After His Bergdahl Comments Thursday, Joe Scarborough Needs To Be Taken Off The Air NOW!

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On Thursday’s episode of Morning Joe, host Joe Scarborough went way over the line when discussing the situation surrounding the release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, an american POW who was finally brought home after nearly five years in captivity. Apparently, Scarborough was off at the beginning of the week and this was his first opportunity to talk about the growing controversy, created solely by conservatives in the media and Republicans in Washington, over Bergdahl. What we were presented with was a disgusting display that actually put Joe’s recent over-the-top demonstrations to shame.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of MSNBC:




After starting off the show tossing out spurious arguments and berating the President for his decision to release the “five most important members of the Taliban,” Joe then ended the segment with a hateful rant where he called Bergdahl a deserter and someone who was not worth saving. In fact, he said that Bergdahl should be the last person we should concern ourselves with freeing and that he deserved to be held in captivity due to his own actions.

Scarborough’s hate-filled, vitriolic rant was precipitated by comments made by panel guests Steve Rattner and Eugene Robinson. Joe told Robinson that he wasn’t going to allow him to say that the detainees released may not even be a legitimate threat to the US in the future. Basically, in Joe’s mind, it is an absolute certainty that they are going to mastermind a 9/11-style attack on the US in the future and they should have never been released (even though they were going to have to be released, per international law, within the next year.)

This then started a discussion revolving around Bergdahl’s service and the possibility that he might have gone AWOL prior to being captured in 2009. Robinson wondered if anyone would have a problem with a prisoner exchange for Bergdahl if he was a war hero, rather than someone whose service record is under question. This led to Rattner saying that he’d only release these detainees in exchange for someone truly important, like a Senator or Joe Scarborough (good grief!) This lit the fire under Joe to go off on Bergdahl’s alleged desertion.

Essentially, Scarborough said that Bergdahl is a worthless human being who didn’t deserve to have his country make a deal to secure his release and bring him home. Answering the question about whether his service record mattered, Joe yelled, “Damn straight it matters!” He then went on a tirade of embarrassing proportions, as he claimed that Bergdahl hates America, that he is responsible for six American soldiers dying because they were looking for him (a claim that has since been refuted) and that he is a deserter who should be the last person we think of getting out of that area.

There are few things harder to sit through than a chickenhawk wrapping himself in the flag and calling out a soldier who volunteered to serve his country during a war and just spent five years in captivity. It is especially disgusting when that same chickenhawk is contemptuously flinging out vitriol towards that soldier and his family from the confines of a comfy television studio. Joe Scarborough knows nothing about the horrors of war. He knows nothing of the impact that can have on the psyche of a young man, perhaps leading him to wonder about the effect of war on a foreign country. Scarborough doesn’t know, and frankly, doesn’t care about any of this.

Instead, all he wants to do is push the latest conservative meme, maybe prove to his Republican friends that he’s on board with them. At the same time, he wants to out-outrage the other outrage masters like Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh. I feel it is about time MSNBC cuts its losses regarding Joe Scarborough once and for all. After this latest stunt, it is time for him to receive his walking papers. Let him sell crazy on Fox News or AM talk radio.

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  1. Joe Scarborough might want to STFU. How about an investigation (FINALLY) into the REAL Intern Scandal, the one where Joe’s intern was found dead on the floor of his Senate office, and then-governor Jeb Bush called in a coroner who had been barred from practice in Florida (for falsifying autopsy records) to do the autopsy to cover it all up???

    Joe’s a RWNJ whore.

  2. I saw this live this morning and Tweeted while it was happening. Chuck Todd was OBVIOUSLY told to get Joe to STFU by his producers – he was screaming.

    Let’s do this on Twitter #FireJoe

    It was the most disgusting thing I’ve seen – worse than Eric Bolling or Stupannity.

    Joe lies about talking to actual elected officials – you and I both know the Democrats in office are NOT calling Joe and giving him talking points – he is a criminal and likely a murderer who had to resign.

  3. Normally I just tune out his infantile rants because I’m getting ready for work but here lately I have muted him, this morning I muted him as soon as he went off. He is becoming an embarrassment to MSNBC and himself, even Mika seemed uncomfortable sitting next to him while he babbled.

  4. Joe needs ratings. Ratings sell. Controversy sells. Joe will never be pulled as long as he has people tuning in to see what he will say next.

    But joe is just like the rest of the RWNJ’s. Saying things he is told by Fox and Breitbart that usually make no sense

  5. It’s time for Joe Scarborough to be sued for defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and a few other causes of action I’m sure are there for anyone who cares to look.

  6. I agree—-ridiculous what he said & HOW HE SAID IT! I almost kicked the tv & was so very disappointed! I feel we need to wait!!! Were reasons for President’s actions/Yes, we (who know NOTHING)—-have questions & concerns and I am sure all concerns will be addressed in time.

    Too many “jumping the gun”—-as usual—-!
    CONGRESS KNEW—-this soldier was needed to be retrieved by USA——needed 30 days “notice of plan & our PRESIDENT must ‘have’ their approval to carry out?” Come on—-do you really believe HE would have gotten? TIME,is of the essence & IMMEDIATE decisions need to be made—–laughable anyone would think this inept Congress capable of doing—–would need to form a committee! NO delays—immediate decision made by OUR President! Bring our soldier home—–Serious issues dealt with later! Those of you are so critical & skeptical of this young man—–I hope you do not cause his suicide! Welcome him home FIRST!!

  7. Rey,

    You are absolutely correct. The Begdahl family should file suit immediately.

    Joe is absolutely disgusting – kept talking about his 26 yro son and what he would do – his SON is NOT in the military, DaddyJoe’s too rich for his kid to serve.

    Pathetic and Unbelievably Anti-American #FireJoe NOW.

  8. I turned the program off as soon as he said “damn right he would have left him there” It also appears Mika is trying to follow joe down that loser’s path. Whomever did not agree with him he cut them off Eugene could not express his opinion because Joe would cut him off. He’s become a tirant and probably needs to be fired.

  9. I stopped watching this show about 8 months ago.
    Joe has become intolerable. He has become another
    Koch pawn and has ruined this show. Misogynist, big mouth, blowhard. Good riddance.

  10. Typical Joe rant with little or no facts to back it up, Joe should be working for Fox he would fit right in.
    If a Republican President had made this call Joe would be defending him all the way.Spare me Joe.

  11. Yes, and we ALL know Congress will do anything to undermine President Obama at every turn. They wouldn’t have approved diddly squat.

  12. Finally MSNBC fans heard a bit of truth. Good job, Joe! And how about the others who basically agreed with Joe. Well done!

  13. I think the Right has told Joe he will be discredited as a RINO if he doesn’t take more extreme positions on the show. Also – I wonder if MSNBC is pressuring him to do this?????

    All you have to do is look at Mikka and his guests’ faces to see that they do not respect the approach he is taking. He clearly is being pushed to the right by someone….

    His performance the past month has been shameful. Disagreeing is fine – makes for balanced conversation. Disrespecting and shouting over the top of folks is a replay of Sean Hannity.

    Go to FOX Joe if you want to play that way… They like show hosts who go ballistic…

  14. Well we jsut threw innocent till proven guilty out the window. Another wannabe conservative spits on the constitution

  15. also, we all know that if Pres.Obams had left office without bringing this prisoner home, the rethugs would be screaming arguments from the other side. He left an American prisoner!!!!

  16. I would like you to read an article and links on Daily Kos – it is titled THE GOP IS HEADING FOR A WORLD OF HURT ON BERGDAHL
    It gives a lot of information and now I think I understand more than I did!

  17. Why so upset? Isn’t this EXACTLY what he was hired to do? Be outrageous. Get everyone talking about MSNBC and MORNING JOE?

    If he DIDN’T do stuff like this on a regular basis he WOULD lose his show.

  18. The most un-convincable man is the one whose paycheck depends on remaining unconvinced. — H. L. Mencken

  19. We are clear about one thing. People are tired of the republicans not having a care about anything other than trying to take down the prez. Your party has no care for life thats under a million dollar marker.

  20. He needs to cry when he apologizes like Ed Schultz & Melissa Harris Perry, then removed from the network just like Martin Brashir was removed. Consistency!

  21. Joe should be made The Secretary of Defense when The Koch Brothers are elected as President and Vice-President. Freakin’ liberals have no clue about reality.

  22. And even funnier as the koch fund ALEC who is doing their best to take all your benfits away at work, even on salary, Remove regulations that prevent them from polluting your land, you will bow down to them. Its hilarious to see people worship others wqho could care less about their own rights and privileges as Americans

    Thats a small picture of reality that you deny

  23. I always watch while getting breakfast on and I keep a second remote at the table so I can mute Joe most of the time. He says things that are so much like Hannity on FOX. I never watch FOX nor do I watch the local FOX affiliate it is just as bad. Heck their weather is not very good. How about this Joe go across the street to FOX and work for them. MSNBC can get another less crazy conservative to run the show….how about Michael Steele. He is smarter than Joe.

  24. Ed Schultz is the guy.
    It’s sad that this incident is all in the news and the Republicans just won’t let it go. It’s so distracting. They don’t even have the facts yet.

  25. No more Morning Joe for me. He has become intolerable and unwatchable. I will be watching Good Morning, America from now on.

  26. By the time the dust and feathers settle in this mess, there are going to be a great number of pundits who will be racing for the ERASE-ERASE button…and sadly not finding it. Already we see that “desertion” might not be the term to use…and that the (6) or (8) killed looking for him weren’t really charged DIRECTLY with looking for him, but more told to keep their eyes open…and they were NOT killed as a single group, but scattered over MONTHS. On the political side, that’s likely to cave in fastest as we find more and more CONservatives who demanded that the administration do all it could to get his release…some of them less than a month ago.

    It will not be a dull summer.

  27. I remember when Morning Joe was being marketed as the “thinking person’s” morning discussion show right around the time of the 2008 election.

    I guess they decided that it was more entertaining to have Joe blow a gasket and act like a toddler having a tantrum on a weekly basis.

  28. I am so disgusted with Micca and her portrayal of a USELESS Helpless female!! she is an embarrassment to all strong women who fight the real fight out here every day!! I predict Joe will be on FAUX news before the year is out!! That’s where he belongs and Im DONE with Joe in the morning, hes a total rude

  29. I took that guy’s comment to be sarsasm.

    After all, how reliable can a foreigner-owned ‘patriotic’ news site be, especially one that has a relative of OBL as a co-owner and the main owner only became a U.S. citizen because U.S. Code mandated it as part of being a station owner?

    That doesn’t seem like a real reason to become an American to me.

  30. To be honest, the prince only owns around 9% of Fox

    You a pilot? I used to be a test pilot for Parke Davis

  31. The Morning Joe Show doesn’t even try to hide it anymore.

    It’s so obvious that EVERYONE on that show is just there to collect a paycheck…nothing more!

  32. I do not like what Joe Scarborough has to say but I will not give that Conservative satisfaction by not watching Liberals I love on MSNBC. They do not deserve to have their ratings suffer because MSNBC refuses to get rid of a man that would be better suited for the right wing cable television rag called Fox News.

  33. Changing the channel and punishing great Liberals on MSNBC like Ed Schultz, Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes,etc is not the way to get at Joe Scarborough. No, the thing for us do is to contact MSNBC and let it how much we disapprove of it keeping Joe on. If we do that enough, they will probably deep six the guy.

  34. I Rarely watch the show if Joe is on – quite enjoy it with Katy Kay and Barnacle – it but did wake up to it this morning in time to hear Joe go after the POW’s father for “reaching out to the Taliban.” Not sure if that is in the video above but it went on for some time and I wondered if Joe was aware of the family who has had two members in captivity for 18 months and a grandchild born in Taliban hands. They too have contacted the “terrorists” after failing to get any help from the government here. Hope they are prepared to have their patriotism questioned as well.

  35. Changing the channel while Joe Scarborough is on is a great idea. Then, we should change it back to MSNBC when he is done spouting his b.s. Perfect suggestion!

  36. Actually, when I first started watching Morning Joe around the 2008 election the show was being produced as an even-sided panel discussion show for viewers who wanted a more intelligent alternative to the crud that was on CNN and FOX News.

    I guess that ended up not pulling the ratings because it gradually downgraded into a “morning zoo” style program and has consistently devolved since then into the disaster it has become today.

  37. We would trade detainees for Joe or a Senator, but not for a soldier who fought for this country….Seriously Why!!!!!!
    Joe you are at the bottom of the list of people that I would get out.

  38. I started out watching till I couldn’t any longer then changed over.
    Actually, i’ve stopped watching this show because of him, but I was curious as to what he was going to say about this matter.
    I would 100% agree to stop watching MSNBC till he’s gone, but I love Rachel and I wouldn’t want to miss her show and or see her rattings go down if we all that.
    Joe is a right wing pos, just like all the rest, as far as im concerned, and I cant stand him..

  39. As to the point of the article, I have wondered for some time if the show is having trouble booking guests. They have the same lapdogs on time after time – generally a lot of has-beens like Jon Meachem – the “historian” who single-handedly killed Newsweek and former congressman and current corporatist Harold Ford. The perpetually smirking Mark Halperin is almost a regular and while he isn’t a has been I suspect he is angling to take over the show when Joe’s head explodes.

  40. The best shows are when Joe isn’t there. He constantly interrupts Mika, revels in his distant past in Congress, goes bananas when he he has a fellow Republican on the show, and is a pretty boy w/o real journalistic credentials. He belongs on FOX where he’ll fit right in. And simply change the name of the show to “Mornings with Mika!”

  41. …”Freakkin’ Liberals have no clue about reality”..You have just proven what I’ve been saying and PROVING for years. That Conservatism is a Mental Disorder. Harlan, your claim is proof that in fact it is YOU who are clueless about reality. The left relies on proven facts and logical research to mold their politics and lives and you on the right continue to dismiss REALITY because it’s not YOUR Conservative fabrication of reality. In other words..Harlan you’re a Clueless Idiot!

  42. I can no longer watch Joe. His rants and sometimes bullying is much too much for me to have my first cup of coffee in the morning. Mika sometimes is beside herself sitting by his side like an abused spouse, afraid of her husband beating her. Him along with Chuck should be removed from the network. OH, but wait, the corporate ownership of the station probably take his point of view.

  43. i’m giving up on chris Matthews for a while, also…he’s going way over the top on this, as well…what is in their water? I never watched Joe dead intern, and now chris is on my no watch list for a while.

  44. All these people jumping on the bandwagon of “Bergdahl was a deserter” should remember the story of Pat Tillman. Lies were told, and verified by his fellow soldiers. They KNEW the truth, yet did not speak out. Tillman’s parents had to dig deep to get to the truth. Is it possible that Bergdahl saw something so despicable, that the other troops are defaming him before the truth gets out.Everyone, even people with extensive military experience like Scarborough- er Rove- er- Limbaugh- er any of the so-called experts should until this soldier has a chance to recover from his experience, and FACTS can be verified. Already lies have been proven, there was not a search party where 6 were killed looking for him. Scarborough “I do not know who this dead woman in my office is” should clean up his own yard before jumping on youung kids.

  45. I believe this over the edge tantrum displayed by Joe this morning may be the result of two things. First, He probably has been getting a lot of hate mail from fellow Republicans at his middle of the road, non-aggressive talk regarding Democrats and President Obama. Then, secondly…decided to go full bat-shit crazy like the rest of the loons who talk the talk on cable and on Right wing radio.
    Mica, might be getting fed up with him for that and may quit the show. (Who knows what’s going on behind the scene, BEFORE they go on air) Hmmmmmm.

  46. Perhaps Mr. Scarborough should read the constitution Sgt Bergdahl and all service members swear to support and defend, you know, the part about being innocent until proven guilty.
    At breakfast this morning I listened to a group of Fox News lemmings rant and rave about the whole situation. They asked what my opinion, as a disabled purple heart recipient, is. I endeared myself to no one at the table by responding, “This is the United States of America where people are accused on the basis of admissible evidence and innocent until proved guilty. I will not soil the sacrifice made by Sgt Bergdahl and members of the armed services by getting caught up in your verbal lynch mob. He stands accused only by those with a political or commercial agenda and by joining with them you are aiding not the defense of liberty, rather the destruction of the principles that protect it.
    I have to start eating breakfast elsewhere.

  47. There is no evidence he deserted. I’d hardly call some letters or an email evidence he deserted. He was alone on guard duty no one saw him walk away from his post.They would have.had to look for him no matter what that’s their job. To suggest we leave a soldier behind is disgusting.i’d like to know what was in the letters and emails those other soldiers sent.I’m pretty sure they were not always happy to be there.Since they are assuming he walked away because of some letters he wrote.

  48. kws1949:
    I can see that coming too. ;)
    To me there is more to see and know that does not meet the eyes right now. Obama and his people would NOT have vetted the release of those five guys IF they were NOT 100% certain that they were a defanged group of old warriors. So what are they going to stir up that has not been already stirred up these past 11 years they’ve been gone? What? !!
    And by the way…here’s another angle to Bergdahl, from my point of view: He had a lot of basketBALLS to walk out into “indian” country. He could have been shot on sight and tortured on the spot and left hanging on a tree out there. So, how did he avoid all of that? Hmmmmm

  49. He was not on guard duty at the time. He was relieved and went to his superior and ask could he take his weapon and some night goggles with him. He was told no and he left the items. Now no one and I repeat no one knows what happen next or his motives for leaving the base. That we will find out in the future.

  50. The one reason the WH did not go to the Senate. Darryl Issa and his leaking mouth. The terrorists said they would kill Bengdahl if word got out about the trade before it was a sealed deal. Given what a sieve that hell hole is, why would the WH risk the life of an AMERICAN citizen and soldier to make some idiots fee fees feel better. Feck Joe and the horse he rode in one.
    You want to get him fired, start a boycott campaign like the one that is destroying Limbaugh. The station won’t listen but advertisers DO!
    I don’t watch any network crap so you are on your own for this one. Post a list of advertisers and then get busy!

  51. Hey Joe does a good father keeps getting divorced and dare I say have a dead intern in your office?

  52. I keep thinking about how Martin Bashir had to leave MSNBC because of what he said about that nitwit Sarah Palin, yet the mgmt of the network allows Scarborough to spout off about this kid without a single fact, and there are no consequences. I’ll continue to watch because of Rachel Maddow and Ed Schultz, but you will never again find me dialing in during daylight hours. I would rather watch the Today Show!

  53. Hi….

    Are you the same Eykis that used to comment over at Huffington Post ?

    I was ljc over there….I left and deleted my account when they went all facebookie.

  54. Seriously, these GOP/Tea Party fools are still nipping at the heels of President Barack Obama. Thank God President Obama continues to ignore these fools and do what he was elected to do …LEAD the United States of America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. So, How do we make them do the right thing and take him off the air like they did Bashir? We know why. But they need to hear from viewers en masse.

  56. I am a ‘First Amendment Primal’, I can hate what Joe says but his right to say it is so very important to protect. If we were as protective of the First Amendment as those U.S. Citizens are about the ‘Second Amendment’ we would be so much better of as a free nation. Hate what they but protect their right to say it. For when we start punching people for what they say then we loss the fight for freedom. Demand equal time but do not remove him from the air.

  57. When Morning Joe first aired I was in front of my television for 3 hours every morning enjoying a “well balanced” political “back and forth” of the top stories from the prior 24 hours.
    Now, I seldom bother to watch it for the precise reasons viewers have stated regarding Joe’s morning harangues. Mika has become tiresome, as well. Looking for a camera to fawn into and rarely giving good input.
    Keep the Show…. get new hosts.

  58. Why is the sidekick dressed in her yoga top? Is this professional? Is this supposed to be sexy? Listening to the dummys talk yadda yadda yadda boobies. Pink boobies… ok highschool boys managing this show? As for the topic…pure ass licking the 1% who we all know hate Americans pretending like they don’t… more flag waving bull shit from RWNJ Morning JOE BLOW

  59. joe is a jerk. a hack at best. he spews crap constantly. i just watched my last show with him. the rest of the panel is open minded adults joe is a clown. GOOD BYE JOE.

  60. I used to watch this show every morning getting ready for work but had to stop because Joe has become such a blow hard. I liked Mika and thought she was a smart woman. But I began to realize her real contribution to the show was her direct line to her dad, and could get him on the show regularly. I don’t think he comes on anymore. Mika acts more and more like an abused wife. It’s been kinda sad to watch her deteriorate like that.

    And don’t ever forget the dead intern found in joe’s office. I think he got away with murder. I really do! I’m a Floridian and trust me, that whole thing was kept on the DL.

    Bring Bowe home! Let the military courts do their thing. I can’t help but think he knows something and there are people that don’t want him to talk. I can think of no other reason for this disgusting smear campaign. They can’t hate the Pres that bad, can they?

    Wishing Bowe a full recovery and joyful reunion with his family and community.

    Peace be with Bowe.

  61. I was appalled by Mr Scarborough’s rant today.. This man get’s paid how much ??? I usually never comment on MSNBC’s show’s but this was over the top unprofessional childish behavior of a man with serious angry issues… Looking at the reactions of his guests on the show they all looked like they where in shock at seeing JS in an uncontrollable rage… My God get this man off the air before he really goes postal

  62. If you want Joe off the air, complain to his sponsors and advertisers. Money talks so bs like Joe can walk.

  63. I agree I was appalled at his rant. I have never had a child in the military and I don’t think Joe has either how dare he say anything. I am very so grateful for the service of every person in the military and would never presume to know what they have gone through, either Bergdahl or his family. I will not be watching Morning Joe again.

  64. Joe has an explosive anger disorder combined with a distorted sense of his own importance. His intelligence is limited, while his ego is unjustifiably highly inflated. He refuses to listen to others and is infatuated with his own ideas – which are simplistic, not well thought out, and usually are talking points for the Republican party. He rudely interrupts guests to promote his frequently false “facts” as he did today with his attacks on Sgt. Bergdahl’s father. How arrogant he was–a man who never served in the military, spewing venom about what he would do about his son–who also does not serve in the military. Must be nice to be so perfect! Scarborough is a joke! MSNBC needs to get rid of him and get someone with human qualities and an intellect.

  65. I do not really watch Morning joe anymore, that man is so miserable he wants to bring everybody to his level. I love the way President Obama just ignore them and they can’t stand it. Mika could do a better job if she would believe in herself.

  66. It was sickening that the entire panel watched JS go way over the line, and said nothing. I rarely watch anymore. Scarborough belongs on Fox, and Mika needs a new backbone!

  67. I agree JS should be taken off MSNBC He is so rude. He takes over the show and doesn’t give the guest a chance to talk. I try not to watch the show when He’s on. I’ve lost interest.. MSNBC can do better… Send him on a very long vacation with his walking papers. I’m sure He won’t be missed by many. I prefer to watch Rachel, The Ed Show Chris Matthews & The O’Donald Show… Email me when He’s fired.


  68. Morning Joe would be better off without Joe. He bloviates more than Bill O’Reilly, well, I guess, since I don’t watch O’Reilly. I notice no one chimed in to tell him to shut up because they like the paycheck and I do like most of the others. Mika needs to develop a set of balls. She kowtows to him. She’s like the little woman from the 50’s. Hard to believe her mother is a chainsaw artist.

  69. If Joe Scarborough is on MSNBC tomorrow. Please call Phil Griffin: 212-664-2456 ( direct line) and demand he be fired. If Phil won’t, on to the advertisers.

  70. 100% in agreement with the 1st amendment. But…there is always a but, especially today…but yes one can say whatever they wish but that does not mean that ones remarks are free from consequence.

  71. When did Congress limit his speech? Again for those who did not take a Civic class in high school
    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances
    This is not rocket science

  72. Joe Scarborogh is a hypocrite. He knows damn well if that was his son held in captivity he would be singing a different tune. He just sounded so heartless – especially criticizing the parents.
    Chuck Todd had to call him out on this remark.

  73. I didn’t see this because I can’t watch Morning Joe anymore. It’s too painful and nauseating. MSNBC ruined a really good show. The format used to be good with great guests and a versatile panel. Mika used to speak her own mind. Now it’s the right arm of the GOP with an ego maniac who thinks he should be the POTUS and spineless co-hosts who are afraid to promote facts or challenge lies.

  74. Morning Blow(hard)is a Worthless Chickenhawk POS! Time to do the same thing we did to Oxycontin Rush, Boycott his sponsors and hit ’em in the pocketbook!!!

  75. Fire Joe…he is nuts, he no longer can be civilly his colleagues…how does he get away with these rants…I stopped watching him and Mila a year ago. I decided this was no way to start my day.
    I saw a replay of it last night and thought good now that’ll Fire him. Chuck Todd remained pretty calm and collected considering what Joe the whacko was doing.

  76. I wonder what military branch did Scarborough serve? Oh yes I know he was in the Chickenhawk brigade with his fellow cluckers: dick cheney, Limbaugh, ted Nugent

  77. Get this sleazy nitwit off MSNBC so I can watch that channel in the morning. I don’t watch it during that time slot as I cannot stomach this sleaze-ball. They waste no time getting rid of the good people on there, and keep this creep? Doesn’t make sense.

  78. I’ve recorded his program for several years. I will never watch it again! It was sickening! Republicans don’t care about truth or facts before or after attacking. How many other soldiers have felt disgust with these useless wars? It makes me sick to my stomach thinking of Bush enjoying his life sitting and painting with all the dead bodies he caused and all the Veterans with lifelong injuries. Republicans should do a reality test and admit the truth – all they care about is trying to destroy Obama’ s legacy. They don’t care about this great President and country.

  79. Who said anything about censoring Morning Joe? The point is that he is consistently at odds with the MSNBC audience. They don’t care for the guy or his opinions any more than they care for Fox’s line-up (where he’d fit in just fine).

  80. Please remember, Joke Scarborough is being PAID to incite people. I’m done with the show. Reacting to other folks’ opinions, without knowing any FACTS is not good reporting or commentary…it’s a damned political rant…which, I suppoise, MSNBC wants him to do. He’s an idiot. I will contact the show’s sponsors.

  81. I see that I wasn’t Pro Liberal here and they didn’t even have the decency to post what I had to say….nice job here

  82. Did you actually read what you had to say? The name calling? The stupidity? Your post was not a nice job. Ask permission of your RWNJ news sources to become partially intelligent and you can post

  83. And Joe is the main reason that Keith was let go too. I cannot stand the man. I wonder if he’d like to revisit the how and why of his dead intern?

  84. Remember, you have the right to free speech; but you can’t scream “fire” in a crowded theater, people can and will be hurt. Joe has just screamed “fire”.

    By the way, how does he get a 3 hour show and all other shows like Rachel, Ed Shultz and Last Word are only 1 hour shows?

  85. Scarborough is why I no longer watch MSNBC. I love Ed, Rachel, and Rev but will not watch. Joe insults Mika, demeans her, has NO respect for her voice and he should be fired ASAP. Send him to FOX. Despicable. Reason ratings have dropped.

  86. Bring back Martin Bashir or Keith Olberman in Joe Scarborough’s place. It would definitely bring quality back to the show. Mika can stay on as long as she leaves dad at home. Willie Geist and the others are okay, just get rid of Joe. Oh yeah, how did Joe get a 3 hour show when the others only have one hour?

    The military can investigate the circumstances of what has taken place, but we leave no man behind. PERIOD!!

    We know Joe is talking about testing the waters before running for office again, so kick him off the show NOW!!

  87. Olberman will never be asked back. He is lucky to be working with ESPN. There isnt a corporation in thew world that really wants him. I really like him, but face facts, he is lucky to be employed

  88. Grow a spine, grow a conscious – actions have consequences. Has to be taken off the air now? For stating the truth? Give me a break!

  89. I know you won’t answer because like all CONS you are a chickenhawk coward but what truth was stated?

  90. Of coarse he has the freedom of speech, but I also have the freedom to dislike what he says. I don’t suggest they can him for saying whatsoever he wants to say, but rather because so many disapprove of what he does say. I never watch his show after viewing only two or three of them. He seems so out of place on MSNBC and management should recognize that. As for Mica, I can’t figure out her role.

  91. There was some talk awhile ago about his getting back into politics.Is that still viable?If is,that could be who he playing to. It sure is not us.I used to watch him too,but I could not believe it,so I gave it up long ago.He as a right to say what he wants-if it is the truth. It is also my right not to listen.

  92. Joe should have been taken off that show a long time ago,but he is buddy buddy with Phil Griffin,the only way to go is boycotting advertisers.This Griffin guy evidently has the same beliefs as his Joey boy chickenhawk scatterbrains.I would really like for them to open up a investigation on the killing of the intern in his office.why was it hush hush.Get this guy out of there,let him go to fox where he belongs so he can rant and rave and go crazy all he wants.

  93. Good comment — guests on this show are top notch — respect Steve Radner everytime —love Barnacle for many years ( I am from Mass). Joe is a RWNJ no doubt — Mika has been great but lately she is acting like she wants to be “Joe” with her interupting eveyone who talks. Mika – take a breath.

  94. This was the last straw for me watching the show. I have been so fed up with Joe and his “I know everything attitude”. Meka is far more intelligent than Joe, yet she act so submissive to his arrogance.

    I would that Mr. Griffin re-evaluate that show and get rid of Joe. All the other regulars are beginning to lose their own opinions.

    Please, Please, Mr. Griffin I’m begging you to do what’s needed and fire Joe, he has given that show a bad name and I only tolerated Joe because Mika was so good and now she’s beginning to show signs of acting just like Joe. I’m fed up with the way Joe treats her.

  95. Joe subscribes to the philosophy that he who yells the loudest wins the argument. He is clueless about how many people shut down and turn him off because of his lack of manners. Currently, many people are trying to teach children not to bully. What do we say to them when they see an adult male being rewarded with a high salary and a TV show when he bullies everyone who disagrees with him?

  96. The problem is that there is no equal time with Joe. He rants and shouts anyone down who disagrees with his point of view.

  97. 90K a week, I believe. Think it was in an article about his recent divorce. We should have his job.

  98. Free speech on TV is not the same thing. All of us have to pay to have the privilege of watching these shows. Now if Scarborough ranted in the halls of Congress or on the front steps of the Capital, that’s different. MSNBC can fire him because of what he said. The Freedom of Speech is not the same as a business contract that you sign and get paid for commentary. I stopped watching Morning Joe because Scarborough interrupts guests and basically just likes the sound of his own voice rather than anyone elses. I do wish MSNBC get’s rid of him.

  99. The way Joe Scarborough spoke toward

    Eugene Robinson on June 6 2014 was

    insulting,I cannot understand why

    he just sat there and took it.

  100. Money. If you challenge the one who cant explain the dead intern he could have you banned from all of MSNBC. It happen to the founder of the Daily Kos.

  101. Without question Joe has crossed the line.
    Unless Phill Griffrin is trying to have this show emulate Fox. Mika, if she differs in her opinion just demurely sits by with a downward gaze while he rants! Sickening! Martin Bashir should be brought back from his exile. Palin’s feeling’s drew their pound of flesh…time’s up. Having heard a news panel discussion it was commented Bergdahl was not AWOL, as 30 or more “absent without leave” are required for that status. He would have been on “unauthorized leave” as the speaker commented as he was in the hands of Taliban within a short amount of time, once in left his post.
    Scarborough has some “brass”. None of us know what the mental state of this young man was when he made that fateful choice to wander away. It is the duty of a captive to try and escape…he apparently did that and paid the price. Wasn’t there a story about Sen. McCain when he was captive that he didn’t do well under torture? The DOD is investigating, let’s

  102. The worse show on MSNBC is morning Joe. I wish IMUS was back, that’s how bad he is with his hidden agenda of tarnishing President Obama’s legacy. It is obvious that Joe hates the POTUS, not for his political views, but because he had the guts to do what Joe did not, run for president at a young age and win twice. David Axelrod should have never let Joe off the hook when he lost the bet in the 2012 presidential election that Obama would not win Florida. Joe was dead wrong. Many times Joe is wrong, but never does he admit it. And his guest like Harold Ford, a Democrat in Republican Clothing, sit there like beat down dogs,and say nothing. Why are Joe’s guest afraid to challenge him!

  103. Will some one please take Joe Scarbourough off the air. And all the others kiss butt like Nicole Wallace. Joe is so stupid and he always calling people stupid and ignorant who is any stupid than joe. I have never ever heard joe say anything good about the president always negative comment. I think he is a tea party guy. He’s like a child always throwing stone for stone. I wake up every morning just 2 see how he disrespect our president. Nicole wallace she’s so dumb. Please put some one on there that can stand up to Joe, Nicole, mark. Put rachel and David Axerod on there to stand up to those have nots. Harold Ford you don’t know if he is a republican or Dem. He always kiss Joe Butt. Please take Joe off the air.

  104. Some one please take Joe Scarborough off TV he is something else and while you’re taking him off add stupid Nicole Wallace, Mark, undecided Harold Ford and the the rest of the KA to joe. Why doesn’t joe have Rachel on his joe because he no she knows her stuff and she makes him looks stupid. I feel sorry for any one that disagree with joe he acts like a b in heat. Please stop putting Meka dad on there he doesn’t no any thing either am sick of him. The whole bottom line take Joe off the air. I wonder if he would feel the same if it was his sons? He has no respect for the President always calling him weak in capable of doing his job. If he knows so mech why didn’t he run for president.Am sick of Chuck Todd with his none winning polls. They said the president was going to lose and he ran a land slide on Romney. Joe just like the rest hate to see a black man in the White House. He allow his guest to say disrespectful things about the president when Mark called the president a d.

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