Hillary Clinton Takes Out Karl Rove While Destroying Questions About Her Concussion


Hillary Clinton destroyed the Republican smears about her concussion, and easily took out Karl Rove, during her first interview before the release of her new book.


Transcript of former Sec. of State Clinton’s interview with ABC News:

SAWYER: How is your health?

CLINTON: It’s very good, thank you.

SAWYER: How serious was it?

CLINTON: It was – you know, it was a – I think a serious concussion-

SAWYER: But the clot, in addition – if the clot had dislodged?

CLINTON: Yes. Well, can I tell you? That’s what – that was a scary point.

SAWYER: You had trouble with vision?

CLINTON: I had – because of the force of the – of the fall, I had some – I had double vision for a short period of time, and I had some dizziness.

SAWYER: Did you have trouble talking?

CLINTON: No, I had no – I had no problems. The only thing I had-

SAWYER: Headaches?

CLINTON: No. I didn’t – I didn’t – I didn’t have any of that. I didn’t – I felt fine, and I felt it was kind of silly that I was supposed to stay in bed.

I ran into Congressman Paul Ryan at the inauguration last year, and I had read he was this great athlete. And I said, ‘Congressman, did you ever have a concussion?’ He goes, ‘Oh, yes!’ He said, ‘I had several’ – I think three – ‘and the last one was serious. But my mother was smart enough to make me stay in’ – because what happens to athletes, soldiers, young people in car accidents – all the reasons why people get concussions – is they kind of shake it off. And I felt like – you know, I can – I can get back up. I can go to work. And the doctor said, no – you’re going to say and rest, because then, you will have a complete recovery.

So, fast-forward – I go home for Christmas – go to New York for Christmas – and I want to go back to work. And so, my doctor said, okay, let’s just do – you know, a MRI to make sure that everything’s healing as we think it is. So, here’s what they say: they say, the good news is, the concussion is totally resolving like we told you. It’s going to be fine. The bad news is, you’ve developed a clot behind your right ear, and you must immediately go the hospital, because we have to immediately put you on blood thinners.

SAWYER: Because you had a clot in your right leg before when you were traveling-

CLINTON: I have; I have-

SAWYER: Are they related?


SAWYER: So, blood thinners now?

CLINTON: Blood thinners – yeah; yeah.

SAWYER: For life?

CLINTON: Probably – but I don’t mind, because I don’t ever want to have to go through that again. (laughs)

SAWYER: So, no lingering effects?

CLINTON: No lingering effects-

SAWYER: Of any kind?

CLINTON: No – nope.

SAWYER: So, you would release your medical records if you ran for president?

CLINTON: I would do what other candidates have done – absolutely.

SAWYER: And what would you like to say to Karl Rove about your brain?

CLINTON: That I know he was called ‘Bush’s Brain’ in one of the books written about him, and I wish him well. (laughs)

Karl Rove and his allegations are such a joke that he is being laughed at by Hillary Clinton. Rove and the RNC’s attempt to scare Hillary Clinton out of running for president can now be pronounced an epic failure. Clinton mention of Republican golden boy Paul Ryan’s concussions was an excellent touch.

Former Sec. Clinton has learned a great deal since her last presidential campaign. She is very well prepared for everything that the Republican Party is dishing out. Much of this she has already seen before during he husband’s presidency. The Republican playbook has not changed at all in the last 20 years. The goal has always been to create discredit candidates through scandals and rumors while turning their strengths into weaknesses.

A laugh and a little dig at Karl Rove just the brushoff that Republicans didn’t want to see. Clinton isn’t frightened by the games that Republicans are playing. She is already winning.

Karl Rove is way out of his league when it comes to taking on Hillary Clinton, and Republicans have no idea what to do about their “Hillary problem.”

15 Replies to “Hillary Clinton Takes Out Karl Rove While Destroying Questions About Her Concussion”

  1. Hillary has two things going for her that will be her strengths to go after the rabid dogs on the Reich
    1. She is white
    2. She is a women
    Only their hateful base will respond to the dirt we know is coming but to sane people that will turn them off and vote for her just to spite turdblossom and the rest of the Reich wing.But don’t wait for the inevitable blowout in 2016 the work starts now for 2014 before they do any more damage in dumbing down the citizens

  2. If it’s Hillary in 2016, or any other Dems I can’t wait for the debates. Hillary, Warren, Sanders or anybody else will slice through anybody the repubs can put up. It will be like watching the infomercial on the Ginsu knives.

  3. I did like Romneys “Binders full of women” moment. You could tell as it fell out of his mouth that he wanted to shove it back in.

  4. It is a delicious thought – having another “please proceed governor” moment. Hoisted on their own petard. But hey what can you say, they built that.

  5. They think she’ll be Hillary 2008. She’s not that politician anymore – and we’re not that electorate.

    Republicans are in for a world of hurt.

  6. Sharp as a knife. She is well experienced with right wing politics. When she was First Lady, Republicans hadn’t yet moved right of John Birch, they were smarter then.

    She will make Ryan, Rubio, Santorum, Palin and Cruz stand out as the regressive clowns they are.

    It is obvious why they are so scared of her……………….I love it!

  7. I truly believe that the GOP don’t really know who they are messing with, when it comes to Hillary. They are not used to a woman getting one up on them. They are used to telling a woman to “speak when I allow it and then agree with what I said.” Well that might be what their women do, but they are not Hillary is not one of them.

  8. And no one’s more scared of Hillary than Rove. That’s why he’s started flinging his feces so soon and so ludicrously.

  9. i too am looking forward to the debates. tho i have no idea what so ever what the repubs can bring to the table? not seeing as how they have done nothing constructive in the past 6yrs.
    it’s going to be a slaughter….

  10. Thurston was only able to pull off “Liberal” for one debate, and the challenger typically wins the first debate.

    Bill is, was, and will always be Hillary’s Achilles heel – and I would vote for him again if I could.

  11. More like the Turdblossom was the clot on Bush’s brain. Funny how we don’t hear all that falderal about how we should “miss him” anymore. In fact I can’t think of the last time I saw someone in a comments section defend the Bush/Cheney WH. It’s kind of nice. :)

  12. They didn’t seem to mind John McCain’s age and health history. He was a 72 year old 3 time cancer survivor. Romney is slightly older than Hillary. Given that women tend to outlive men by 10 to 13 years, I fail to see the problem here.

    Turdblossom planting turds. They will come to naught.

  13. wish i could click the ‘i agree’ tab a hundred times over.
    how dare the republicans push this kind of slime. mccain,romney,reagan, all older than mrs. clinton, not one peep out of any right wingers mouth about age being a deterrent.
    how about with age comes wisdom, and experience, as in mrs. clintons case.
    go get ’em hillary!

  14. It’s amazing to think that it’s possible, maybe even likely, that the next Republican president won’t be in office before 2025.

    Now we just need to fix Congress and the state-houses.

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