What the Media Calls Agendaless Is Really the Republican Plan To Destroy America


Identity may be defined as the distinctive characteristic belonging to an individual, or shared by members of a particular group and is best construed as being both relational and contextual. After the 2012 general election, Republicans sought to change their identity, or rebrand the party, but they have had little success primarily because being conservatives they are opposed to change or abandon their supporters whose identities and agenda they typically espouse. Many Americans are aware Republicans have adhered to a ‘do-nothing’ policy over the past five years and, with good reason many pundits and political observers asserted it was because they lacked a clear-cut agenda the people could embrace that even staunch Republicans are warning is not a path to victory.

A little over a week ago, Republican Joe Scarborough and conservative mouthpiece Bill Kristol openly agreed that Republicans in Washington are agenda-less and treading water as if they can just bob along and ride a populist wave to victory in November. Scarborough and Kristol remarked that after Mitch McConnell’s Kentucky primary victory, he still cannot say “Let me tell you what we’re doing right now…issues, issues, issue,” because they have none whatsoever. Kristol concurred and said, “What is the agenda? What is the Republican Congress going to pass,” and what do Republicans stand for. Kristol particularly targeted House Republicans and their “failure to have an agenda, to push the issues, to go populist.” It is likely that both Kristol and Scarborough have a much better idea of the GOP’s agenda if they were paying attention to a few reports, and GOP celebrities, in the news this past week identifying Republicans as the party of guns, racism, god, dirty energy, and the rich that will drive their agenda going forward.

There was a very enlightening survey this past week that bifurcated the demographics by income that included the so-called one-percent and everyone else in America. The results were not surprising, but they did verify that everything the richest Americans support is precisely what Republicans have, in the past and going forward, championed that identifies them as the party of the wealthy elite and will drive their agenda. In fact, the poll results reveal that policies near and dear to the wealthy elite are closely aligned with the Republican Study Group that is proposing a budget more extreme than Paul Ryan’s Path to Prosperity and decimates domestic spending across the board. The budget privatizesMedicare by 2017, cuts Social Security, raises the retirement and Medicare eligibility age to 70, abolishes Pell Grants, eliminates several consumer protection departments, eliminates funding for health care, wipes out spending on domestic programs, and gives massive tax cuts to the rich and corporations while raising taxes on the rest of the population. What is not surprising, is that every Republican policy the one-percent overwhelmingly supports was opposed by the great majority of Americans. The wealthy elite are one of the faces of the Republican Party and drives their agenda.

In another bit of news this week, Republicans revealed their identity, and agenda going forward, will continue to be as servants to the dirty energy industry; particularly the Koch brothers. Ohio Republicans successfully put an end to renewable energy standards (RES) to give the Kochs and their ilk a monopoly on supplying energy in the state despite overwhelming support from voters and the manufacturing industry. It is true the Kochs, ALEC, Americans for Prosperity, and the Enterprise Institute pushed to eliminate renewable solar and wind energy to preserve their profit margins, but it was Republicans who passed the legislation the dirty energy industry demanded. The Kochs and dirty energy are another face of the Republican Party and drives their agenda.

It surprises no-one in America that Republicans identify with racists, particularly in the former Confederacy and this week South Carolina racist Governor Nikki Haley revealed why. Every year in the state around the Memorial Day weekend there are two events for motorcycle enthusiasts; one for the good white folk and one for African Americans. If Nikki Haley has her way, there will not be an event for African American “bikers” because, well, former Confederacy says it all. Haley said because there was violence during Black Bike Week “It is time for ‘that’ Bike Fest to come to an end.” Now if violence is the determining factor for who can, and cannot, hold events in racist South Carolina, then Haley had better announce that college football games and the white bike fest must come to an end as well, but she reserved her prohibition for African American motorcycle enthusiasts. Racists are one of the faces of the Republican Party it drives their agendas in myriad policies they promote.

Despite the preponderance of gun violence and frequent mass shootings, Republicans refuse to address gun safety measures and after the tragic deaths in Santa Barbara County last week, it is glaringly obvious why. One of the celebrity faces of the Republican Party, gun fanatic Joe ‘the plumber’ Wurzelbacher, wrote an open letter telling the victims’ survivors that “your dead children don’t trump my constitutional rights,” and later that “guns are for hunting down politicians.” Joe plumber has been the face of the Republican Party since 2008 and he added to his bona fides this week by speaking for NRA-serving Republicans and their rabid gun fanatic supporters. Guns, the NRA, and Joe the plumber are synonymous with Republicans and will drive their agenda to keep guns on the street and Republican voters happy.

There is no greater indication of the Republican Party’s agenda, and identifying trait than the featured speaker at the Republican Leadership Conference this week in Louisiana. Republican leaders gave Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson their rapt attention and wild support for calling the party to align itself more closely with god and bring government in line with the Christian church. Republicans have embraced the “religious liberty” crusade with open arms and it drives their national and state policies and agendas founded not on the Constitution, democracy, or equality for all, but on the bible and bastardized Christianity that defines the dangerous religious right. Phil Robertson is the face of the Republican Party and his religious mindset is increasingly driving their theocratic agenda.

Political pundits are wont to claim Republicans obstruct governance and oppose policies and agendas that benefit the entire nation because they are clueless and lack issues, policies, and agendas, but that is not the case. Their identifying traits are god, guns, gold, oil, and racism that defines not only their agendas and policies, but their hateful religious, racist supporters and the party itself. When one thinks of the Koch brothers, religious extremists, the NRA and guns, racial animus, and favoritism of the rich they cannot help but think of Republicans; and their religious, gun-toting, racist, oil-whore, and wealthy supporters. Republicans are not, like Bill Kristol claimed, agenda-less and lacking issues to support, they are just waiting for their opportunity to complete their thirty-year crusade to intertwine government with the church, arm every man, woman, and child, eliminate renewable energy, enact Jim Crow laws, and hand America to the rich. The face of the Republican Party is a multifaceted creature combining Phil Robertson, Joe the plumber, the Koch brothers, Ku Klux Klan, and the one-percent and it does not portend well for this country because they are the faces of a large segment of the population.

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  1. Very well said, and I agree with you on their agenda. I also feel that it goes deeper than that. I believe the 1% and the republican party are in collusion to end the democratic process altogether.

    I have heard more than one republican politician or pundit remark about how great China is from the standpoint of being able to build entire cities in a few years. How China can act so quickly on issues and move so fast on getting things done.

    Of course it takes longer in this country as politics is a messy business. There are all those pesky rights to be heard and elections that stand in the way. We theoretically still have a voice on things we want or don’t want.

    I think what the true oligarchs want is the Chinese version of government with the republican party to be the representatives of “the people”. The teabaggers and their religious fanatics are just pawns on the chess board to push their agenda.

  2. The many tentacles of this octopus, I contend, are being driven by a central brain, and it’s time to lay that bare.

  3. Just another Big Brother Booster! Dems love to enslave the people under tax burdens they exempt themselves from. Give away other peoples money in exchange for votes & power. Crying RACIST, SEXIST, HOMOPHOBE deviding the American people to build their own power over them. Big Government is the threat to Freadom not big business. Dems keep feeding and growing the BEAST soon it will devower all. Typical Dem devided and conquer, Rich vs Poor Black vs White… All to grow Big Buracracy, They would make slaves of us all. Tax away our wealth, take away our guns, property rights & Freadom. It never ends they are never satisfied. Big bloated government fat cats drunk on their own power leaching away the American Dream.

  4. Hey bagger its spelled FREEDOM NOT FREADOM. Damn you people wear your ignorance like its a badge of honor.

  5. Gh4, You sure are brainwashed!
    Turn off FOX & wake-up to RightWing Radio Propaganda.
    Do you know The Koch Brothers through “American’s for Prosperity” are totally funding RightWing Hate Radio? They don’t have the Radio Ratings to survive without big money paying for all the RABBLE ROUSING LIES AND MISINFORMATION you hear on RightWing Radio blanketing America from coast to coast!
    Some day you’ll wake up to see which Political Party truly has your back…and it isn’t the Republicans Brainwashing You!
    Stick around here and you will finally see the light!

    The Brainwashing of My Dad:

  6. The biggest problem with China is that they are building those giant cities on speculation and all on credit. Their “economic miracle” is about to come crashing down.

    Remember in the 80’s when Republicans were so enamoured of the Japanese because they worked 24-7, complained very little, and were very obedient to authority.

    Now the Japanese can’t even replace themselves birth wise (one of the lowest on the planet) have to massively import workers from Korea and are now suffering explosive cancer rates due to the continuously emerging disaster at Fukushima. There is still 150 tons of radioactive water that is still being spewed in the Pacific Ocean.

    The GOP have a long history of admiration for authoritarianism. Their talk of freedom while restricting people’s freedom to do anything but own a gun is very telling.

  7. I won’t go so far to say “destroy America”. Ruin the Obama Presidency and duck the blame? They’ve already won.

  8. I’m sure the largest and second-largest political parties can agree that they have observed areas of politics where intolerance or a closed policy has closed off innovation and adaptation in the general fields of economics and morality.

    In the area of morality, morality in this case is an opinion formed on non-violent activity or activity that does not violate the rights of anyone. Jesus Christ said to obey the laws. The constitution that Republicans claim to enjoy as law protects the right of freedom of morality (on non-violent activities). Form your own opinion with neither inquisition nor molestation from the popular religion.

    On economics, the businesses we enjoy the products and services of, sold to both liberals and conservatives, may be thrown out of the market due to an intolerant schedule of regulations. They receive no welfare and, with tax breaks, businesses that follow regulations receive welfare instead.

    We tolerate guns and let states regulate their armed popula…

  9. The author forgot one very prevalent leg of their platform: “Wimmin in the Kitchen and the Bedroom (or hotel room on the sly), but not in the doctor’s office or in the White House!”

    One of the most successful tactics of the GOP in both Congress and in State governments (but especially in the latter) has been to virulently attack women’s rights, and to promote women’s “proper” role as being a subservient second-class baby-making machine under the head-of-household’s aegis under God. Not only have they fought equality in wages, not only have they set back women’s healthcare (especially for the poor) by 40 years… in some states they’re even criminalizing miscarriages and stillbirths. They’ve removed elected state congresswomen from the legislative floor for factually debating women’s issues, claiming the women pitched “tantrums.”

    That’s particularly poignant in light of the misogynist videos and writing and motivations for the most recent killings.

  10. For over a year I’ve been saying that the republicans and especially the Koch brothers are out to destroy America!! Its Christians, Chamber of Commerce, NRA Wall Sr., SCOTUS and foreign money!! All of these and more are simply out to destroy our Constitution, freedom and democracy. If you ain’t a super-rich white or white supremacist YOU DO NOT count. Congress, is owned by so many groups and they will do NOTHING!! We already have a fascist OLIGARCHY its just a matter of when the Kochs burn the Constitution on the Capitol steps!!!

  11. I really never thought the US could deteriorate into a 3rd world country, but we are accelerating in that direction. It is just shocking.

  12. Starting with Reagan and his ‘government is the problem and let the free market succeed’ they (the gop) have set out to ensure that the government doesn’t work by decreasing funding year after year for needed programs and at the same time ensuring that the people stay poor by tax policies that only favor the rich and large corporations. Want it to stop- then we have to all engage in the process and that means not only voting but ensuring that all are aware of the true facts on the issues and the true faces of democracy and not a corporate owned politician.

  13. First lets get a little more respectful. Liberals AND conservatives are basically good people. Second, Republicans are certainly not more racist, bigoted etc. Every scientific poll indicates this. And now “Religious” and “Christian” have been turned into disrespectful terms. Come on!

    Lets stop hating and look at the LOGIC and EVIDENCE for each approach. Here is the undeniable truth… Every single bit of the growth in incomes for the poor and the middle class in the last 60 years came in three brief 5-7 year periods that represent brief steps back from the overall march toward Liberalism:

    1) In the 60’s after President Kennedys huge tax cut and before President Johnson’s War on Poverty fully kicked in.

    2). In the 1980s after Reagans reductions in taxes, regulation, and spending.

    3) In the 1990s after the Republicans took over Congress and President Clinton said the era of big government is over.

    Agendaless times? In some ways yes…

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