The Republican Party Has Institutionalized Dishonesty

Republican-Party-Reaganomics-Old-Cronnies-64157498511Politicians lie. We all know this. There are lies of omission and lies of commission and lies that are the result of willful ignorance and lies that are the result of simple ignorance in its purest form. But only one party has institutionalized dishonesty, and that is the Republican Party.

They have lied about everything, from Obamacare to Benghazi to the economy, like these,


And of course, this one:


No single article can list every Republican lie, so I will use pictures as well as words here, both in the interest of space and because some people remember better what they say, rather than what they read. Images can be powerful.

Republicans who pass this around…


ignore this…


and this…


and worst of all, this…


The Miami Herald reported during Election Day 2012 that,

“The numbers in Florida show this was winnable,” Brett Doster, Florida advisor for Romney, said in a statement. “We thought based on our polling and range of organization that we had done what we needed to win. Obviously, we didn’t, and for that I and every other operative in Florida has a sick feeling that we left something on the table…”

“Something left on the table…Yes, that would be the truth.

If you will remember, Mitt lied so often about everything that nobody had any clear idea hat he really thought about anything. Yet he felt he had a reasonable expectation to win. On any important issue, you could find video of Mitt saying both “yes” and “no.”

Mitt flip-flopped. He made up for this by lying about flip-flopping.

And Republicans obviously think that’s okay, as the recent bruhaha over the prisoner exchange that returned Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl to his family:

Rep. Duncan D. Hunter (R-CA) flip-flopped.

Republicans deleted comments they made previously in support of freeing Bergdahl so that they can accuse Obama of doing what they had previously supported

They claim Obama did not discuss the exchange with them but it turns out Obama did discuss it with them as far back as 2011

And they are sure as shooting not going to bring up the 500+ GItmo prisoners released by President George W. Bush. For the math challenged, that’s 100 x as many prisoners as Obama exchanged for Bergdahl

The Cuban anarchist, Ted Cruz, falsely claimed until Obama no American president had ever negotiated with terrorists

Sarah Palin condemned Obama’s action yet in 2008 prayed for his release.

Well, Obama answered her prayers.


John McCain flip-flopped: he was for a prisoner swap and then suddenly against it. And not only did he flip-flop, but he then lied about having flip-flopped.

And perhaps the most egregious example of dishonesty and hypocrisy comes from Oliver North. North, deeply involved in the Iran-Contra scandal and convicted on multiple counts after engaging in trading 2000 missiles to Iran in exchange for seven Americans being held in Lebanon, then gave the money from that missile sale to Iran Contra death squads…well, let’s just let a photo do the talking:


Yet North had posted on Facebook in 2011,

Today, I received from the National League of POW/MIA Families, a “Never Forget Bracelet” emblazoned with the name of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. He was seized on June 30, 2009 in Afghanistan and is being held by the Haqqani Organization – a Taliban afilliated terrorist group – in northwest Pakistan. Sgt Bergdahl and his loved ones here at home deserve our prayers and encouragement until he is rescued or released. That’s what we do. We’re Americans.

“That’s what we do” – until a black president does it, apparently. And then, somehow, he gains the right to condemn President Obama.

Of course, the mainstream media is more than willing to let North get away with this without reminding viewers of Iran-Contra, but Jon Stewart was not. As Stewart put it, “You’re saying it now like it’s a bad thing.”

This dishonesty is nothing new. It has been written about before. Lindy West at Jezebel wrote about Paul Rayn National Convention Speech in Florida back in 201, observing that “the stuff in Ryan’s speech wasn’t true” and that “they’re not even subtle, carefully orchestrated lies, either. They’re obvious lies, debunkable by even the drunkest, most casual armchair wonk watching the speech.”

And nobody cared. If you care, here is Salon’s list of Ryan’s brazen lies that night.

You cannot no separate the GOP from lies, because without lies, as the picture worth 10,000 words says,


39 Replies to “The Republican Party Has Institutionalized Dishonesty”

  1. The list goes on and on, every time I am reminded of the lies I am truly sickened.

    What is really getting to me right now is when I go to a mainstream (non repub or democratic) web site and read comments about the president some obvious republicans always say one thing = The President is a liar, so many people are drinking the repub kool aid.
    Right now on MSNBC Alex Whitt – saying perhaps we should not have called this soldier a hero, or perhaps we should not have celebrated his return.
    What are these people thinking -are they saying before we get back an american POW we should consider his worth? Good God!!!

  2. Republicans don’t have to be careful about their lies because their base avoids the truth like it’s the plague.

  3. The Republican party has institutionalized willful stupidity along with dishonesty. When beating the dead horse of Benghazi failed to gain any traction for them, they beat on another, like the ACA, and shut down the government to force the president’s hand. That was also an epic fail, but it didn’t stop them from trying to cow former S.O.S. Hillary Clinton into not running for president with a bunch of transparent lies that were easily debunked. Now, they’ve jumped all over this issue of Bowie Bergdahl, in spite of emerging evidence that the president discussed his release with them back in 2011. Their institution of higher foolishness and dishonesty is subsidized by the likes of the Koch brothers and supported by the deluded everyday Americans who continue to vote for them against their own interests.

  4. Republicans have always been dishonest, back in the 60’s, Nixon, Bush the 1st and Gerald Ford were in on killing President Kennedy.

  5. Yes, fortunately the Dems never lie:

    (***not a comprehensive list)
    1. “I will have the most transparent administration.”
    2. “I have shovel ready jobs.”
    3. “The IRS is not targeting anyone.”
    4. “If four Americans get killed…uh…. it is not optimal.” (Benghazi)
    5. “ObamaCare will be good for America.”
    6. “If you like your doctor, you can keep him, period.”
    7. “Premiums will be lowered by $2500”
    8. If you like your health insurance, you can keep it, period.
    9. “I did not say you could keep your health care.” (Regardless that 29 recorded videos show I did)
    10. “No one making less than $250,000 will see their taxes raised one dime.”
    11. “Benghazi was because of a youtube video.”
    12. “If I had a son…”
    13. “I am not a dictator.”
    14. “I will put an end to the type of politics that “breeds division, conflict and cynicism”.
    15. “You didn’t build that.”
    16.”I will restore trust in Government.”

  6. You said you were going to list lies…but you didn’t. Obama is NOT a dictator, you did NOT build that, Obamacare IS making America better, and Obama did not create the division in government…please try not to lie when you make a list of lies

  7. We Must Vote!!!!!

    What an awesome article! Republicans plus the media continue to hope that the American people are sooooo dumb or that they just don’t care about a party who’s claim to fame is lying and denying. I’m convinced that this Nation and the World is now saying, ENOUGH!!!!!!!

  8. Damn dude can you do any work for yourself?

    Another copy and paste job?

    At Least give credit to the drudge report for your baseless opinion. smh

  9. The conversation is about the lying Republican party? So, you think that what they (republicans) do on a daily bases, lying and deceiving their own constituents and wreaking havoc on this country because of their hatred for Barack Obama is ok?

    Answer the question………..

  10. Just reading the Buzzfeed article about republican strategist Richard Grenell who recruited the soldiers to speak badly of the released soldier.

    The question that I have is ‘will they be prepared to give testimony to the army court that will look into all of this’?

    With one having a less than honorable discharge, I wonder what impact that will have.

  11. With one having a less than honorable discharge, I wonder what impact that will have.
    That he is one massive f@ck up who couldn’t abide the standards set forth by the ARMY so whatever he has to say will go in one ear and out the other. Now if the story is true that they intentional ran over a kid and he was part of it then they will nail his ass to the wall for breaking the confidentiality agreement. The government does not always enforce it but when you kind of piss them off your ass is grass

  12. Come on guys, republicans are only lying when their lips are moving! By the way I captured that pick of Boehner, I’m going to tweet it to him a few times today.

  13. If you truly are from Boston, “Bob”, or are currently living there, it must really twist your knickers to be living in a city that is so cobalt blue (politically), a city that is chock full of those damn lefties who actually have the unmitigated gall to have compassion for a fellow citizen, who actually believe in the law as written, and who apparently don’t harbor hate for someone whose skin color differs from their own.
    Go on back to WND, where you’ll be more comfortable, I’m sure.

  14. Hraf, you’re absolutely right about the GOP institutionalizing dishonesty, but they have also turned hypocrisy into an art form, applied in a pseudo-scientific manner. The big-picture strategy is to have the citizenry so polarized over these picayune topics that they ceaselessly hammer on that we don’t notice how they are economically sodomizing us all, even their own base. We shouldn’t be surprised at anything that they say – without any sense of shame, they are free to say and do whatever they think will further their goal, and that’s all that they really care about.

  15. Republican lies are being backed and generated by the owners of the biggest Global money of the century, that’s the scary part. The right sponsored/backed media is very armed with top psychological fine tuned right wing propaganda, that favors the privileges’ of the American rooted Global Super rich. The public has to become very aware of this type of control, they are using the old medieval games of religion, with the excuse of, “this is how God wants it.” Peoples conscious and subconscious minds are being manipulated to favor the economic/political interest of a small very wealthy elitist group in our society.

  16. DJ,
    I take that as a compliment from you. To Mike I have 90 more if you would like. I cut and paste when I have to. I often do not have the time too hover over the keyboard typing out answers to questions that have been answered so often before.

  17. HH,
    I am quite comfortable here. Funny you would think that being around people whose opinion are different than mine would have a negative effect on how I live. It appears to me that it is the progressives who are so little tolerance for any differing opinion. So many are so quick to pull the race card and insult when they do not have a cogent argument. Sorry have to go do some work to pay those taxes that support the progressive nirvana you all are working towards. I just hope its more like Boston and less like Detroit/Baltimore/Philadelphia etc.

  18. I think you used the wrong modifier. The Republican Party IS institutionalized dishonesty. Even newly minted republicans know the first order of business is always to win. When your ideas are stale, and your base is fast-fading to the ravages of Father Time, lies are the shoes you slip into in the morning, and take off before bed. They are Vaudeville, at it’s death. Newer technologies make their old fan-dance and slapstick seem anachronistic, and dated.

  19. “…I have 90 more if you would like. ”

    Thanks for making Hrafnkell’s point. Your list is riddled with debatable points. Shovel-ready jobs? What do you think the mammoth 405 restructuring (nicknamed Carmageddon, because of the huge closures due to NEW construction) was? A new base hospital at Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Training Center. A new servicemen’s cemetery, at Miramar. All paid for by stimulus funds.

    That’s just one of many of your republican lies. Irony just bit you, on your spindle-shanked ass.

  20. Michigan I am neither R or D. I see them as two sides of the same coin who use wedge issues to keep their beholden voters at bay while they consolidate power and enrich themselves and their families. Funny you think of the R as thugs, that is what I see when the unions cry poor mouth.

  21. Then there’s the one about President Obama not attending D-Day celebrations every year.

    Guess what? St. Ronnie only attended Normandy in 1984, Bush 1.0 never attended, Bill Clinton was only in Normandy in 1994. Dumbya went to the one in Virginia in 2001 and to Normandy in 2004. He also went to a commemoration of Normandy for Memorial Day in 2002.

    President Obama has been to Normandy twice, in 2009 and 2014.

    “Between 1944 and 2014 — a span of 70 years — four U.S. presidents have attended D-Day memorial ceremonies a total of seven times, and Barack Obama attended two of the seven.” Read more at

  22. They lie because they know they will not be held accountable by voters. No matter what they say or do, come November, half the electorate is going to vote to send them back to DC.

  23. I think this time it will be different and yes, some will send them back to Washington, but the vast majority of the American people have seen them turn against everything and everyone that isn’t rich. And any parent in their right mind would not vote for a party who would leave their child behind on the battle field……….

  24. Here is another republican lie. We don’t negotiate with terrorist
    Ronald Reagan “treason” amnesia: GOP hypocrites forget their hero negotiated with terrorists. He was just really bad at it

    The Republicans who want to investigate the Bergdahl deal need to be reminded of Iran-Contra and October Surprise

  25. I am sick of hearing the idiot Republicans talking about the 5 terrorists we released in exchange for Bowe B. that they will come back to kill us. We are doing a pretty good job of killing ourselves, look at all the shootings happening in the country, even our children are involved now. Soooo we dont need foreign terrorists to do the killing ourselves, and doing the job just fine, thank you very much…….why don’t Fox reporters ask them these questions, or are they idiots too.

  26. Everything you said is not true! So evidently,to be a Republican, you have to be born with a mega-tonic lying gene or something. Unbelievable!

  27. And, ironically (or maybe not irony, exactly) what organization does the GOP most resemble? The Politburo, circa 1982.

    Doctrinaire? Check.

    Slavish focus on rituals of false solidarity? Check!

    Unwilling to internalize dissent? Check!

    Failed economic policy? Check!

    Failed foreign policy? Check!

    Male-dominated? Check!

  28. Actually, Bostonbob, I’d rather live in Copenhagen, Denmark than any of the cities you listed. Yes, I know I’d pay much higher taxes than anywhere in the USA, but the taxes would be used for the betterment of every citizen and and a well educated society. The problem with Republicans are their disregard for the wellbeing of EVERY citizen, and a well educated informed populace is the one thing that will obliterate them. Thus, the GOP we see today is surely doomed. Ignorance cannot and will not prevail. We are rational beings.

  29. HA!!!!!
    According to what you just said you would not do, you just did! Keep watching Faux Noise and they will assure you that if Obama cured cancer, the GOP would inform you (and you would listen) why cancer is good for you! Idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Just when you think things cannot get any worse, now the family of the returned soldier are getting death threats and are having to be protected by the FBI.

    This is lower than low, we know he was tortured and kept in a cage, he will return home in this way, shame on republicans who were praising him to high heavens a few weeks ago, they are using him as a political tool, not a human being, human life means nothing to them. Just look at how callously they refused to fund the VA.

  31. Anyone know what happened to a huge billboard
    on an interstate near Seattle Portland which had been erected by the right wing = it said

    Apparently seen by 50,000 motorists every day
    Now gone!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Sadly, the insane wings of the GOP, the Conservatives, Tea Partiers and Libertarians, have indeed done what the title of this article says…sad, but, something can be done about it…
    If GOP Progressives and Moderates, who make up two-thirds of the voters of the party, wake up to the sad facts of today’s GOP and act accordingly, aka, vote for Democrats, who truly represent them now, they can rid themselves of the insane factions. They can force the Libertarians back into their own party and force the Cons and Tea Partiers to break off and start their own parties. The question now is whether the GOP “Progs” and “Mods” have the courage of their predecessors, who launched the first Republican Progressive & Moderate Revolution, in 1930…that first revolution lasted, with four exceptions, through 1966 (1938, 1946, 1952 and 1956, but the last two were efforts where they voted for “Ike”, a Moderate with Progressive views)…

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