Republican Bergdahl Scandal Falls Apart as White House Discussed Swap With GOP in 2011

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The Republican Obama scandal machine has been stopped before it could ever get started as it is being reported that the White House informed congressional Republicans on numerous occasions about the prisoner swap that brought Sgt. Bergdahl home.

The idea that Republicans had no knowledge of the prisoner swap that freed Sgt Bow Bergdahl was dealt a severe blow today.

The Washington Post reported:

Obama administration officials first discussed with senior House Republicans the possibility of swapping five terrorism detainees from the U.S. detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, in exchange for the release of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl in late November 2011, according to senior GOP aides.

The possible prisoner exchange was discussed again during a briefing on Jan. 31, 2012, after senior House Republicans sent two letters to the Obama administration seeking more information on the possibility of the swap, said the aides, who were not authorized to speak publicly on the matter.


The outlines of the proposed Bergdahl swap had been public since the spring of 2012. Several news organizations, including The Washington Post, had learned of the proposal much earlier but refrained from reporting on it at the request of the Pentagon, which argued that public disclosure that Bergdahl was a subject of a negotiation between the Taliban and the United States could put his life at risk.

Republicans are outraged that President Obama acted on information that they knew about for three years. It is also information that has been public knowledge for the last two years. It comes as no surprise that the man who is leading the media campaign to smear Sgt. Bergdahl is a former Bush administration official.

According to BuzzFeed, “A former Bush administration official who was hired, then resigned, as Mitt Romney’s foreign policy spokesman played a key role in publicizing critics of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, the released prisoner of war. The involvement of Richard Grenell, who once served as a key aide to Bush-era U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton and later worked for Romney’s 2012 campaign, comes as the Bergdahl release has turned into an increasingly vicious partisan issue.”

John Boehner and House Republicans are calling for an investigation into something that they have known about for years, while a former Bush administration official is leading the media effort to build this partisan show into a full blown scandal. This behavior is straight out of the Republican scandal making playbook. They can’t run on Obamacare. Benghazi has been a bust, so they are turning their efforts towards portraying bringing a U.S. soldier home after five years of captivity as a bad thing.

This is another bogus scandal attempt that is going to blow up in the face of the Republican Party. Republicans could try to take President Obama to court for notifying them of the swap, but courts have ruled for decades that a president has broad powers as commander in chief.

By the GOP’s own definition, Bergdahl was a prisoner of war. President Obama had the constitutional authority as commander in chief to take the actions the action that he did.

Republicans are making it look to the American people like they oppose bringing an American soldier home. They are setting themselves up for another self-inflicted political disaster as their obsession with President Obama continues to destroy the Republican Party.

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  1. They sure jumped on the bandwagon in short order. Starting with McCain. I he’s made to look like the partisan hack that he is.

    All of them should be ashamed of themselves.

  2. They will continue with this nonsense. The marching orders have been issued. Paint him and his father as Taliban sympathizers. Make him a deserter. Even Chris Mathews have jumped the shark. Methinks this will not end well for the American Taliban and its time for us to stop with this we all American bullshit and punish these do nothing. the real traitors of America and kick their chickenshit ass to the curb

  3. In all honesty I think the president is doing the EPA thing, and Bergdahl swap, just to push the repubs buttons before the mid terms. He knows that they act before they think. He also knows that anything he does will be criticized. I believe he is winding them up and letting them go.

    The public is overwhelmingly in support of climate change and the need to do something. Yet here are the repubs, deniers to the end. The same with Bergdahl. Even if the public despises him as a deserter if that’s the case, they don’t want him left there.

    They keep beating Benghazi and the public is deaf to that, along with the IRS and Fast and Furious. To top it off the ACA is working just fine.

    Yeah, I think Obama is just poking them in the eye to hear them scream. I say don’t forget the other eye.

  4. I sure wish all the repub crap would result in big losses for them in 2014, but those that would have to change are RWNJs. They will never vote against the repub party.

  5. I agree, but I’m not holding my breath. They have plenty to be ashamed of, they’ve displayed none so far.

  6. I’ve stopped tuning in on every MSNBC GOP shill, from the morning shows clear on up to Chris Matthews’ show. I don’t watch anyone but Hayes, Maddow, and O’Donnell (or his current stand-in host) any more.

    I can’t especially stand Mrs. Alan Greenspan and Chris Matthews.

  7. It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so pathetic. I’ve learned that when the President makes a decision and he doesn’t go out of his way trying to defend it against all of the nonsense that the right spew, I know then that he’s letting them hang themselves. Works. Every. Time.

  8. Does this mean the people at Morning Joe will have to apologize for their part in trying to stir up this controversy? Does this mean Mika Brzezinski will admit she was speaking on RUMOR and INNUENDO before vetting her info?

    Also, when did it become socially acceptable to trash any returning POW without first waiting for any formal investigation? I am truly ashamed that so many people are treating this young person so vilely before he has even made it home safely. And they are doing it without any benefit of ANY real knowledge of the events. And that goes for his fellow service men who are trashing one of their own.

  9. I keep wondering why the repubs screaming the loudest about “looking weak” haven’t offered their son or daughter as a replacement hostage. That way, we don’t negotiate with terrorists, the Taliban still have a hostage, and American neo-cons can bask in their illusion of power. It would be a win-win for everyone but the hostage – and we don’t care about them because ideology requires personal sacrifice (as long as it isn’t mine).

  10. Obama is overwhelming them. They don’t know where to place their anger. This is a good thing. Haven’t heard Benghazi mentioned lately.

  11. B.S.! The problem with your facts, if facts at all are the position of what is outlined in NDAA. The 30 day notification to congress MUST detail the situation in full as well as have approval by the congressional panel. So, please tell us again how this will blow up in the GOP’s face? Can you honestly sit there and still approve of this presidency? When will you party voters ever wake up?

  12. Psst, this was discussed with congress in 2011 and 2012. After all, you approved of Bush and he did it constantly

  13. Somebody is either ignorant or just plain stupid. According to the Constitution the President is Commander in chief. Second it was your stupid ass who co sign the Imperial Presidency Remember that. I didn’t think so because baggers don’t think.

  14. It will blow up on them becuase they knew all about it. And now they are acting like its a shock. What are you? Cant read?

  15. because they knew already. they were notified 2-3 years ago. that adds up to more than 30 minute notification, don’t you think?

  16. I can hear the conversation now…”I’m sorry I’d really like to bring our POW home but I have to run consult Congress first. Be back in a month…wish me luck!”

    Be honest with yourself here. Your problem is that you do not like Pres. Obama. You are not really angry with him for bringing one of our own soldiers home after five long years as a POW.

    You are angry because it is Barack Obama and he is a Democrat and you have been told to criticize him at all costs, regardless of the issue…even if that issue is in direct contradiction to your own true feelings on the matter.

    Unless, of course, you would personally prefer that our POWs don’t come home when all that stands in the way is 30-days notice with Congress?

    You don’t really feel that way…do you, Trey?

    Maybe you do.

  17. The 30m day notice has nothing to do with bringing troops home. It has to sending troops. Our boy Jr is just full of hate for himself

  18. It’s interesting because no sooner do I hear something spouted by Republicans or fright wing pundits, then we’ve got people showing up here pushing the EXACT SAME LINES.

    It’s like they’re a bunch of Parrots.

  19. To start just because the offer was made years ago does not mean it was brought to congress because they meant to move forward on it. It was brought to congress because it was put on the table. It was denied back then so what gives obama the right to to decide among himself to do it years later. Second I didnt think we negotiated with terrorists . So no we give back 5 high level terrorists to regain a soldier who went awal and left his post with no notice. Changed his beliefs and left the military with out going through any of the proper steps. So that he can be returned for 5 dangerous extremists baring his own new and family religion . You dems are a joke sometime (shit most of the time).I believe no soldier should be left behind but once you desert and go awal you are considered a criminal. Of all the pow’s why should we trade for this one when he was the one who left us? How is he worth five of the most dangerous men in Guantanamo? But this is the Gop hanging themselves lol.

  20. Hey Mr. know everything look up the Geneva Convention and International law concerning POW’s when a war ends. I know it doesn’t have pictures for your foxified walnut size brain but its really in very simple language

  21. You know what? Have it however you wish. WE DON’T NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORISTS! SInce we did, we just placed the price of 5 taliban members is 1 soldier. As the numbers in Afghanistan fall well below 10,000 soon, they’ll be right for the picking. I served and what I know from experience is that you NEVER desert your post. Bergdahl did and it’s known that he is a sympathizer. You can call me a Republican all you want. Coming from your party, that’s hardly a credible slur. You liberals are always wanting government out of your business until it meets your agenda and then you are all about it!

  22. I will call you worse then a republican, I will call you poorly read. Almost every presdient has negotiated with every kind of group. Reagan did it big time, selling arms to Iran and dealing drugs to free a solider.

    You are screwed. You are sucking up quotes from RWNJ’s and buying into them 100%. A sheep.You have no idea if he was a sympathizer or anything else.

    BTW, its the gop that always says get government out of your business. The liberals are not as paranoid. Did you just get here?

  23. What are you trying to say buddy. Even if he was belligerently or deliberately caught by taliban forces he has a right as a solider to be treated as one and receive an investigation and trial. I guess the taliban honor those laws and dont behead and torture pow’s . The only reason he was kept alive was because they didnt consider him a true threat or the thought they could spin the situation to their advantage . Which i believe both examples came into play . As for you trying to say its not his fault till proven look at what the liberal media did to George Zimmerman no matter what the outcome the media is going to warp stories and facts to help the presidents political agendas as they always have . For example Bengzhi and fast and furious . Because of these scandals american soldiers,an ambassador and border agents were killed fight to protect this country to the end were swept under the rug and dismissed but a man who left his post left his fellow troops/ americans and took off

  24. Really? Except there is no Benghazi scandal. It happened. The gop says there is a scandal. F&F is not as scandal. The gop says there is a scandal. The gop says everything is a scandal. Of course the many killed in emabssy attacks under Bush werre never a scandal.

    George Zimmermann killed a man in cold blood. During a fight he started. You support that.

    Zimmnermann has nothing to do with the soldier coming home. If you think it does, then you just proved there is no scandal. Beucase you have been wrong on every count

  25. As for Zimmerman that was for the guy that tried to talk about the geneva code saying soldiers that desert and get caught by the enemy are innocent till proving guilty. I used that to explain the way that most people think after a U.S. court of law found him innocent yet i was after everyone had made their own false accusations and felt they had a right to convict him before trial but that was ok because libs believed it . Also for the simple fact to prove the way the media takes certain stories and fabricates them the way they feel fit .And shoves byist storries down americas throat. Can any one in here pls send me a link to the bengzhi or fast and furious investigations. Pls do i would like to be proved wrong . But most likely you cant because there not public and something is being hidden and the democratic obama drones are too blind to see.I truly have considered my self a moderate for sometime but the stuff that happens around me is just too much for me to ignore and take as true

  26. Google is your friend if you cant spell it just copy and paste from here and who eff is Zimmerman?

  27. WTF are you talking about? No American soldiers has been beheaded by the Taliban. You went from idiotville to dumfukistan. Damn no wonder this country is in the toilet. They let the stupid breed

  28. Its interesting how likes , views , and threads may change when facts and common sense are brought into a situation. You may call me smug but i believe im being honest

  29. You were the one who told me to read your reasoning i just figured id give you a link to mine. Next you may call me a racist along with pointing out my spelling because I have a valid point . It seems to be the far lefts ways.

  30. trey…did you not read the article at the beginning of this post?….or do you need it explained further?

  31. What links I don’t see any links. Do you know how to post links or should I draw it for you so you can understand

  32. My apologies the only threaten to behead american troops but they actually behead Christians , other country soldiers , and non believers . They just kill us with suicide bombers but thats ok.

  33. The moderator deleted it . Look up punishments for american soldiers that go awol during war times. Go to the us military website. Any soldier found guilty of desertion during time of war can be imprisoned for life or put to death. But this is the guy we gave up top ranking terrorists for

  34. You Go To War With The Army You Have—not The Army You Might Want Or Wish To Have At A Later Time
    Donald Rumsfeld your poster boy for idiocy
    What the Taliban has they will use. Remember you invaded their country. Right or wrong it is what it is. Thank the flying spaghetti monster we have a President that has gotten us out that hellhole. They don’t call Afghanistan the graveyard of empires for nothing but you wouldn’t know that because I suspect the last time you picked up a book, hell do they even have books for homeschooling?

  35. Your dumber then i thought calling me names is your only argument. In example pointing out my spelling calling me an idiot a dummy or whatever else .( usually its racist when some one doesnt agree with obama).Because you cant argue with facts. You just proved my point without realizing it. Thanks

  36. Read up my friend not just your favorite liberal sites . Arguing with people like you is a waste of time you see no side but your own.I read a lot more then you believe or you probably do. I read news from tons of different views . The right, the left and from other countries. That way i can see it all and make my own views . I bet you got 1 or two sources you draw your ideals from. With that being said you and your name calling are not even worth the an educated discussions . I thought you were on to something at first and I find value in others educated fact based opinions. But you sir , your comments are worthless

  37. Last but not least Obama is so great thats why we are still in that hell hole protecting opium fields and funding other wars through out that region and picking sides and helping over throw governments. But Bush is the war monger and obama the prince that got us out yet were still there and he has put us into other wars . Have a good day buddy ;)

  38. But answer me this, you said Americans were beheaded by the Taliban? Wrong. You said he deserted? Wrong there has been no judgement. I saw the deleted link and the last time a soldier was executed for desertion was in WW2 so that’s a strawmans argument because again you don’t know and trust me on this if you came with facts instead of that email yo got this morning telling you what to say then we can have a discussion. I don’t do talking points and yes I see everything that comes in and all you CONS have been saying the same shit like a broken record. You don’t know international law because if you did you wouldn’t even bring up the trade that’s how I know you are nothing more than right wing troll who cant think for himself.

  39. Funding other wars?

    Do you have Doocys hand up your back?

    We will be leaving Afghanistan by the end of the year. Leaving you to ignore the thousands killed by Bush. Beat it

  40. Again and I repeat myself you are an idiot. What wars have Obama started? And if you have ever served which I doubt you would know with logistics it takes time to get equipment out. The President said we were leaving in 2014 back in 2011 but you are so well read with all these sources you already knew that?

  41. I deleted nothing I sent you a link on one to the military website showing laws for deserters and the other on another post from the new york times from almost 3 years ago explaining the situation when it first arose. But both were deleted by the moderator .

  42. Jesus h Christ did I say you deleted your own post? How old are you because my 6 year old knows reading is fundemental

  43. You’re ranting, Trey.

    If Bergdahl has committed some offense, then he can face military justice on US soil – but we do not leave our people behind to rot if we can bring them home.

    Or would you prefer he not get any justice at all, that perhaps he should just be summarily executed without any sort of hearing or trial?

    Is THAT the type of freedom our military men and women fight for?

    I don’t think it is.

  44. don’t you think?

    An administration official has already acknowledged that the law was not followed (regarding the 30 day notification of appropriate congressional committees).
    The official stated:
    “The administration determined that given these unique and exigent circumstances, such a transfer should go forward notwithstanding the notice requirement.”

    Sen. Feinstein has stated that the
    National Dep. Security Adviser called her and “…apologized for it and said it was an oversight”.

    Now we’d probably have to go deep-diving into alot of legalese to really figure this all out and I’m not in the mood. I’ll wait a few more days and watch how this shakes out.

  45. The key words in your comment are”found guilty of desertion,” and this POW has not been found guilty. He has been judged by right wing media and they have found him guilty without a trial, based on rumors and gossip. And as far as the POW’s dad looking like Taliban, I think he looks like the guys on Duck Dynasty.

  46. The war is ending. The Guantanamo prisoners would be let go soon in any case. Obama took the opportunity to use them to get our man released. (If he’s guilty we can incarcerate him. We don’t let other countries do it for us.) Tell me you think he was wrong.

  47. djchefron at 7:14 pm

    look up the Geneva Convention and International law concerning POW’s when a war ends
    Actually, Geneva protections don’t apply to Guantanamo Bay detainees. They were never designated as *POW’s* for precisely that reason.
    The Bush administration decided to classify militants captured on the battlefield as “enemy combatants” who were not entitled to protections and privileges afforded to “prisoners of war” under Geneva. The Obama administration has continued the policy.
    But if there is no more war, I would think even unlawful enemy combatant prisoners might need to be released unless they’re charged with crimes. (More legal stuff)
    I read (somewhere) that two of the five detainees that were released are wanted by the Hague for war crimes. I wonder why they weren’t turned over for trial?

  48. This sickening response from the conservative driven mainstream media makes me remember 9/11. You know how they told us all left and right to hold hands and rally behind our nation and president. If Gore was president I wonder what the media narrative would have been. I say it would have been impeach the weak Democratic president who let our nation be attacked domestically. Or “if Bush was our president we would all be so much safer”. I am sure though that Fox news would have rallied behind our Democratic president during our nations darkest hour right?

  49. This site is toxic, as a negative comment regarding both the author of this article, as well as Pres Obama were Not Published, whereas two subsequent emails I sent praising Pres. Obama were published. I am taking a photo of this email, so if it not published, I will send to Fox News, as well as every Blog site I can send to, letting know the hypocrisy of this website. Photo taken!

  50. Excuse me, really democrats???, but I have bit of a personal question for you. How in the world do you fit so much STUPID in that tiny brain of yours?

  51. President Obama: you attempted to use your Arrogance to “rescue” this deserter, and possible traitor, to gain favors with the military, after YOUR VA scandal, thus a classic diversionary tactic, ie, a RUSE. Unfortunately, it is backfiring so badly, that your 42% positive rating by the military! compared to 62% for Bush 43, will more likely drop even further!
    You attempted to BUY votes for your Party; instead of waiting until the US was TOTALLY pulled out of Afghanistan in 2016, you pulled the trigger prematurely for mainly POLITICAL reasons, and put many thousands of soldiers in harm’s way. If any soldier dies related to the input of any of these five released terrorists, their blood will be on YOUR hands. Remember that in the many decades ahead.

  52. No No No let him go about his master plan to out us. Think about it more clicks more money more exposure.

  53. Your freedom of speech doesn’t mean anyone, including this website, is required to accept or repeat your opinions.

  54. Please, please he didn’t bring up the freedom of speech argument. Another constitutional scholar.
    A republican found a magic genie’s lamp and rubbed it. The genie said : “I will grant you one wish.” He said : “I wish I were smarter”. So the genie made him smarter. The next day he became a Democrat.

  55. You are going to go to the big old master of fake news? Go for it. Only right sucking trolls give a crap what you think. You love ol’ bushy jr who did more to take away your rights and privacy but yet you hate on sites that out him.

  56. Who cares. We are Americans who believe in our values and beliefs, we don’t leave an American behind!

  57. I am delighted to see another staunch supporter of the law! Give me your email address, and I will send you a petition you can sign, urging our government to turn George W. Bush and Richard Cheney over to the International Court of Justice, to be prosecuted for their flagrant war crimes.

  58. You guys cried when Bush broke the law. Obama did now. Stop being hypocrites. If you can’t hold your own accountable then you have NO credibility to hold the other side accountable.

  59. Think of this: Suppose Bush were still in office or even take a future President. Suppose there are POWs in some foreign land, the war with that country is ending, and he has the opportunity to negotiate for the release of those POWs.

    Would you like this President – be it Republican or Democrat – to get the POWs back in the best way possible? Or would you like him or her to simply put the deal at risk because some Congress-critters have their panties in a bunch?

    You make assertions yet you don’t seem to have thought this out as to what a Commander-in-Chief is supposed to do, what their powers are, and what previous Presidents have done.

    This is nothing new, Alfred. As I mentioned to another poster, your quarrel seems to be with the fact that Pres. Obama did this. Had it been someone else, I wonder what your response would be.

    I think it would be quite different…and I think you know that.

    One thing about hypocrisy – it works both ways.

  60. Riddle me this:

    U.S. warship out in the middle of the ocean. Sailor ends up in the water.

    Now let’s say a few days before this, one of his fellow sailor’s notices the sailor had been despondent, didn’t want to be there any longer, didn’t feel comfortable with the mission he was on, etc., and he told his commander.

    Now the sailor…falls in? Gets pushed in? Jumps in?

    Commander orders the ship turned around so a search for that sailor can be conducted. Doesn’t ask WHY he is in the water – he turns the ship around to find that sailor.

    Sailor turns out to still be alive.

    What do you do when he gets back on the ship? Do you accuse him of desertion and throw him back in the water without benefit of a hearing or a trial? Are you judge, jury and executioner?

    We don’t leave people behind.

    Maybe you’d rather that motto change. Maybe we should say we’ll save this one but not that one. Question: Who decides who gets saved?

  61. Another link for the naysayers.

    Senate Intelligence Committee Chairwoman Dianne Feinstein said it’s been more than two years since she was consulted on the issue, adding that the exchange was greeted by the Senate Intelligence Committee with “surprise and dismay”.
    “We spent a lot of time on it. This was not a cursory thing,” Feinstein said. “Given the past briefings and concerns that we had addressed…I strongly believe that we should have been consulted.”

  62. And your point is what? You idiots sign off on the imperial Presidency So what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Unless you are saying if the goose is black then he cant exercise his role as commander in chief?

  63. When Did Sen. Feinstein become a Republican? its ok for you to get on this administration for screwing up. You don’t have to keep covering up for them, If your cousin has a gas station and he has a sign up that says $3.49 for a gallon of reg gas but when you check your receipt it shows $4.49 a gallon its ok to get mad and put him on blast it doesn’t mean you don’t love him or support him its just what right is right or in the case of this administration whats wrong is wrong. There screwing up big time, SO ITS OK TO PUT THEM ON BLAST.

  64. Gene in L.A. at 10:07 pm
    There’s only one problem with that and it isn’t a small one.
    The more vital point is that the president has returned 5 top commanders to the Taliban while those jihadist organizations are STILL conducting attacks against American troops. Troops are STILL in harm’s way.
    If these terrorists were exchanged in connection with a final peace settlement – which is not the case – it would be seen as the conventional time to exchange prisoners.
    Yes, the war is winding down, but the war effort is STILL ongoing. The Taliban hasn’t surrendered …they’re STILL trying to kill U.S. soldiers. Hostilities have NOT concluded.
    So why are we giving back 5 of the enemies most effective commanders NOW when there is a valid concern that they will rejoin the war effort?
    We already know Obama was floating the possibility of the 5-man exchange for years and got shot down by Congress and his mil/intel chiefs.

    The swap should have waited.

  65. Do try and stop the hysteria. These are not top commanders. They are middle and upper bearded morons in the Taliban who have been out of the war since 2002

    If you bothered to read, they have to be in Qatar for a year. And guess what, 5 of them will make no difference and will more then likley viewed as information givers while in captivity. You have turned yourself into a spectacle

  66. Waited for what? They would have been release unless you like the right don’t abide by treaties that we wrote but I understand you people were in favor of torture I guess America is always right at its best.
    Further more the Taliban was the recognize government of Afghanistan. Now I know your lizard brain cant see the difference between brown people but the Jihadist were their allies. That’s like saying during WW2 when Russia was our allies then we must be commies. You and the right simple thinking is the main problem with this country.

  67. Karen, I wish there was more than a one push I Agree button. That’s my lineup too. But I don’t bother tuning in, I just catch pieces of Maddow’s show online. I stopped watching Chris Matthews a couple of years ago. He really gets on my nerves. Not only his agenda but the way he treats guests. His whole show is ask questions. Then the minute the guest starts to answer he interrupts in a bullying loud manner. And Mrs. Greenspan…gag me.. If she was too stupid to see what Greenspan was doing..she’s too stupid for me to waste time on. And if she wasn’t she was as crooked as he is. Worse.. Her JOB is to report on exactly what he did to this country.

  68. Read? Who needs to read? I just turn on doofus and friends and open up my email from Uncle ned to find out what dastardly deeds this Acorn elected with voter fraud mooslim Marxist usurper is up to now

  69. I could write a book on how Chris Matthews drove me away from MSNBC. I have no trust in Ed, Al Sharpton drives me insane. By the time Rachael comes on, I am politic-ed out for the day. I dont want to hear about it. I would rather watch Monty Python on Youtube

  70. djchefron
    Wed, Jun 4th, 2014 at 9:25 am

    And your point is what?

    I thought it was a simple one. It’s prudent to wait to hear analysis by the legal experts.
    I’m not an authority on the requirements/constitutionality of the law and whether there is a violation or not.
    Stop thinking you can play armchair quarterback with this.

  71. Which law? IF he had broken a law. Republicans would be doing a lot more than screeching.

    I couldn’t help but remember the lies we have been told by the military even if I can’t remember names. Remember the football player that was shot by errr “friendly fire”. And it was lied about and covered up. Remember the young lady that was injured earl in the Iraqi war and all the lies about that…in fact..remember the lies that were told to get us in the Iraqi war and Afghanistan by these same people (traitors) trying to put doubts about this prisoner in people’s minds.

    I don’t believe a single story that comes from the Military. I tend to look at actual facts. And where the money goes.

  72. No you are being a hypocrite. You throw DiFi name out there to validate your POV and now you try to walk it back? The facts will come out and like all the windmills you have been chasing will show again you need the ACA for your severe case of ODS

  73. Yes this was discussed back in November 2011 and the republicans opposed it then and it was no longer discussed. Obama broke the law by not giving 30 days notice. US policy is to not negotiate with terrorists and it should remain the policy.

  74. HEY !!! YOU CAN’T DO THAT !!!

    You’re NOT allowed to mention the FACTS
    until the Village Idiots are Done Whining
    about IMPEACHMENT !!!

    How Dare You !!! How Rude !!!

  75. We dont negotiate with terrorists?

    How do we think @SenJohnMcCain was released? Negotiations.

    What did GWB do when OBL demanded the US get its military presence out of Saudi Arabia? He bowed down for the ailing President Cheney, kissed the feet of OBL and pulled out troops out

    Reagan sold drugs and sold weapons to Iran for the return of one man

    The republicans did not oppose it. It wass discussed several times and even the fetid lady palin said she wanted him back in 2009

    Dont get carried away with we dont negotiate with terrorists

  76. From what I’ve read, I don’t believe “negotiations” were used in John McCain’s release. In fact, when the North Vietnamese wanted to negotiate, McCain refused the deal because it wasn’t fair to the other American POW’s. It was only after Nixon (Republican) became President that the world learned of the atrocities committed against our soldiers. It was then, after world pressure, that the North Vietnamese became more humane with their treatment. McCain wasn’t released until 1973.

  77. Is this the man who was convicted for selling arms to Iran for hostages? Is this the man who took said profits and broke the law by helping the contras in Central America? Please tell me this is not another rethuglican who is full of shit

  78. You don’t really know what a terrorist is do you? Negotiating with a country is a far cry from individual groups of terrorist. Yet, I wouldn’t expect anything else from someone that defends this illegal swap

  79. You don’t know WTF you are talking about. The Taliban are not listed as a terrorist group and furthermore they were the government of Afghanistan. Why do you wear your ignorance with such pride. Sometimes I just don’t get you people. Do you ever pick up a book and read or you just parrot what faux tells you. It don’t matter because you are just a big dummy and there is no hope for the idiocy you display

  80. Silly Politicus. Don’t you realize that for Barack Obama, “informing Congress” means bowing, scraping, and asking, “Massa, may I”? Merely telling them what he wants to do two years in advance is uppity.

  81. Bullshit. Before you start mouthing off, you need to go back and do some fact checking…however, we all know that’s not something Republicans do…ever. They’re perfectly happy to sit and stew in their stupidity. Wake up before it’s too late for you.

  82. Shiva. Your comparison of John McCain with Bergdahl is way off base. John McCain was released with all of our prisoners of war at the conclusion of the Vietnam war. There was no exchange, and the North Vietnamese was an opposing government in a war. The Bergdahl exchange involved high ranking members of a terrorist organization. Regardless of how you view them, that is exactly what they are. You should similarly revisit your opinion on your other points.

  83. They were prisoners from 2002. They are meaningless in 2014. The 520 that Bush released would have far more meaning. I am sorry, but this high ranking stuff is meaningless. They were medium to upper ranking people that were enemies of the alliance that were took to Gitmo in favor of the northern alliance. That was negotiating with terrorists. Every time you guys tell this story they go up higher in rank.

    You should leave fantasy land

  84. Again but first are you stuck on stupid? The Taliban is not listed on the US terrorist list. Don’t believe me use your google. If for one moment you would take your head out your Reich wing ass you would know that. Second, the Taliban was the government in Afghanistan when we invaded. Is that so hard to wrap your bagger mind around? Jesus you people are just plain ignorant

  85. Discussed a while back that an exchange may take place is not what the law states. It says that congress must be notified 30 days before the exchange.

  86. I’m really worried. I’m hearing a lot of “well, Bush did that”, or “Reagan did this”. Boys and Girls, I haven’t liked a politician in years and years. I don’t fit into the “rolls” liberals or conservatives like to lump “the opposition” into. But just because “the other side” did it how ever long ago (1 day?, 50 years?), how does that make it okay now? Payback? We’re playing with fire and we need to find some common ground. So, say what you will about me, I probably won’t be coming back here to read the insults OR the confirmations that we MAY not be doomed because, quite frankly, you’re ALL so closed minded that I see little hope for my fading country. Good luck…and learn at least a second language. May I suggest Arabic?

  87. I keep wondering, why would our president go to congress for anything. He knows the answer already and it is always is NO!

  88. Really?I think you need to do some fact checking. He is a hostage not a POW. We don’t negotiate with terrorists and Obama does not make laws. It must be comforting not to have to think and just get your opinion handed to you by MSM. It’s hilarious the way all you lemmings spout the same propaganda making you sound like all the parrot heads on the news.
    Our nation was founded on the notion that debate builds a healthier nation. Democrats resort to name calling when rational people want to have a discussion. If we don’t agree 100% with Obama we are racist. LOL that is getting trite. Critical thinking is sadly lacking today as evidenced by all the news saying the same thing, Literally the same exact words. Coincidence? I think not.

  89. BOO HOO Your fee fees are hurt. Well you most forgetful one for the past 6 years the President has been subject to the most vile racial name calling from you assholes and I don’t apologize for it. You are a flaming hypocrite to even post such bullshit. Liberals resort to name calling I DONE HEARD IT ALL. If you cant stand the heat then get out of the motherfucking kitchen that you built

  90. Have you read the latest attack on POTUS by Faux? They claim that he’s not really an American with America’s best interests at heart.

    If I were POTUS, I’d sue the bastards for libel.

  91. Now for the second part of your nonsense. See I read everything that comes in here and while liberals tend to be in agreement on certain things like quality of life we tend not to say the same thing over and over again. Now you CONS when its a hot button issue you people have your talking points down to a T. You did it in your first sentence. I guess what Reagan did when he traded money and 1500 missiles to Iran for hostages was not talking but just a hello with pals. See what you did. That’s the Reich wing meme. We don’t negotiate with terrorists. Child if you take your head out of your ass we have been negotiating with terrorist since Teddy Roosevelt and the Philippines insurgency, Second you say we don’t talk with terrorist. This proves how ignorant you are. The Taliban are not on the US list of terrorist in fact they were the government of Afghanistan before we invaded . And you have the balls to accuse us of group think. That bovine excrement you just posted sound like some shit doofus and friends repeat day after day and your un thinking ass eats up without even realizing the irony of your lunacy

  92. Beverly, apparently you are unfamiliar with freedom of the press. Let me educate you.

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Freedom of the press in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. This clause is generally understood as prohibiting the government from interfering with the printing and distribution of information or opinions, although freedom of the press, like freedom of speech, is subject to some restrictions, such as defamation law and copyright law.

  93. You seem to have totally misunderstood what she said. Freedom of the press is just like freedom of speech. You can do it, but there may be consequences. If the press prints lies, they may be sued for libel. If you tell lies about someone in speech, you can be sued for libel
    consequences have consequences

  94. I read her comment and can you please point out where she said anything about limiting speech. Now if you have a super duper decoder ring can I have one?

  95. I’m just wondering, if President Obama went to congress with request to Lower the taxes on Corporations, and the 1-2%ers. Also build keystone, and lower EPA standards, Would the repubs. find fault in his request and say NOOOO??? Then complain that we can not AFFORD this extreme cost, and it all Obama knows is to give away FREE STUFF.

  96. A know nothing ignorant fool. First he has to be convicted as a deserter Second the Taliban are not on the US terrorist list. I hope you are not breeding there are enough stupid people running around already

  97. It doesn’t matter if it was talked about in 2011. The continuation of the National Defense Authorization Act has a provision that requires Obama to give 30 days notice BEFORE moving Gitmo detainees & was SIGNED INTO LAW BY OBAMA ON DEC 27, 2013.
    Please stop justifying this pissing on the Constituion & Federal Law by Obama. It just makes you look stupid when all the facts are in.
    Obama couldn’t do what he did because of the NDAA 2014 that he himself signed. Discussions before that are insignificant. Period.

  98. And like your hero bush he added a signing statement saying that provision went against his powers as Commander in Chief. Now if you idiots feel so strong then impeach. Don’t talk about it do it COWARDS

  99. There is a good chance some one in the GOP would have open his big month back then to subatoge the exchange because it would look good for Pres. Obama.

    So let the five go back to the battlefield…..they’ll make a good target for the drones. Obama always get his man.

  100. The Republican outcry is still going and getting stronger. They may have discussed the possibility, but that did not mean Obama could do it without congressional approval.
    So what you are saying is Obama waited until there was another scandal he wanted to sweep under the rug to do this swap? He had to do it quickly in order to try and get the VA Scandal off the front pages.

  101. You may be a doctor but you are devoid of any common sense. The VA scandal you refer to comes from your war of choice based on lies and you/rethuglicans cut funding to care for the cannon fodder you sent with jingoistic glee but now don’t want to take care of them and this is Obama scandal. That’s funny back in 2005 this very problem was brought to that criminal regime attention and they did nothing. I hope you have more sense taking care of your patients or whatever your doctorate is in because you are one ignorant person or just a racist who refused to face facts

  102. McCain was not being held by terrorists, he was being held by the N. Vietnamese. Even if they knew this was being discussed, they did not sign off on it and even the DNC is admitting that Obama broke the law by going through with this without notifying anybody. Breaking a law HE signed in! This is not a president, it is a wanna be King that only pays attention to laws that suit him.

  103. And neither was SGT. Bergdahl . You should read this post and do some soil searching or better yet use the Google before you make comments that make you look ignorant
    Right-Wing Christians and Republican Policies Are Making America Stupid

    You loony’s tend to forget he signed a signing statement saying if circumstances warranted he would act. Now if you idiots think he broke the law then impeach.
    Signing statements and Sgt. Bergdahl

  104. BTW, the gop was all for getting him home. Even the palin wanted him home. The gop was not against thew trade until thew trade happened

  105. Mentioning it months in advance does not meet the legal requirement for congressional consent. There is no republican scandal machine. Obama is just constantly involved in real scandals!

  106. No scandal. He used a signing notice. Indicating the law was unconstitutional and he would not support it. Something most every president has used. The scandal is your lack of education and research

  107. Discussing something, even for a few years, is different from agreeing to something. As usual, this president went around Congress and did whatever he wanted to do. He is guilty of totalitarianism.

  108. Have you ever read the Constitution? You do no what separation of powers are? No matter what your teabagging friends have told you Steven King, the loons in Texas and the rest of the brain challenge American Taliban are not Commander in Chief. Boy oh boy the ignorance in this country is frightening

  109. “White House National Security Council spokesperson Caitlin Hayden noted that the Taliban was added to the list of Specially Designated Global Terrorists (SDGT) by executive order in July 2002, even if it is not listed as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) by the State Department.”

  110. But, but I thought executive orders were unconstitutional? Oh, I get it. Its only unconstitutional when a black man does it. Racist hypocrite

  111. djchefron, Can you say anything substantial other than just pull the race card and name calling ?? Making your political points and feelings is okay, but arguing those points with stating they have no common sense is rather juvenile…

  112. I did say something substantial with links to debunk your lies. Now if you don’t lie or do not want to be call a idiot, stop lying and being an idiot. The truth, which conservatives know nothing about and its pointed out to you people you go about whining “Why so mean” Quite frankly I could care less about your opinion of me and your timid morality

  113. I am actually liberal and said nothing that you could remotely label me as a conservative, a liar, or an idiot, other than calling you out as having no basis for most of your comments. I just think you need to grow up a little bit….

  114. I guess that was directed at me. See when CONS on this thread and some others come with lies and misleading at best statement and when corrected but still persist then I will call them out. When I give my opinion on a subject that’s mine and mine alone but when you post utter b.s then I will call you out with facts. See facts does not require fiction for balance.

    I made a mistake when I said yours instead of what I usually call them, the American Taliban. For that I apologize. For everything that wrote debunking the lying liars I offer no apologies what so ever.Now read the whole thread and prove me wrong that I didn’t cite a link to call them out. And if your feelings are hurt I don’t care after the 6 years of utter obstruction I am way past time of can we get along. The American TALIBAN ARE A CANCER. And you don’t pray, play nice with cancer. You cut it out before it infects the whole body.

    I know you think I am harsh and all but you and a lot of people don’t have to sift through the filth that the American Taliban try to post on here. I do and if you could see what I see you would be pissed too. Unless you just don’t care

  115. This is what pisses me off with people. They find me vulgar but the crickets appear when the real vulgarity rears its head’
    Despite attacks, Hailey residents stand by Bergdahl
    The punchline

    “I’m tired, and I’m starting to get a little angry at the negativity,” she says. “We’re just a small community that cares about those who go out and fight for us. For us to be criticized because we care, that’s not right. They’re calling our town a traitor town. That’s offensive. We are all about family here.”
    Think about that before you climb on high morality horse

  116. You mean like Pat McCrory, the Governor of NC. passing a bill that would jail anyone that discloses fracking chemicals to anyone?
    I have no intention of turning this into a 2nd Amendment discussion but the fact is Republicans are so fixated on this issue they are missing the fact that Our 1st, 3rs, 4th and 16th Amendment rights are being dismantled every day by Congressional Republicans. FACT.

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