Louisiana Lawmakers Act to Become Accessories to Murder




When any remaining abortion doctors in Louisiana are eventually murdered, each and every member of the Louisiana House and Senate who voted for their new HB 388 law, as well as Governor Bobby Jindal, should be charged as accessories to murder. This law will be requiring doctors, including those in private practice who provide a limited number of abortions, to register with the state. This registration requires doctors to publish their names, addresses, and even photos to the internet. Pushed through the Louisiana Senate with a vote of 34-3, and then the House with a vote of 85-6, HB 388 also closes most of the state’s abortion clinics.

These legislators know that they are purposefully putting the lives of abortion providers at risk by forcing them to publish their identifying information. In the past, in other states, wanted posters with the names and details of abortion providers have been circulated among anti-choice extremists.  In these cases, the consequence has been death, such as the murders of Dr. David Gunn and Dr. George Patterson. Too often, the allegedly “pro-life” community either remains silent on these murders or applauds them outright, as Reverend Paul Hill did when he said in the New York Times that the murders of Drs. Gunn and Patterson, “had the desired result.”


As it stands, five years after the murder of Dr. George Tiller, most of these remaining abortion doctors already have to remain in hiding to prevent violent radicals from killing them or their loved ones. They take different routes to work each day. They wear bullet proof vests. Their clinics have armed guards, metal detectors, and the highest levels of security they can afford.

Dr. Cheryl Chastine, the doctor who bravely stepped forward to take Dr. Tiller’s place in Wichita, Kansas, appeared on MSNBC, but in shadow, to share how her life is constantly endangered. Many significant threats, lawsuits, and other forms of intimidation were also used against another potential abortion provider in Kansas in 2011 to the point where one doctor felt she could not continue to practice abortion services, in part for her own safety. Rachel Maddow uncovered another major threat to an Allentown, Pennsylvania clinic.

When Maddow, on June 3rd, covered Louisiana’s premeditated effort to have abortion providers targeted for murder, she quoted Democratic State Representative Larry Walker of Georgia, who said in 2001,

“Have you heard about these clinics being bombed and these people being shot and if the word goes out this could very well cause that. In fact, I had a leading Republican over here say we’re a right to life, not this kind of thing…How many appendectomy doctors do you know whose clinics have been bombed? Or baby doctors…pediatricians…or heart specialists? Now…let’s be realistic about it. If you take that approach, this is the real thing. If you put out on the Internet that these people are performing abortions, the next thing you know some of these radicals are going to want to shoot ’em and kill ’em and bomb ’em and everything else. It’s going on. It’s the real world.”

Louisiana itself is no stranger to violence against abortion clinics. In 1986, several people were indicted for bombing two clinics and attempting to bomb a third. Again in 1993, a man torched another abortion clinic in Louisiana. People know the consequences of publishing this information.

It is not enough that Louisiana (and so many other states) have already restricted access to abortion to an unprecedented extent. It is not enough that they have assured that low-income women, the women most in need of services, are unable to get them. While the past four years have seen extraordinary overreach on the part of mostly Republican lawmakers in the states regarding abortion restrictions, it has to be noted that nearly every Democratic lawmaker in Louisiana voted right alongside the Republicans on this newest bloodthirsty bill. It is a matter of time before one of two things happens. Either Louisiana lawmakers will get their wish that abortion providers will at least be frightened out of delivering services in the future, or they will get their wish that abortion providers are all murdered. If it’s the latter, or if even one abortion provider is killed as a result of this electronic ‘wanted’ list, all 119 legislators who voted in favor of HB 388 should be charged as accessories to 1st degree murder when the eventual tragedy (or tragedies) occur(s.)

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  1. Bill O’Reilly got away with telling his viewers someone should kill Dr. Tiller in Wichita Kansas….beating the drums for some radical to murder him!
    Dems have to get more involved in state level politics to prevent this assault on freedom….it’s to bad we all have jobs or we could be carpetbagger’s and just move where we are needed to vote!

  2. I just can’t feel any sympathy for the people Louisiana, and the rest of the south when they keep voting against their own best interests. We need to just fence those states off, stop federal funding and call it a day.

    You want to live in the 1850’s go ahead. But do it by yourselves. I am guessing states like Louisiana and Mississippi want to outlaw abortion so more children will be born and bring in more federal dollars. They are the biggest drains on social programs throughout the south. Federal funding from the gubmint is one of their main sources of money.

    They like fences, let’s give them one. They don’t want the gubmint telling them what to do, problem solved. They can have all the guns they want. To cross into the U.S. they will need 6 forms of government ID, they like ID laws, they should appreciate that. They can call their little piece of crap territory Bigotastan.

  3. Domestic terrorism



    noun: terrorism

    the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.
    Its time to start calling a spade a spade’
    Homeland Security, your phone is ringing

  4. Christianity rearing its ugly head again.They complain about a lack of doctors but still believe they have the right to to tell them how to practice medicine. Just go back to the traveling medicine shows and let them sell elixers that will cure all ailments.

  5. There are no lower forms of life than republican politicians and pundents. Calling them scum is an insult to scum.

  6. How interesting that the right to life crowd are takers of human life.

    The lard and the bable over the law. I am hoping this will be overturned like most of the laws these idiots pass

  7. Of course, but by then it will be too late unless all the doctors simply refuse to ‘register’. Next it will be other “identifying marks’. There have always been imposed ‘stigmata’ for groups some in power wish to single out. It cannot continue in a civilized society.

  8. Nope. Since serious Christians, especially mainline Protestants, support women’s right to choose, these lovely folks just pretend to be Christian. They are Dominionists who seek to rule the world. For the real Christians see http://www.rcrc.org for their reflections on women’s importance and moral agency.

  9. I thought abortion was legal in this country? Isnt there a constitutional amendment saying so? Why arent people standing up for that? Cons and teabaggers always on the libs back saying we spit on the constitution. If one doctor dies in La. they should go after the legislature in that state as conspirators!

  10. Sorry, comment was meant for those who tell us how Christian they are and than do or say idiotic things in the name of said Christianity.

  11. I’m speechless – almost. Its as if the collective IQ of the Louisiana legislature equals their quantity of teeth. Roe v Wade. These illiterate MF’s are going to make this a state’s rights issue. The Feds will immediately overturn this absurdity and those gomers know it. They just want to impress their constituents with their levels of popular righteousness.

    Additionally, I believe that any state that does not facilitate the ACA (Obamacare) should be found in contempt of Congress and immediately forfeit ALL federal monies until there is full compliance.

  12. We need a Democratic Congress to do that and for you goobers that say you cant do that I will remind you brain dead nincompoops that their is precedent when the Feds withheld highway funds when you didn’t want to limit the speed to 55.

  13. Roe v. Wade was decided based on the right to privacy; there is no amendment giving us that right, but the Justices ruled that a right to privacy is implicit in the Constitution and that it applies to women who seek an abortion. After all, what can be more private than a person’s body?

    The state of Louisiana actually has a right to privacy in their Constitution.

    This law will be challenged and should be struck down. Problem is, how many doctors are going to die first?

  14. The problem is the vast majority of Louisiana residents are illiterate. They are exposed to lies on a daily basis and don’t possess the intelligence to investigate or consider any other viewpoint. The Republicans know this and take full advantage. Dubya’s persona as an ignoramus propelled him to the White House. The stupider politicians appear, the more they have in common with the general population of most red states. The good news is that this law will never stand a Constitutional test.

  15. I agree with the Dominionist statement. Palin’s one, & so are several of her cronies & “peers”; read about this bunch-they’re downright terrifying & must be stopped. Abortion & birth control are civil & Constitutional rights & must be enforced by any & all means necessary.

  16. I know I am going off subject for a bit but why is it that no one but the British press is reporting that the gunning down of two policeman in Vegas was a tea party killing, they draped the don’t tread on me flag over the bodies, also apparently they had Nazi swastikas in their apartment.

  17. It gets worse. These nutjobs are invariably for the death penalty, pro war, pro gun, pro corporal punishment and pro punishment of anybody who doesn’t adhere to their rigid dogma.

    I left an area that was just like this. Left it for good. I actually knew one of these extremists who spanked this three kids every night “just in case they did something wrong”

    This is why I am now a non theist Jew. Religious extremism is VERY LITERALLY a form of mental abuse. I have seen it too many times, and it’s devastating results to be convinced otherwise.

  18. It has been awfully quiet in the village. I guess it was just another shooting. Nevermind that two officers were gun down and I know especially fox if they do report on it wont mention the fact that they were at the Bundy ranch and drape the dead police with the Gadsden flag you know the one with Don’t tread on me.

  19. Hmm. Banning contraception, treating doctors like murderers by interfering with doctors’ profession. Doctors take the Hippocratic Oath … “Do no harm…”

    When will these pseudo-representatives ban the male enhancement drugs and balance the equation —
    no contraception=no male enhancement drugs.

    Abortion is a constitutional law and a woman’s right.

    The Louisiana insane “lawmakers” and the governor who signs, instead of vetoing it, should be subpoenaed, tried and convicted as accomplices to murder if, in fact, any doctor is killed.

    Get over it Louisiana!

  20. Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI):

    Remember that next time (if there is a next time) it could be YOUR son or daughter in Bergdahl’s position if your child volunteers or is drafted into the service…that is, if you don’t block it.

    It’s a known fact:

    **TGOPs won’t hesitate to send Americans to war;

    **TGOPs do not support our troops, our veterans or Americans in any way, shape or form;

    **TGOPs do not represent their constituents. These pseudo-representatives/senators support their anti-America agenda … whatever way they can.

    They are thieves who steal taxpayer money with their “vacations” and spend taxpayer money with each “repeal” — $1.45Million. BTW, we can’t forget the government shutdown that cost us a bundle.

    Let’s get rid of this pariah-plague-blight that have infected America for too many years and get down to the business of working for our country!

  21. Oh they mention it on morning joe but mention at thats all, not important guess because it is one of their own, not the left wing they hate so much. All you could hear this morning was the bashing of Hillary and the president so go figure.

  22. This HB 388 Law requiring physicians to register with the state sounds exactlty like the laws that require sex offenders to register with the state — except these physicians haven’t committed a crime.

    I take great offese to such laws enacted by mostly male politicians who take away the rights of women to choose how many children they can feed, love & care for. Ask any mother of 10 children if she believes her 11th pregnancy is a gift from God and she’ll tell you otherwise.

    There have always been unwanted pregnancies and there always will be. Every women I’ve ever known who has had an abortion found it to be a decision she did not take lightly.

    It seems to me, if you don’t like or believe in abortion, then don’t have one; it’s very simple. But don’t don’t punish women for making this choice or the doctors who perform this pocedure.

  23. Help! Some of us Southerners are liberal progressives. Before you fence us in with all the gun touting women hating crazies think of us please!!!!!

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