Michigan GOP’s ‘We Understand Women’ Photo-Op Goes Down In Flames


Michigan House Republicans jumped on Twitter to demonstrate they “understand women” and quickly proved how clueless they really are. Three GOP House Reps were photographed holding fashion magazines. Michigan Representatives Victory, Glardon and Pettalia smugly help up copies of “women’s magazines”, and Representative Pettalia quipped “Don’t say we don’t understand women.”  One has to be pretty deeply immersed in misogynistic patterns  of thought to think that the secret to securing more women voters is as simple as holding up a copy of Glamour magazine in front of camera.

Republicans continue to have difficulty re-branding themselves as a female friendly party. In Michigan, even running a woman for U.S. Senate has done little for the GOP’s image, because that woman, Terri Lynn Land, infamously remarked that women do not want equal pay with men, because they prefer job flexibility to better salaries. Land’s ardent defense of GOP misogyny has put her at a significant disadvantage against Democrat Gary Peters who has consistently held a double-digit lead over Land with female voters throughout 2014.

The Michigan GOP’s latest stunt to attract women voters was deservedly ridiculed almost immediately. Four women members of Michigan’s Democratic House delegation, retorted with a tweet stating “Real women read bill not fashion mags…” The accompanying photo showed the four Reps scanning proposed legislation.

Of course the central issue is not whether or not women should or should not read fashion magazines, but where do the candidates stand on issues important to women? While not all women think alike, when one looks at issues like reproductive rights, equal pay for equal work, and addressing domestic violence, it is pretty clear that the Republican Party fails to understand what matters to most women. While they can always find a steady pool of female candidates to run on the GOP platform, that pool is unrepresentative of the majority of women in the country. For that reason, Republican candidates run poorly with female voters, not only in Michigan but across the country. Having three male Republican lawmakers awkwardly holding up fashion magazines, with self-satisfied grins on their faces will not close that gender gap with voters. However, it may widen the gap as Republicans once again prove how little they understand women.

24 Replies to “Michigan GOP’s ‘We Understand Women’ Photo-Op Goes Down In Flames”

  1. First mistake: They say they understand women. I have been with my wife for 18 years have 2 daughters and sometimes I am like WTF I didn’t know that and why is it always my fault

  2. I always try to look at the other persons perspective. Try to put myself in their frame of mind. With repubs I just cannot seem to force myself into their world. It’s delusional or something. IDK

  3. These three stooges with those silly grins on their faces, show exactly what the GOP is all about. It’s not even considered a job to them. They just like the title and quirks that come with the job. If they don’t want to the job or can’t then get out and let somebody who will do it have it. Michigan voters should have the last laugh by sending them packing next election, especially the women voters.

  4. c’mon… you’re all being too hard on the bois…

    its date night and they’re just looking for hair and make up tips when they go out to local gay bar…

    if you’re gonna stereotype you might be wanna be careful about the picture you present…

  5. As a woman, I can say this is also a double edged sword. I remember seeing all my female relative and friends getting ready to marry, saying about their men’s habits ‘I’ll change that’ They’ve spent 30 years changing their man and then ask ‘What happened to the man I married?’

  6. Women who vote….well These aren’t the magazines we’re reading ……idiots!
    That’s what I read in highschool and college.

  7. Don’t forget the women who continue to vote republican even while republican policies are designed to hurt women.

    Some women are just stupid, especially those who vote for republicans.

  8. I have come to the conclusion that Republicans are incapable of learning. It’s obvious that the consequences of putting Sarah Palin, a woman whose policies are anti-woman, on their presidential ticket in 2008 didn’t penetrate their thick skulls. They also didn’t learn any lessons from electing other numbskulls like Michele Bachmann, who is definitely a laughingstock here and abroad like Palin. That also goes for their pushing of a doofus like Herman Cain in order to attract black voters. The problem is their ideology, and there is no amount of window dressing that can disguise that fact. I wonder what genius came up with the idea of 3 stooges posing with women’s magazines to show they “understand women.” They must think women are just as stupid as THEY are if they believe we would fall for such transparent, juvenile idiocy.

  9. Psst…those rags are INSIDE the womens’ magazines. Hence the smiles.

    Think pre-teens hiding girlie mags…

  10. Yeah, because what women love most is being patronized.

    It couldn’t possibly, never, never, ever, at all, beyond the wildest stretch of the imagination be because the woman IS right.

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