Ted Nugent’s He-Man Bromance with Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach

Kris Kobach and Ted Nugent

Kris Kobach and Ted Nugent

Hold on tight. Infamous sexual predator Ted Nugent is feelin’ some man love – for Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach. Kobach is under attack for being friends with Nugent, and Nugent is striking back like any good lover in defense of his man, posting a photo of himself and Kobach on Facebook Wednesday asking fellow crazies to support – in Nugent terms, “reload” his “ass kickin BloodBrother’s” campaign:

kobach nuge

Here are Kobach’s conservative creds according to Nugent:

I swear to God we the people damn well better get crackin & support the few brave warriors who stand with us & the US Constitution & Bill of Rights ABSOLUTELY everytime! Kris Kobach is our ass kickin BloodBrother & on the frontlines taking on the America hating ObamaGang at every turn.

Please help Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach drop a “money bomb” on Facebook! We may not live in KS, but Kris takes our fight directly to the enemies of America everyday!

For those of you who don’t already know him, Kris is the patriot who:

1. Co-authored the Arizona illegal immigration law.

2. Is suing the federal government so that Kansas and Arizona can require newly-registered voters to prove their US citizenship.

3. Is representing the 10 ICE agents who are suing the Obama Administration because Obama is ordering them to break the law.

4. Co-authored the Kansas law that says the feds can’t regulate a gun made in Kansas, as long as that the gun never leaves the state.

In other words, Kris is a major thorn in the side of Obama. And he is leading the states’ rights movement in America. He’s also an avid hunter and backstrap BloodBrother who’s a dear pig killin friend of mine. Here’s a picture of us hunting hogs together in Texas just before we rallied to legalize helicopter pig hunting! Yes, Kris & I did that!!

The Leftists and commies are working overtime to defeat him in this year’s election. Let’s help him reload so he can keep up the fight!

This is a KILLER op to make a HUGE upgrade for America! HITIT!

In other words, Kobach is as crazy as is Nugent himself.

One wonders, given his effect on other campaigns (for example, the Texas gubernatorial contest, or the Colorado gubernatorial contest), if Nugent will become as toxic politically as Sarah Palin (remember Palin and Nugent are two of Maher’s three “Axis of Assholes”).

And of course, at what point conservatives will finally notice that over-the-top extremism doesn’t sell to the voting public. It’s hardly a surprise that Cuban anarchist Ted Cruz loves himself some Ted Nugent, but most Americans aren’t Cuban anarchists who snuck across the wide open border with Canada to infect American politics.

I wouldn’t hold your breath, were I you. I suspect they will be the last to know, just as they will be the last to acknowledge the reality of anthropogenic global warming – about the time the water is lapping under their noses.

As Rmuse noted here earlier this year, Nugent supporters can best be categorized as Nazi sympathizers. The man is that over the top right-wing extremist. Like most of his fellow right wing extremists, he lost track of the truth a long time ago, and he’s not going to find it again any time soon.

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