Hillary Clinton Lays Out Republicans For Wanting to Leave Soldiers Behind


Hillary Clinton isn’t messing around. When asked about the Bergdahl rescue, former Sec. of State Clinton suggested that the Republican opposition to the deal that brought an American soldier home was like wanting to leave a soldier behind.

According to the AP, the former Secretary of State said:

This young man, whatever the circumstances, was an American citizen — is an American citizen — was serving in our military. The idea that you really care for your own citizens and particularly those in uniform, I think is a very noble one.


You don’t want to see these five prisoners go back to combat. There’s a lot that you don’t want to have happen. On the other hand you also don’t want an American citizen, if you can avoid it, especially a solider, to die in captivity. I think we have a long way to go before we really know how this is going to play out.

The great hypocrisy is that the “controversy” over Bergdahl is being whipped up by many of the same conservatives who were calling for his release by any means necessary. Of course, when conservatives say any means necessary, they mean military force and bloodshed.

Republicans are trying to smear Sgt. Bergdahl because his release was obtained by President Obama. If a Republican president had made the same deal, conservatives would be waving the flag while dancing in the streets over the release of an “American hero.”

Former Sec. Clinton is correct. Until we know the terms and restrictions placed on the five prisoners that were sent Qatar, everything is guesswork and speculation. However, the idea that an American citizen and soldier should be left to die in captivity is repulsive.

Clinton had nothing to do with this decision, but the debate over whether or not the US government should try to free soldiers and citizens from captivity isn’t one that Republicans should want to have. Everything is anti-Obama politics for Republicans, but this bit of hypocrisy will come back to bite them on the backsides if they insist on playing this game with Hillary Clinton.

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  1. What’s funny the dogs are calling for her to testify on what she knew and when did she know it. They are beneath pond scum. I say let them hold their hearings and then try to impeach. Even the devil himself Frank Luntz has told them to drop it but they are so full of hate for democrats in general and the President in particular they cant or wont listen. Please proceed

  2. I don’t hear them saying anything about the 500+ that Bush released. I hope the american public is getting sick of the 24/7 smear campaign. I know I am very tired of hearing these jackholes.

    As a veteran myself I am glad that Obama got him back. If he went AWOL on his post then let the military take care of that. It isn’t an excuse to leave him there.

    As far as the 5 that were released, we were going to have to let them go anyway. I have always thought that anyone in GITMO should have had the opportunity to have a trial, etc., as would anyone else.

  3. The republicans want to leave the soldiers behind!!, As to not care or help them but want their services, death and blood What TF is wrong with these greedy cowards that the military personal put their hard work and lives on the front line so they can profit and live like authoritarian wealthy Kings!!!……………………. joe

  4. Republicans will do anything to smear Obama and this is another the fits the mold.

    GOP could care less about our troops, they only care about all the money that is spent on the military industrial complex, which they are very tight with. Its all about the money as usual, they could careless about our soldiers, or citizen at that matter.

    I just hope the American people show up and vote these clowns out of office. They are ruining our country and it really comes down to the 1% again, like the Koch Brothers; they and others like them are the driving force that is hurting our country! Wish they would take all their money and shove…well you get it!

  5. There may be much more to the story. Sgt. Bergdahl for all any of our quick to criticize politicians know could have been on a secret mission for the CIA when he left his post. Criticizing the President on these matters could be way out of line but the Republican echo chamber can never find anything to agree with him on which certainly devalues their credibility to the extreme.

  6. We either have the policy that “We leave no soldier behind,” or we don’t. Conservatives (which is just another word for a**hole) are trying to change the policy to “We leave no soldier behind, except…”

  7. It good you mentioned the Americans showing up to vote. Let’s hope they all have the required identification (meaning, they’ve paid the appropriate poll tax). Also, I fear that Republicans have gerrymandered districts to such an extreme that it may be a decade or more before votes matter.

  8. I love our President and the way he operates. They can criticize all they want. It makes no difference in the way I feel about him. I wish he could run for a third term. He’d have my vote.

  9. People need to keep in mind that republicans don’t want any live veterans. In their world, soldiers are supposed to go to war and die. Not get wounded and need years of medical care, not stay in for twenty or thirty and get a pension. They’re supposed to DIE! Period.

  10. Republican motto: let no good deed by Pres. Obama go unsmeared. These are the same conservatives who sent us into wars, who helped their friends get billions in war profits, who failed to improve VA health care (and now blame Obama for the mess). Alas, if the President had a better communications staff, we would hear about his successes. And, if the media would abandon its he said/she said journalism in a vain attempt to be objective, we would have better reporting of many issues, including the release of 5 Gitmo prisoners. (Listen carefully, and see if you can hear media talking about 500+ released under Bush II . . . yeah, I can’t hear it either.)/walter brasch (author: FRACKING PENNSYLVANIA)

  11. I just can’t seem to wrap my head around those silly republicans. Here they are, on one hand, denying our wounded veterans health care and then on the other hand, raising cane about Sgt. Bergdahl being sent home.

    I mean, how does it work, with those evil trolls on the right, they want young men and women, to do battle, to die, to be wounded and or, possibly taken as a POW…yet are ashamed to even acknowledge those same young GI’s. I just don’t get it.

  12. A certain segment (all of them) of the GOP did and are still doing all they can to impede any and all progress the first black president tried to accomplish. Now with the first female president they are starting early, even before she’s sworn in. It’s al politics and unfortunately sinister reasons that certain segments (all of them) of the GOP are willing to do harm to the US. Bengahzi and the POW are just pawns used by the GOP.

  13. Jason Easley and Sarah Jones on POLITICUSUSA published the very best of all commentaries on this subject, and above all on the subject of the Citizens United secret dark money buying our government. The Koch Brothers and their Consortium of Billionaires who expect to overthrow Democracy in the USA in 2014-2016 election. Americans blissfully asleep to the danger the America we all love is in total peril. They still believe the two parties are “cum see and cum saw”. CNN once bold and truthful is mush in the mouth now. MSNBC Ed Schultz, Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow, Ari Melber and other great journalists together lay out the truth of the GOP are the Fox lies lies and more lies. Senator Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren I have since 2010 election debacle urged as the “Dream Team” even though I supported and will support again the Hillary Clinton breaking the glass barrier as a great woman. I am impressed with the good comments here today. See me on twitter @MMBJackMcCarr 7500 Followers…

  14. one thing is certain when a military man leaves the base, that doesn’t make him/her a deserter until proven so by the post commander. Why not reason it that sge Bowe might have left the post for an assignment which in most cases might be the secret of the military that cannot be published ?

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