Right-Wing Christians and Republican Policies Are Making America Stupid


Intelligence is defined in different ways, but generally it is a human being’s capacity for logic, abstract thought, self-awareness, learning, communication, memory, and problem solving among many other things including emotional knowledge. As one might expect, emotional knowledge is not always related to intelligence, at least not in the traditional sense. Emotion can be counterintuitive to logic, abstract thought, and problem solving, and in fact emotion is a feeling that is the polar opposite of logic and reason, and a primary driver of emotional knowledge is religion. The preponderance of fundamentalist Christians in America are why so many Americans are comparatively unintelligent when it comes to scientific knowledge that drives the epidemic of stupidity of Americans, primarily in the South, subscribing to hazardous Republican policies.

A short while ago, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson said the success and popularity of Fox’s Cosmos was a good sign that science is trending that may have led some to think that maybe America would end its rush to ignorance and anti-intellectualism. Sadly, that is not the case. There are two reasons America, as a nation, is woefully ignorant of the most basic fundamentals of science. First, there is an extremely low level of basic science education in primary and secondary public schools, and second, the rise of fundamental Christianity over the past 30 years that Americans have Republican man-god Ronald Reagan to thank for starting.

According to a Gallup poll released last week; “Americans continue to poll more like Iranians or Nigerians than Europeans or Canadians on questions of evolution, scriptural inerrancy, the presence of angels and demons, and so forth.” The poll also revealed that 42% of Americans, obviously fundamentalist Christians, still adhere to the creationists’ assertion that Earth, the Universe, and human beings were created in their present form less than 10,000 years ago. In another study conducted for the National Science Foundation, surveys revealed that one-in-five (20% for fundamentalist morons) still believe the Sun revolves around the Earth, cannot fathom that DNA is key to identifying heredity, or that radiation, including from the Sun, has deleterious effects on the human body.

The reason these statistics, and there are many more signaling America as a nation is bible-stupid and getting stupider, are important was best articulated by Susan Jacoby of the “Age of American Unreason.” Jacoby wrote that, “This level of scientific illiteracy provides fertile soil for political appeals based on sheer ignorance.” It is true, and exactly why Republicans are able to convince truly ignorant Americans, primarily in the former Confederacy, to support policies against their own self-interests and interests of the United States, such as combating climate change, planning for the future, or spending even one penny on education.

The source of anti-science ignorance is the Christian bible that evangelical fundamentalists and many mainstream Christians believe is literal universal truths because it was handed to Christians by god almighty. Over a third of all Americans believe every word in the bible is absolute truth, and 60% of Americans are waiting for the war of Armageddon to bring about the end of the world. Interestingly, there is as much ignorance of the Christian bible as science because the majority of Americans cannot even name the first book of the bible, if they even know how to read. It led Jacoby to ask, “How can citizens understand what creationism means, or make an informed decision about whether it belongs in classrooms, if they cannot even locate the source of the creation story?”

There is a direct correlation to ignorance of science and the importance placed on teaching it in public schools; primarily in the Southern United States where fundamental Christianity is an epidemic. In fact, and this is appalling, a University of Texas study revealed that clearly 25% of public school biology teachers believe human beings and dinosaurs coexisted in perfect harmony. It is no wonder that 72% of teabaggers distrust science and scientists, and why they join Republicans crusading to slash funding for education as well as oppose attempts to assuage the devastation of global climate change.

The ignorance epidemic in the South explains their devotion to the GOP’s policies of devaluing, and cutting funding for, public education to make room for tax cuts for the rich, as well as transferring public school funding into private religious and charter (also religious) schools. Bible inspired ignorance is why there is a rush to home school children pushed by idiot Christians such as creation scam artist Ken Ham who convinces ignorant Southern Christians to pull their children from, and oppose funding for, public schools they claim teach satanic science and not the bible. According to Max Brantely of the Arkansas Times, “the charter school movement is another big part of the problem” because they are free to use curriculum that includes teaching the bible as science and history.

For the past five years, even semi-intelligent Americans have been scratching their collective heads and wondering why so many of their compatriots, primarily in the South, have dependably voted against their own best interests by supporting Republicans and teabaggers. It is true it has a lot to do with racism, that is undeniable, but it is also due to Republicans pandering to the fundamentalist Christian cult actively promoting ignorance-by-bible. The various polls, surveys, and studies revealing that Americans adhering to biblical inerrancy and literalism are fundamentally ignorant of the most basic science on the level of Iran, Afghanistan, and Nigeria verifies that not only are Americans dumb and getting dumber, it is why Republicans predominate in Southern states where the bible is science and science is of the Devil. A little over a week ago, The Street compiled a list of the dumbest states in America and not only were the top ten dominated by Republicans, eight of them were located in the most religious region of the nation; the former Confederacy. There is a reason there is a monumental intellectual gap between America and the rest of the civilized world and why Republicans control the former Confederacy and it is down to the Christian religion; pure and simple. It would be foolish to claim all Christians are bible stupid, because they certainly are not. There are Christians who are scientists and who do not support Republican policies by voting against their own best interests.

There are also some Christians who understand exactly what the bible is; archaic man’s attempt to explain the mysteries of the world as well as frighten superstitious Bronze Age humans and 21st Century American Christians into compliance. However, because Christianity is the predominate religion in America, if 60% of the population believes Armageddon is near, 42% believe Earth and humans are less than 10,000 years old, 20% believe the Sun revolves around the Earth, and 72% of tea baggers distrust science, then it is safe to say most anti-science Christians are stupid and it starts with their primary source of knowledge; the inerrant word of god found in the Christian bible. The one they call real science, real history, the real Constitution, and the reason they are a real hazard to America.





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  1. If you’re going to write an article regarding intelligence, then at least proofread the TITLE. I might want to believe the statistics quoted, but when you call people’s beliefs “stupid or dumb” you lose me.

  2. I am with you on the rest of it…but believing Armageddon is near may not express a literal belief in the Last Judgement. “Nuclear Armageddon” is a phrase most of us who were born in mid-Twentieth Century America grew up with. It’s not a danger that has passed, and the possibility of other planetary catastrophes is more omnipresent than ever. For these, “Armageddon” is a handy descriptor. A belief in a literal Last Judgement looming is more likely coterminous with the other beliefs held by religious cranks.

    P. S: Typo in the headline needs fixed.

  3. You’re wrong…as is the article. Republicans and Democrats are making us stupid…as are the Greens…and any other political movement you wish to insert.

    We’ve ALLOWED them to make us stupid and been to lazy to correct the errors…sort of like the headline in this article.

  4. It’s deplorable that our country and society as a whole in this country are allowing the right wing religious zealots to hijack our country. This needs to be put to an end. If they choose to live in ignorance then let them. But don’t allow them to force their ignorance and intolerance on you.

    Their tactics of lies, bullying, and stealing elections has to come to an end. The sooner the better. They are a cancer in this country and the things they are doing today can have lasting effects for years to come.

    Let’s unite and say this is enough. Get out and vote. Recruit others to vote. Go to townhalls and speak out. Don’t let them turn this country into a third world version of Somalia. Please I beg you.

  5. We are now the Divided States of America.

    We are divided by education levels.

    If the population of a state has at least 32.4% of its population with at least a four year college degree there is a 100% chance that it will vote for a Democrat in a presidential election.

    If less than 24% of its population have at least 4 year college degrees there is a 90% chance that the Republican nominee will get their electoral votes.

    This link will take you to a list of the best and worst educated states http://www.foxbusiness.com/personal-finance/2012/10/15/americas-best-and-worst-educated-states/

    You will see that President Obama carried the ten best educated states while Romney carried nine of the ten worst educated states.

  6. And that is exactly why the Republican elite are dead-set against education, it is the only way they can continue in their quest to dominate the U.S..

  7. No Reynardine, they believe in the biblical Armageddon.

    What you are trying to say is that Armageddon is synonymous with the end of the world, and that is so, but the fundies believe in the literal biblical account of the end of the world and the second coming of Christ.

  8. “We’ve ALLOWED them to make us stupid and been to lazy to correct the errors…sort of like the headline in this article.”

    And your own post. It is spelled “too.”

    People always forget the first rule of internet posting. When criticizing another’s English, inevitably one makes a mistake that is as bad as the one they took issue with.

  9. “and been to [sic] lazy…”

    I guess you’re right.

    By the way, exactly how are the Democrats, Greens, etc. making you become stupid?

  10. I would take issue with the theme of the article, however. Rightwing policies KEEP some Americans stupid. It’s rather hard to “make” someone stupid, but it’s easy to KEEP them stupid, and GOP policies do that very effectively.

  11. Don’t you think it’s comical the author is railing against Christians for their ignorance yet cannot spell the word AND correctly. It’s called irony and it’s hilarious. This whole article is hilarious. His INTOLERANCE for Christians is blatant. Are there any Christians that visit this website or is this for atheists only? Are only RW Republicans Christians?

  12. No but right wing so call Christians have a lot more in common with Wahhabis and the Taliban and that shows your ignorance by reject science and simple logic. BTW I bet you think the baby jeebus rode with Dino

  13. To be clear, Kirstin, the article makes reference to Right-wing Christians – the antithesis of true Christianity. I.O.W., they’re the anti-Christ.

    Everything these Right-wing “Christians” believe in and preach, from bigotry, exaltation of their own pink skin color, privileged status among other cultures, hatred for the poor, hatred for the sick, hatred for “the other”, hared for other races, and obvious hatred for the loving teachings of Jesus himself, flies directly against everything that Christendom stands for. If you can’t see that, then you are exactly the kind of person this article is “talking” about and it’s probably why you take such an exception to it. It’s struck a sensitive chord with you because you’re being told that YOU ARE WRONG.

  14. Yep. Keeping the masses ignorant that you are driven to control in order to do your bidding for more profits is beneficial to the wealthy and well-connected.

    An educated populace is a thinking populace – and there’s no place for thinking in a dictatorship led by moneyed interests who see the rest of us as cattle and milking cows.

    See it as it was during America’s slavery times: Blacks were not allowed to read or they’d be executed. They didn’t want them to begin to think for themselves and to see what a decrepit life they were living.

    Also, people under the iron fist of Nazis were not allowed to listen to non-state sanctioned radio. God forbid they’d learn that all the crap they were being fed were nothing but lies.

    It’s all about control. Today, religion is being used to accomplish the very same thing. Hence the driven desire by RW pols to get Creationism and religion into our educational system while simultaneously denying science to our children.

  15. Well, Right-wing Christians (not Christians who are actually Christians) are stupid and dumb. And that’s a proven FACT. Sorry, but that’s just the truth.

  16. The problem is not religion per se, but that it is read literally, with mind and eyes closed. Spirituality, especially of the religious kind is good for the soul and for guidance, but to read the Bible in literal terms is to miss the message It is intended to convey.this is what distinguishes the conservative Christian from reality. To them it is not a religion. It is an obsession…..a dangerous obsession .

  17. How exactly are Democrats and Greens (I see you didn’t put Libertarians in there) making you stupid? By overloading the simple and shallow brains of the Right-wing with facts and meticulous analyses that disprove the easily propagandized “facts” spewed by Libertarians and the GOP? Really?

  18. The repubs have been implementing their brainwashing & propagandizing plans for 30+ years. After all they are the party of business which means top marketing giants too. Since Reagan it began:
    Take over the courts, take over the House, take over the Senate, take over the White House, take over the schools (& forcing them to close by underfunding), take over the media & talk radio (repub owned and repub corporate board run), vilify the poor & minorities and push the hate. The religious right angle began when the repubs sold their souls to gain their votes. Reagan lovers never saw it coming.

  19. I think the report should say white, evangelist are making America stupid Lets be honest about this. Non-whites have nothing to do with the dumbing down of this country. It those of European descent that are causing it.

    Yet, at the same time, there are members of this race who feel they are more “superior” than other groups, while behaving dumb and dumber along the way.

  20. I find it strange to use a book that summarizes a faith experience of a people as a history book or even as a scientific fact book. It truly is disappointing that so many “learned” religious people seem to let the masses wallow in such distortions. Of course, the politicians climb aboard the evangelical bandwagon. Happy to whip up support for himself, while ignoring his incompetence in governing.

  21. The trouble with both Indiana and West Virginia is that both of those states are so red and surrounded by implacable ignorance that when people do get a college education, more often than not, they end up leaving. Both Indiana and West Virginia have good colleges but are notorious brain drain states.

    It’s sad, but the Republican politics there has alienated many smart, progressive liberal people. I left when I couldn’t get job security nor insurance (that “right to work” thing really sucks). It’s too bad because GOP politics has made both states environmental sewers and people who exasperatingly vote against their own best interests.

    You can’t fix stupid. Sometimes you have to walk away and never look back.

  22. And they wonder why I call them idiots
    Majority of Americans Support Reparative Therapy for Texans
    While most of us were trying to absorb the eery links between “Benghazi” and “Bergdahl,” last week, Texas rounded up its Republican delegates and sent them to Fort Worth to convene and redraft the state party platform. Few will be surprised to learn that Texas has one of the weirdest state Republican platforms in the country.

    It is forty —count ‘em, FORTY— pages of Right wing free association that feels like the product of a bad night of MadLibs and way too much Lone Star Lite. I’d say that the Texas platform smacks of teenage manifesto but that can’t be quite right because the Texas Young Republicans have declared it totally suckumental.
    Read More

  23. I concur with everything in the stupidity isn’t confined to the GOP. Science deniers in the form of anti-vaccine nuts abound in the Democratic party. John Stewart did a hilarious segment on it.

  24. This is what happens when Ultra Conservative Religious ( Protestant, mostly ) Righters & Tea Party – types climb into bed with GOP members.

    People who believe in 6 literal days of creation that took place ( supposedly ) not over 6,000 years ago have no business trying to back legislation.
    MLK, Jr. & Abraham Lincoln are spinning in their graves.

  25. I became acquainted with a Right Wing, semi – sorta – kinda Libertarian who was a self – admitted atheist. Not exactly a Dawkins – type ” Radical Atheist ” ( He had respect for other religions as long as they didn’t try to convert him or tell him he was going to hell for not putting his faith in a Supreme Power ). It was quite an experience, obviously not all Right Wingers are cut from the same bolt of cloth.

  26. Duck Dynasty ( A program I refuse to watch because of its glorification of all things ” redneck ” has a ready – made merchandise market among the people jam the aisles at Wal – Mart, so I can’t say that I’m really surprised at the idea of a Duck Dynasty.
    Would their version propagate a Southern stereotype & say it’s okay for siblings & cousins to marry ?

    I can’t say that I’m COMPLETELY surprised – There’s a word for this : Hixploitation.
    Also, Phil Robertson & his wife ( 1st cousin ? Sister ? :) )made an appearance in the movie ” God Isn’t Dead “, a 90 minute religious tract depicting all atheists & non – Christians as smug, self – assured. A good movie to nap during !

  27. I keep trying to edit the above post to say ” Duck Dynasty Bible “, & among the people who jam the aisles at Wal – Mart “, but it won’t accept my corrections.

    Anyway, I am a Southerner, but NOT culturally. I voted Democratic during the last 2 elections, & I’m about as culturally ” Southern ” as a bagel. :) I’m also not a fan of Counry / Western, nor am I a big fan of football, baseball or NASCAR, & the local NRA branch will get my support when Satan takes a snow plow to work. :)

  28. Is there a certain branch of Christianity that you view as Right Wing? Ie Catholics vs Baptists vs Southern Baptists.vs Methodists vs Lutherans? Can you be a little more clear who you discriminate against? I don’t think there is a RIGHT WING Christian denomination. And Ronnie, I don’t need your opinion.

  29. Yes. He described it. Right wing fundamentalists. However you can add the Southern Baptist convention into that mix. At least most of it. You are now free to google right wing fundamentalists

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