Lindsey Graham’s Threat to Impeach The President Is Racial Animus Towards Obama


In August 2012 around the time of the Republican National Convention, Republican Senator Lindsey O. Graham (S.C.) complained bitterly that Republicans “were not generating enough angry white guys to stay in business for the long term.” Although there is no dearth of angry white guys in, or supporting, the Republican ranks, Graham is doing his best to take up the slack and perpetuate racial animus toward people of color; particularly the person of color occupying the Oval Office.


Graham is so angry and white, he is threatening the African American President with impeachment if he attempts to close Guantanamo Bay or release any more Muslim detainees captured when America invaded two sovereign nations during warmonger president George W. Bush’s administration. Republicans still cannot accept that Americans elected an African American as President, or that he is not waging pre-emptive wars against Muslim nations, so an impeachment threat over bringing home an American soldier held as a prisoner of war, however unpatriotic, is nothing new for Republican intolerance of a Black President.

However, Graham’s threat to impeach the President if he attempts to close Guantanamo Bay or release detained Muslims is going to run into serious problems after December 31, 2014 when the Afghanistan War officially comes to an end and the United States is required to release them. If any of the detainees are suspected of terrorist activities against America, the normal legal process to determine their guilt or innocence is trying and convicting them in an American court of law like the Bush administration successfully did. However, this is 2014 and the “normal legal process” went out the window when the people elected an African American man as President a little over five years ago.


Republicans are concerned that the President will close Guantanamo Bay and attempted to block any administration unilateral decisions on releasing Muslim detainees by including language in the National Defense Authorization Act requiring the President to notify Congress of such actions at least 30 days in advance; even to bring an American prisoner of war home. Of course Republicans imposed a thirty day waiting period for President Obama to bring an American prisoner of war home; something they never imposed on George W. Bush. Anyone with a pulse knows if the President went to Congress, Republicans would have opposed his request on purely racial grounds that negates America’s “sacred duty” to “leave no American in uniform behind” because America’s sacred duty vanished the instant an African American man occupied the Oval Office.

Republicans argue that the prisoner exchange endangers Americans stationed overseas by sending top Taliban officials back into the battlefield and could inspire other terrorist groups to capture American service members in order to extract concessions from the United States. However, under terms of the exchange, the former prisoner-detainees must spend at least a year in Qatar, which helped mediate the exchange. Although it is true that some of the released prisoners posed a danger to the United States when they were captured twelve years ago in 2002 for defending their sovereign nation from American invaders serving in Afghanistan, several of the detainees did not commit crimes against Americans. Still, the Bush administration ordered their capture, held in captivity indefinitely without charge or due process, and deemed them as guilty of being Muslims defending their Muslim nation. Not unlike Republicans deeming Barack Obama guilty of being elected and serving as President while being Black.

Republicans of all stripes have weighed in and criticized the President for bringing an American held as a prisoner of war home including convicted war criminal and Iraq war profiteer Dick Cheney. Cheney said that he would not have agreed to the deal, as if he had a say, likely because the President is Black and Republicans are vile hypocrites. A former advisor to George W. Bush, John Bellinger, condemned Republicans for criticizing the prisoner exchange and reminded them that the Bush administration “returned something like 500 detainees from Guantanamo.” Bush’s actions failed to elicit any Republican criticism that he “sent top Taliban officials back into the battlefield,” or that if he tried it again the GOP would impeach him.

The only difference between then and now is the racial makeup of the president. Besides, statistics from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence reveal that only 6% (5 in total) of Guantanamo detainees released during the Obama administration have “potentially engaged” in militant activities. That compares with a rate of nearly 30% under the Bush administration. There is also the issue of illegally detaining Muslims without charging them and it is clearly because it is unclear if they engaged in terrorist threats, were simply defending their homeland from an invading foreign (American) army, or that they may have “potentially engaged in militant activities;” whatever that may mean.

Republican warmongers like Lindsey Graham are as desperate to keep Guantanamo Bay open as they are for another terrorist attack on American soil because they are well-aware it is a brilliant al Qaeda recruitment tool. One only had to observe Republicans’ apparent glee at the attack on the diplomatic outpost in Benghazi that killed four American diplomats to comprehend that inciting anti-American outrage and another attack from Muslims to blame the African American in the Oval Office is worth detaining Muslims indefinitely despite the wind-down of the war in Afghanistan. Graham was one of the Senate Republicans that railed against the President for announcing that at the end of 2014 American combat forces in America’s longest war were coming home; likely another impeachable offense in racist Republicans’ minds.

After five long years, Americans get it; Republicans are angry white guys who will not, and can not comport an African American man as President. As the former Bush advisor John Bellinger said, “I’m not saying this is clearly an easy choice but frankly I think a Republican, a president of either party, Republican or Democratic confronted with this opportunity to get back Sgt. Bergdahl, who is apparently in failing health, would have taken this opportunity to do this;” particularly because the Afghan War is winding down and America is required to release the detainees. However, a white president, Republican or Democrat, would have been hailed as an American hero devoted to adhering to “America’s sacred duty to leave no American in uniform behind” and although that is precisely what President Obama did, he is not white and it is the only reason Graham, or any other angry white Republican would threaten to impeach him.

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  1. Bring on the impeachment process. That would be the best thing that could happen for the Democrats. That will be the end of Graham, McCain, McConnel (if he’s still around), Cruz, Rubio and all the rest of the assholes.

  2. They always say ignorance is bliss. If that’s true then why is Graham and his cohorts always to angry?

  3. Oh PLEASE Senator! Keep ramping up the talk!! PLEASE!! This is a popular President who was elected by a greater margin than YOU were. So PLEASE ramp it up!!! The (D) would probably have sat out mid-terms…but ramp up your howl for Impeachment and see if that doesn’t stir them to come out and vote. Please…ramp it up more!

  4. @tbone4, the veterans organizations are targeting ads against McConnell and Burr. That can’t be good for either of them. Ha!

  5. As Bill Press said on his radio show this morning, repubs have called for the impeachment of PBO at least 9 times since he took office. Here we have a duly elected President who the other side threatenes to impeach and to totally work against his administration since day 1. It is not suppose to work this way folks. If you lose, your side is suppose to work like hell to influence legislation to get your views across. You are not suppose to work like hell to stop what the majority of Americans voted for. Repubs are doing all they can to destroy us. I hope the impeach PBO mantra backfires on the repubs. This should be the Dems rallying call: Vote in 2014 or watch the repubs impeach PBO.

  6. Increasing numbers of Americans are getting tired of hearing the word, ‘impeachment’. It’s already the most hated word in Oregon, Vermont, and Washington. There isn’t a day goes by without Republican politicians all over the nation from all levels of government saying impeach the sitting President ever since his day one of his presidency.

  7. I am so VERY sick of the teapublican corporate puppets = reprehensible, hypocritical, lying, teavangelical, racist, homophobic, voter suppressing, science denying, fear mongering, sexist, War mongering, obstructionist and Koch sucking ‘gopers!’ VERY, VERY SICK! And MORE AND MORE ANGRY! Stop their gerrymandering, shutting down the government …. oust their asses, INCLUDING the repug GOVENORS AND REPRESENTATIVES AND SENATORS, and then we’ll get a government and congress and the states that works for all the people of our country! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE BLUE! 2014 AND 2016!

  8. Miss Lindsey threatens to impeach President is racial animus.

    In other breaking news, Mammals are warm-blooded and the Earth revolves around the Sun.

    P.S. Last time I checked, being black was not an impeachable offense.

  9. Wow, just wow. I guess now it is perfectly OK to provide aid and abet enemy combatants. Jihad, by definition, is a declaration of war. That makes the Taliban an enemy of the United States of America. Period. There is no difference between President Obama’s actions than had he been president during WWII and traded six of the highest ranking Nazis for an American deserter. No need to respond – I understand all too well that most of you will just call me a “Republican” and a “Racist.” I am neither. But I profoundly disagree with most who have posted here.

  10. I will call you poorly read. I suggest you get away from your news source and do some serious reading. You are making a huge fool of yourself

    BTW, prisoners were traded in WW2.

  11. You do know that it was us that invaded their homeland? You do know the majority of Bin Laden’s follows came from Saudi Arabia our so called ally? Can you find those countries on a map? No one will call you a republican or racist but you are one ignorant person who hasn’t picked up a book since 8th grade. And no the news of the weird does not count

  12. Lindsey is nothing but a racist, bigotted , homophobic old white man who can’t understand that we are no longer in the days of old. So he can go with the flow or do the world a favor and drop dead. This worm only comes out into the light when he wants the people to think he is doing his job, which is keep minorities in their place. It’s time to stamp out hatred and bigotry. To send him back in the woods where he crawled from.

  13. Bring it on—–The rethugs do not have anything.It will be the wrecking ball for
    them.As it is the tea trash are just about done and the scum that ran to them in the congress and the senate are now like rats on a sinking ship–they can not jump fast enough.

  14. How about calling you what you represent; one of the many Sarah Palin’s of America. Uneducated, un-American, unpatriotic, and so un-intelligent that you’re stupid. Too. stupid to be embarrassed or ashamed of yourself.

  15. I think that Obama has actually driven them out of their minds. They can’t get him; he won’t hold still. One minute he’s in Afghanistan and the next he’s in the Ukraine. One minute he’s talking about the environment and the next he’s releasing pows. By the time they get their talking points together he’s on to the next thing and the country is laughing at these weird old white guys who are in such a froth they don’t even know what they are saying. I’m waiting for one of them to give a press conference at which his head explodes.

  16. Ms. Linday Graham does love the sound of his/her own voice. Where is his main squeeze, McFuddle? Don’t they always do their media waltz when Obama’s name is mentioned?

  17. The real threat to our country does not come from outside our borders, but rather from the GOP/tea-party fools who will stop at nothing to destroy our government and to find a way to impeach a president that they don’t like. That they would think its right to attack the president for negotiating the release of a POW borders on evil

  18. I’m an angry white guy, too, but mostly pissed off that President Obama let these assholes walk all over him for four years (and counting.) Lindsey Graham and the Republican Party in general needs to be bitch-slapped repeatedly until they attain enlightenment.

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