Traitor Sarah Palin Accuses President Obama of Helping Osama Bin Laden

palin-obama-open Noted traitor to her country, Sarah Palin is accusing President Obama of helping Osama Bin Laden because he negotiated the release of captured soldier Bowe Bergdahl. Sarah Palin is super mad at President Obama, and so naturally she took to her bully pulpit on Facebook (which is almost like the bully pulpit of the White House but without real responsibilities) to lash out at the man who beat her running mate six yeras ago. Again. This time she accuses him of helping Osama bin Laden, which totally makes sense since Obama got Osama, when the Republicans couldn’t. In her latest screed of bitterness aimed at President Obama, Palin said:

Commander-in-Chief’s Definition of “Honorable Service” Includes Anti-American Actions While in Uniform; He Just Destroyed Troop Morale The Obama administration tells America this soldier served “with honor and distinction.” ( No, Mr. President, a soldier expressing horrid anti-American beliefs – even boldly putting them in writing and unabashedly firing off his messages ( while in uniform, just three days before he left his unit on foot – is not “honorable service.” Unless that is your standard. Please use your White House Rose Garden to praise the truly honorable service of our good U.S. troops who were killed in their search for Sgt. Bergdahl ( Praise the soldiers who fought with everything they had to defeat Islamic terrorists, those whom you just freed from prison. Our men gave all. Our surviving combat vets will forever live with the effects of the missions they willingly engaged in to protect you, our country, and certainly their brothers and sisters who are proud to wear the uniform. You blew it again, Barack Obama, by negotiating away any leverage against the bad guys as these bad guys – Osama Bin Laden’s partners in evil crime – joyfully celebrate their “win” in the deal you sealed.

Six years later, Palin still can’t get over losing the 2008 election to Barack Obama. She has become warped by her self-pity and frothing resentment over not getting to be vice president. As the years go by, and she becomes an oddball historical blip among the list of losers, Palin has descended into completely un-American behavior. Sarah Palin hates the country that rejected her, and she sees President Obama as the personification of that rejection.

In a broader context, Palin is the parrot that echos the ugly feelings of the conservative movement. Palin attacked a soldier who was held captive for five years. That is really all anyone needs to know about Sarah Palin.

Palin as a political entity is nothing more than a noisy ghostly relic of the previous decade, but it is the people that agree with her that merit our attention. Those who believe in Sister Sarah’s style of traitor conservatism will be heading to the polls this November. These are the same folks who plagued the country with the dysfunctional tea partiers in the House, and they are looking to spread their disease to the Senate.

Pay no attention to Palin herself, but the vile cesspool that she is echoing is the reason why Democrats and Independents must show up and vote in 2014.

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  1. That picture of Palin with her mouth open makes me wonder who has filled it with some ugly tasting stuff. Because all that comes out is very ugly. Feed it, shut it up, please stop it!! Make her go away, make her disappear. She and Ted Cruz is way more then the American public need stand.

  2. New York Post, huh?…and both these cites are strangely recent.

    Contemporary logs by the Taliban unit that captured him describe surprising him in the latrine, weaponless and with his pants down. That does not sound like willful desertion. It sounds at most as if a combat-weary soldier who expressed his fatigue later had the audacity to go to the toilet.

    The Right has to trash everything that is admired or accomplished by whoever is Not One of Them. Maya Angelou is a poetaster and a soldier who fell into enemy hands is a deserter. Stalin reasoned the same way.

  3. Palin is doing what the koch tea bags want her to do. Rant, because she still has a few followers who will recite her every word of hate.

    Strangely enough, palin says nothing about the soldier who did get home no matter what he did. Is she glad to have him back? Nope. Does she screech about Obama killing an American who indeed plotted and took part in killing Americans? Oh hell no people.

  4. She is one of them that believes that Osama is still alive and that the whole raid was a trick by Obama. That right wing has an entire conspiracy theory on it. Some of them actually believe that Obama is Bin Laden. If you read up on it, it will boggle your mind how people can be so whacked.

  5. Apparently, “Screech” forgot what she said
    about the released soldier in 2009. She stated that she and Todd would be praying for him and was sympathetic to his parents.
    My oh my how times have changed.

  6. This woman should go home and try to salvage what might be left of her family. Son was caught vandalizing school buses, daughter caught vandalizing house to the tune of $20,000. Another daughter gives birth almost yearly since she turned 15. Has trial husbands, but still single, they always seem to get away. Super duper family values in the PayMe clan. They once belonged to the Alaskan group that wanted to secede. Her parents still are members. I think we should encourage the entire group to do just that, and shut her up.

  7. Fringe Nuts like Palin are RABBLE ROUSING America into another Civil War.

    They should be called for fomenting disharmony/discord and most of all pushing the cold-hearted Left’s lack of HEART/EMPATHY and real concern for fellow Americans.

  8. I think it’s become obvious that Sarah Palin is not an American. I maintain that she is, in fact, Canadian. Furthermore, she’s the end product of a multi-generational Canadian covert operation started in the 1800’s to exact revenge on the United States for burning the Canadian capitol during the War of 1812. The product of a selective breeding program supervised by former Nazi scientists given asylum in Canada after WWII, she was smuggled into Idaho and placed with a deep cover family of Canadian agents. She makes her home base in Alaska to more easily slip across the border to meet with her handlers. Soon she will engineer the disintegration of the United States and allow Canada to snatch up the pieces.

    Hey, it’s as plausible as anything you hear on Fox News.

  9. Maybe Ted will have Palin as his running mate, and we will become a Confederite Canaian Dictartership, and put Dallas Texas as the C.C. Capital, As Rick Perry will be the dictator speaker of the congress!!!……… joe

  10. Sarah Palin is accusing President Obama of helping Osama Bin Laden…

    Um, she does know Osama Bin Laden is dead, right?

  11. I guess Bergdahl must hail from one of those “un-American” regions of the nation … unlike Wasilla, where folks prefer to condemn (or shoot) first and ask questions later.

  12. Sarah just fell into the cesspool with her mouth wide open. She is an embarrassment to the State of Alaska and the entire United States of America.

  13. No matter how it seems, this hot assed log twister just can’t accept the fact that Prez Obama is happily, happily married and faithful. Lucky you Ms. Obama, you’ve hooked up with one of the bestest best men you’d ever dreamed of hooking up with, and your lovely daughters are so well blessed and intelligent. This gal here,..well, this jungle fever thing she’s stuck on is just that. Sarah, you cock-eyed skullstress (I apoligize Shiva for being so up front in our forum)go to the jungle, find something that you can size up and wrap it like a stripe on a barbershop pole, and call it candy! You’ll feel 1032% relieved and you can stop your fits of want, you scab.

  14. Hell if they did as soon as she start spewing that word salad they will rush over here and we would never close down gitmo

  15. This bitch is dumb as a rock. The only followers of her are dumber than she is, since hey are stupid enough to pay for her appearances,so what does that tell you. In fact she doesn’t have half the brains as the Presidents dog. She is the prime reason politicians should be given an IQ test. Someone forgot to tell her a fool should keep her mouth shut, otherwise it only proves how foolish she is.

  16. Thanks to the authors of this piece for finally and correctly describing Palin as a traitor, because she HAS betrayed this country by inflicting her venom-filled beliefs on honest, educated citizens in an attempt to infect them with the same vileness that has consumed her since she and McCain lost to Obama and Biden in 2008. That word, traitor, needs to follow her wherever she goes.

  17. By the way she is not Canadian, we take no responsibility for this twisted bitch.We have enough problems with our own right wingers here but at least we don’t have a Palin, a Cruz or a Grove. I am so sorry you do.

  18. I noticed that Sarah is wearing a crucifix, so I’d like to give her some biblical advice…

    1 Timothy 2:12
    New International Version (NIV)
    I do not permit a woman to teach or to assume authority over a man; she must be quiet.

  19. the only thing Obama helped Bin Laden with is solving his breathing problem! Seriously she is hateful braindead parasite that I’m ashamed to be living in the same country with!

  20. another one who loves to spew hatred against the president. sarah – you lost because you are not a very smart person. you are a hater of everything.

  21. I can’t help but wonder what Sarah would have said had SGT Bergdahl been SGT Palin who had been held for five years. Would she have wanted the President to rescue her son or leave him there? I’m shocked that the “mother” of a son who did serve a tour in the Middle East would spew such bile.

  22. This woman is a moron who reinforces that status every time she opens her mouth and spews her hateful, ignorant, jealous word salad. Pathetic waste of oxygen.

  23. That ” face hole” has got to be catching way more then a teabag with what spills out. Manure would be my choice.

  24. Yes….yes indeed. President Obama did help Usama bin-Laden….the president and his team gladly helped bin-Laden, into the next life. Yes….t’was a bad deed for anyone to contemplate, but the president and his crew were up to the task.

    Mission Accomplished.

    As for Sarah Palin, she should go out and find real sow griz, with a couple of cubs. Would be doing the world a favour.

  25. Hey, Politicus. Wake up. I have zero use for Sarah Palin, but I also have zero respect for misleading headlines. That’s what Fox does, and it’s unethical. PLEASE don’t lower our side to their level. Sarah says, and does, more than enough stupid stuff without any creative interpretation of her words needed. She did NOT say “Obama helped Osama”. What she said was “… by negotiating away any leverage against the bad guys as these bad guys – Osama Bin Laden’s PARTNERS in evil crime – joyfully celebrate their “win” in the deal you sealed.” Unlike most right wing media fans, left wing media fans tend to actually read beyond the headline. Please be more careful in the future.

  26. I would agree with what you said Eric, except for the fact that the headline the authors used is misleading. It does not match her actual quote which refers to Obama helping Bin Laden’s PARTNERS. That’s a right wing media trick, which works for them because most of their fans don’t read beyond the headline. I’d like to think we do. It’s important for ‘our side’ to be credible, accurate, and factual in reporting. Journalistic ethics matter. Palin does more than enough dumb crap. No one needs to rewrite her stupid statements to make them more stupid. We lose every time someone repeats that headline and some Fox viewer takes us up on it, leaving us caught in as stupid lie, and for what? No thank you.

  27. I got serious question for you all? President Obama is all talks and no action and results in suffering of all people and has done nothing which results in getting people fed and homed and plus providing jobs for them to keep their family alive. What proof is their that is his methods has resulted in helping those who really need government to step in and say what is right. Basically government has done nothing to keep checks and balances in place plus government officials use their power to place thier interest first before welfare of nation and its people that they are voted in to lead the country.I say president Obama is traitor to his people and country and does nothing but to fill his pocket full

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