As Democrats Pummel Them Republicans Beg Eric Cantor For an Obamacare Alternative


Things have gotten so bad for Republicans on Obamacare that Eric Cantor appears to have abandoned his ACA alternative, while Republicans are begging him for a bill because Democrats are pummeling them.

The AP details a recent closed door House meeting where Republicans demanded their own alternative to Obamacare:

At a recent closed-door House Republican caucus meeting, several conservatives pressed GOP leaders over the pledge Majority Leader Eric Cantor made in January that House Republicans would rally around an alternative to “Obamacare” and pass it this year.

“We said at the retreat in January we were going to do this. Well it’s June and we still haven’t done it,” Rep. Phil Roe, R-Tenn., said he told Cantor during the meeting last week. “It’s moving at a snail’s pace. … We want to be for something.”

Roe said he got little reply beyond polite attention. Cantor’s spokesman, Doug Heye, said, “Majority Leader Cantor continues to work towards bold legislative solutions to replace ‘Obamacare.'”

Behind the scenes, lawmakers and aides say, powerful committee chairmen with jurisdiction over the issue have been unable to agree over how to proceed. Some have even begun to suggest publicly that this year is not the time to vote on an alternative that likely would die in the Democratic-controlled Senate or face a veto threat from Obama.

It can safely be stated that Eric Cantor is in the process of abandoning his fellow House Republicans, and is about to let them get pummeled by Democrats on Obamacare this fall. In February, Rep. Cantor told CBS’ Face The Nation that he would have a Republican healthcare bill ready to be voted on by this fall, “Well, I believe we will have it this year. We will have it this year. And you know what the reason is, Major, is Obamacare, I believe, is on borrowed time.”

Since Cantor made this statement, the Republican predictions about the ACA have been proven wrong and the law has been a tremendous success. Republicans painted themselves into a corner with their repeal or bust position. They have no way out, and Eric Cantor will not throw them a lifeline.

Cantor’s reluctance to put forward a bill is a sign that Republicans don’t want to discuss the issue at all. The official Republican position is that they want to take health insurance away from nearly 18 million people. This is definitely not something that Republicans want to talk about before voters head to the polls.

Republicans thought that repealing Obamacare was their big strength heading into 2014, but their refusal champion anything but repeal may end up keeping the Senate under Democratic control. Republicans wanted to make 2014 all about the ACA, and they may get their wish as Democrats are going to pound on the GOP from now until November.

13 Replies to “As Democrats Pummel Them Republicans Beg Eric Cantor For an Obamacare Alternative”

  1. Yeah let’s waste time drawing up a bill on something that already exists. Then call it Cantorcare, or Boehnercare, or something like that. Then yank that old Obamacare out root and branch. What are these people smoking?

    I personally think the repubs are going to take more losses than they think in November. People are sick of their do-nothing attitudes. Poll ratings show their job approval rating around 17%, and that’s being generous.

  2. Now as we put the lower than worm shit gop heads on the chopping block over their obstruction and wasting tax dollars on trying to repeal knowing it was never going to happen, its time we go after the gop governors that refuse to expand Medicaid. Start with the VETS who are left out and keep it up with the more than 17k who will die because of their obstruction

  3. Its funny because if they do it now, the Dems can just laugh at them and tell the public this is a last gasp attempt.

    Anything they write has to be better then Obamacare, and that goes way against their principles. Privatization? LOL sure boys!

  4. You conservatives are pathetic. Always crying about Obama and calling for impeachment. Which by the way is only half the process. Impeach Obama in the House and destroy what little is left of the conservative movement. Only 20% of Americans now support you. That number will go to zero if you dare impeach our President. Plus once Obama is impeached there will be a trial in the Senate that will require 67 Senators to find him guilty and have him removed from office. That simply isn’t going to happen. But I’ve found that claim they live by the rule of law and the Constitution don’t have a clue what the Constitution says. Pathetic. But cry away. America is laughing at you.

  5. Sorry GOP….
    You said Dems “Own ObamaCare”
    and they DO!
    Simply play video of GOP attempts
    at REPEAL &….Crickets
    50+ times!
    Millions are benefiting from the ACA
    so all they can offer is to take away
    these benefits. That’s just not gonna
    go over well.
    Also, play that video of Republicans
    Plan…..”Let him Die!”

  6. I have heard that several republican legislators say the big problem they have is that every time they even attempt to draw up some new plan, it looks almost exactly like Obamacare.

    How funny is that?! They are sooo doomed on this issue and too steeped in ideology to admit they screwed the pooch big time on this one.

  7. A republican health care plan? That’s gonna be tough, considering Obamacare is the republican health care plan.

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