Obama’s Wake Up Call to Democrats: Losing The Senate Would Make His Last Two Years Unbearable

Susan Walsh/AP Photo
Susan Walsh/AP Photo

Heads up the Obama voters. The midterms are coming and while Democrats don’t usually turn out for midterms (often to disastrous effect as seen in the 2010 midterms), Politico reports that the President told “allies” that “losing the Senate to Republicans would make his last two years in office unbearable.”

In a long piece dedicated to understanding President Obama and the shifts he’s making in the last two years of his presidency as he comes to terms with the limited power of the office, Carrie Budoff Brown and Jennifer Epstein at Politico noted that of all of the things he cares about, the income gap most animates the President:

Obama is most animated by the enormous challenge of closing the income gap between the rich and poor, but he’s had to rely on only small-ball initiatives. He and his aides have charted out a schedule of executive actions through early next year, giving the West Wing a renewed focus even if the ambition pales in comparison to the early days.
But a presidency built on finding ways to elude Congress is a remarkable descent for a leader whose second inaugural address was an audacious call to arms for a liberal resurgence. These days his actions reflect a conclusion that his best option is to navigate shrewdly within narrow limits rather than soar above them with transformative politics.

And that’s why losing the Senate would make the last two years unbearable for the President.

This fall in aspirations is not actually a “remarkable descent” for Obama, but for our nation, as it’s due to the politics of obstruction, hysteria and dysfunction practiced by a Republican Party that refuses to serve as loyal opposition or a check on presidential power, but instead has literally shutdown the government in a six year temper tantrum over losing elections.

The President can’t change laws without a Congress willing to legislate. As it stands right now, Speaker John Boehner has taken refuge in a rule he never bothered to legitimately pass, the “Hastert Rule”, which he claims prohibits him from bringing any legislation to the floor that isn’t supported by the majority already. Note that he didn’t bother to adopt this rule formally, and that the actual person behind this alleged rule has called baloney on it. But it gives the Speaker a reason for failing to pass any legislation.

The Republican-led House is an example of what will become of the Senate this year if sane voters don’t turn out.

Obama voters need to have the President’s back for these last two years. Getting out the vote is the best way they can show their support for his agenda and his presidency. If the Senate falls to Republicans, the nation will suffer along with the President’s frustration over his obstructed agenda.

16 Replies to “Obama’s Wake Up Call to Democrats: Losing The Senate Would Make His Last Two Years Unbearable”

  1. It can get worse.

    A. Something happens to Biden.

    B. A wholly Republican Congress impeaches and removes the President.

    C. Then Boehner, or someone even worse, succeeds to the Presidency.

    And don’t think something couldn’t happen to Biden.

  2. Losing the senate would be a disaster. I hope every one votes. I will be waiting for the polls to open.

  3. I know that I have been trying to convince all my Democratic friends that they need to get out and vote, not just in this election, but in all elections from dogcatcher to President. That is the only way we can turn this country around.

    I too often get the response that it doesn’t really matter if they vote because it doesn’t really count. I don’t know how much of that is apathy, and how much of it is laziness.

    It does no good just to sit around and complain, we need to show up at the polls in droves and show Republicans who the real majority is in this country.

    Of course, I tell all the Republicans I know that it doesn’t really matter, so they should just stay home on election day.

  4. Please help us and tell Governor (of Alabama) Bentley to expand Medicaid. Here’s his contact number 334-242-7100 or fax 334-353-0004.

  5. The Hastert rule is not even the problem anymore. Boehner now claims they can’t trust the President to properly enact any law they pass so therefore won’t pass any. In other words, Obama is the reason we won’t pass anything.

  6. Tell your friends that say their vote doesn’t count..that NO VOTE on their part equals a GOP vote.

  7. GOP is the biggest bunch of spin doctors I’ve ever seen. They wouldn’t know the truth if it smacked them in the face. Totally sick of them, they make me sick to my stomach.

  8. The President is right, losing the Senate would make his last two years a circus.
    Democrats need to support the President during the midterms…vote!

  9. If the racist tea party gets control of congress they will impeach this man and you can kiss Obamacare GOODBYE! If you love this country vote vote vote vote! they have declare war on minorities, the poor, Middle class, students, single women!

  10. I think they will hesitate to attempt any move against the president. No community would be safe; no politician exempt.

  11. The theme song, from that old movie, “MASH” comes to mind….”Suicide is Painless”, because that is exactly what would befall American blue collar and other democratic and freedom loving people in the US.

    Just think about how our staunches allies will see America, what they had to go through, to become democratic, only to end up in the hands of the evil corporate ghouls.

    Time to stand up and take back our nation and send those rightwing criminals to their real destiny.

    Get out and vote this coming election and make both houses, solid democrat.

  12. Remember when Nancy Pelosi was Speaker and all you heard front he republicans was Obama-Biden-Pelosi. It’s time for people to realize Boehner is next in line. I doubt many even think of that. Is that who we want as president? Hell No! We don’t!

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