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Right Wing Freaks Out With DOJ Announcement to Crackdown on Domestic Terrorists

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When Eric Holder announced  that the DOJ is bringing back its committee on Domestic Terrorism, right wing hypocrisy on terrorism was on full display. Simply put, when white supremacists use violence and terrorize communities to further their political agenda, it’s free speech. Only foreign terrorism counts, except when there’s an opportunity to engage in a little home grown Islamophobia, racism or both.

So when you go after people who are merely good conservatives who bomb abortion clinics and murder doctors you’re just going after people who disagree with you.  How dare the government go after good faux Christian White Supremacists?  That’s not going after domestic terrorists, it’s going after anyone who is white and opposes the Obama Administration.

Got it?

Pat Dollard claimed this is about mobilizing to wage war on white men.  Alex Jones wasn’t about to miss out on the opportunity to dismiss the reality of domestic terrorism when it sounds so much scarier to say that Obama is going after his political enemies.

Glenn Beck took the opportunity to chime in with: ”This regime is now justifiably terrified that attempts to overthrow them and re-establish our constitutional government and the rule of law may occur. A nazi/Stalin regime like rule is about to begin where people will be arrested and detained without evidence but on suspicion alone. Unlike Germany, there are no allies to come to our rescue to stop it.”

The SPLC’s report on the right wing’s reaction can be read here.

Most of our attention was focused on the right wing freak out over Bowe Bergdahl’s release because hey, it’s negotiating with “real” terrorists over a POW who studied ballet, his father has a beard and there are rumors that Bowe may have been a deserter.  That’s so much different from say, Cliven Bundy who was just exercising his right to be a deadbeat.  The government actually expects him to pay grazing fees? Don’t you know, in that case, the government was engaging in an act of terrorism. *facepalm*

In the sociopathic minds of the extreme right, all is fair in the name of stopping certain forms of terrorism.  If it means profiling Muslims or people who “look” Muslim that is okay because it’s about keeping America and Americans safe. War crimes are justifiable as is a white male Republican President’s Unitary executive doctrine.

Their reaction is very different when the terrorists in question are government hating white supremacists. Back in 2009, Republican sociopaths stomped their feet to condemn a DHS report that identified white supremacists as the greatest domestic threat to national security.

Folding to Republican temper tantrums, then DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano withdrew the report.  She also apologized to those who were offended by the fact that right wing terrorists would find returning vets who possess combat skills and experience attractive and would try to recruit them.

The reality is the report was right.  The attack on the Sikh Temple in 2012 was by a Neo-Nazi who was recruited while he was in the army.  Then there’s the case of the right wing radicals from Georgia who organized a far-right militia unit  while they were in the Army.  Eventually they murdered to hide their planned acts of terrorism.

Republicans continued to stomp their feet until the DHS shutdown the Domestic terrorism unit.

As a result, domestic terrorists have had free reign with nods and winks from many of the same people who smell impeachment because Bergdahl begins with the same letter as Benghazi.

In saner times, there would have been consensus around Eric Holder’s announcement to re-establish the committee to investigate domestic terrorism.  Actually, the DHS’s domestic terrorism unit would never have been shut down.  But we’re living in times when “patriots” call a president’s refusal to leave a soldier behind an impeachable offense.  The reality is we can blame Republicans for defending and pandering to home grown terrorists but we can only blame ourselves if we back down when Republicans use the language of terror to shut down efforts to enforce the law against home grown terrorists.

Image: News One


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