Another Solid Jobs Report Shows Why Republicans Are Laser Focused On Fake Scandals



On Friday, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released the jobs report for the month on May. For the fourth month in a row, American employers added over 200,000 jobs. For May, we saw 217,000 nonfarm payroll jobs added to the economy. Also, the months of March and April, which both saw robust job growth, saw very little revision. Overall, we have finally added back all of the jobs that were lost during the Great Recession. The private sector reached pre-recession levels back in March. However, due to Republican austerity measures that have led to the shedding of a million public sector jobs, it took until now for total employment numbers to reach that goal.

The unemployment rate stayed steady at 6.3%, as did the labor participation rate of 62.8%. Wages saw a slight increase, as the average hourly wage came in at $24.38, up five cents. Over the past year, wages have increased 2.1%, essentially staying in tune with inflation. This is one of the key factors of income inequality, as the average worker’s wage has stayed stagnant compared with the economy while those at the top have seen their income increase at a much greater rate. This is one of the arguments for the increase of the minimum wage. With solid jobs gains and a robust stock market, there should be no real reason why employers can’t increase the lower-end wages up a bit more.

For the most part, this report is good news and show that the economy is recovering. While there are definitely more progressive policies that can be put in place to grow the economy faster and create even more job growth, the fact remains that since Barack Obama took over as President, the nation’s economy has reversed course from the downward spiral it was on. In the first full month of Obama’s presidency (February 2009), the unemployment rate was 8.3% and steadily rising. After hitting a peak of 10.0% in October 2009, we have seen it steadily drop. In the past 12 months, the rate has dropped for 7.5% to its current rate of 6.3%. The private sector has seen robust job growth while the public sector, not so much.

Another thing gleaned from this recent jobs report was the growth in the health care field. The amount of jobs added in May in the health care industry was 34,000. This is twice as much as the average over the past 12 months. It appears that another positive effect of the health care law, other than providing millions of people the ability to obtain affordable health coverage, is that a large increase in new patients means the need for more employees to care for them. We should continue to see more jobs added in the health care industry over the coming years as millions of more uninsured people become insured.

Of course, this new jobs report, and the continued improvement of the economic landscape, will not receive much focus from the media or Republicans in Washington. Right now, conservative media and GOP lawmakers would rather talk about the made-up scandal of the day, the release of an American POW who was held captive for five years. Right now, they are trying to figure out a way to make the deal the President made to secure the release of the nation’s last prisoner of war into an impeachment-level scandal. This comes on the heels of them doing the same thing with the deplorable situation involving the VA, Benghazi (multiple times) and the IRS. Scandalmania took full-effect once the GOP realized they couldn’t hammer the President anymore on Obamacare after it was successfully implemented and millions of people had received health coverage through the exchanges.

Now, we see more positive news showing that the President, despite so much Republican obstruction and obstinance, has still been able to persevere and create positive change for the country as a whole. When history looks back at this period of time, Republicans will not be looked upon kindly.

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  1. Imagine where the job sector would be if the repubs would quit obstructing and start passing some of the infrastructure improvements bills.

  2. Just think if we spent 10 million an hour like we did in Afghanistan how many jobs would be created by fixing our infrastructure and transforming from a fossil fuel based economy to renewable energy. If we did that we could also stop spending trillions protecting the Persian gulf even though a fair amount of that oil goes to China. Then again maybe I should stop dreaming

  3. So the person who gave a down vote is in favor of spending 10 million a hour for a unwinnable war instead of investing in our country. Explain yourself coward

  4. I absolutely agree if we stopped going to senseless greedy wars and spent that money on infrastructure and creating jobs then our country would be in 100% better shape. Mr. President keep doing what you are doing. I have faith that the majority of the American people see right through the Repugs.

  5. Or djchefron that person being a true red conservative simply feels compelled to be against what you are for because of the mental programming that the Reich Wing employs to keep a power base.

  6. That’s why I think Obama will have the last laugh, at the end of his term. And with all the blockades, nasty words, insults, disrespect coming from the other side and their base, Obama would have overcome it all. I don’t know how he does it without flipping out! ?

  7. @Thomas”P-51 Mustang fly-by, I must agree. The simple fact that President Obama has endured all the disrespect, hyperbole, and venom that the right spews daily and more to the point, that he has done so with grace and class, speaks volumes both about him and about the Conservatives. As the nations demographic gradually shift left with time and Fox propaganda dies off as a result, we will all look back on the fascist right wing fringe as an example of what NOT to be as a nation.

  8. What more does the president have to do before the American public rewards him with an approval rating spike? Employment growth over the summer is projected to be even better than it has been recently. Even after this are the American voters going to reward him with a frigging conservative senate majority? Wake the hell up sleeping Democrats and get out to vote in November! Turnout in California the other day was a measly 14%. Low turnout equals GOP victory period.

  9. The reason Obama will not get respect on the jobs front is the quality of the jobs created. In just the last jobs report there were no manufacturing jobs created. Much of this is due to high wage, tax and regulation costs. Manufacturers will continue to accelerate off shoring and utilizing automated manufacturing due to government interference. Indeed 311,000 people were added to “food service and drinking establishments” over the last year, or so the BLS claims. That’s an utterly-stunning 16% of all jobs added over the last 12 months — or three times the rate of adds to manufacturing. The labor participation rate is still far below its peak in 2006/2007 when it hit 66.4% and is much lower of the ever important 24 to 36 year old group Thus stifling household formation and crushing retail growth. I cannot lay this all at the Presidents feet, but he has as much culpability as anyone with destructive and invasive laws such as Obamacare.

  10. The question I must ask you is “how many jobs did your GOP (job creators) create?” I don’t think Bush had a month of positive job creating….hmmmmm?

  11. @BostonBOOB. Yes there was, most of the jobs that have been created in the 51 straight month period was over 5 million private sector. GO suck you some more Koch. And your boy George lost 646 hundred thousand private sector jobs. You can have your own, or Drudge and Fox view, but not your own set of facts.

  12. By at least 4 times a week having a press conference to sling mud at the opposition calling them cowards, racist, sexist, prejudice, and any other hateful term he can sling much akin to how the Republican talk shows attack him.
    Same with Hillary, Rice, and oh so many on both sides they just fling crap like 6 year olds but with better vocabulary

  13. I cant believe those stupid Republicans, cant everyone see that gas prices are so much lower and grocery prices are so much better and utilities have gone down, wages are so much higher. The economy is doing amazingly well. The f—–g racist idiots!!!!

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