Lindsey Graham’s Ticked Off That Obama’s Releasing Gitmo Detainees and Ending the War



On Monday, in the wake of the news that President Obama agreed to release five detainees of Guantanamo Bay in order to secure the release of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who had been held captive by the Taliban since 2009, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) sent a strongly worded letter to Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI), the Chairman of the Armed Services Committee. In his letter, Graham demanded a hearing into the circumstances surrounding the release of the five detainees, whom Graham describes as “the hardest of the hard-core.” Graham also criticized the President over his decision to withdraw all troops from Afghanistan by 2016.

Below is Graham’s letter in its entirety.


Dear Chairman Levin and Ranking Member Inhofe:

I write today requesting an immediate hearing on the exchange of five high-ranking Taliban leaders for the release of Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl. While I appreciate an American was released from captivity, the decision by the Obama Administration has serious implications for our future national security.

The five terrorists released were the hardest of the hard-core. They held positions of great importance within the hard-core anti-American Taliban, including the Chief of Staff of the Taliban Army and the Taliban Deputy Minister of Intelligence. They have American blood on their hands and surely as night follows day they will return to the fight. In effect, we released the “Taliban Dream Team.” The United States is less safe because of these actions.

I fear President Obama’s decision will inevitably lead to more Americans being kidnapped and held hostage around the world.

There are also questions about why the Administration failed to comply with the law. We need a thorough review of this decision and I urge you to hold a hearing on this matter as it has profound implications for our national security.

With President Obama’s announcement of a total withdrawal from Afghanistan by 2016 — basically canceling and insurance policy to protect our homeland — and now releasing five Taliban leaders, it’s safe to say that last week was a great week for the Taliban.

Thank you for your consideration on this most important matter.


I have a few observations. First, you can picture Graham getting the vapors at least a couple times while writing this letter, feeling the need to step away from his mahogany writing desk and walk out onto the balcony, where he was able to gather his wits by breathing in the fresh Southern air and taking a sip of some sweet iced tea. It probably took all of his intestinal fortitude to get through such an emotionally charged letter, considering how hard-core those hard-core bad hard-core people are, and that they’re part of a hard-core organization and will now be able to do some hard-core damage to Americans.

All joking aside, this is typical from Graham. He holds the same exact viewpoint on foreign policy of his bestest buddy, John McCain. So, it was natural for him to send a letter complaining about the release of detainees from Gitmo, all while whining about the end of the War in Afghanistan. It doesn’t matter to him that the five detainees were scheduled to be released over two years ago, or that Americans are completely over being involved in any wars, whether it is the War in Afghanistan or the supposed War on Terrorism. Nope, Graham, like McCain and other neo-con relics, feel that we should be in a perpetual state of war and Gitmo is a necessary part of that philosophy.

It seems like some Republicans are hoping to find some kind of scandal out of this to hammer the President with. While there are legitimate questions surrounding Bergdahl’s military service, his state of mind at that time and how he found himself captured by the Taliban, there really is nothing scandalous behind the President’s actions. He made sure that no American was left behind in this war, something you’d expect from any President for any of our soldiers, regardless of your opinion of a soldier’s level of commitment to his service or country. When it comes to our soldiers, we shouldn’t leave any of them behind and make our best attempts to return them home. That is what this President did.


30 Replies to “Lindsey Graham’s Ticked Off That Obama’s Releasing Gitmo Detainees and Ending the War”

  1. Hey chickehawk being a lawyer and all you do know when a war ends all POW’S have to be returned to their countries. Its the law.

    I don’t know where you got your degree from but you should ask for a refund because you are either stupid or just a Reich wing hack. I say both so in other words STFU and they got a sell on some panties since you keep wetting the ones you already have

  2. Yep, here it comes, BERGHAZI, BERGHAZI! What a joke. Hagel admitted yesterday that of those that have been released in the past they were either killed or captured again. That tells me that even if released we have our eye on them.

  3. How much longer before the Republicans try to make a scandal out of Obama leaving the toilet seat up in house full of women? These guys are desperate for anything to use against him.

  4. I can’t help it….I just love it when Miz Lindsey flounces her skirts in the old southern tradition of the vapors..

  5. Oh my Stars and garters but I do believe that genteel southern belle Lindsey has been angered again by that horrible Mr. Obama person! You watch out Mr.Obama person! you have greatly upset that poor, poor (man)?…now Lindsey has the vapours! Oh My!…

  6. The contemporaneous Taliban logs state they captured Sgt. Bergdahl in the latrine, weaponless and with his pants down. Let us see how that is construed as willful desrtion.

  7. I will be so glad when this President’s last two years are over. No president has faced more hate and ignorance than he has. They want to discourage another Black man from ever running for this office again, but that is not going to happen, another one will run and so will an Hispanic and an Asian and every other minority…next up a WOMAN…deal with it idiots, deal with it!

  8. I.agree.with.all.replies,except.Miz.Lindsey,don’t.cha.know……

  9. “Wars are not forever, nor should they be.”

    But the Republican’ts can hope, can’t they?

  10. Frankly, Mr. Graham, I don’t give a flying f…..oh, wait. It’s ‘don’t give a damn’.

  11. What a surprise! Reps must have been totally confused today. What do I do?!? Lambast the pres for negotiating with terrorists or cleaning up carbon emissions?

  12. Well the GOP has to find something negative about the president going into the summer months. With US employment of over two hundred thousand plus jobs three consecutive months in a row. US manufacturing gauges in May hitting multi year highs for production(ISM and MARKIT). Second quarter US GDP tracking around four percent growth. Stock market hitting all-time record highs. They cannot let the president get too much positive economic news over the summer months heading into the fall midterm elections now can we?

  13. The best part of all this hate is soon they will be dealing with a women president. Clearly there will never be another geopig in the white house.

  14. You cant make this shit up
    Prisoner swap: Did Hillary know?

    Republicans are raising questions about whether Hillary Clinton knew about the White House plan to release senior Taliban commanders in exchange for the last U.S. prisoner of war.

    President Obama met with his former secretary of State for lunch on Thursday, two days before it was announced that Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl had been released from captivity in exchange for five high-profile Taliban prisoners.

    Read more:

  15. Last I checked Lindsey Graham was still a Reserve Air Force JAG teaching law but he feels quite comfortable attacking HIS Commander in Chief. It is an affront to the taxpayers to have this jerk wear the AF uniform and get paid for his reserve duty IMHO! He started in the National Guard and transferred to the Reserves as a JAG. Now all he does is be McCain’s attack dog. Disgusting!

  16. Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ)

    Any commissioned officer who uses contemptuous words against the President, the Vice President, Congress, the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of a military department, the Secretary of Transportation, or the Governor or legislature of any State, Territory, Commonwealth, or possession in which he is on duty or present shall be punished as a court-martial may direct.

    Court Martial his pathetic ass

  17. Whhoooo! Lindsayyyy, and his merry chicken Hawks are afraid, afraid I tell you…. that these five old men, who were rounded up in 2003 or whenever, who not Osama Bin Laden wannabes are going to incite more kidnappings, and / or order a SURGE on the remaining Americans in 2015. Give me a f’ing break. How many released prisoners who tried that are alive today? Practically none. DRONE POWER that’s why. So Lindsey and his patsies are thinking the worst. You know why? Obama did it. that’s why.

  18. Republicans WILL NOT support Obama on any foreign affairs move he makes….it’s always the bitching and complaining that comes out. No matter what! They go as far as fawning over Putin! Imagine that? !!! Incredulous behavior coming from these false patriots.

  19. “Republicans WILL NOT support Obama on any foreign affairs move he makes….”

    Foreign policy is allegedly the domain of the president for years under Nixon we spoke of the Imperial Presidency so now how is it that the president is made to sound weak? The Republicans are supposed to agree? That every should agree with the president? and in reality the president does what ever he wants …

    The Republicans and Democrats are two bankrupt political groups controlled by small cliques of wealthy corporate elitists not everyone who criticizes the president is conservative, not all conservatives criticize the president as both parties strive to make the American people believe those political parties differ in many ways when they don’t.

  20. I am an independent but I am praying that another black “man” runs for president e.g. Allen West or Condi Rice would be the first two that come to mind. And for the record, Barack Obama is not black – he’s biracial. (Shhhhh – don’t tell. Nobody knows that.) Nobody cares what color the next president is or what their heritage is. What we care about is having a president with integrity, honesty, transparency, wisdom (not knowledge) and being a patriot. Oh, and we want the president to abide by the Constitution and US law. Is that too much to ask?

  21. Allen West was kicked out of the Army for what can be said torturing not even a terrorist but a policeman. Condi Rice cannot travel outside the country because she would be tried on war crimes. And this is your idea of let me get this straight (having a president with integrity, honesty, transparency, wisdom (not knowledge) and being a patriot.) Have you been taking that hillbilly heroin this morning? Just plain stupid.

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