Ted Cruz Actually Thinks Government Shutdown Will Lead The GOP To Victory In Midterms



During a speech at the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans on Saturday, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) stated his belief that the 17-day shutdown of the federal government last year will be a positive for the Republican Party this November in the midterm elections. Per Cruz, the GOP will regain control of the Senate and maintain their majority in the House all because of Cruz’s ‘leadership’ during the shutdown. The Senator also thinks that Obamacare will be the main issue in the midterm elections and that the shutdown made Americans aware of the ‘problems’ with the health care law.

To nobody’s surprise, Cruz painted himself as a hero and visionary who forged a new path for his fellow conservatives to go down. He also claimed that other Republicans, especially the older, more ‘traditional’ ones, are basking in the glory that Cruz created.


“They’re reaping the fruits of the battle, which is perfectly fine. But we need to take a moment to acknowledge the lesson of the battle.”


Cruz also likened himself to a general who won a battle (the shutdown, apparently, was a win for the GOP) but still has yet to win the war.


“Any wartime general will tell you that not every war is won in a single battle.”


Cruz appears to be suffering from delusions of grandeur. Of course, that isn’t anything new for the Tea Party huckster. However, it takes some big brass ones to claim that a government shutdown, which was extremely unpopular with Americans and blamed almost solely on the Republican Party, is going to be a positive factor for the GOP come November. It also is amazing to see Cruz position himself as some kind of hero for the ages whose grand vision will light the way for his party and America as a whole.

It should be pointed out to Cruz that the Republican takeover of the Senate is far from a sure thing. Republicans need to flip six Democratic seats without losing any of their own. It seems all but certain that the Democrats will lose their seats in South Dakota and West Virginia, two deep red states where the Democratic incumbents are retiring. However, outside of those two, other Democratic seats in purple or red states aren’t necessarily easy wins for Republicans. On top of that, the Republicans have to worry about holding on to two of their own seats in reliably conservative states. Democrat Michelle Nunn has been leading in the polls in Georgia to take over for the retiring republican Saxby Chambliss. Also, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is in a virtual tie in the polls with upstart Democratic candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes.

It is possible that that the GOP can gain control of the Senate this November. It is also likely that they’ll maintain control of the House. But I highly doubt that shutting down the government will be the reason. And I definitely know that it won’t be because Americans see Cruz as some kind of inspiring figure.




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  1. He’s a complete idiot and he needs to go. Even if they win the senate President Obama will still be in the White House so I guess nothing will get done which is nothing new.

  2. I hope he gets the nomination in 2016 and takes that message to the voting public so he gets less electoral votes than Romney got

  3. The nut apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Rafael Cruz’s father is a delusional nut job who alienated everybody he worked around in Alberta, so much so that when the Toronto Star did an interview with people who worked and lived around him, nobody had anything nice to say about him. The Canadian attitude was “don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.” Ted Cruz was just a little squirt when he moved, but his mother divorced Sr.

    Ted Cruz was the same way in college: alienated everybody he lived and went to school with. As a freshman senator, he quickly alienated the establishment GOP.

    So when he talks about his green eggs and hammy story take it with a large dose of salt. His only supporters are fellow nutjobs.

  4. I was just checking out the polls on the Senate. There are only 8 seats that are a toss up. Begich-Ak-D, Pryor-Ar-D, Udall-Co.-D, Ia.-open, McConnell-Ky-R, Ga.-open, Landrieu-La.-D, and Hagan-Nc.-D.

    I think Begich, Pryor, Udall, and at least one the two between Landrieu and Hagan will win. If that would hold true the Senate would be 50/50. That would be interesting.

  5. Photographs of Cruz always show him with such a self-satisfied expression that they are disgusting to me to look at them. He and Sarah Paylin always look as though they think they are the cutest and best looking people in the world.
    How he got to be in the US Senate is beyond my comprehension (oh wait, he is in Texas). Not all of Texas is so gullible though. I live in Florida and know that in spite of all the stupid things that happen in this state, there are lots of people like me who are fighting to overcome the idiocy. The same is true in Texas. Sure hope Wendy Davis will be elected and bring some intelligence to her State.
    Wish he would go back to Canada (sorry Canadians) and take her with him.

  6. sorry cruz – I think you have it backwards. I hope people will be smart in their voting choices and replace the do nothings with the ones who are willing to work for the people.

  7. Right, wasting 14 million dollars will lead the GOP to mindterm victory, MY ASS! Tell me how the GOP can call themselves fiscally conservative with a straight face?

  8. Send this idiot an his father back to Canada. How did this narrow minded moron ever get to be a congressman!! The more I read behind him, the more of a moron he becomes. All those congressmen sit up there with their fingers up their butt, an the only work they get in is smelling them every so often!! The more I read behind these idiots, the more disgusting they become. Go ahead Ted an shut down the Gov. It will be the end of the Republican’s reign!!!!

  9. O! Raphael…..
    That bubble you’re living in must
    be full of hearts & butterflies!
    Meanwhile, outside that utopia,
    in the world the rest of us reside,
    you’re a joke. Even your OWN party
    can’t stand you. But, if you must,
    run Raphael, run for POTUS! You will
    be Xposed as the shallow candidate
    you really are. You gotta have more than
    Benghazi & Obamacare & Green Eggs & Ham
    my friend and I just don’t see it…..

  10. What a GREAT Idea !!!
    Because it worked SO well the Last time !!!

    By all Means. REMIND the Voters of exactly
    how STUPID you are just Before Elections.

    I know that this HURTS a LOT of People but if it helps to FINALLY get Rid of Village Idiots like Ted Cruz, it will be WORTH it.

    Please Proceed.

  11. If the shutdown didn’t work in the GOP’s favor when it was going on, it really takes someone living in Bizarroland to believe that it would be a winning point in an election. It’s truly disgusting that people as ignorant and arrogant as Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin have an even fighting chance to be elected to the Senate. The stupidity of some Americans among us is dragging this country down because they keep electing people who are as moronic as they are. It’s an embarrassment to this country.

  12. I’m reminded of the money lost from republicans’ chicanery on votes on the ACA and the shutdown. I hope Democrats remind everyone of that. And Ted’s father raised him to look at life from the perspective of a savior for America! From that point of view he becomes very predictable. But it is laughable that they try to use our Founding Fathers to destroy the wall between church and state. They were running away from religious persecution.

  13. That’s the big mystery, isn’t it? Some people have also claimed that she was not American at all but Irish.

    For whatever reason, Teddy Boy can’t renounce his Canadian citizenship and has tried to drop the subject.

    He also dropped the birther crap too.

  14. Ted Cruz also believes in the Hogfather, Soul Cake Duck, and the Tooth Fairey. He is divorced from reality, humanity, logic, and reason. He is a pathetic example of a politician, and human being.

  15. Last week you had Rove talking about Hillary having brain damage. What about this fake citizen, Nutty Teddy? He has to have some kind of brain damage if he thinks the American people are dumb enough to reward the GOP/Teabaggers for shutting down the government. Decent American people, and I mean American people have put up with and tolerated Ted Cruz’s unpatriotic BS long enough. It’s time vote him out and send him home, whatever that is. Who knows what evil plans him and his father has for this country. After all the GOP has already started destroying this country from the inside.

  16. O/T and apropos of nothing else, but I’ve seen you post here a few times… are you the same Eastern Orthodox firefighter with whom I used to converse on the old ThinkProgress before the trolls took over and they went to Facebook?

    If so, how ya doing, bro? If not, well-said comments anyway.

  17. “It also is amazing to see Cruz position himself as some kind of hero for the ages whose grand vision will light the way for his party and America as a whole.”

    Oh, his grand vision will INDEED light the way. It’s just that the light will be coming from the burning wreckage of the GOP. ;)

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