Scott Brown’s Senate Bid is Sinking Fast as He Cuts Ties With Shady Florida Company


Already trailing Democratic incumbent Sen. Jeanne Shaheen in every major poll, Scott Brown’s bid to return to the US Senate via New Hampshire has run into trouble due to some shady business associations.

The Boston Globe reported:

Republican Scott Brown abruptly resigned Wednesday from an obscure Florida company and gave up stock initially valued at $1.3 million after facing a barrage of questions about his role as a “senior adviser,” a controversy that had dogged his US Senate campaign in New Hampshire.

Brown’s resignation from the advisory board of Global Digital Solutions Inc. was announced about two hours after a news media event in the state’s capital designed to highlight his official entry into the race. He was repeatedly challenged by reporters in Concord seeking answers about what he had done to earn the stock grant, and whether he had scrutinized the company before lending it his name.

Video of reporters asking Brown about Global Digital Solutions:

Brown has not filed a financial disclosure form, and never adequately answered what he did to earn the $1.3 million in stock. Global Digital Solutions is a company with red flags all over it. They were a beauty supply company in New Jersey, who became a wireless data firm in California. The company produces no products and has no revenue or physical office space.

At best, Brown used poor judgment. At worst, he knowingly got involved with a business that looks like a fly by night operation. Either way, the association raised numerous questions about his character and decision making that aren’t going to go away anytime soon.

It isn’t a coincidence that Scott Brown postponed filing his financial disclosure forms until one month before the New Hampshire Republican primary. As time goes by, it is becoming apparent that Scott Brown’s 2010 Massachusetts Senate special election win was more about the terrible campaign that was run by Democrat Martha Coakley than the strength of Scott Brown.

Republicans thought Brown could flip the New Hampshire seat and be a part of giving them control of the Senate, but it appears that Brown’s stumbling campaign may lead to another defeat for the GOP.

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  1. If they start tracking this company I would bet it is a Koch subsidiary somewhere down the line. New Hampshire voters are a little more savvy than Brown gives them credit for.

  2. Bad judgment? Getting paid for doing nothing? Doing business with shady characters? He is a republican, what more can you say.

  3. There, in a nutshell, is WHY so many politicians refuse to get other jobs and just keep running for office. Easy money, little actual work. Look at the clowns in DC right now, how much actual WORK have they done since President Obama has been in office? Little to none, one useless investigation after another, and votes to stop ACA. They have their healthcare paid for, get generous pensions, and make money hand over fist for doing very little. Such “esteemed representatives” DC is a cesspool.

  4. Being in the Senate is a pretty sweet gig if you play it right. Sweet enough to quit your “seat on the board of directors” of a company that has no product and return your $1.3 Million in shares.

    Are his daughters still available?

  5. Brown is totally bogus… He can’t get elected in his home state, so he crosses the border and pretends he wants to represent New Hampshire. He is only representing himself, and probably is being paid nicely by the Kochs etc into his campaign fund, so it doesn’t matter to him if he wins or not. The big money on the right is being played by Brown…they have so much, they aren’t troubled. This really shows the sad lack of character on the Right.

    New Hampshire – if you want to be represented by a true Senator, Brown is NOT your guy. Vote Shaheen!

  6. Maybe this could be a new IRS scandal – Oh right the RWNJ are all godly and never do anything wrong.

  7. Scott Brown is a grifter who’s as stupid as he is mean spirited. Remember his non-stop taunting of Elizabeth Warren? Accused her of not being part Cherokee Indian. Not only was that a dumb political move, it was misogynist & racist. As if looking at her gives him a window into her heritage. Whatever charm he had has long worn off. He’s no better than his do nothing, money grubbing ilk in Congress.

    He said weirdly inappropriate things about his daughters being “available” with them onstage.If he was trying to be funny, it wasn’t. I think Scott got by on his looks & faux “average guy” persona. Then people got to know him. I doubt he’ll get elected in a Dem state again.

  8. I Googled Global Business Decisions and found a company that lists Jennifer Carroll, former FL Lt. Gov. on its site as a member of its’ Transition Management Team. There are RW talking points on the site about gun ownership and the ‘right to bear arms.’ There’s also mention of a desire to get into the business of selling weapons to the Defense Dept., gun enthusiasts, and law enforcement agencies. Brown probably resigned because he figured that it would look bad for him to be associated with a company that represents guns manufacturers, especially in light of the fact that some of our innocent citizens are dying in the streets of our nation every week because of gun violence. He thought he could get away with being associated with this company and no one would find out the company is in the business of putting more guns onto our streets. Kudos to the reporters in NH for bugging him to the point that he disassociated himself from GDSI.

  9. Like ’em or loathe ’em, the Koch brothers create profits for their investors.
    The principals in GDSI Inc have a history of shady, shape-shifting corporations, whose only purpose is to ramp up a thinly traded stock so that the principals can cash in and the rubes lose out.
    As the author says, Brown is guilty, at best of stunningly poor judgement, and failure to perform due diligence – at worst, of knowingly associating with crooks.
    I’m frankly beginning to think he’s just not that smart.
    Search to see how NH conservatives view Brown.

  10. People of New Hampshire have to look closely at Brown’s voting record to see which votes were tied to big money and which were made on the side of his State only because he knew they would pass anyway even without his vote. The man is simply not bright. He enjoys the limelight and the social scene in DC (note the secret meetings with Kings and Queens). The recent expose of his dealings with Global Digital Solutions expose both his intelligence and his greed. Why doesn’t he release those finance records NOW like all others in the race have done? Is he hiding something he hopes we miss during the vacation month of August. His model wife and model daughters can’t be happy with how the model daddy is doing this week.

  11. I assume this is a left wing publication? Anyone who has heard Scott Brown speak on the issues knows that he’s a practical thinker.

  12. Herb,

    What part of “Real Liberal Blog” did you not understand? Oh, you think Brown is a winner. I get it. Stupidity is your forte.

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