Republicans Label Obama’s Plan To Combat Climate Change a Terrorist Attack

Carbon emissions
Something that promotes and contributes to social well-being, particularly on a national level, is regarded as beneficial. It goes without saying that a nation’s population expects their leaders to work tirelessly to promote policies and agendas that contribute to the well-being of the nation in general, and the people in particular; unless they are Republican leaders. Over the past five years, at least, Republicans have not only resisted doing anything beneficial for the American people, they have actively and with great contempt obstructed any attempt by President Obama and Democrats to pass legislation or enact policies to benefit the people and it has become their defining characteristic as conservatives.

It is, or should be by now, common knowledge that Republicans have not, and will not, propose, support, or advance any policies or agenda that benefit the people because their entire focus is serving the rich and their corporations. It was little surprise, then, that even before President Obama was forced to take it upon himself to address the devastating effects of climate change on the people and the nation, Republicans and their dirty energy donors lashed out against a proposal that benefitted the population. It is just what Republicans do.

The President’s action to reduce carbon emissions responsible for climate change have been labeled by Republicans as a terrorist attack, an assault on democracy, an deliberate Obama crusade to kill jobs, and an illegal use of executive power. Of course, everything Republicans claim are filthy lies, but it is their preferred action anytime this President, or Democrats, attempt to do anything to benefit the people or the nation’s well-being. Republicans know that reducing carbon emissions is the only course of action to reduce the devastating effects of climate change; including warnings from the Department of Defense of the likelihood of increased terrorist threats to America’s national security if climate change continues unabated. It is beyond refute that Republicans are united in supporting any policy advancing the devastation of climate change regardless the effect on the economy, Americans’ health, or national security including lying to protect their fossil fuel donors.

First, the President is not illegally using executive power in imposing new carbon emission limits according to the 1970 Clean Air Act; particularly Section 111 the President employed like Congress specifically intended to regulate pollution from power plants over 40 years ago. Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell accused the President of assaulting democracy itself, putting a “dagger in the heart of the American middle class, launching an Obama job-killing crusade,” and claimedit is the single worst blow to Kentucky’s economy in modern times.” Subsequently, McConnell immediately introduced legislation to block the new EPA rules and rein in the African American President for attempting to benefit the nation and American people.

What McConnell, or any Republican beholden to the dirty fossil fuel industry, refused to acknowledge is that President Obama realized the challenge to reduce carbon emissions may hit coal producing states’ energy providers’ profit margins where it hurts and gave the states with the most carbon-intensive power plants a break. Instead of reaching the 30% reduction goal, states like Kentucky and West Virginia are only required to make reductions of 19.8% and 18.3% respectively. Instead of acknowledging the President’s generosity to make the new standards as economically manageable as possible, Republicans are already using them as election-year posturing and point-scoring.

Now, Republican claims based on the fascist U.S. Chamber of Commerce report that came out in advance of the President’s new EPA rules that reducing carbon emissions meant total economic annihilation have been thoroughly debunked as more GOP filthy lies to protect the dirty fossil fuel industry’s profits. Still, it has not stopped Republicans like McConnell, Rand Paul, David Vitter, RNC chairman Reince Priebus, and House Speaker John Boehner from citing the Chamber’s dirty lies as proof that “The president’s plan would cause a surge in electricity bills and “put an average of 224,000 more people out of work every year.” Besides being dirty vile liars, Republicans are projecting their own despicable three year job-killing crusade on the President. As usual they use mendacity as a fear-mongering tool to convince their stupid supporters that President Obama’s attempt to assuage the health and economic devastation of climate change is a deliberate job-killing, economy-devastating, terrorist assault on Americans.

The Chamber of Commerce, like the Koch brothers’ American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), may lead and speak for Republicans, but they do not have the support of some seriously major corporations, and surprisingly utility providers, that are distancing themselves from the fascist tax-exempt business organization’s lies and opposition to the President’s climate change rules. In fact, the communications director of Public Citizens’ U.S. Chamber watch, Sam Jewler said, “There are utilities that are major players in American energy and are part of the Chamber that think these regulations are fair and flexible enough for them to work with. It’s another case of the Chamber not doing what’s best for the economy or the American people and not representing the full range of businesses in the economy.” Several dozen of the major corporations that either contribute to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce or have executives currently serving on its board of directors do not endorse the new lie-filled report.

The President’s bold move to benefit America and its people had another effect that cannot be understated; China said that since America is moving forward to reduce carbon emissions, it will follow Obama’s lead and place an absolute cap on carbon emissions. According to Reuters, chairman of China’s Advisory Committee on Climate Change told a conference in Beijing on Tuesday that after President Obama’s announcement, “The government will use two ways to control CO2 emissions; by intensity and an absolute cap.” China and America are the largest CO2 (green-house gas) emitters in the world, and China previously complained that America had no right to point a finger at China while it was not willing to take steps to reduce carbon emissions driving climate change. China is suffering the same extreme droughts, wildfires, and devastating floods as Americans, as well as air pollution posing a serious health risk that is killing its people.

Republicans could not possibly care any less about the damaging effects climate change is having on Americans or the nation’s economy. The vicious droughts plaguing the Central and Western states are due to drastically drive up food costs across the nation, and as rivers dry up, reservoirs run out of water, there are serious concerns that states that produce a major portion of the nation’s food supply will run out of water within a few years; if not sooner. Still, Republicans are fighting each and every attempt to reduce carbon emissions to protect the dirty fossil fuel industry’s profits by either outright denying climate change is real or refusing to discuss it because they are not scientists. Republicans are not gynecologists either, but they have no issue discussing, and imposing restrictions, on every woman in America’s uterus to regulate their reproductive health.

There is not one conservative alive, not one Republican, teabagger, or libertarian who can cite even one instance of conservatives doing anything to benefit the nation or the American people, but they devote every waking moment in Congress and state legislatures working for the fossil fuel industry’s benefit. It is inconceivable that Republicans have any supporters after they have not supported even one policy to benefit their constituents, but it is likely their racist supporters regard opposing anything the President proposes as beneficial. One only hopes that as they are saved from being washed away in floods, burned out of their homes in wildfires, or forced to drink recycled urine they remember it is not because of the Republicans beholden to the fossil fuel industry, but because that Black President they hate worked for all Americans’ benefit; even those who least deserve it.

7 Replies to “Republicans Label Obama’s Plan To Combat Climate Change a Terrorist Attack”

  1. I wonder how much better off we all would be if the republicans put only 10% of the effort they expended in blasting, berating and obstructing the POTUS into actual governance.

  2. It just amazes me how completely greedy and ignorant these people are.I read on another site that the Texas GOP platform on climate change for this election cycle is to ignore and deny. Now there’s some good policy decisions. Even polled republican voters overwhelmingly agree something needs to be done in respect to climate change. Watching the teasters and their like is like watching a suicide in progress.

    Their being proud and defiant to be on the wrong side of every rational issue defies any logic. I feel that any state, or elected offical representing that state that refuses to act in compliance with climate change directives should be punished. The Rubios and McConnells should lose all federal funding. Not one dime until they decide to comply. The states that need federal funding the most are the most resistant to change. We should start drawing the purse strings on a lot of these backwards states until they decide to join the 21st century.

  3. Wind and Solar Harvest Enough Energy Now to Pay Back Manufacture Plus Add Storage

    Renewable power can pay for its own manufacture via energy produced plus cover the cost of adding batteries

    To the American Taliban the horse buggy industry cried bloody murder when the auto mobile came into widespread use but back then we embrace new technology not stick our heads in the sand. The future is in renewables and while coal miners will lose that thankless job there will be more jobs, more money and most importantly we will not be the cause of our own extinction. Do not be fooled by the kochs and fossil fuel lies. The temperature is rising and at 35 degrees Celsius about the core body temperature. Each doubling of the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere leads to a temperature rise of around 4.5 °C.
    We are getting to the point of no return and when that happens, Oh well..

  4. One of my favorite lines in “Cat on a hot tin roof”…do ya’ smell that Brick? that’s the smell of mendacity! I do indeed big Daddy!

  5. wow. I have never read an article that was so biased and wrong. I am neither republican or democrat, but I can tell you that labeling republicans as ‘sick people’ who ‘want whats best for large corporations and rich people’ is not only exaggerated, but is plain dumb to say. Republicans simply believe that everyone should have a level playing ground in business. That way, working for your money, will thereby EARN IT for you to keep. Democrats, are a defensive political mess, endorsing what they can to portray media saying ‘republicans are wrong and this and that’. Although both parties are ignorant, it takes a half a brain to see that this article is nothing but a one-sided; ill-knowledged slander of a political party. In times of debt, do not spend. It seems that most of America is failing to understand that nowadays. Hopefully one day Democrats will learn.

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