Ted Nugent’s He-Man Bromance with Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach

Kris Kobach and Ted Nugent
Kris Kobach and Ted Nugent

Hold on tight. Infamous sexual predator Ted Nugent is feelin’ some man love – for Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach. Kobach is under attack for being friends with Nugent, and Nugent is striking back like any good lover in defense of his man, posting a photo of himself and Kobach on Facebook Wednesday asking fellow crazies to support – in Nugent terms, “reload” his “ass kickin BloodBrother’s” campaign:

kobach nuge

Here are Kobach’s conservative creds according to Nugent:

I swear to God we the people damn well better get crackin & support the few brave warriors who stand with us & the US Constitution & Bill of Rights ABSOLUTELY everytime! Kris Kobach is our ass kickin BloodBrother & on the frontlines taking on the America hating ObamaGang at every turn.

Please help Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach drop a “money bomb” on Facebook! We may not live in KS, but Kris takes our fight directly to the enemies of America everyday!

For those of you who don’t already know him, Kris is the patriot who:

1. Co-authored the Arizona illegal immigration law.

2. Is suing the federal government so that Kansas and Arizona can require newly-registered voters to prove their US citizenship.

3. Is representing the 10 ICE agents who are suing the Obama Administration because Obama is ordering them to break the law.

4. Co-authored the Kansas law that says the feds can’t regulate a gun made in Kansas, as long as that the gun never leaves the state.

In other words, Kris is a major thorn in the side of Obama. And he is leading the states’ rights movement in America. He’s also an avid hunter and backstrap BloodBrother who’s a dear pig killin friend of mine. Here’s a picture of us hunting hogs together in Texas just before we rallied to legalize helicopter pig hunting! Yes, Kris & I did that!!

The Leftists and commies are working overtime to defeat him in this year’s election. Let’s help him reload so he can keep up the fight!

This is a KILLER op to make a HUGE upgrade for America! HITIT!

In other words, Kobach is as crazy as is Nugent himself.

One wonders, given his effect on other campaigns (for example, the Texas gubernatorial contest, or the Colorado gubernatorial contest), if Nugent will become as toxic politically as Sarah Palin (remember Palin and Nugent are two of Maher’s three “Axis of Assholes”).

And of course, at what point conservatives will finally notice that over-the-top extremism doesn’t sell to the voting public. It’s hardly a surprise that Cuban anarchist Ted Cruz loves himself some Ted Nugent, but most Americans aren’t Cuban anarchists who snuck across the wide open border with Canada to infect American politics.

I wouldn’t hold your breath, were I you. I suspect they will be the last to know, just as they will be the last to acknowledge the reality of anthropogenic global warming – about the time the water is lapping under their noses.

As Rmuse noted here earlier this year, Nugent supporters can best be categorized as Nazi sympathizers. The man is that over the top right-wing extremist. Like most of his fellow right wing extremists, he lost track of the truth a long time ago, and he’s not going to find it again any time soon.

32 Replies to “Ted Nugent’s He-Man Bromance with Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach”

  1. Ted Nugent acts like a paint huffing member of the Jesco White family.

    Ted went full retard years ago. Anybody he associates with must wipe the boogers off their fingers before shaking anybody else’s hand.

  2. The Dems should set up an anonymous super pac to fund Nugent to appear with all of the repubs running for office. Make a tour out of it, Nugent, Bachmann, Palin, and Cruz. I doubt if any of them would have enough brains to figure it out.

  3. Nugent is simply a male Sarah Palin with only slightly cleaner hair. He’s doing anything possible to garner attention for himself, considering the fact that his ‘appearances’ often get cancelled. It’s gotten so bad for him that a local winery here in San Luis Obispo County, CA….a winery, mind you, not an A-list venue…cancelled him due to public outcry. And this is a Republican leaning area.

  4. The republicans sure have mixed nuts on their side, I sure hope that helps the Democrats in the 2014 elections.

  5. I agree with your concept in theory, I just have a problem with any type of funding for these escapees from the can of mixed nuts.

  6. Typically of RWNJ’s, Ted Nugent is consistently on the wrong side of issues. He’s the kind of American who is helping to bring this country down with his ignorance, his faux patriotism which is ironic since he’s a proven draft dodger, and his racism which he proved with his hateful, ill-informed remarks about Trayvon Martin. So, it’s no surprise that he’s hitched his shaky wagon to the star of someone who’s every bit as nutty and unmoored from reality as he is. I find it hilarious that even people expected to support him reject him so that some appearances are canceled.

  7. Ya know, we’ve had four wars since Ted came to manhood (six if you count those little affairs in Grenada and Panama), and big, brave Ted missed everyone of them. You’d think he could at least schedule his hunting trips for some place like Korengal Province, Afghanistan. Why, one might even get the idea Ted is chicken.

  8. Have you noticed when these nuts try to communicate, they can not do it without using violent words like: blood, reload, killing, or throw in some nazi verbiage? It’s to bad he’s not in prison yet with a boyfriend…..

  9. Ted Nugent is something that you scrape off the bottom of your shoe. Why did he wait 50 years to try to prove his manhood, instead dodging the draft. Now he teams up with another asshole. Where in the hell do they find these conservative nutcases.

  10. I wonder how many sexually transmitted diseases rotted Nugents already damaged brain? I wonder how many 13 year old girls he infected while he was a “rock star” in his late 30’s? Kobach is supposed to be in trouble for re-ection. The wingnuts always turn to Nugent as a last resort. Kobach is an anti-immigrant racist pig that Kansas racist dumb asses will vote for no matter what. Because..Obama. It’s the whole voting against your self-interest thing. Being seen with a pedophile won’t get him the undecided electorate.

  11. Nugent does not hunt. He illegally poaches, ambushes & massacres animals like a frenzied maniac. It’s never a fair hunt shooting out of airplanes or “Safaris” that cull, tame & declaw animals inside fenced areas. No one needs to kill that much. He sure doesn’t kill leopards & elephants for his damn food.

  12. Ted Nugent is the most flagrant hypocrite I have ever seen. He really needs to turn in any “Rocker” credentials he might think he has. To me he is just another diseased fucking wingnut, tea-bagger – PERIOD!

  13. the troubadour of the white supremacist tea party has found a new brother under the hood. I wonder why Nugent avoided military service since he loves guns so much maybe because the viet cong were armed and bambi wasn’t!

  14. He had a plan not to serve. He defected on himself for a week. Not only is he a coward but just plain nasty.

  15. Plain and simple the real story is anyone still giving a screet what this poser cares; we all know that kabash is a total loser we don’t need pretend warrior to tell us that.

  16. Are you denying that the coward shitted on himself to get out of Vietnam? Are you denying that he shoots defenseless animals for pleasure in a helicopter? Are you denying he is a racist sexist POS?

  17. Ted is no rock star,just a rock headed old fart. He fits in with the less intelligent so he is able to get away with living like a slime bag. People like him make honest hunters look bad. He is the worst example of a citizen of any country. He would be rotting in jail if he lived anywhere else. How many of his none and unknown children have served in the military? Bet he never encouraged any of them. He’s a talentless douchebag. Hems creepy looking and his foul mouth and twisted brain should be microwaved.

  18. Look closely at the picture they look alike brothers from a different mother; they both have those Bat Screet crazy eyes which might explain their weird perspective.

  19. Does Ted consider the pair of shooters in Las Vegas to be people who “got crackin'” the way he wants? They did use the iconic language of gun-nut Teabaggers, after all, draping the slain cops with swastikas and “Don’t Tread On Me” flags.

  20. Nugent you draft dodging fake patriot animal killing piece of crap. My rebuttal to all these conservative second amendment gun crazy nuts is “if you’re so tough why do you need to carry a gun all the time”. Or “it must suck to be so afraid of people constantly twenty four seven that you feel a need to have a gun within arms reach all the time”. A real man fights and protects himself with his hands. A fair and equal hunt with a wild animal is you with a wooden knife or sphere in the wild animals open natural habitat. I could go on and on but you get the picture. I don’t like fake constitution conservatives.

  21. repubs- hate women hate gays hate people of color

    crazy right wing religious nuts mostly of the relgion that justfied slavery as per the bible

    Talk about protecting life yet support the NRA madmen and their gun nut paranoids

    And of course Obama is their nightmare come true – a black president

    Scum of the earth infesting the repub party.

    BTW recent found out that racist ralph reed of the “christian coalition” is behind the vicious lies, paranoya inducing WND crowd

    These clowns will tell you how to pray, who to pray to and who to hate.

    Talibangelicals our own nut cases

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