Despicable Republicans Are Deleting Their Previous Praise of Bowe Bergdahl


Republicans are proving that their desperation for an Obama scandal is limitless by frantically deleting their previous praise of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl from the Internet.

Mashable documented that at least three Republicans praised Bergdahl after his release, then deleted their statements:

A grateful nation welcomes the news of the return of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl,” Rep. Lee Terry (R-NE) said in a statement that’s since been removed from his website.

“I have the pleasure of regularly speaking with our nation’s active duty military and veterans and I know that there is nothing more solemn than the pledge to never leave one of their own behind on the field of battle,” Terry said in the statement, before calling Bergdahl “a national hero.”

Rep. Mark Amodei (R-NV) seemed excited when he heard the news, too. “Best news I’ve heard in a long time!” the Twitter account for the Republican congressman said, including the hashtag “#standwithbowe” and a link to a USA Today story about the soldier’s release.

Joni Ernst, the leading Republican candidate hoping to replace retiring Sen. Tom Harkin in Iowa, tweeted at 3:31 p.m. on May 31, “US Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl freed after being reported missing 5 yrs in Afghanistan. Thoughts & prayers go out to Sgt. Bergdahl & his family.”

This confirms that Republicans really are trying to play this out as an Obama scandal on two fronts. First, the White House didn’t notify them, and secondly, they are going to swiftboat Bergdahl in order to harm Obama politically.

Republicans have as usual picked the two areas that are most likely to backfire on them. The Obama didn’t notify us tantrum sounds like the turf war between the executive and legislative branches that most Americans don’t care about, and the choice to swiftboat Bergdahl is illustrative of the fact that Republican strategy appears to be perpetually trapped in 2004.

The swiftboating operation is being run a former Bush administration official who has rounded up soldiers from Bergdahl’s unit and they are making the rounds on conservative media criticizing his service. This is strictly a partisan political operation that is straight out of what the Bush campaign did to John Kerry during the 2004 presidential election campaign.

Republican hypocrites quickly deleted their praise and replaced it with criticism, because they now view bringing an American citizen and soldier home after five years of captivity as something that should be up for debate. Republicans are oblivious to the fact that this line of attack makes it look like they are opposing the freeing of a U.S. citizen and soldier.

Just like their opposition to people having health insurance, this gambit is doomed to fail spectacularly.

The two-faced Republican three have offered up a valuable lesson. Nothing on the Internet is ever really gone. You can’t erase your words and pretend that they didn’t exist. Republicans still haven’t learned that deleting a tweet or message doesn’t mean that it is gone.

The “Bergdahl scandal” isn’t going to catch fire, because John Boehner and the Republicans had already admitted that they know about the swap for three years before it happened. This is another sleazy attempt to distract voters from focusing on the terrible job that congressional Republicans have done.

Instead of talking about their role in the VA scandal, their refusal to extend unemployment benefits, their wholly incorrect predictions on Obamacare, and refusal to create jobs, Republicans want to distract with things like Bergdahl.

Don’t be fooled by the hypocrisy driven shiny objects. Keep your eyes on the prize and do what Republicans fear most. Go to the polls, and vote this November.

18 Replies to “Despicable Republicans Are Deleting Their Previous Praise of Bowe Bergdahl”

  1. Their “Bartonizing” of history should come back to haunt them if Karma is in the office today. They forget the info already downloaded by various media and their own words and video also in media archives. They push the very bounds of what the heinous nature of humans can achieve.

  2. It’s sheer desperation of the GOP. The country as a whole is crying out for liberalism. All you have to do is look around. The GOP has locked itself into a very rigid stance of being anti anything that means progress. On top of that they have sold their souls to the Kochs and others.

    They already realize that they cannot win the presidency in 2016. They are relegated to state races for now. Soon they will wear out their welcome there too.

    The other day I was reading the grand objective thingy that they put out. All of the money and hours spent to come to their conclusions and reading it was unbelievable. They don’t have a clue.

  3. Reason # take your pick on why republicans are idiots. What you put on the net stays on the net forevvvvvvvvvvver. Dumbasses

  4. Poor Speaker Orange. The problem with erasing history is that if you start with RECENT history, there are too many people who remember that just 30 days ago, members of his own party were HOWLING that the President and Pentagon hadn’t done enough to free Sgt. Bergdahl. The miracle of modern media is that you simply cannot erase it all. Hypocrisy shines brightly!

  5. How about the Canadian journalist who went out to the hole in the ground where Bergdahl and his unit were. He said a number of the troops questioned the war and why they were there – but not Bergdahl!

  6. It is beginning to look evident that history will judge Bergdhal a born loser who brought down a lot of erstwhile politicos and pseudo intellectual gadflies in and out of government.

  7. @Keith, I had to find it again. It’s it’s great fictional reading.

  8. Thanks for pointing us to your resource.

    The whacky Right suffers from what we call the “Three D’s”- Dysfunctional,Delusional, and in Denial. They think they can alter their past comments by hitting a delete key. Look at McCain only weeks ago saying he would consider a swap…maybe at his age – it’s also amnesia…

    The GOP keeps trying to come up with new “talking points”, but in the end they only come up talking nonsense. Now they are willing to throw this poor family that has suffered 5 years under the bus for the sake of their own politicl ambition. Shame on them all.

    If Bergdahl comes home, they investigate and he did do wrong, then military courts will have to assign proper measure. But the right wing press is incorrigible trying to smear him before due process in a lame attempt to smear the President.

    This is what happens when the GOP no longer has a case against Obamacare….ADD

  9. solid proof? hogwash, it’s a fiasco, he’s losing them the presidency, wake up! a couple of statements from some out of touch republicans means nothing, what a bunch of rag journalism on the internet. jeez. he’s an idiot

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