected like Kirsten Gillebrand or Allan Greyson runs instead. Surprise!

  13. And is everyone ignoring that Eduardo was born in Canada? Are the TeaFolk really going to counter that with our beloved “Kenyan” born President?

  14. Meanwhile, Fox News ratings keep dropping and the average age of their viewer is 72. The May ratings, which coincided with their newest Benghazi obsession, was the lowest month for Fox since before 9/11. Get out the popcorn.

  15. I couldn’t read past “Hillary playing politics on Benghazi” – I was literally ROFLMAO. For reals.

  16. “Why was – Hillary Clinton – not – on television that Sunday morning? Either – Hillary Clinton was tired and she failed to report for duty and, therefor, I don’t know [if] she can [be] President Of The United States, or – Hillary wasn’t tired and that’s not the reason she didn’t report for duty.”
    Report for duty? To a freaking Sunday morning gasbag show? Really?

    That is now an official duty of US officials?

    When did the Sunday morning blabfests become an official arm of the US government?

    How can they accuse Clinton of not “reporting for duty” when it has been made very clear that Democrats are not supposed to “report for duty” to f*&%ing David Gregory or the other blatherers?

    All they ever invite are republicans.

    This is quite possibly the most asinine thing Preibus has said and that is an impressive achievement.

  17. Not only is Ted Cruz not a natural born citizen of the US, there are now doubts as to whether his mother is even a US citizen. As a US citizen living in Canada you cannot visit Cuba without permission for the State Department. You can be deported and thrown in jail, that is how strict they are. Not only did Mrs Cruz marry a Cuban national, she visited Cuba with him. How did she do that?

    Other problem, Canada won’t accept renunciation of citizenship without proof of citizenship of another country. They won’t accept Ted Cruz’s renunciation.

    I wonder if this means that his mother renounced before he was born? If that’s the case, then he can only be a naturalized US citizen. This disqualifies him from ever being president.

  18. Hillary Clinton is playing politics with Benghazi??????????

    Give me a break.

    The only people playing politics with Benghazi are the Republicans. It started when Mitt Romney released his ridiculous statement on it the night it happened even though all the facts weren’t known and then when they were known and we knew four Americans died, he doubled down – and the rest of the GOP followed suit.

    They’ve been playing politics with four dead Americans since it happened.

    Bunch of hypocrites.

  19. Reince is so full of shi*. He made no freaking sense to whatever the hell he was talking about. He appears to be a man that if Hillary is elected President the Republicans will fire him from his job. The Republicans have no platform to run on because they wasted so much time trying to repeal Obamacare, so now they want to resurrect a phantom scandal wasting tax payers money. Hillary will run and she will win and the Republicans will fire Reince.

  20. No they will blame on that candidate also and say that he or she was behind the cover up and will pick Hillary for their vp, that would really set their pants on fire. You know it is bad when a candidate who is not even running can beat them is winning just think what will happen when one come to the forefront. Their primaries will probably be the same more of the same old clown show, a front runner for three weeks and then they get knock off by stupid statements another take its place, all of their downfall will be trying to take down the president and obamacare. Then back to the drawing board they go.

  21. I just don’t get it. I don’t understand what was supposed to have been covered up. It was on all news channels and the President made a speech in the Rose Garden. Would someone please explain to me what was covered up? I’ve been reading about it for months, but I just don’t understand what was covered up or what Republicans believe was covered up. I’ve been paying attention, but I guess I missed something.

  22. The President didn’t say terrorist or terrorism at first according to them and its been one clusterf@ck ever since

  23. I understand where he’s coming from.

    I agree with mumbles when he’s saying ding-dong-do-wap-a-ditty-ditty. It makes perfectly sense.

    Hillary shouldn’t be president because she didn’t do that. she could have done it but she was doing something else. Also she didn’t report to headquarters (us) because she was doing sleepy time. she wasn’t helping because that thing, that thing, that tingggg.

    Seriously dicweed, how many died under bush’s 9/11, and 100s/1000s killed in his unjust wars and his lack of executive leadership before, during and after deadly Katrina… I also blame him for the thousands of bombs he allowed israel to reign down on the Palestinians right before bush’s welcomed departure.

    When gop doesn’t make each and every American death just as important as the one before it called politicizing. The loser gop are sacrificing our brave women and men for money, greed and power. They are shameless heartless little slugs.

  24. That is another difference between gop and dems. If a gop member has an excerpt printed, it is fine. A Democratic is WRONG to do likewise. Little RNC PR BS (his name, minus vowels) is really in a tizzy about Mrs. Clinton. Maybe his time would be better spent trying to find a viable candidate for their side? The usual suspects are waiting on the sidelines. Even the Pizza Man is coming back for more. I hear they are courting Mittens, again, after he failed miserably the last time.So difficult to find someone who can be bought and paid for, yet appear to be “honest, ethical and Godly”, right RNC PR BS?? Have they courted the Duck Dynasty guy yet?

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