No End Game: How the Treatment of Bowe Bergdahl Will Destroy the Republican Party


Barack Obama, Jani Bergdah, Bob Bergdahl,


We are looking at an unprecedented time in our nation’s history.



With any nation that has a two-party system of government, it is inevitable that the party out of power will feel some kind of animosity toward the party in power.  In fact, it is natural.  As the party not in power, it is your goal to convince your nation that the party in power is somehow and some way being detrimental to the country through their policy decisions.  These decisions could be related to a nation’s safety and security, a nation’s economy, a nation’s immigration system, and a nation’s social issues just to name a few.  As a new round of national elections approaches, it is the goal of the party not in power to convince the population at large that they can do better than the current political party in power.


For the Republican Party in the year 2014, they have taken this idea to levels not seen before at any time in American history.


The level of sheer vitriol spewed by the Republican Party this past week in the wake of Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl’s release from the Taliban has proven that once and for all this is a political party that has jumped the shark to levels never seen before in this country.  Republicans have now attacked their last bastion of support in order to attempt to smear President Barack Obama:  The military.  The institution that was once the pinnacle of Republican policy, one that would be supported no matter what.  However, this past week has shown that even the military is fair game for the Republican Party as long as it can be used to attack Barack Obama and to try and discredit him and his administration.


To attack a military POW and his family is the new low for the Republican Party and it could very well be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.


Americans today are becoming more and more put off by the Republican Party.  They did not agree with their decision to shut down the government in October of 2013.  They do not agree with the Republican Party’s stance on gay marriage.  They believe climate change is an issue worth addressing.  They believe in a woman’s right to choose.  They believe that income inequality is an issue that needs to be addressed.  They believe in raising the minimum wage.  They believe in common sense gun control legislation.


And they sure as hell believe in respecting the men and women who wear the uniform.


For Republicans, this latest and greatest smear campaign is one that will leave a lasting impression.  In their whipped up frenzy to produce a scandal and/or paint the president as someone who lacks foreign policy skill, Republicans have failed to realize the lasting repercussions of smearing an American soldier.  Despite the fact that there are concerns that Sergeant Bergdahl may have deserted his post, the fact remains he was an American soldier being held hostage by the Taliban.  As proponents of the President have successfully argued, would you rather have an American soldier returned home to possibly face justice or would you rather have an American soldier being dealt justice by the Taliban?


For Republicans, that is a question they do not want to have to answer.


It also hasn’t helped Republicans that President Obama has been absolutely resolute in justifying his actions.  For someone the right likes to portray as weak and indecisive, President Obama was extremely forceful and persuasive in his defense of everything he and his administration did to procure the release of Sergeant Bergdahl.  His powerful language and his unwavering commitment to returning an American soldier to be reunited with his family has been presidential and has shown those who opposed his decision to be weak and petty.  As more and more Republicans flip-flop over their reasons for supporting then condemning the release of Sergeant Bergdahl, President Obama has continued to showcase himself as the only adult in the room by not playing politics with the life of an American soldier.


When all is said and done, we have to ask what do Republicans hope to accomplish with this smear campaign?


In the short run:  Exactly that.  A smear campaign to score cheap political points.  However, just like the government shutdown, the Republican Party has used its blind hatred of our President to fail to see the forest through the trees.  When the dust settles, history will look back on this time period and will absolutely rip apart the Republican Party for stooping so low as to attack an American soldier and his family.  The hypocrisy from the right has been staggering and people like John McCain and Lindsey Graham are being made to look like exactly what they are:  Foolish, hypocritical, and unpatriotic.  In an effort to jump aboard this smear campaign, the Republican Party and their talking heads in the media have gone past the point of no return and have attacked an American serviceman and his family.  No matter what the outcome of this event is, there can be no denying the utter disrespect that the Republican Party has shown to a man in uniform.  It is this watershed moment where the Republican Party’s utter hatred and disdain for our commander-in-chief finally reached a tipping point and led us to a conclusion we never thought possible six years ago:


The Republican Party has decided it will no longer be the party that unanimously supports the American military.


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  1. The reason Republicans are jumping all over this is because they have nothing else. Seems funny that we were talking about the VA Hospitals not working, they either cut funding and benefits or drastically reduced them all – saying we have enough money to wage wars but we don’t have the money to take care of our soldiers and their families while they are abroad and when they get home. Bengazi is beating a dead horse, IRS got to close to the real scandal of political organizations wanting tax exemptions for being a charitable organization, ACA is succeeding, so Republicans needed a real distraction … now Bergdahl.

    The Republicans have done nothing for the average American taxpayers – like immigration, unemployment and jobs. They spent the past 5 years voting to cut taxes for the rich, rewarding corps for sending jobs and profits overseas and spending billions on wasteful hearings that created no jobs and helped only the 1% – that’s why Republicans can’t get win or America loses.

  2. It is said give a man enough rope and he will hang themselves. Well their “rope of hatred” is doing them in, and I say it’s about time. Karma is a bitch!!!!

  3. “Americans today are becoming more and more put off by the Republican Party. They did not agree with their decision to shut down the government in October of 2013. They do not agree with the Republican Party’s stance on gay marriage. They believe climate change is an issue worth addressing. They believe in a woman’s right to choose. They believe that income inequality is an issue that needs to be addressed. They believe in raising the minimum wage. They believe in common sense gun control legislation.

    “And they sure as hell believe in respecting the men and women who wear the uniform.”

    And they will seem to ignore all this as they go to the ballot box in November 2014 to hand the Republicans at least a narrow hold on the Senate in addition to their stranglehold on the House, thus rendering the foregoing pretty irrelevant. Count on the American public to flaunt its newfound proud and defiant ignorance about all things political when the rubber hits the road.

  4. Repubs are starting to say they will impeach PBO after the election.
    We should run on that issue too.
    Do you want PBO impeached?
    If not vote in 2014. It can’t help but wake a few folk up.

  5. I disagree I think the Repugs are going to lose big time in November! The American people have had enough and we will let our voices be heard.

  6. I read Bob Bergdahl is a registered Republican. How’s it feel to be the father of a POW & have your own party stab you in the back then kick you in the teeth while you’re down? Just because you stood on a podium with President Obama who saved your son’s life?

    Bergdahl spoke at an Idaho Republican Party fundraiser in 2010. According to The Daily Beast he reminisced about his Republican Father.

    Various GOP tools have been spewing venom against this soldier on Fox News for a week now. Bob Bergdahl may want to rethink his party affiliation.

  7.’s gonna be up to minorities to get an id, register and vote for democrats this year, or all of us, including the faux noise crowd, are gonna be screwed.

  8. I go to a seniors community center a couple times a week to chat and play chess and pool. They know I’m a staunch liberal and it’s about 50/50 along party lines. In the last month a lot of the more center leaning republicans have been talking about how they can’t be a part of their own party anymore. In the last few weeks since the VA thing blew up more of them have been saying they won’t vote republican.

    Since this ordeal with Bergdahl a few of the old farts were absolutely incensed that any politician would not bring a soldier home from war. One of the guys that used to be very vocal about Obama, not because of his race but more a lack of experience. He thinks unless your 70 you don’t have enough experience to lead a country. Any how when I seen him the other day he said, “How about your guy Obama, he’s got some cojones eh?” I smiled and bought him a coffee. I’ll have another convert by November.

  9. If I were in the service and seen that the republicans didnt want their man back, that would be a pretty clear message to me about who to vote for

  10. Right wing whack jobs have no self-control. They refuse to wait & hear Bowe’s side of the story. That alone should cause a major backlash. So his fellow soldiers talked against him. But he supposedly was sick of their attitude & laziness. He disapproved of how they treated the Afghan citizens. That’s why the Republicans should chill out until the poor guy gets home & is able to defend himself.

    The GOP proved they hate Veterans once they’re done fighting. Last Feb. they refused to pass a bill funding VA hospitals. Then Senator Richard Burr (R) wrote a nasty letter blaming Veteran’s Orgs like Paralyzed Veterans Of America for wait times! They were insulted & outraged. They all wrote responses & put out ads against Burr this week. In other words you are wounded & used up. Republicans have no use for you now. You are labeled a “taker” on the government dole! How’s that for patriotism?

  11. John McCain rode the coattails of his former POW status for many, many years. I’m not ungrateful for his service, nor am I dismissing what he went through. But, having experienced that, for him to take the stance he has against the rescue of Sgt. Bergdahl is the ultimate of hypocrisy, possessing far more insight into what that hopelessness and fear feels like, what it does to your soul. The old fart has allowed the VA in his own state to let soldiers die for lack of care. It’s as though only he is allowed recognition for being a veteran, the rest be damned. “Weak and indecisive” is a product of very short, albeit convenient, memories…..Osama Bin Laden, anyone?

  12. Sorry to burst your bubble, but the american people do not agree whatsoever with this “deal”. These five pieces of filth should not be released. Obama has broken the golden rule that everyone who has ever watched tv knows about hostage taking. You don’t make deals with terrorist. And no there is no history of past presidents doing what he did. These are not prisoners of war. They are illegal combatants. P.O.W.s are exchanged AFTER conflicts have come to and end. Last time I checked the war on terror is still on and we still have troops (that have not deserted their post) on the ground in harms way.

  13. And one more thing. I am definitely not a McCain fan, but if anyone gets to speak his mind on this issue, I think it is him.

  14. GOP will not impeach Obama.. It will open to public view too many of their policies. The Right wing base votes for them because they live in denial and get their information from FAUX noise. Impeach and have it viewed on CSPAN (and the minions WILL watch) or have nothing be said on FAUX about it will cause too many questions. GOP does not want it’s dirty laundry to be aired where the base can see it.

    Besides, they have to WIN the election first, and I just don’t see that happening.

  15. The right wing base (aka FAUX noise crowd) has no idea that they are pawns of the Kochsuckers to completely change the country to their liking. Stupid people will stay stupid.

  16. To Army Vet,

    Hate to burst *your* bubble, but as an American and an Army Vet, you certainly don’t speak for me nor for many other Vets I know.

    The five from Gitmo were held for years with no charges, they were sent to Qatar where they are to be held for at least a year.

    And I absolutely don’t want the Republicans deciding which service person is “worth” rescuing. We rescue POWs and hostages because of who WE are, not because of who the individual might or might not be.

    And before you get too rapturous about McCain, you should do a little research. Not only was he exchanged for prisoners, while he was held he sang a traitorous tune, and when he came back, he did everything he could to block services to other Vets.

    He certainly has the right to state his opinion, and we Americans have the right to call him on his hypocrisy.

    I’ve never been more ashamed of some Americans nor prouder of a President.

  17. Why is this so hard to understand or are you just stuck on stupid? Again The Taliban are not on the us terrorist list. They were the government of Afghanistan. If you want to be taken seriously then get that one simple fact straight. Unless you are proud of your ignorance then whatever god you pray to may he have mercy on you

  18. So just like Boehner you claim to speak for “the American people”? Sorry Army Vet, you do not speak for me. Those “terrorists” should have gone back along with the other 500+ detainees. They would have gone somewhere if not for the GOP and the latent stupidity of their party.

    Liberals outnumber Republicans and the Teabagg party is going down in flames. (good riddance)

    Before you get all uppity, I am also a vet and I am glad he is home. I would have supported sending every last detainee to do it. He is here and if punishment is needed he can do it here.

    Now go peddle your hogwash at a bagger website where it will be appreciated.

  19. On how to make propaganda films so the torture would stop? That couldn’t be it because Bowe Bergdahl did no such thing

  20. Five “terrorists” who would have to be released the end of the year when we leave Afghanistan. Five “terrorists” who had been cleared to be released if a another country would take them. Five “terrorists” who now are under house arrest for the next year.

  21. I’m fed up with media enabling hatefest. Those being interviewed from his ‘Unit’ have not been challenged. What’s being said is being accepted as ‘fact’ – as ‘truth’. Too bad media, or should I say those that have access to a microphone – aka mouthpieces – don’t do their homework to investigate those they interview & do their job asking about ‘them’ as they are not the ‘upstanding’ military personal they’re making themselves out as. It would sure change the story.

    And the media can’t understand why we don’t believe them nor trust them.

    It’s also fact that no other president has faced the intense 24/7 focus including facebook, twitter, blogs, iphones etc. And his being compared to previous presidents for everything – from choice of words, whether he schmuzes them, etc. Freaking ridiculous. It used to be maybe 1 newspaper per day & news at 6 & 11. No iphones in his face for sound, pictures or video. Impatient media. Sadly – the instant gratification s…

  22. @ Different Army Vet, Marine Corp. Vet here and he doesn’t speak for me either. We bring own home, period. Full stop. To borrow from the president.

  23. USAF Medic vet here…and Army Vet doesn’t speak for me either. Just like the rest of their phony scandals…this is going to collapse all over them. The difference is they stuck their necks WAY out and the blow back this time could be fierce! SHOULD be fierce.

  24. Then what are your thoughts on having traded POW John McCain (who was responsible for a US Navy ship being blown up and covered up by his Naval Officer father) for Viet Cong?

  25. I agree Shannon. Nexgeneration, a environmental PAC is targeting 7 key senate republicans that are climate change deniers. Also, is targeting republicans that killed the funding for the VA among numerous other issues. Momentum is building with the democrats….
    This thing with Bengdadl, well we don’t have all the facts yet. But it’s doesn’t stop some from having a knee jerk reaction.

  26. Obama is the best president since JFK. He reeks of courage, showing it every day of his presidency in the face of racism, lies, and hatred from republicans. They should kiss his feet for not having a federal investigation of Bush and Cheney, and extraditing them to The Hague to stand trial for war crimes. Fascism has replaced the old GOP that stood for fiscal restraint but never stood against human rights, dignity, and respect. Barry Goldwater is turning over in his grave. Shame on the teapublicans who history will either ignore or write off as neo-Nazis.

  27. Some things you clearly do not understand. The taliban is NOT a monolithic block and the overwhelming majority are NOT alqaeda affiliated. On top of that, it is good to improve relations with the group that WILL CONTROL the country when we leave (and mcstain should get it through his effing head, WE ARE LEAVING). The administration has been trying to do that while rethugs are only interested in endless war. Bomb Bomb Bomb everything?
    We bring them home. Period. Full Stop.
    You need some edumacatin’.

  28. As the wife of a disabled vet and staunch democrat, we support the president;s actions 100%, this man should be brought home to be judged by the military, many of the republicans in congress have never served in the military and so do not know what this young man went through. Although they were all screaming for the president to go to any lengths to get his release, they change the message just like anyone else changes clothes, they are now using their sleazy and dirty tactics against a republican family, to try to get the president. I don’t think they will have the success they want.

  29. Different Army Vet, I was just researching McCain’s time as a POW yesterday. A lot of his co-POWs are not very impressed with him. His nickname was Songbird and he made many propaganda films for the North Vietnamese. There are many questions about his own conduct while at the Hanoi Hilton.

  30. John McCain has repeatedly proven that simply being a veteran does NOT translate into being supportive of other veterans. I totally agree that he completely debased himself during the 2008 election process, and he deserved the stinging defeat he got at the hands of now-President Barack Obama. He has consistently voted against anything that would actually help veterans, especially when it comes to attempts to thwart the president he hates as rabidly as any of his fellow Republicans do. His joining in the objections to this young man’s being brought home speaks volumes about him. If there is any punishment that is due to this soldier, it can be meted out here on American soil. It’s another example of the habit of beating dead horses that Republicans love to indulge in. I hope this whole thing has opened the eyes of this soldier’s father as to the kind of people he has been supporting with his votes.

  31. See? It’s so easy for the Reps to get these low-info people fired up…Obama does something that’s been done many times by both parties, and they scream “OMG OBAMA IS DOING SOMETHING THAT’S NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE, EVAR!!” and these people who haven’t been paying any attention eat it up. It’s amazing to see.

  32. Any parent who sends their child off to protect this nation, would want the government, regardless of the situation, to bring their child home and any one who says and thinks any differently, needs to examine their heart condition. Thank you Mr. President for continuing to fight for and valuing the average, every day person in nation.

  33. The American people hopefully know that the Taliban are not a terrorist group, they are a government. We don’t like them, but we have to deal with them and it isn’t always an ideal situation. I bet you haven’t a clue that the Bush admin. gave these “terrorists” hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars, do you? Lots of people disagreed with that but the right didn’t give a crap. America is tired of your constant phony outrage, guys.

  34. Really? Because many of us think he lost the right to speak about ANYTHING regarding national security the moment he nominated an America-hating, secessionist moron to be his second in command. And of course SHE is one of the biggest hypocrites who was demanding Obama do whatever was necessary to bring this guy home. So he does, and now she calls him a traitor and a terrorist lover. Both John and Sarah should really STFU at this point. They have both proven they have NO honor.

  35. Republican party hates America and also hates the Military! All they care about is gaining power for themselves and their rich white donors!

  36. ArmyVet,

    I am married to the USArmy (retired) and live 17 miles from Gate 4, Ft. Campbell, KY,same town as Clarksville, TN – Home of the 101st Airborne, Air Assault, the most deployed post in the Army.

    At dinner last nite in a restaurant loaded with GIs, there was lots of loud talk about the REPIGS disrespecting the veterans regarding the VA cuts, no support for families and REPIG politicians doing everything to remove further benefits they were promised, it was a large restaurant full of unhappy veterans.

    We still have family members in Afghanistan and these soldiers in the restaurant know that many of them will be deployed once again before this insane war is over…they wonder if REPIGS stay in power if they will simply be forgotten after the election. They are always ‘forgotten’ after the election and amnesia sets in the REPIGGERY.

    Guess who the US Congresscritter is for Clarksville, TN -Marsha the Moran Blackburn – a known hater of the Troops.

  37. To continue….

    My husband and many of the folks we were with are Viet Nam vets, and they are truly pissed at the treatment by the REPIGS and FAUX NOISE of Sgt. Bergdahl. When you live around “The Troops” and see them incensed and disrespected, it makes you even sicker…they are wondering how many will be ‘left behind’ because it will ‘be too hard’ to extract them when the US closes down this mess.

    Volunteer to serve America, GET SCREWED by the REPIGS. this is not going away and trial of Bergdahl by Stupannity and the MSM along with REPIGS is not going to turn out well for the country or the REPIGS. Makes me ill.

  38. Great post!

    However, the TGOP is interested in only one side of the story — their side.

    And, look at the criticism slung at the father for speaking Arabic. I wonder if the father learned and spoke Arabic, not only to communicate with his son but to ensure his safe return. Arabic is a very difficult language. My pharmacist has taught me several Arabic words, one being shookrahn(transliteration)”thank you”, which I always say as I leave.

    IMHO, the GOP and their disciples the T.P., are not worth anything. They are, to put it mildly, a disgrace to politics, their constituents, and to the United States of America. They would NEVER get away with their crap in any other country, including a theocracy – they would be silenced!

  39. Republicans are pissed because Sgt. Bergdahl’s father prayed for his captors, their families and their nation.

    That’s a teaching of the liberal Jesus. Clearly, Jesus is just too liberal for Republicans.

  40. Reply to Lola at 7:19 am

    Obama does something that’s been done many times by both parties,

    What did Obama do in this case that has been done “many times” before?

    In this instance, the WH overrode the process. An existing inter-agency process.
    A process charged with debating the transfer of Guantanamo Bay prisoners. This was out of the norm as far as I have seen.

    Obama also dismissed long-standing Pentagon and intelligence community concerns about the dangers of releasing these five men. These men have been prevented from being released in the past by military and intelligence officials. Does anyone think these officials might know more than we do and their concerns for objecting to the release of these particular men very well could be valid?

    I haven’t heard where this has been done before. Perhaps you could share a link that shows otherwise.

  41. You’re absolutely RIGHT!. So let’s see what John McCain had to say:

    “Now this idea is for an exchange of prisoners for our American fighting man. I would be inclined to support such a thing….”

    Hell – you can even WATCH him say it:

  42. I loved the story of the Normandy Veteran who pulled Obama aside to speak to him –
    Entitled – Normandy Veteran gives Obama a piece of his mind.

    Everyone thought he had become angry at the VA problems etc, and when they could they got to him and asked what he said to the president.
    His reply- I thanked him for keeping us out of war.

  43. Keep going off that mountain like wily coyote. I see like the rest of Reich you know nothing of these men or international law. It is your fault that you blindly follow the lies and propaganda from the right. Foe your information 3 of these men a mid level government workers for the government of Afghanistan, one was a police officer and only one could be classified as a field commander. At the end of the year that’s 6 months from now if you can count that high, would have been release and you and your chickenhawk sociopaths could not stop it. These men have been held for over 12 years WTF MORE COULD THEY TELL US that we already didn’t know. Do you have some super duper powers that they were talking to the comrades back in Afghanistan directing the fight from GITMO? Damn I really feel sorry for you and your delusions

  44. Further more your pin up boy saint Ronnie of the dim witted traded weapons and money to release 7 hostages that were held in Lebanon then gave the money to the contras in Nicaragua which was against the law under the Boland Amendment. Now I know you say I didn’t know that your favorite cop out but GTFO with your B.S To sum up one of two things are at play with you and your lying kind. You would leave a soldier to die in enemy hands to make political points saying the President didn’t save this brave soldier or lets impeach the President over a law that is unconstitutional because it infringes on his constitutional duties as commander in chief because you don’t like a black man in what you think is your WHITE house. Take your pick its that simple

  45. Wayall, Charlie, they put it like this at Juanita Jean’s:

    Welcome home, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.  I can assure you that if President Obama had sought a 30 days notice to Congress, they would have given your patootie to the Taliban just to embarrass the President.

  46. djchefron
    Sat, Jun 7th, 2014 at 9:25 am

    That’s one heck of a diatribe just to say you don’t have a link.

    I asked to be shown where the PROCESS has been overridden “many times” in the past. A reasonable question based on the assertion that was made. I asked politely. I didn’t get an answer.

    There are many points we can discuss in this whole debate but it seems you can’t address the one I started with and would prefer to attack and change the subject. Quite telling.

    I have to travel today so I must bid you farewell for now.

    I’ll check back when I can to see if anyone comes up with a link that can show me how it is completely common for the president to subvert the process put in place regarding the release of Gitmo prisoners and create their own ad hoc process instead…because I haven’t seen a single bit of evidence that says that it is.

  47. Ah we only had one President since that law has been unconstitutionally enacted. The reason I didn’t provide a link because I thought you had enough sense to know that but now that I know you were serious that was the most idiotic request I have ever came across and that’s saying a lot

  48. TO THE ONE NO VOTE, please go google Mccains name and read for your self. then ask your self why did not even one prisoner who served with Mccain step forward and campaign with him. I saw none. Must be some reason!

  49. Who signed that law imposing the 30-day reporting requirement in the first place? Oh wait, I know…Obama did. If the President truly believed that the bill was unconstitutional, he had a duty to veto the bill pursuant to his oath to uphold and defend the Constitution. President Obama didn’t veto the bill, and instead made it the law . Having done so, he can’t now complain that the law he is ultimately responsible for is unconstitutional and doesn’t need to be followed.

    I don’t think the WH is sticking with that “unconstitutional” talking point now anyway.
    There’s a new one out there I think you need.

    Gotta run.

  50. McCain has been entering his 2nd childhood for sometime now. He votes against vets while double dipping into our treasury. Why should he get a Vet pension if he is working as a member of the the Senate. I have known Vets who sign that they are unable to work. I really believe very Vet is entitled to a pension but he has turned against everyone of them too many times. He lives a very charmed life while so many of our Vets struggle to get benefits and get medical care. He is just one of too many and yet he wants to deny them the same benefits he has received. Time to say goodbye to John McCain.

  51. It is great fun watching the geopigs self destruct. The best part is knowing there will never be another one in the white house.

  52. ” everyone who has ever watched tv knows about hostage taking”

    I just love that statement. TV is the ultimate authority?

    TV is the most pervasive mind control instrumentality in our culture at this time. TV is brainwashing. My TV has been cold and dark for ten years now.

    TV culture is banal, sensational and ignorant.
    One of the ultimate pinnacles of TV culture being shown in all its power and utter ridiculousness was Justice Scalia a few years ago defending the USA’s torture while in Europe, on the basis of a fictional TV charactar on a fictional TV show.

  53. It’s pretty obvious what’s going on. The republicans feigned concern for Bergdahl all these years so that if something happened to him they could claim to be the ones fighting for his release. When in reality they DID NOT want him back. They wanted something to happen to him so that they could smear President Obama with it.

    They never expected nor wanted Obama to secure his release. That’s why they are losing their shit all over the place. It makes Obama look strong. All this bullshit they keep saying: “We traded 5 top Taliban for one deserter”. Those 5 guys were going to have to be released at the end of the year anyway. “His dad looks like a member of the Taliban”. Duck Dynasty anybody?

    And all of this flip flopping of support and deleting of tweets since he was released…priceless. Please oh please keep making yourself look like heartless bastards.

    Do I think the republicans would wish someones death if it helped them smear Obama? Yes.

  54. What really frost me, is how those republicans are making so much, of the trading of those 5 supposed, high ranking, deadly, mad dog killer terrorist.

    First off, President Obama and those associated with his doings, did have a meeting with congress, only those that really needed to know, to let them know what was going to happen. Those congressional members, were on both sides of the isle.

    Those deadly terrorists, were in limbo, because they are nobodies for the Taliban and Gitmo, being what it is. 3 were some sort of errand boys, for the offices of the Taliban and others before the US showed up and 2 were turned in, because someone in another village hated them, having no association with the Taliban.

    As for Sgt. Bergdahl, I am happy he is home, but it is the military’s job to sort it out. Personally, I don’t think he did anything wrong, caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. He is lucky, very lucky and luck does happen.

    So the GOP can just kiss the big one on thi…

  55. So….you think little johnny was the only US POW in Vietnam and other parts of southeast asia, that gives him the right to speak out? To bad for you and that silly little bubble you live in.

  56. B&B. From Benghazi to Bergdahl. What/who next in the R’thugs/Teabaggies’ line of fire? Have they really no shame? An American soldier was repatriated and they criticize. Even I as a Canadian know the American motto, ‘leave no man behind.’ WTH!!!

  57. The clause in the bill that said congress should get 30 days notice was tucke3d into one of those ‘must pass’ bills, it is an old rethug trick, the pres never liked signing statements and did not make a habit of doing them, but George Bush used them all the time.
    Anyway in this instance Obama made a signing statement to the bill saying that if he ever deemed he needed to go ahead without the 30 day he would do so.

  58. That is why I want the idiots to try to impeach. We need a Constitutional crisis every now and then to beat back these Troglodytes.

  59. Tz, I don’t think this guy knows the difference between hostage taking and a POW being held in a foreign country. It’s normal procedure to exchange prisoners in times of war or after. Most Countries do it and it has occurred many times during different administrations.
    Army vet just doesn’t like the idea that the black guy got the job done much like he got Bin Laden.

  60. One of the few accomplishments of the afghan war was removing the taliban from power. Although they control many parts of the countries tribal areas, they are not the government of afganistan. Furthermore hostilities have not ceased and there is no truce in place.

  61. Are POWs usually ransomed? If the taliban is the current government in afganistan, who is the president? Please have some understanding about what is going on over there so we can have a conversation.

  62. Well Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates said they were but they don’t count because the West didn’t recognized them but I am at a lost. When did the Taliban attacked the US? And under what authority does the US have to remove any government that didn’t attack us?

  63. Ransomed? No. Traded, yes. The taliban is not on power in Afghanistan

    Reagan did ransom a solder for 1500 missiles to Iran

  64. Ransom? Are you saying we traded money? May I see the link and if its from that moonie paper the Washington Times don’t bother because that rag of a piece is so full of bovine excrement we could solve our energy problems

  65. Well we know for sure they lost at least two republicans and that is the father and the mother. They did fundraisers for republicans in their state. I wonder now how they feel?

  66. The allegations against Bergdahl are irrelevant for several reasons.

    1 they are unsubstantiated rumors

    2 the military can court martial him if they like

    The reason to seek his release is because he is an American. Full stop.

    As for the released detainees, they are people who never killed an American.

    Furthermore, they are soldiers, so if they go back into soldiering a year from now when they leave Quatar, that would not be surprising. What is certain is that they will not be on the battlefield in Afghanistan until American troops are fully withdrawn, and so they pose no threat to our forces.

  67. The Republicans point of view on this is so screwed up I am so fed up with their blatant hypocrissy. First they scream and holler and beat their chest in the not so long ago past: “Bring our prisoner(s) home at whatever cost”. NOW, because Obama and his people advisors and some members of the Pentagon approving this exchange they (Republican whiners, hypocriters) are against it !!!! I am a former Marine and I approve what the Administration did. Republicans would have been singing a different tune IF Bergdahl’s body turned up somewhere WITHOUT HIS HEAD! THEY WOULD HAVE SCREAMING: IMPEACH OBAMA NOW! (As they are doing now) Despicable bunch of politicians, EVER!

  68. For those who say Obama didn’t give a 30 day notice to Congress this was going to happen, he actually told them years ago, and it’s been in negotiations, but the Taliban kept backing out. This time they finally agreed, part of the trade was to keep it quiet from the eyes of the media or the life of the soldier would be in jeopardy, and that meant making sure no leaks came out of Congress. They all knew they were planning on trading the Gitmo prisoners and even knew they were asking for 5 of them. Look back at some of the video on McCain talking about it and how he went from being totally against it, because it was President Obama doing the negotiating, but then even JM changed his mind and thought it was something we should do if it meant bringing a U.S.POW home. So Congress knew for years that the trade was being negotiated. And just what would have happened if they knew the date. Obstruction and leaks from the GOP would have been their course. Just saying.

  69. Ever hear of the Iran-contra Scandal? Reagan and Ollie North and their private little war?

    I’m also a 100% disabled vet, retiree and an officer.

    My take is that unit morale will collapse and take American military power with it. If soldiers can’t trust the guy next to them, they will not fight the enemy. They will fight each other.

    Totally unwittingly, the GOP has destroyed the loyalty of American soldiers to one another.
    Loyalty is a 2 way street and can be as fragile as a spider web.

    The perfect storm of the VA scandal, GOP defeat of a military personnel assistance bill and reviling a POW is more than adequate to destroy an overextended military.

    as a retired Psyops officer, I’m impressed. Appalled, but impressed.

  70. Sir! No Sir! A Film About The Gi Movement Against The War In Vietnam.
    This is the story of one of the most vibrant and widespread upheavals of the 1960’s–one that had profound impact on American society, yet has been virtually obliterated from the collective memory of that time.
    Its not at that point yet but multiple deployments. Republicans with their fetish of war. They have broken the economy, they have broken the social fabric that held this country together. And after 30 years of repeating you cant trust government with their utter thievery and incompetence the gullible people of America believing that, their wish has come true. And now they have broken the trust of the Military except for a few dead enders who refuse to see the truth that’s before their very eyes

  71. Foolish, hypocritical and unpatriotic doesn’t come close to describing McCain and Graham, among others. These idiots are anti-American. Anti-Government. Anti-commonsense. And definitely against what most Americans think- free all soldiers !

  72. The God Damned republicans are playing this poor kid with PTSD as nothing but a political ” I hate the Black Democrat Obama issue “. These sick disgusting GOP bastards and bitches are putting political party ahead of an American soldier with a mental disability from being at war. Despicable, thine name is, republican.

  73. McCain was traded for viet Cong prisoners who had directly killed Americans before that war was over. It is our Country’s solemn duty to do what ever it takes to get our soldiers released whenever we can. This constant carping on we don’t negotiate with terrorists is disproven by history. We have often negotiated with terrorists and have often released them. Even Bush released over 500 Taliban from captivity while he was in office. And one of those released is implicated in the attack on Benghazi. You clearly have allowed your judgement to be clouded by your hatred for our President. This is why conservatives now have the dubious honor of being supported by less then 20% of Americans. Keep it up and watch the conservative movement die completely.

  74. This goes mainly to Army Vet and Charlie. President Obama did sign the bill, as it was an amendment to a must sign that you can find at (library of congress). In this particular one he wrote a signing statement and used it. You might not like it, but Google how many signing statements Dumbya used, and most of those were written from 01 to 06, while he had both houses of congress.

  75. Howza ’bout the 50K jobs the Keystone pipeline would create . . . or the 250K jobs that the new EPA coal regulations will cost – guess that Obama wants to reduce labor costs at Wal-mart.

  76. Yep – and when you join up to serve and your “foxhole buddy” “walks off” on you – you may have a different impression.

  77. OK – let me get this right. You’re defending a government that allowed Al-Crazy to fly planes into the WTC?

  78. I am not defending nothing. I am just stating the facts as they are known, See the problem with you people all you understand is your little twisted world of what your think is a black or white issue. You get your views on what to think and never stop and ask why. Do you have proof thet the Taliban helped plan the 9 11 attacks? No you don’t even the bush regime didn’t say that and trust they had no qualms of lying to advance their agenda. Don’t come at me with your so called morality because you have none .ALSO I it would seem that you cant even think or pick a book and learn. But I guess that’s a liberal fault, trying to understand and learn. Now get that straight

  79. Hey I have a idea why don’t you stop listening to propaganda and I don’t know,use your google
    Pipe Dreams: How Many Jobs Will Be Created By Keystone XL?
    Meanwhile, both the federal government and the Global Labor Institute at Cornell University’s College of Industrial and Labor Relations examined TransCanada’s application and made their own job creation estimates, at 6,000-6,500 and 2,500-4,500 respectively. A State Department study

    I see you have fallen for the Reich wing spin on job losses. I guess you don’t believe fossil fuel is the main cause of climate change either. Well I can fix stupid so this is for everyone who is sane
    Myths and Facts About EPA’s Carbon Pollution Standards

  80. One has what use to be called a Bad Conduct discharge now its refer to a less than honorable. I wonder what other skeletons the others have in their closets?

  81. It is interesting that Obama is demonized for bringing home a pow but no one remembers that George W. Bush and Ken Lay (Enron exe) were in negotiation with the Taliban for a gas pipeline while he was governor of Texas. He didn’t talk to them on the phone he went to them with Lay! When the USS Cole was attacked these types of talks were ended by Clinton. The Taliban was in power in Afganistan from the 1990’s until 2001.

  82. The Republicans are the first to hurl the accusation of being “unamerican”… If this current manufactured rage is not the essence of unamericanism then I don’t know what is.

    This is truly sickening. The only ones that will swallow this whole are the 20% base that are so stridently anti-Obama that all reason fled long ago. They don’t care what it is that Obama does they’re ardently against it.

    But the rest, all those loyal Republican voters that are really pretty much center of the road (yes, they do exist…I know many of them.)? Well, I think this will leave them shaken.

    The Republicans are now against getting our own home. Once you’ve crossed that line what other line is left to cross?

    I pray that the Republican center will begin to defect. It is up to the Democrats in each contest to pin this to their Republican opponents chest and make them own it.

  83. If we must place blame for the death of any soldier in Afganistan it would be G.W.Bush. It was Bush that lied to the world about weapons of mass destruction. He knew the information he had did not prove there were weapons of mass destruction and investigators sent to inspect these weapons advised him against war based on lies.How many lives were lost or changed forever by the real reason Bush and Chaney wanted to be in Iraq – OIL. Chaney’s oil company, Hall I Burton, made $39.5 BILLION dollars on Iraqi war. No one ever suggested they be investigated or prosecuted for this deception and lives lost. They should have been. This war cost not only lives but in order to fund this oil war monies were taken from the Social Security surplus in the billions and funding of Medicaid were cut to states putting programs like hospice at risk. Instead of paying back S.S. funds Republicans want to cut benefits and medicare to retirees who have paid into this program all of their working lives.

  84. The glaring error in this article is the assumption that Americans are sick of the Republican Party. There is a very real possibility that the Republicans will regain the Senate and increase their majority in the House. No, we aren’t sick of the Republicans. We are gluttons for punishment.

  85. Great writing, but more than that, a powerful oration worth of entering the annals alongside Cicero’s first Catilinarian Oration against Lucius Catilina, the incipit of which is just magnificent: “When, O Catilina, do you mean to cease abusing our patience. How long is that madness of yours still to mock us…” Well,substitute Fox & Co. for Catilina, and the rest (of the pack!!). I only wish you had also accused the so-called “moderate” Republican presidential candidates-in-waiting for choosing to remain silent while the Fox “super-patriots” are hurling insults at the soldier’s parents, as though it doesn’t matter. The Roman poet Horace advises that we should be “gracious with (our tongues,” i.e., we should listen in silence. But there is a time to be silent and a time to speak out. Shame on you, “moderate” GOP thinkers, pundits (whatever)…!

  86. Everything this “president” has done has been to weaken and damage the USA. This obscene and ridiculous stunt may at last bring the bill of impeachment this guy has worked so hard to earn. I voted for Clinton twice but Obama is an embarrassment to any real American. I can’t wait to bid him farewell forever!

  87. Why take the cowards way and say WHITE RACIST America . I know a lot of REAL AMERICANS that would call you a braying jackass but if you and the Reich want to impeach. Please Proceed. I am sick and tired of you mental midgets selling wolf tickets, just do it

  88. The notion that the only way for one party to be heard is to bring down the other party is the very element of destruction which keeps our country from reaching any real solutions. Diversity must be celebrated not persecuted. The differences are in place to maintain a moderation in all things. We should seek the middle ground, not try to banish opposing viewpoints. Opposition is necessary and useful.

  89. Why say one party? Its not both sides and to keep repeating that fiction is dangerous. I will say it for you. The Republican party AKA the American Taliban are hell bent on destroying America because white men are scared of sharing power.

  90. And none of this will matter. In a week from now they will all go back to their normal constitution defending lives, telling their women what they can and cannot do and praising Jesus. Nothing will change. One would think with the new generation of people entering politics (my millennial, tech enriched generation) some of the constitutional values would be modernized to reflect the values of a modern society (gay marriage, abortion, the shift of wealth just to name a few). Unfortunately these people would rather live their lives as if it still were the 1800s.
    This built up Republican rage has been fermenting for too long, something is going to happen… what, I cannot say, but something cannot be allowed to fester for so long without eventually exploding. Just imagine another civil uprising. It has happened before, and don’t think it won’t happen again.

  91. I completely agree with this post. So far it seems this is the most logical idea to get things done and to progress rather than go backwards. My only comment would be, while finding middle ground is ideal, there should be certain principles we never alter. I agree though that the concept of having to destroy another political stance to boost your own is destructive to America’s progress.

  92. LOL! Leftist whackjobs are concerned about the future of the Republican party.

    Ironically, the idiots who run the Republican party in Washington probably listen to these loons.

  93. If this isn’t “the bottom” then I cannot imagine what could possibly be lower. Doubting the military, POW, his family, erasing “prayers”, even advocating leaving the Taliban to mete justice to one of our own….?

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