Sen. Lindsey Graham Threatens Obama With Impeachment For Trying To Close GITMO



President Obama has been trying to close GITMO for years, but Sen. Lindsey Graham warned the president that Republicans will impeach him if he releases any more prisoners or tries to close the prison.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) warned President Obama that if he tries to shut down the prison at Guantanamo Bay. Graham told reporters, “It’s going to be impossible for them to flow prisoners out of Gitmo now without a huge backlash. There will be people on our side calling for his impeachment if he did that.”


The real reason why Republicans are upset is beginning to make itself clear. Republicans are worried that Obama’s actions could be signaling the closure of GITMO. If the negotiated release works, the Republican rationale for keeping GITMO open will be completely destroyed. A poll last year revealed that a slim majority of Americans (54%) favor keeping GITMO open, but if Republicans want to see those numbers vanish, all they have to do is impeach President Obama.

By the way, the “backlash” has been limited to partisan Republicans who are trying to gin up a scandal over the negotiated release of Bowe Bergdahl. The rest of the country isn’t near as up in arms as Republicans and their media outlets are.

Lindsey Graham has been acting like a tea party lunatic for the last several months because he still is not avoiding a runoff in the South Carolina Republican Senate primary. A new poll released today has Graham at 49%, so consider his comments about impeaching Obama his big push to get over the 50% threshold and avoid a runoff.

It isn’t surprising that Republicans would use the Bergdahl release as their latest reason to threaten President Obama with impeachment. This is where Republicans want to go with it. They are dying to impeach the president.

Graham was the prosecutor during the Clinton impeachment trial. He and his party learned nothing from the mistakes of the 1990s. It looks like they are steaming forward in an attempt to repeat history by making a second term president more popular.

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  1. By screaming “impeachment” almost as frequently as “Benghazi” they just make themselves look like lunatics. No proposals, no constructive action of any kind, they are just the party of NO, and their obstruction is becoming clearer and clearer even to moderates in the GOP.

  2. I’d favor keeping Gitmo open if they put Graham, Cruz, Cantor, Boehner, Farenthold, Gohmert, Gowdy, aw hell all those pieces of swine in it.

  3. Boy…they were sure all over Jethro Bush when his administration released over 500! Whew did the blood fly THEN! WOW…who can forget the mess and the political blow back!??

    OH…wait…sorry…that’s in an alternate universe.

    So, Senator Dip Stick…who hasn’t made a MOVE to do a thing about the prisoners in GITMO for the 12+ years they’ve been there, is now concerned? Please…

    BUT…do keep ramping up the IMPEACHMENT talk. A popular President elected by a majority…that’ll play well in mid-terms when the (D) who usually stay home will turn out in droves to support him…and sweep your sorry ass to the curb.

  4. Golly gee, I don’t remember him squalling impeach! when Bush busily released many more than President Obama has.

  5. I wish the good for nothing Republicans would actually do their jobs…They are all bigots, and they will never help our president…

  6. I think that in order to be a member of Congress, one ought to know the rules of impeachment.

    And at least have the self-control to recognize that just because a President does something you don’t like, you don’t get to impeach him over it.

    It just doesn’t work like that.

  7. Do it Mr. President Please close it down and state the case that republicans wants to keep this gulag open to the tune of 2.7 million per prisoner which adds up to 450 million a year. You can house the same prisoners for 70k a year at a supermax and the last time I heard someone escaping, wait a minute no one has ever escaped from a super max. Then pivot for the last 5 years that the gulag has been open we could have fully funded the VA. Why do you hate our vets republicans? So please impeach and Lindsey if you do I will buy you a gift card for Victoria’s secrets because we all know you know all about secrets

  8. Totally agree with your comment. Strange thing about Graham – sometimes he seems quite sane and then – poof – there he goes again!!

  9. After having a President like W. Bush, these retarded republicans ought to keep their mouths shut about anything that President Obama does.

  10. In addition I guess Graham forgot that under the Geneva Convention and the UN Charter that ALL Prisoners of War who are NOT charged with High Crimes MUST be released and returned to their home countries. So Obama will end up shutting GITMO anyways, even though he has tried since his first year in Office and the GOP has blocked him every single step of the way.

  11. Yeah, they block him from closing Gitmo, and then they criticize him for not closing Gitmo. Typical Republican strategy. Republicans have no integrity or honor whatsoever.

  12. Oh, Lindsay knows he can’t impeach the president but it sounds good to his supporters (tough man talk and such). He’s just feeding the ill informed in hopes of gaining their support. It’s all goo goo gaa gaa.

  13. The do nothing congress only can cry wolf, and obstruct the USA to recovery from Bushes disastrous 8 Yrs!!!As we all know they are only there to keep Bushes, and elite corporations in place for controlling the USA!!!……………….. joe

  14. Since when do you impeach a President for doing his JOB Mr. Graham. Of course you wouldn’t know what doing your JOB was all about.

  15. He is still on my bad list for helping make that CBS film on Benghazi that was riddled with lies.

    And yet, perhaps he is trying to take the heat off McCain who has been accused of knowing about the VA backlog and doing nothing, now there has been an article in the Phoenix newspaper.

  16. They also blocked any funding to close GITMO and this was done with Dems helped.

    Sen. Carl Levin (chr. Armed Ser. committee) release official statement, basically confirming receiving a detail classified notification, which satisfied the many substantive certification requirements of the NDAA for fiscal yr. 2014:

    Relative requirement to 30 days notification: PBO put congress on notice on Dec.23,2013,that he intended to exercise his power as CIC, if necessary, “to act swiftly in conducting negotiations w/foreign countries regarding the circumstances of detainee.

    IMP, Repubs. are lying (no surprise), but the silence of the Dems. in cong.. They’re need to be asked hard ques., but most of all they need to start speaking up. Now inst. of later. & that incl. Hillary..

  17. Here we go again! Graham stays in his little bit of wood work (or should I say no-work) and when he sees a crack of light, like a good roach he comes out. If anybody should be impeached is the GOP/Teabagger Congress. They have been robbing and destroying the American people for the last eight years and now they have the gall to talk about impeachment. The worst congress in the History of this country? All they have done is investigate, bitch, and of course collect their pay check. Well dammit it’s time for the American people to let them know we are not idiots. We should give them a message in the 2014 elections, they may be exempt from impeachment but we have something called “the Vote” and we intend on using it.

  18. Maybe President Obama just doesn’t give a crap what they say & do anymore. If they could impeach him for the way he breaths, they’d try. He should go all in & pass executive orders every week. Say no to the XL Pipeline now. Push these jerk offs to try & impeach him. Get all the hate they have out in the open & let it rip. Maybe it will anger & mobilize Obama’s base to vote in a primary without him on the ballot. Because if they don’t he is screwed. So are we with Republicans with a majority of power.

    We all know they are frothing at the mouths to impeach him. And with majorities in both houses that’s exactly what they’ll waste the next 2 years he has left trying to do. They’ll make sure he accomplishes nothing just like them. Endless hearings, Fox News bashing & witch hunts until the man finally leaves the hellhole they made for him.

  19. He is a deeply closeted COWARD about to lose his seat. When many of these scumbags lose,then he might be able to get some things done.

  20. Stop threating and do it then. Go right ahead GOP you are most likely according to most polling data going to retake the senate majority come November. Please god do it impeach the US elected president and see what side the American public comes down on. It went so well for you all back in the nineties.

  21. I say to the House of Representatives, please go right ahead and impeach Obama and get it over with. Then the Senate can get on with the trial of him. According to the Constitution, 2/3 of the Senators present must vote to convict an impeached president. That will never happen. That will shut up the wacko-birds and maybe the Congress can begin to legislate again. And remember, impeachment did not hurt Bill Clinton.

  22. And Graham is a threat to America, and should be imprisoned at GITMO. He and all republicans should be contained, put in prison.

  23. I hope Mrs. McCain does try to impeach the president. That will be the final nail in the Republican Party’s coffin.

  24. Graham is always over compensating for being born with a twat and half a dick. He just looks like that. I’d put a few quid on it.

  25. So… where is the so-called “high crime and misdemeanor” that forms the basis for an impeachment???

  26. Okay so they released 15 MORE where is the impeachment?? I cannot help but think that every politicians is corrupt and bringing down obama will bring ALL of them down. It’s time we the people stand up to Washington. IMPRISON NOW fricken bunch of lying parasites..

  27. Your ignorance with the rest of the Reich wing has done more to destroy America than Bin Laden could ever dream of

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