Draft-Dodging Swiftboater Saxby Chambliss Confirms That Obama Can’t Trust Republicans

saxby chambliss

In the middle of yet another Romney-esque change in positions due to the GOP weathervane pointing due opposite of President Obama on any and all issues, Republican Senator and draft-dodger Saxby Chambliss said that if he had been told of the exchange of the Gitmo prisoners for Sgt. Bergdahl, he’d have raised “holy hell” in “public opposition”.


Chambliss, who swiftboated Vietnam veteran and triple-amputee Max Cleland to get his seat in 2002, told Politico:

If he had gotten notice, Chambliss said he would have gone public in opposition — just as he did two years ago when rumors of the release of Taliban fighters from Guantanamo rippled through Washington.

“I’d have raised holy Hell,” he said. “Absolutely. I did last time and I would again.”

Chambliss “later clarified” that he would not have done anything to endanger Bergdhal or release classified info, telling Politico, “When I was asked about the 30-day congressional notification coming out of votes, I was referring to raising hell in the press about the Taliban officials release.”



And how would that have gone? Just randomly accusing the President of releasing prisoners from Gitmo, on an issue that the White House could not respond to without endangering classified information, this is Chambliss’ best thinking of how to handle his opposition to the President?

The reality is that as much sparring as goes on between parties, Before Barack Obama (B.B.O.) there were things that were sacred. There were classified issues that were argued in private, with the best interests of our troops and our national security as the end goal. But those days are long over.

Republicans and some Democrats are upset that President Obama didn’t follow procedure by telling “the big eight” prior to the exchange of the prisoners for our single prisoner of war from the Afghanistan conflict. They are also upset, ostensibly, because Obama didn’t follow the law requiring 30-day notice to Congress over Bergdahl’s release. The White House has explained that they were afraid that Congress would leak the plans, especially as they claim they had obtained credible information that Bergdahl would be killed and special operators who were involved in bringing him back would have been in greater danger if the exchange became public.

The White House has reason for this fear, as Darrell Issa (R-CA) has pretty consistently been reckless with classified information during his witch hunt hearings. Congressman Issa has leaked sensitive information, sometimes related to national security, which at one point placed several Libyans’ lives in danger. He had, at that point, already outed a CIA base in Libya in his Obama witch hunt fever.

Republicans are not operating as loyal opposition, but rather the ultimate trolls of this country.

So Saxby Chambliss of Georgia confirmed the White House’s fear that they can’t trust the Republicans in Congress.

President Obama can’t trust this Congress because Republicans have shown time and time again that they will do anything to put the President in a precarious situation. They will reduce funding to embassies and then blame him when one is attacked. They will not give him what he asked for to run the VA or pass Independent or Democratic VA bills and then blame him when the VA is backed up. They will out classified information in hopes of creating chaos, even when it endangers lives, as Darrell Issa did.

The problem this creates is that the Congress is not functioning at all as a check on the White House, because they are giving the White House every reason to override them. Their constant obstructionism and refusal to do anything for the country because they hate losing national elections has created a situation where the President has to go around them in order to do the right thing; in this case, bringing Bergdahl home. This is not how our country is supposed to run.

While we can and should object to expansions of executive power, how can rational people expect the President to leave a troop in enemy hands because Republicans are behaving badly? That is unthinkable. Our troops, and I’d daresay average Americans, should not be pawns in power struggles between branches of government. This is but one of the damaging results of Republican obstructionism.

Leave it to Saxby Chambliss to tell us all exactly why Obama can’t trust him or his party.

20 Replies to “Draft-Dodging Swiftboater Saxby Chambliss Confirms That Obama Can’t Trust Republicans”

  1. Nobody wants to hear what this jackhole has to say about anything. He didn’t even stay for the entire briefing the other night because he wanted to be the first to be at a microphone to give his uninformed opinion. Rand Paul didn’t attend at all, but he had an opinion.

    By the way Saxby, how’s that guns everywhere working out for ya? Now they are coming to the courthouses. Ha!

  2. this so called clandestine exchange has been public knowledge since late 2011, same 5 ppl for same POW.. me thinkest they bitcheth toeth mucheth.. he’ll never be half the man Max Cleland is or was..

  3. Wonder if they know that the dad of the rescued soldier gave a speech at the republican fund raiser in Idaho when Steele was in charge of the party fundraisers and apparently all the rethugs were very impressed/

  4. The next time (heaven forbid) we need to do a prisoner exchange, let’s give them ALL the Republicans in Congress.

  5. I swear!
    I wish Democrats would issue
    a TPM saying “DO NOT eat yellow snow!!”
    Have EVERY Dem go on TV and keep repeating
    it, including the POTUS!
    I know,
    it’s sounds stupid but I think it
    Xposes the GOP HYPOCRISY.
    No matter what Democrats say, Republicans
    oppose it. They have actually proposed bills in the Senate, but if Dems agree,
    they actually filibuster their own BILLS!
    WE need to Xpose all their HYPOCRISY NOW!
    Shine a bright spotlight in their constant opposition to EVERYTHING. They
    wanna be the Party of NO?
    Well, WE can say NO too!!

  6. When Diane Feinstein had her temper tantrum ‘for not knowing’, I wanted to slap her up side the head. I’d given her credit for a brain for years — I’ve since reconsidered that as she sounded like we should attach a Bagger label to her and offer some Cheese with that WHINE.

    When WE have that info without doing FOIA requests but via simple net searches and whether it was CNN or WSJ or ?? — the names of the 5 were out there. Not rocket science.

    Where was her or her staff’s brain…in the crapper.

    It’s not her first ‘whinefest’. It’s getting old in fact and making her untrustworthy & needing knocked down a peg. To hear how she’s been annointed like the queen Sen — No longer. The crown’s tarnished. Just as those at MSNBC bow to Andrea Mitchell & Chris Matthews as the ‘political knowledge experts’ – GAG. It’s the one thing I slam Maddow for when she bows to them.

    I know – ‘Tell you how I really feel’!! LOL

  7. I think it’s pretty safe to say that this goober, along with a majority of his colleagues, will find out soon enough that there’s absolutely nothing holy about Hell. It’ll give ’em an eternity to think about how they judged one soldier..and convicted him in absentia…all because of their racial hatred. At least he’ll have a lot of company.

  8. Well, this is how they put it over at Juanita Jean’s, the successor blog to Kiss My Big Blue Butt:

    Welcome home, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.  I can assure you that if President Obama had sought a 30 days notice to Congress, they would have given your patootie to the Taliban just to embarrass the President.

    Pretty accurate assessment, I’d say.

  9. My, My, how times has changed. Used to be a time of day when America wouldn’t let “draft dodgers” back into the country. Now here they are in Congress, running their pie holes about somebody else. Too bad he wasn’t willing to raise “holy hell” against the north Vietnamese.

  10. Let us all remember, too, that both Saxby Chambliss and John McCain left the briefing before it ended to run to cameras to claim that they either learned nothing and/or to whine about how they still don’t understand why it was necessary for Pres. Obama to secure Bergdahl’s arrest without them holding his hand. If the members of Congress who are throwing temper tantrums were Hollywood actors, they’d all stand a good chance at winning Oscars for their theatrical performances. They are not serious individuals. Serious individuals know the gravity of certain situations, are capable of exercising flexibility in their positions when needed, don’t skip/walk out of briefings to stand before a bank of cameras to complain about not knowing/understanding serious issues, don’t seek to divide their nation’s citizens to win elections, and don’t play politics with the lives of any of their own citizens.

  11. I was just watching the D-Day seventy year remembrance on MSNBC before reading this. Makes me think of how those great Americans “the greatest generation” were the last generation of selfless Americans who put country first. They literally saved the free world from Fascism. And then I am reminded of a jerk-off like Saxby Chambliss who somehow got enough citizens to vote his sorry draft dodging ass in to the US senate. Come on America! We can and must do better than this. Do your homework and only vote for someone who will put country first.

  12. Remember that this guy is retiring, so he can do whatever he wants and not worry about being re-elected…

  13. We have some real patriot heroes today too. Its just the press would rather listen to Chambliss who doesn’t deserve the attention. I admit I’ll never forgive him for what he did to Max Cleland, a true American hero.

  14. MSNBC is one big mutual admiration society. I turned them off over a year ago, and am the better for it, as now I don’t have to listen to spin and snark, and best of all—no more Morning Joe, Chuckie Todd, and Andrea Mitchell.

  15. I have always despised this scumbag who dodged serving in Vietnam, and then had the unmitigated audacity to badmouth his opponent, who had actually lost limbs in the same war. As despicable as Chambliss is, he could never have won without the votes of a bunch of gullible fools who were just as lacking in moral integrity and mental intelligence as he is. As far as I’m concerned, he is one of the very LAST people who should have a right to say anything on this subject. He needs to slither back under the rock he crawled from under.

  16. The Long Bowe Hunters

    Let’s talk about Bowe Bergdahl, shall we? The Right Wing, like always, has been looking for a reason to attack Obama. And their latest one just happens to be the polar opposite of one of their earlier ones. For the past five years, Bowe Bergdahl, the only captured American prisoner, has been a cause célèbre for the GOP, a consistent placard that they could hold up to punctuate the phrase “Obama doesn’t care about the troops!”
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