That Just Happened! Fox News Columnist Likens Gitmo Prisoner Release To Nazi Germany

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Ever since the White House announced that five detainees being held at Guantanamo Bay had been released to the custody of Qatar in order to secure America’s lone prisoner of war, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, from the Taliban, conservatives across this nation have criticized the President over his decision. Some of the criticism surrounds Bergdahl’s actions leading up to his capture by the Taliban, as it is possible that Bergdahl had gone AWOL and may have even sought out the Taliban when leaving his base. Others have taken to criticizing Bergdahl’s father for his beliefs and comments regarding Gitmo and Afghanistan.

However, the loudest criticism seems to be coming from the neo-conservatives, who feel that this prisoner swap will embolden the Taliban and other terrorist organizations. The argument appears to be that by releasing these five detainees with ties to the Taliban, the nation’s soldiers are more at risk to be kidnapped and held for ransom. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has taken this position, demanding an immediate Senate hearing to get to the bottom of it all. On Sunday, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) and Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI) made similar arguments during appearances on Sunday talk shows.

Well, on Monday, Fox News columnist J.D. Gordon wrote an article that cranked the hyperbole up to 11, as the former Pentagon spokesman evoked Nazi Germany while describing this recent situation. Gordon, who previously advised both Sarah Palin and Herman Cain, also claimed in his article that President Obama is essentially spitting in the face of Malala Yousafzai, the young Pakistani girl who was viciously shot in the head by the Taliban for attending school.

In 1943, could anyone imagine FDR releasing five of Nazi Germany’s top leaders for a disgruntled soldier? Though it’s good news that Bergdahl has been freed, I believe this grossly uneven prisoner exchange will encourage Al Qaeda and Taliban terrorists to seek out other U.S. military hostages. After Saturday’s swap, they are literally worth more than their weight in gold while in enemy hands.

Fourth, while Mr. Obama has lectured Americans about human rights in the context of Guantanamo, how does he explain his latest actions to the tens of millions who have suffered under the Taliban’s barbaric repression?

What’s his message for Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani girl shot in the head by the Taliban for daring to attend school? Or for countless women and girls who have had acid thrown in their faces in Afghanistan and Pakistan for get an education?

From his haste to close Guantanamo in 2008 and his rush for the exits in Afghanistan in 2016, Mr. Obama is not only abandoning millions of women and girls like Malala, but he’s putting all Americans at grave risk for another 9/11-style attack on our nation.

Americans should not be fooled by Obama’s sudden patriotic burst of support for the troops, referencing Bergdahl’s release. Congress and the American people must hold Mr. Obama and his team accountable for their actions

Yep. Obama has truly unleashed the hounds of hell and let loose the dogs of war with this latest move. Due solely to Obama’s actions, millions of women in Pakistan and Afghanistan will needlessly suffer, boatloads of American soldiers will be scooped up by terrorists because they’re “literally” worth more than their weight in gold and thousands of innocent Americans will perish because the nation will suffer another large-scale terrorist attack on its shores.

Gordon obviously has the solution, based on his article’s final sentence — IMPEACHMENT! Yes, Congress and the American people need to make Obama pay dearly for his awful actions. And the only way any of this can be resolved is to remove the usurper from office. It appears that Gordon is hoping this idea gains traction with other Republicans, who have breathlessly searched for anything to use against this president to boot him out of the White House.

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  1. I found this article difficult to believe. It seemed a political commentary without even enough facts to comment on.I would hope reasonable journalism does not include writing items that in themselves promote undermining our government

  2. Faux News does not care about our throops. The only thing on their small minds is bashing the President!!!

  3. It was is own words. What is so hard to believe when you quote the person? Reminds me of the wife who catches her husband cheating and he denies it by saying “who are going to believe, me or your lying eyes”

  4. Hey Einstein point to one post/comment where someone bash the troops. You cant because you are a lying SOS just like the propaganda machine you defend

  5. Boy Howdy but aren’t they obsessed with Nazi Germany over at Bull$h!t Mountain!! Josef Goebbels would be so proud of them! They are giving away their real intent, “So full of artless jealousy is guilt that it spills itself in fearing to be spilt” Wise words from Bill Shakespeare.

  6. I have a list of McCain, Rogers, Graham, and a few others that I tweet to a few times a day. My tweet is; “Why do republicans constantly lie, hold a hearing on that.” Wish I could get alot more people doing it. They make me sick.

  7. The Republicans could care less about our troops. This man was a POW and he deserved to come home. I support what our President did in making this deal. This man has been living in hell for 5 years and his life isn’t going to be easy but i’m glad he is about to come home and be with his family.

  8. It appears obvious that the neocons refuse to acknowledge that the Taliban will do whatever it wants when ever it wants.

    These people think on such a small level of intelligence that it is amazing to think of how they maintain their positions

    I would also ask, how could he be a muslim convert when he was kept imprisoned?

  9. For starters, Obama didn’t try to close Gitmo since 2009, and Republicans as well as Democrats have hounded him about ever since even though the Senate voted 90-6 not to fund the closure. So, the exchange actually furthers his attempt to close Gitmo.

  10. These 5 people were cleared for release, we are shamed by keeping Guantanimo open because the people there are either innocent or we do not have enough evidence to try them.They are there illegally because we think they are criminals.

    As far as the young soldier who they are now calling a coward and traitor -let us not forget WW2, when some of our young military did the same thing, they were shot for cowardice, now they would be treated for PTS. Perhaps this young man had mental problems but let’s not try him by kangaroo court.

  11. From researching the hate his fellow soldiers are feeling comes down to this. He wouldn’t drink beer or eat BBQ with them and horror of horrors he ordered the Rosetta stone to learn the languages of the people. OMG HE IS A MOOSLIM!!! The stupid continues

  12. Does anybody think for one damned second that had Obama went to Congress to state the case and ask for approval, that the Conservatives Crazies would not only give a resounding and loud NO!!!. But they would run the gamut of spurious and infantile accusations that have become their asinine agenda. He has the power and he used it,he led with a bold decision and still they claim he’s weak. Their envy is sickening.

  13. Good decision by our President! I am so tired of these judgmental idiots that continue so much disrespect for our country.

  14. Hey c’mon, we all know that REal murikinz only speak MURIKIN! Must be some kinda commie, learnin’ an such. ;)

  15. I have seen hundreds of comments on what this young man might or might not have done. THe right wing nuts are the only ones convicting him before the facts are concrete. My question to any of you RWNJs is this. Is what this kid accused of really any worse than what Allen West did in Iraq and walked away from with a full pension and benefits?

  16. Can Fox media not find anything to do other than to bash the president all the way out until his last day of office. I really like fair and equal reporting but sometimes your reporting is disturbing. So we are just supposed to leave our POW’s out there in the hands of the enemy. I don’t care about the circumstances.

  17. And what John McCain seems to forget that in 1973 HE was in fact traded for Prisoners so he could get out of North Vietnam.

    I was on that Plane. As an Air Force Pararescue, my job was to guard the Medical Staff…

    Isn’t it funny that NO ONE seems to bring up the very FACT, that John McCain was released with a PRISONER TRANSFER.

  18. McCain released as a POW in exchange for release of NVietnam prisoners and under Reagan there was the trade of IRAN/Contra with weapons as the trade- I know there are others, those were just the first two that came to mind. Never mind the fact that as their is to soon be no ‘war’ with Afghanistan then those 5 prisoners would have to be let go anyway- I am ashamed of our country that they would attack the president this way since he is the commander in chief and he is honoring the commitment to ‘leaving no soldier’ behind. As to how he became a prisoner- that is up to the military to decide and has no basis in his being released.

  19. You know they would have attack the President no matter what,its expected. But the pond scum sucking lower that snake shit republicans would attack this mans family is beneath contempt. I despise you traitors, inbred assholes know as the republican party

  20. One thing sticks out from the article above, written by Fox News columnist J.D. Gordon.
    Quote:….. ” Americans should not be fooled by Obama’s sudden patriotic burst of support for the troops, referencing Bergdahl’s release.”…….

    As usual these neo-cons label Obama as unpatriotic. He refers to “Obama’s sudden patriotic burst of support for the troops”.
    WHAT’S WITH THIS “SUDDEN PATRIOTIC BURST OF SUPPORT FOR THE TROOPS” ? !!!!! Obama has supported our troops from the gitgo. Republicans defund the Army, Navy and Marine Corp. (Remember Rumsfeld saying: You fight with what you got” When the troops in Iraq were complaining they did not have enough equipment or armor? )
    These guys are pathetic hypocrites!

  21. It isn’t the trade of prisoners (though trading with terrorists is a bad precedence) but, the fact that things need to be done legally. We have 3 branches of government for a reason. Also, it seems funny that people who criticize Obama’s abuse of power & skirting (or outright ignoring) the Constitution are dishonoring the government but, what is Obama doing? There is nothing more sacred than the Constitution when it comes to our country. Obama is doing many of the same things that Bush did that are illegal and Obama criticized him heavily for prior to his (Obama’s) election. Obama vowed all these things would stop & yet they continue oft times to different ends but, the crimes are the same. The president is not above the law regardless of which side of the aisle he is from it doesn’t matter if his name is Nixon, G.W. Bush, or Obama and people need to get back to thinking for themselves and not simply following their party on both side. Let’s try the middle instead of far r…

  22. Well if you want to use the Constitutional argument that can be turn around where Congress overstep their authority. The President is Commander in Chief and I wonder why they decided to pass this unconstitutional law now but whistle Dixie when bush unleashed 500 detainees back to fight which one was implicated in the Benghazi attack. See you fell for the okey doke. If Congress think they have a case then bring it too the courts. All I hear are wolf tickets about impeachment but nothing of using the third branch to decide. You have no case.

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