Conservative Columnist George Will Claims Rape Victim is a ‘Coveted Status’ on Campus


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Fox News commentator and syndicated columnist George Will has always fancied himself as a sort of erudite leader in the conservative movement. Strangely the Beltway media has been quite willing to indulge him in his fantasies of intellectual superiority. Newspapers constantly print his columns and news programs repeatedly give him air time to impart his wisdom to the masses with his usual arrogant and condescending tone. George Will, like William F. Buckley, David Brooks, and Ben Stein, is supposed to be one of those “respectable”, intelligent conservative voices who is not prone to wild rhetorical flourishes, but who instead prides himself on his capacity for dispassionate reason. Unlike the Tea Party extremists or the talk radio personalities who make outlandish comments, George Will is supposed to be a “thinking man’s” conservative.

Yet the separation between George Will’s mentality and the mindset of a Glenn Beck or a Rush Limbaugh, has always been a figment of the Beltway’s imagination, not to mention an illusion that Mr. Will has tricked himself into believing as well. George Will refrains from using the words “FemiNazi” or “legitimate rape” in a sentence, not because he is not a misogynist, but because the terms are too uncouth for a man of his august station. However, George Will revealed himself as a member of the Todd Akin wing of the Republican Party this week with a column where he derides college campuses for being too politically correct by trying to prevent campus rapes.

In George Will’s mind, big government liberals trying to promote rape awareness and rape prevention programs on campus are taking political correctness too far. Apparently what a male assailant and a non-consenting female victim do in the privacy of a dorm room should be non of the government’s business in Will’s esteemed opinion. Police involvement in rape cases is simply a case of Big Brother stepping in and interfering with a man’s right to choose, and furthermore Will believes universities should not be held liable for failing to discipline rapists on campus.

In his column, Will dismisses campus sexual assaults and instead turns his attention to bashing big government and liberalism on college campuses as the real problems arguing that:

Colleges and universities are being educated by Washington and are finding the experience excruciating.

They are learning that when they say campus victimizations are ubiquitous (“micro-aggressions,” often not discernible to the untutored eye, are everywhere), and that when they make victimhood a coveted status that confers privileges, victims proliferate. And academia’s progressivism has rendered it intellectually defenseless now that progressivism’s achievement, the regulatory state, has decided it is academia’s turn to be broken to government’s saddle.

Mr. Will would undoubtedly deny that he is an apologist for rape, but his entire screed is a litany of dismissive comments ridiculing sexual assault victims as hypersensitive or delusional. When he does use terms like “sexual assault” or rape “survivors”, he puts them in scare quotes to remind us that those are terms used by “supposed victims”. In George Will’s arrogant little head those victims do not have the intellectual capacity he does to really understand how to distinguish a legitimate rape from just boys being boys I guess. Mr. Will of course will continue to believe that he is smarter than campus rape victims, because he has not been influenced by regulation happy Washington DC or the Feminist Campus PC to think there is something wrong with sexually assaulting women.

Mr. Will’s views are all too prevalent in our blame the victim rape culture. It is probably unrealistic to expect a man as arrogant and tone deaf as George Will is to reconsider his position. However we should at least demand that news networks and newspaper columns discontinue providing him a forum for writing his tortured defenses for rapists. Instead they should print rebuttals that criticize his condescending attacks which belittle the people working hard to reduce the number of sexual assaults being committed on our nation’s campuses.


27 Replies to “Conservative Columnist George Will Claims Rape Victim is a ‘Coveted Status’ on Campus”

  1. To social conservatives, if a woman is sexually assaulted:

    1) she was probably dressed scantily and therefore had it coming.
    2) it was God’s will, so give thanks for the blessed event.
    3) s**t happens, so suck it up and deal with it.
    4) her body’s defenses will prevent her from becoming pregnant.
    5) There’s no need for “Plan B”-type contraception, because that’s what rape kits are for.
    6) what’s “rape”?

  2. This pseudo-intellectual piece of dung has sat around on talk shows for years blathering his nonsense while trying to look like professor know it all. No one ever questions why he is wrong on every issue. They just sit there hanging on every pathetic words drooling out of his mouth.

    This assertion of ‘coveted status’, in my opinion should cost him his job. It is absolutely disgusting and meritless. It isn’t bad enough that any woman should have to endure such a traumatic event in her life, and then hear something like this? I can’t even imagine how any former victim of rape would feel hearing or reading this from Will. No empathy in this jackhole at all.

  3. George Will has turned into a grumpy old white crank. He’s what happens when a person sticks their head up their ass for too long and gets hypoxia.

  4. I would really like (as any woman or girl would like) to have this idiot be a female for one week, and be raped by a date or by a stranger. It has nothing to do with intellect, but with shame, losing trust and feelings of fear and anxiety that follow a rape victim for the rest of their lives. As for “boys being boys” this is reprehensible by anyone’s standards. The estimate is that only 25-50% of all rapes are even reported because most women don’t want to have to go through the 3rd degree describing their rape because of the emotional price exacted. Maybe Mr. Will should just be raped and let him see what it is really like. What a joke he is. Shame on him and his ilk.

  5. With these insensitive, idiot words about rape, George Will has forfeited any right he’s ever had to claim that he is an intellectual figure. What on earth is wrong with people like him that they can’t see how traumatic this experience is? It’s bad enough that the crime is underreported, and it’s obvious that the mentality of people like George Will is to blame for that. Who wants to be victimized all over again by people who refuse to take their victimization seriously and make endless apologies/excuses for rapists? He needs to go somewhere and sit down, because he is an empathy-challenged, moronic jack***.

  6. george will is a living smear of shit, but maybe you should stick to criticizing what he actually says.

    the point he is making, and right or wrong he has said it clearly, is that offenses much too small to count are being celebrated in a culture of victimhood. rape is pretty much at the opposite end of the spectrum from “too small to count”, at least such is my understanding. if george will feels differently and says so in print, by all means crucify the man, but to attribute that meaning to that quote requires stupidity, dishonesty, or both.

  7. George Will’s attitude toward rape is similar to Tucker Carlson’s. Carlson recently denied that a young male student could be raped by a female teacher. The folks like Will and Carson who are running their mouths should just shut up because they have no experience in dealing with rape or any of the other topics they so readily “share” their opinions about with the rest of us. There’s nothing I detest more than seeing someone who hasn’t walked in others’ shoes pontificate about what life is like for them. These tools so easily dismiss the plight of others to serve their own interests. It sickens me.

  8. I think Mr. Will should have an up close and personal encounter with steely dan. That way he can have his “coveted status:.Asshole.

  9. The entire editorial he writes is devoted to minimizing the significance of sexual assault on campus, and the specific example he uses is a woman at Swarthmore who was raped (sexually penetrated) while under the influence of alcohol while having a male friend sleeping over who she did not consent to sleep with. George Will thinks because she let the man in her room, it isn’t a “legitimate rape”. So yes, he is minimizing rape and falling into the age old misogynist belief that unless the assailant is a guy in a dark alley who jumps the woman at knife point, he is not a “real rapist”. You may think “date rape” is too small to count and George Will certainly does, but I don’t. There is nothing dishonest or stupid in criticizing that all too common mentality in our culture.

  10. I’m so angry after reading this that I do not know what to say.

    Women do not “covet” being rape victims. It’s not some club we strive to belong to.

    His comments are just absolutely beyond the pale.

  11. May George Will enjoy a personal rape adventure. In the words of Bobby Knight, “If rape is inevitable, relax and enjoy it.” There you go, George, a recipe to live by, just for you. Hope you enjoy it.

  12. Thank You, Hope, you said what I was thinking. Perhaps Mr. Will has a female in his family that one day may be raped. Wonder then, what the great Will, will say?

  13. It is time to START HOLDING WILL AND THE REST OF THE SCUM ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR HATE FILLED IGNORANT WORDS. If a Dem said something horrible like this he would be held accountable.

  14. yes Mr. Will

    young women want to be beaten, violated
    exposed to STD’S. they love the gossip. We really have nothing better to do. Volunteer for the after dark escort and you discover how many young women enjoy living in mortal terror of the library parking lot.



  15. Mr. Will needs to be held face down and raped not just once, but at least five times by five different men. If these republicans are going to talk the talk, they need to walk the walk. Or just shut their God Damned women hating, women’s rights hating GOP mouth. The republican war on women continue, the GOP will never be happy until all ovulating females in the country are collard, leashed and muzzled. This is the republican male mind set, all republican men want all American women chained to the bedroom, nursery and kitchen with no rights, like back in the good old days. This is truth, just look and round, just open your ears, listen. The only position republican men have in mind for American women is on their back or on their knees, willing or not. Truth.

  16. How would George Will feel if his daughter or granddaughter were raped while a student on a college or university campus? Would he tell her not to alert the authorities?

    I am so tired of men who feel they have any notion of a woman’s fear of rape and sexual assault. They are the perpetrators, not the victims so, as far as I’m concerned, they have no right to address the issue.

  17. Apparently then being a pompous arse and spouting ridiculous opinions like this are a “coveted status” on Sunday gop propaganda shows. Will should retire, take off that asinine toupe, and relax.

  18. Oh, I would guess he already has women in his life who have been raped. He probably just doesn’t realize it because they know his attitude and would never tell him. Unfortunately, all too often guys like this never know that a woman in their life has been raped unless she turns up dead after being raped.

  19. Hmmmm, come to think of it, according to Will’s logic, every single person he’s ever allowed into his home or office has the right to rape him. Or, erm, have sex with him, since he obviously believes allowing a person into your home equals consent. Does he have pets in the home? Does he believe it’s OK to have sex with them since they’re all in your house anyhow?

    Also, this is a good argument for never allowing George Will into your house, since clearly he believes being in your home means it’s OK for him to force himself on you. (Not that I’d want his presence in my home even if I had bodyguards and attack dogs to prevent him from raping me, mind you.)

  20. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought of Elliot Rodger after reading Will’s words. Yes, in the end Rodger killed more men, but his intention was to get into a sorority house and murder every single woman in there. Only the fact that sorority houses typically don’t let unknown men just wander into their houses (because of violence against women) prevented this. In the aftermath of such a despicable act, you would think Will might want to choose his words more responsibly rather than contributing to the dangerous hatred for women that’s on the rise in this country.

  21. Republicans need to pass some sort of rule banning ANY party member from mentioning the R word since it seems they all are incapable of doing so without making some sort of shockingly horrendous statement.

    What’s even more shocking, however, is that there are *any* women remaining in the Republican party. Or minorities. Or senior citizens. Or homosexuals. Or anyone in the 99%. The depth of their self-loathing must be tremendous.

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