Republican Outrage Over The Bergdahl Release is More Proof Conservatives Hate The Troops

Republican hypocrisyAmerica, like most nations, asks its soldiers to sacrifice everything in service to their country, and in return this particular country sacrifices next to nothing for the fighting men and women in the military. Republicans are the worst offenders whether it is sending men and women in uniform to fight and die in wars for profit and indefensible ideology, or blatantly refusing to care for them when they return from war. It is nothing short of criminal to abandon Veterans once their service to their country is finished, but that outrage pales in comparison to abandoning a soldier taken prisoner while serving his country. If the American people have learned only one thing over the past couple of weeks regarding Republicans’ and their horrendous disregard for America’s service members, it is that they consider them dispensable.

The current Republican outrage over the President negotiating the release of an American soldier held as a prisoner of war by the Taliban is both rank hypocrisy and further proof conservatives hate the men and women serving in the military.

Republicans complaining bitterly that President Obama should have left Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl to the mercy of his captors are hypocrites because their man-god Ronald Reagan gave the Islamic Republic of Iran 1,500 missiles in exchange for American hostages held in Lebanon by Iranian terrorists, and one can only conclude that Reagan gets a pass because he was white. Republican racism notwithstanding, it is their disregard for an American soldier they were content leaving behind that should outrage the American people and members of the military; particularly because they claim the President overstepped his authority by adhering to an unspoken rule that America “leaves no soldier behind.”

In 1985 while Iran and Iraq were at war, there was an American embargo against selling arms to Iran, but Republicans’ demigod Reagan disregarded the “law” because he was driven by his heartfelt “duty to bring those Americans home.” Doubtless, President Obama was driven by the same duty to bring Sergeant Bergdahl home after being held captive for five-and-a-half years, but because he is not a white Republican, conservatives are apoplectic because instead of 1,500 missiles, he released 5 Guantanamo prisoners being detained indefinitely for who knows what reason.

National Security Advisor Susan Rice defended the decision to go forward with the release of hostages held at Guantanamo indefinitely and without charge because after consulting with both the Department of Justice and Department of Defense, they determined “that it was both appropriate and necessary for us to proceed in an expedited fashion.” Rice also said that in the past, the Administration “had extensive consultations with Congress about Sergeant Bergdahl’s situation” and that legislators “were well aware that this idea and prospect was on that the administration was seriously considering.” So, the Republican outrage is not only blatant hypocrisy, if they already knew the Administration was “seriously considering” the negotiation and exchange then their outrage is well-rehearsed and fabricated. Obviously, if the idea was being seriously considered then it was because, as Rice said “We had reason to be concerned that this was an urgent and an acute situation, that his (Bergdahl’s) life could have been at risk. We did not have 30 days to wait. And had we waited and lost him, I don’t think anybody would have forgiven the United States.”

There is also the prospect that with this Congress Republicans would have opposed the idea of bringing an American soldier being held as a prisoner of war home for no other reason than to oppose the President. Republicans cannot even be bothered to adequately fund the Veterans’ Administration to take care of the soldiers they sent to war so there is every indication they would not be bothered to bring a soldier home under any circumstances; particularly if it involved the release of hostages this country has held indefinitely without charges of wrongdoing except they were Muslims defending their homeland from invading Americans forces. According to the outrage and comments by Republicans and their neo-con mouthpieces railing on the President for bring an American prisoner of war home, they would have abandoned Sergeant Bergdahl purely over ideology their hero Reagan did not embrace.

There is a major difference between Reagan giving Iran missiles to bring Americans held captive by terrorists home, and Obama releasing hostages held by the American military according to Rice. She said “Sergeant Bergdahl wasn’t simply a hostage, he was an American prisoner of war, captured on the battlefield. We have a sacred obligation that we have upheld since the founding of our Republic to do our utmost to bring back our men and women who were taken in battle. And we did that in this instance.” As Ms. Rice noted, failing to negotiate the release of a prisoner of war “would break faith with the American people and with the men and women who serve in uniform.” Regardless of who may be holding an American prisoner of war, we must do our best to bring him or her back.” Republicans vehemently disagree.

No American should be surprised at the Republican response to the President’s success at bringing home an American soldier being held captive as a prisoner of war, or the accompanying hypocrisy that is one of the defining traits of the conservative movement in general, and Republicans in particular. It is not that they conveniently forgot their man-god Reagan traded missiles to Iran in exchange for American hostages, they just hold the African American President to a completely different set of standards than their great white hero, and hold American service members in open contempt whether they are prisoners of war, active duty, or Veterans. As Susan Rice said, “we have a sacred obligation that we have upheld since the founding of our Republic to our utmost to bring back our en and women who were taken in battle,” but according to Republicans, that sacred obligation is null and void because Americans elected an African American man as President that according to them means abandoning the men and women who put their lives on the line in combat and when they seek medical care from the despicably underfunded Veterans Administration hospitals.

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  1. I like how the republicans react like pit bulls on a meat wagon every time Obama does anything. Knee jerk reactions of negativity without a scintilla of evidence or thought. Really shows their depravity and desperation.

  2. I wouldn’t call it hate. It’s more like use and abuse!

    They use the troops (and wars) so that equipment is needed and they can spend money with government contractors to fulfill the need, and the politicians pockets.

    After the money is spent, now they need to create a war so that the equipment is eventually used up and is not worthy. Then it’s time to order more.

    Politicians could give a hoot about the people in the military, only about what the opportunity buys for them come re-election or what stock to buy.

  3. The Republicans negotiate and are facilitating terrorists every day. They even have been taken over by terrorists, the TeAliban have held this nation hostage for years and Obama and the Dems. won’t negotiate with them, but the Repubs have no choice and are too scared to dismiss them.

  4. Negotiating with republicans is negotiating with terrorists. The worst enemy to the Unites States is the republican party.

  5. The Taliban and the Tea Party/Libertarian/GOP are hard to tell apart, except for clothing choice…and I think the Taliban reads more.

  6. Let us consider the kakologies the Right composed on the death of Maya Angelou. Of course, they’d do this. They are the Party of Ungrace, incapable even of common decency, let alone nobility.

  7. Another clown show is about to began. The American Taliban has all the time to chase their tail like the dogs they are but cant pass a living wage, fund the VA or fix are crumbling infrastructure. Please Proceed

    House Armed Services Chairman: There Will Be Hearings On Bergdahl-Taliban Deal

    “We will be looking into this,” says Rep. Buck McKeon. Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl was released from Taliban captivity on Saturday in exchange for five Gitmo detainees.

  8. The republicans have met and exceeded my expectations that at least once every day they will show how they are ignorant pigs who have no right to breathe the same air as a normal person.

  9. Here is what this so-called soldier said and we gave up 5 of the enemy for the likes of this guy and 6 of our best died looking for him:

    “And life is way too short to care for the damnation of others, as well as to spend it helping fools with their ideas that are wrong. I have seen their ideas and I am ashamed to even be American. The horror of the self-righteous arrogance that they thrive in. It is all revolting. I am sorry for everything. The horror that is America is disgusting.”

  10. And yet the Reich Wing defends their Man-God Ronnie Ray-Gun when he through back channels sold(gave) the Iranian’s weapons in exchange for the hostages in 1979. That whole deal was part of the reason why Carter lost the 80′ election.

  11. POTUS could walk on water, and the GOPT would still find fault.

    Basically, they are no longer a political group. They are consumed with hatred, greed, and a very perverted way of viewing fellow men. They are traitors to our country and have done more damage in 6 years, that will take us probably triple the years to repair somewhat. They are miserable people with themselves and transfer it onto the rest of humanity.

  12. I suspect if you spent five years in any kind of *duran vile*, you’d be squealing like the guy in The Deliverance.

  13. The Taliban logs state that he was captured in the latrine, with his pants down. So much for your idea that he was a willful deserter.

  14. This of off topic…. but…..
    Has anyone who watches Christ Mathews/MSNBC show, noticed for the past three days, Thurs, Friday, last week, and today’s show, Monday, 6/2, how his whole demeneor has changed. He is more and more on the attack now towards his guests. He is very different this time.
    Did the Republicans get ahold of him? Who was it that made him change so entirely? I would like to know.
    Today, his first segment was about the prisoner exchange and all he could do to his two female guests was question them like they were on trial. I could not even watch him after the first ten minutes, so off went the TV. The guy has changed! No more of Chris Maetthews for me until he returns to the old Chris that I know. Any comments?

  15. I went to a couple of light right wing sites, and the hate is unbearable. Their talking heads have them believing the kids father is a Muslim for learning the language they speak to appeal to them to release his son. The man is a Conservative Christian from Idaho for cripes sake.

  16. I am a Marine. I am in Afghanistan. We collectively despise Bowe Bergdahl. I’ve never met a soldier or Marine or read one’s testimony on the internet that believes it was even remotely possibly that Bowe Bergdahl was not a deserter. All of the official statements from soldiers that were there in 2009 in his OWN PLATOON (we’re talking the closest 4-30 soldiers to Bergdahl) have called him a deserter and say not only that, but that he caused the deaths of 6 soldiers that were killed looking for him. Many believe he wanted to join the Taliban and while in captivity, gave the Taliban actionable intelligence on troop locations and numbers of troops at nearby bases. A nearby outpost, COP Keating, was attacked and overwhelmed by Taliban after Bergdahl’s capture. It is known that the Taliban had insider information that the base was due to close. Bergdahl may have been responsible for that, but as of now, that is pure speculation. What we do know is, he’s a deserter-and deserters are scum…

  17. Many believe. Pure speculation. Sounds to me that you weren’t there. You have no idea of the dynamics of that platoon in other words stick with what you know and the Military will sort it out. BTW are you saying we should have left him behind?

    I bet you believe Pat Tillman was killed fighting the enemy like you were told

  18. Such venom. I call myself a conservate because those are the beliefs I hold and cherish. They are I don’t want more government in my life. I would like a lot less. I believe I am a responsible adult who is capable of making my own choices. Think about the inflamatory blanket statements before speaking. Insults do not bring people to a point of agreement and belittling people does not make you better. Add thoughts not insults to a discussion for it to be productive.

  19. There will be no agreement with you conservatives. You have tried to steal peoples vote. You have lied us into a war. You are trying to make women into baby making chattel. You are trying to establish a theocracy. And you have blocked everything that will help the middle class for no other reason than sheer hatred because a Blackman is in the White House. I will tell you to kiss where the sun don’t shine but I am being nice

  20. I am a conservative reading this site and I had the same impression that you had going to the “right wing sites”. The venom is unbelievable. So many people who hold strong opions, some based in fact some just spewing hate. I would hope that there is a realization that this exists on both sides and that there is a lot of lying and fact distortion on both sides. As to the father,while I don’t believe that he is a Muslim.He has conveyed his sympathies to the Taliban. This can be seen as the act of a desperate father but it is going to inflame many people who have friends and loved ones who have been killed or injured fighting the Taliban.
    What is more disturbing to me is the dangerous precidence this sets for our troops currently stationed in Afghanistan and for that matter Americans traveling overseas in general. It gives some very dangerous people a very power tool to use against us. In addition, the President did not follow the law that required him to give 30 days notice.

  21. Do you want to tie the hands of every Commander-in-Chief from this point forward from conducting intense negotiations (which Congress knew were occurring) for the release of American prisoners-of-war?

    Further, do you object to the long-standing practice of swapping prisoners-of-war when a long conflict is coming to an end?

    Moreover, what “dangerous precedence” do you feel we’ve set and how will that be realized? Never mind American troops, who are already targeted by America’s enemies – what’s going to happen to tourists? I mean, if they’re touring Afghanistan, they’re already in harm’s way aren’t they? I don’t think this will make much difference in those cases.

    Unless, of course, you have some information that makes you think Disney World will become a Taliban stronghold soon?

    I’m sure your heart is in the right place, Sarah, but I’m not sure where your head is.

  22. Is it fair enough to state that both, liberals and conservatives have made their equal share of mistakes? Is it possible to acknowledge that both the GOP and the Obama Administration have not done enough to fix the VA problem that is decimating America’s finest? Can we, as citizens agree that we would like to see the strong America return? The America that stood for something and stood up for what was right? I ask these questions because, after reading the article and the following comments, it is apparent that there is a blame game going on. Obama messed up. Liberals, are you going to have his back and still point fingers at the GOP or will you stand up to YOUR president and admit he was wrong? The same applies to the conservatives. They need to stand up to any wrong doings from the GOP and make their voice heard. Bottom line, liberals are just as whiny as conservatives. Both sides are wrong and both sides have perverted the American Ethos. Our forefathers would be ashamed.

  23. This article is clearly propaganda with extreme bias towards “the right.” To get this out of the way now, there is no left and right, they are two heads on the same evil headed dragon obliterating America. Now, to the article.

    The thing that stands out the most is in reference to the republicans wars for profit and not taking care of veterans, *sigh*, isn’t this why Bergdahl defected in the first place, being tired of American policy?

    Secondly, being a former service member, basic training everyone takes to deploy overseas is that you never negotiate with terrorists. Never. Sorry, you have to check that block before you deploy,it’s creepy in a way how everything is twisted and turned to further an agenda,including this story.

    Lastly, it’s Americans responsibility to bring troops home, not republicans or democrats. To blame one side is laughable at best. The majority of you don’t care, unless it’s thrown in your face like this to incite a desired emotion, critical …

  24. Evidently you don’t think. Critical or however you want to use the definition. First the Taliban is not on any terrorist list by the US. Second, they were the government of Afghanistan at the time of our invasion. Third, since you cant get that simple fact through your head the rest of that rant does not even justify a reply. Pick up a book and read and get back to us when you make some sense

  25. And thats bullshit. Bush bowed to OBL when he wanted Americans out of Saudi Arabia. Reagan the great traitor sold weapons to Iran to get a man back. And I wont even mention he sold drugs at the same time. Nor will I mention Reagan pulling all our troops out of Somalia.Clinton did it, Carter did it. Bush senior did it.

    Dont get too hot on this dont negotiate stuff.

    As for your last paragraph, the republicans are blaming the democrats for bringing one of our troops home. Get out of your fantasy land

  26. Sarah, it’s obvious these people aren’t interested in conservatives and what they really believe. These liberals make insulting comments and have the gall to say there’s no difference between conservatives and terrorists except for clothing and have nothing left except to question typos. You’re wasting your time here, as am I. But, I’m rectifying that ASAP. Best to you, Sarah.

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