Seattle Pacific University Shooting Hero Debunks The NRA’s Biggest and Most Bogus Claim


It is a sad fact of life that in America the frequency of mass shootings is increasing to the point that hardly any time goes by without a news alert that innocent Americans are gunned down where they work, play, and go to school. Despite the obvious reason for the mass shooting are the direct result of more guns in the hands of more Americans, gun fanatics and evangelical Christians have an answer for why the shootings occur and how they can be reduced if not stopped altogether. It never dawns on the gun advocates or religious fanatics that taking guns off the street, legal or otherwise, will reduce the death and devastation to families suffering the effects of gun violence, but then again their focus is not stopping violence as much as promoting their own twisted ideology. Whether it is the National Rifle Association, Christian Right, or insecure impotent men, they have all had absurd revelations about why gun violence is so prevalent and how to stop it. Another mass shooting on Thursday debunked their most prized and oft-repeated solutions for stopping innocent Americans from being gunned down.

The mass shooting on the campus of Seattle Pacific University that claimed the life of one man and injured three other innocent students near downtown Seattle when a gun fanatic walked onto the campus and indiscriminately gunned down four students exposed a favorite claim by both the National Rifle Association and religious right as completely bogus. First, if the crazed gunman did not have firearms at his disposal, the victims would not have been gunned down and neither the NRA or evangelical extremists can deny that simple fact. It is a simple premise even a half-wit evangelical or gun fanatic cannot possibly deny; no guns, no mass shooting. However, there were guns and there was a mass shooting and the only reason there were not more victims was not because a good guy with a gun stopped the bad guy with a gun, or as Christian fanatics are wont to claim because god was not invited to oversee government mandated school prayers or forced indoctrination of students with bible dogmata.

First, the bad guy with a firearm that gunned down four innocent students was stopped by a good guy with pepper spray; not a gun. Further, because the bad guy with a gun did not have an extended magazine like the NRA and gun maniacs fight desperately to put on the streets, he had to stop and reload giving the security guard the opportunity to pepper spray and wrestle the shooter to the ground preventing even more carnage. Also, the NRA wants every man, woman, and child armed and dangerous, and if that had been the case while the security guard was wrestling the shooter to the ground, there were reports that bystanders first thought there were two shooters and if one of them had been armed and began firing, they likely would have shot and killed not only the good guy with pepper spray subduing the shooter, but other innocent students attempting to flee the malaise.

Second, directly after the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut, and since then, there have been posters and articles rhetorically asking god, “why weren’t you at Sandy Hook protecting those innocent little angels,” to which pretend god answers “because I was prohibited from entering by the government when those dirty atheists banned school prayers and daily bible readings.” That argument was absurd before Thursday’s mass shooting, but since the gunman indiscriminately shot down four students at a private Christian university, it is safe to say good old god, hourly Christian prayers, and an abundance of bible readings should have kept the maniac with a gun off campus. It is time for the religious right to stop blaming horrendous loss of life on the lack of their god, bible, or prayers in public schools because if their god was ever due to take up residence in a place of education, it would have been a private Christian university full of Christians praying there was not an active shooter gunning down their classmates. Either god was napping, or the evangelicals’ favorite excuse for mass shooting has been officially debunked.

This is not to minimize the tragedy or devastating loss of life and mayhem inherent anytime a freak with a gun walks in a building and opens fire, but it is to put an end to the bovine excrement excuse that the only reason maniacs with easy access to firearms walk into schools or any other public places to kill innocent victims is because god is prohibited. Everyone knows the religious right takes advantage of any disaster to push god on America whether it is greedy businesses rejecting safety measures, extreme weather events due to climate change, or maniacs with easy access to firearms. The reason mines collapse, super-storms decimate entire states, fertilizer plants explode, and maniacs with guns kill people have nothing to do with god and everything to do with Republicans denying climate change, deregulating industry, and doing the bidding of the National Rifle Association by blocking gun safety regulations.

For the NRA, their persistent and sickening assertion that more good guys with guns will stop bad guys intent on committing mass shooting has been debunked long before a lone security man used pepper spray to subdue the shooter who did not have an extended magazine or clip and had to stop to reload. The maniac that went on a shooting spree in Santa Barbara a couple of weeks ago was confronted by several good guys with guns (law enforcement officers) and still managed to indiscriminately shoot innocent Americans; in that case, the bad guy with a gun stopped the bad guy with a gun with a self-inflicted shot to the head. The NRA’s never-ending claim that more guns in the hands of more Americans is the only solution to mass shootings is debunked and Americans are just as sick and tired of hearing it as they are that god, mandated public school prayers, and forced bible lessons will stop mass shootings in schools.

The NRA and Christian fanatics know precisely what will stop the preponderance of mass shootings that are becoming as typical as the nightly news; end the proliferation of firearms. It is a simple solution, and although it does not elicit religious fervor or incite 2nd Amendment extremists to push for more guns everywhere, it is a very simple solution. However, both the NRA and the religious right need mass shootings to continue unabated because they drive gun sales and NRA memberships, and give the Christians a reason to push god in public schools leading one to wonder just how excited the NRA and Christian Right get at the news another maniac gunned down innocent Americans.


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  1. Yeah because they need 30 round clips when they go hunting. Those little bunny rabbits and such are tough.

  2. When is this country ever going to wake the F up and grow a pair and put these selfish self centered asshat NRA and religious fanatics back in there own fantasy world, stop all the politicans especially the special interest politicans from listening and voting for these monsters of death, done only for the money, our children are being poisoned with this insanity due to the NRAs financial influence, they’re killing America, be afraid of the carnage they have created through fear and hate.

  3. The total number of guns in the hands of civilians has more than tripled since 1990; the number of households owning firearms has increased to an all time high =

    However, the number of violent crimes (including gun crimes) is about 1/2 of what it was in 1990

    Both the first and second sentence of your article are directly contradicted by facts. Do you not bother to check actual statistics?

  4. Are you assuming that gun ownership stops gun deaths or crime?

    Lets remember only 40% or less Americans own guns. Most of them own multiple guns. If your gun ownership was up around 70% I might think you have a point

  5. Sometimes I think we should save the most idiotic postings from the Right and display them so all could see and say If you believe this then you are stupid

  6. Most modern firearms use magazines. Clips are used to load magazines. The most notable firearm that still accepts “clips” is the M1 garand, a firearm from the World War II era (clip capacity=8). When discussing a topic it is important to get the terminology right as to not appear misinformed.

  7. If their theory is correct why do the majority of natural disasters happen to the bible belt?

    Maybe God is sending them a message: Stop the hate and the tornadoes will stop.

  8. When I said the exact same thing two days ago in Breitbart and CNN, you guys will not believe what kind of vitriolic and despicable stuffs from ammosexuals and gun fringes. They were so mad at me. Do I care about what they said to me? Of course not because of course I’m right, good guys with guns are practically nonexistent.

  9. What’s the matter to the lone gun nut with the downvote? Facts got into the way of your fiction? LMBAO
    If you weren’t a coward you would refute what I posted.

  10. @B, I realize the current terminolgy the word magazines. However I am one of those old schoolers who still uses the word clips. It is a term I picked up in the United States Marine Corp, as a Primary Markmanship Instructor at Camp Pendleton, California, Edson Range. 1974-1978. There I taught the nomenclature of the M16 as well as qualifying recruits on the range. I still prefer the word clips.

    That being said, the point I was trying to make is that gun manufacturers keep insisting assault style rifles and high capacity magazines are essential for the great american hunter. Which we all know is a load of crap.

    Assault style rifles and high capacity magazines are designed and produced for one reason. To kill people.

  11. ” It is a simple premise even a half-wit evangelical or gun fanatic cannot possibly deny; no guns, no mass shooting. ”

    Except for the fact that what you are saying is an impossibility, it is also denying the original rights of every American to bear arms (a point I will not argue with you).

    If there is a bad person in your house and you call the police, you wouldn’t want them to show up without a gun would you? Then it’s ok for SOME people to have guns. If it’s ok for some people to have guns then bad people WILL get their hands on guns even though they shouldn’t have them.

    If a bad person has a gun, if I choose, why shouldn’t I have a gun to protect myself and my family? I guess I could wait for the police but there’s a strong possibility my gravestone would read “He waited for the police.”

    Just something to think about.

  12. You can have a gun to defend yourself and even for hunting. No one is trying to take that away from you.

    But this notion that civilians should be armed to the teeth is ridiculous and goes way beyond the scope of the 2nd Amendment (if one were to choose to read the history of how that amendment came about). ALL rights have limits.

    Your statement regarding not wanting police to show up at your home unarmed is not germane to the issue. Police are contracted to protect the populace, which requires THEM to be armed. That does not extend to the general populace.

  13. If a bad person has a gun, you are probably already dead. Something to think about, most people will not set down and have a smoke while you pull your gun out.

  14. Just a thought: Seattle Pacific University is an evangelical Christian university, so calling us evangelicals “half-wits” is insulting to the victims, not the shooter. Also, I didn’t think guns were allowed on college campuses, but the gun got on the campus, so who is to say that banning them everywhere would make them go away?

  15. A devout Christian, Jon Meis is an NRA supporter and “gun nut.” He knew when to take down Ybarra with pepper spray because he knows guns.

    If he did carry his concealed handgun, he could have taken out Ybarra sooner.
    Additional people were shot because this school is one that chose to be a “gun free zone.”

    Put that in your self-righteous (and factually ignorant) pipes and smoke it.

  16. Bullshit

    he also could have shot innocent bystanders

    How many people would be shooting each other is it wasnt a gun free zone

  17. BTW, there is not one valid news source that says he was a NRA supporter or that he had any guns himself. He carried pepper spray and thats it.

    Nice try

  18. I have yet to find where he is a NRA supporter and a avid gun nut but from his friend said this: “His longtime roommate Ryan Salgado told The Seattle Times about the pepper spray. He said Meis regularly carries it, just in case.” Now I find it strange that a avid gun nut would carry pepper spray everywhere but no mention of guns. You could tell us, You got that bullshit from faux didn’t you?

  19. Most people have no problem with people owning a gun for protection or hunting. What a lot of people object to are high capacity magazines and assault weapons that can shoot a million bullets a minute.

    Now take this incident above. The shooter was armed with a SHOTGUN. When attempting to reload, he was pepper sprayed and incapacitated, making him unable to shoot anyone else.

    Had he been armed with an assault weapon, he would not have paused to reload – he would’ve been able to keep shooting. If he had an assault weapon, no one would’ve been able to stop him without injuring or killing others.

    And if someone were able to take him out without killing him and without killing anyone else, should that not be the preferred way? Shooter is alive, he will face justice.

    “More guns” is not the answer to the gun violence problem we have in this country. It’s a bit more complicated than that.

  20. Trust me, if you are a southern baptist you can. Only you dont talk about jesus any more. Most baptists where I live here in Tennessee are now going for guns. Including the ladies. And frankly I think its church pushed

  21. I would go a bit further Huckleberry, and say that assault style rifles and high capacity magazines are designed and produced for one reason – to keep killing people (i.e.,your opponent) while they have to stop to reload. Thanks for your service, by the way…

  22. Important difference to what you said, and the point in this article…you said “bad guy in my house”…nobody is arguing that you should not have the right to defend yourself in your home with a firearm, but that firearms proliferating willy-nilly so that anyone can grab anything and go anywhere with it is INSANITY, and why are we tolerating this in the United States of America?

  23. “a simple premise even a half-wit evangelical or gun fanatic cannot possibly deny; no guns, no mass shooting. ”

    Not a logic puzzle you needle-d*ck. Think – use simple reasoning. SPU shooter has no gun, no shootings. Newtown freak’s mother didn’t have guns because she thinks like you, we never hear of Sandy Hook. Same with morons who think like you in Columbine, Aurora, Santa Barbara, Virginia Tech, Sikh Temple, and Gabby Giffords mass shootings; freaks don’t have access to guns, we never hear of them either.

    Simple: no gun(s), no shootings. Need gun to shoot. You can’t grasp that, you are stupider than half-wit evangelical Christians and gun fanatics; and you’re not even embarrassed.

    Why shift the conversation to something not in the article like home protection and “denying original rights to have guns?” Stay on topic; no guns, no shootings. Grasp that, and you’re as smart as a half-wit evangelicals and gun maniacs.

  24. LAS VEGAS (KSNV — It appears that at least three people have been killed in a mass shooting inside Walmart at North Nellis and Stewart today.
    A News 3 photographer saw three body bags being brought out of the store shortly before noon.

    A Metro radio call at 11:50 a.m. said the man was armed with the rifle and a bullet-proof vest and was shooting inside the Walmart.

    There’s an unconfirmed quote as follows from the gunman:
    PzFeed Top News @PzFeed · 8m
    “Tell the police the revolution has begun,” Las Vegas gunman told witnesses after shooting 2 cops before heading for Walmart – 8News
    Just another day in gun crazed America brought to you by the NRA. Move along nothing to see here

  25. Teabaggers logic I guess. The sad part was the two police officers that died in the line of duty. I can tell you one thing though, if I am out eating or shopping and someone walks in with a weapon, open carry or not I am getting the hell out of there and the establishment wont see a nickel from me ever again

  26. I find your story about being an instructor in the USMC to be a crock. In the 60’s we called magazines “magazines” or “mag” for short. The only thing we called a clip was the stripper clip used to feed the magazine. I doubt improper usage of rifle nomenclature would have degenerated to what you just wrote. I think you made the claim to give validity to your ignorance. Many claim they have a Masters Degree for the same purpose.

  27. Valid

    “The Millers shot and killed Officers Alyn Beck and Igor Soldo in an ambush inside a local pizza shop. They then moved to a nearby Walmart, where Jerad Miller was confronted by 31-year-old Joseph Robert Wilcox, who was carrying a licensed concealed firearm.

    However, police said, Wilcox did not know Amanda Miller was involved, allowing her to kill him before he could fire on her husband.”

  28. He was not an NRA fan. There is no valid source on the net that says that.

    And dont come here with breitbart, one of the filthiest people on earth

  29. Gun ownership is down, but the number of people who own multiple guns is up. The penis challenged paranoid morons

  30. Yeah — you’d think the ugly would go out with the corpse, but there seems to be no end to idiots willing to spread the manure out there.

  31. Not sure there was a pact actually. Just heard that while the cops were waiting for SWAT and after the two shooters had built themselves a nice little pile of stuff to hide behind, the woman shot the heck out of her husband, and then shot herself. Have also read in information about them at the Bundy Ranch that she appeared to be a bit frightened of her husband and felt forced to be part of his plots and plans. Maybe she decided to whack him before things got worse?

  32. I really cant agree. She shot the guy who tried to stop her husband. From what I have read she was as gung ho as he was. I think that was the plan. They both know there was no way out

  33. Sorry Shiva, no penis here and I build and reload as well love POTUS but at times his own team lets him down.

    We gun enthusiast collect and build to the same degree any other collector of dangerous things that kill people on purpose or not (i.e. cars, trucks, lions, tigers etc.)do.

    It’s not the Gun that kills it’s the mental ward escapee that does.


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