President Obama Makes History By Accomplishing 100% of His Domestic Agenda


Obama’s presidency is no longer historic just because of his race, but also because this president has accomplished 100% of his domestic agenda.

Jonathan Chait summed it up, “On January 20, 2009, when Obama delivered his inaugural address as president, he outlined his coming domestic agenda in two sentences summarizing the challenges he identified: “Homes have been lost, jobs shed, businesses shuttered. Our health care is too costly, our schools fail too many, and each day brings further evidence that the ways we use energy strengthen our adversaries and threaten our planet.” Those were the four major areas of domestic reform: economic recovery measures, health-care reform, a response to climate change, and education reform. (To the justifiable dismay of immigration advocates, Obama did not call for immigration reform at the time, and immigration reform is now the only possible remaining area for significant domestic reform.) With the announcement of the largest piece of his environmental program last Monday, Obama has now accomplished major policy responses on all these things.”

The fact that Obama has accomplished everything that he has while confronting unprecedented Republican obstruction makes what he has done all the more incredible. Republicans set out to block the entire Obama agenda, and make him a one term president. They failed on both points.

In the face of such day to day frustration over the Republican refusal to govern, it is easy to forget how much that this president has achieved. He has ended two wars, been bold on education reform, put the economy back on track, and most importantly has delivered a healthcare reform that has helped hundreds of millions of Americans beyond the newly insured.

Republicans love to label this president, and his presidency a failure, but nothing could be further removed from the truth. All presidents leave something undone in their  domestic agenda. This isn’t the case with President Barack Obama. There is definitely more to do, but it would be a disservice to view the Obama administration as the post-Bush reboot of America.

President Obama has built a lasting legacy, and his leadership has transformed America for the better. The next president is going to have a tough act to follow trying fill the shoes of Obama.

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  1. It must really pi** of the repubs that so much has been accomplished despite their best efforts. All they have left is lies, obstruction, voter suppression, and course buying a politician when all else fails.

  2. Morning Joe and his crew were going on and on this morning how President Obama is not an effective President. Today’s media is greatly failing the country in not providing facts and news.

    Regardless of experience, intellect, or expertise the only function of our media pundits is to spout their meaningless opinions with no consequences when they are proven wrong.

  3. Its not only the rethuglicans who have hoped he failed and lied about what’s going on. At least 40% of the blame belongs to media for not reporting the truth but they did report every out right lie, misleading statements that came out of the American Taliban mouths. Death Panels, cutting and running from Iraq, fake so called scandals, bogus emails, ACA lies about well, just about everything in the ACA, putting on charlatans when a quick Google search would have prove they they were lying. It has even infected a once proud program like 60 minutes and lets not talk about the Sunday dog and pony shows. Last time I check Democrats control two branches of government. So why is it the majority of guest are old white conservatives? Against all odds and the outright racism President Obama legacy will be he started us on the road to rediscover our better angels

  4. It’s a sad day in America when the majority of Americans don’t even know how successful this president has been in implementing his agenda, and what an incredible Commander in Chief he’s proven to be.

    But the blame for it should rest squarely on the shoulders of America’s “mainstream media” – and yes, that includes the so-called “liberal” MSNBC.

    Day in, day out, all we hear are the negatives of this president. Instead of reporting the news that this country is heading in the correct direction, all we hear is how this president and Democrats are “bogged down” in one (wholly) made up crisis after another.

    As a Liberal Democrat, it frustrates me to no end how the minority-RWers in this country get the majority of broadcast and print time in order to propagandize their tripe as truth. This is why we don’t hear how successful this president and the Democrats have been despite unprecedented Republican obstructionism.

  5. He is a loyal man accomplishing his duties and doing his best although not always what a président do is the best for eveyone! Just keep going and carrying on the agenda!
    His truth is marching on!
    He is doing his Best.

  6. hehehe – Obama keeps surprising these republicans/tea party everyday with his accomplishments. I wonder what they are concocting up next. I hope people wake up and realize that this president is not as bad as they think. he get his job done with or without bipartisanship .

  7. The republican agenda is to make President Obama look so bad to the citizenry that another person of color would never be elected president again. It’s all about race and to make sure this doesn’t happen again. The media is complicit in it whether directly/indirectly and there is no denying that because they have done sweet feck all to correct the lies the repubs have been spewing during the presidents entire administration. Just like the release of Sgt. Bergdahl and how they have let the repubs run rabid with lies and speculation and not one of them have been called out on it. It is pathetic to say the least.

  8. President Obama is going to be a hard act to follow,it will be interesting to see how the media covers the next president.

  9. If its Hillary expect the 90’s without the racism but be prepared for the sexist insults. I would name a few but my mother raised me better

  10. Colin Powell: ‘Certain elements’ in Republican Party ‘demonize’ minorities, women

    Read more:
    One down and for the rest of the black and brown crew saved Juan Williams are either war criminals, kooks,disgraced military and just self haters. I would call them Sonderkommando but that would be an insult to them
    edit:Jeannine Pirro father was white and her mother was of Lebanese descent. Now I don’t know what she calls herself and I don’t care but I do know she is bat shit crazy

  11. “Democrats control two branches of government. So why is it the majority of guest are old white conservatives? ”

    DJ, it’s because the audience for those Sunday dog & pony shows is predominantly old white conservatives, and that audience needs confirmation of their opinions and beliefs to perpetuate their feelings of superiority and victimhood.

  12. Guys like you must figure that since one is classified as being a member of a given racial group, that one must not have beliefs or opinions counter to the better interests of that group, completely disregarding the fact that as a human, regardless of race/gender, we are capable of being fallible, having agendas, and ignoble life goals. What is done counter to the betterment of humanity in general and this nation in particular is despicable, no matter who is guilty of it. Look around you, we’re all in this together, the sooner people like you accept that, the sooner we can move on from this current disgraceful ignorance.

  13. It’s not going to get any better with Hillary as POTUS, in fact it may get worse – racism is just one aspect of the current lunacy, sexism and misogyny are right behind it, along with hypocrisy and intolerance. What appears to be the end goal of these loons is another American Civil War, with the Dominionist element thrown in, and as long as they are denied total power by the electorate, they will be willing to do anything, no matter how loathsome, to further their ends. It’s going to get worse before it get’s better, and it may take an enormous toll in time, money, and blood.

  14. The Republicans hate Hillary even more than Mr. Obama. She is an educated women who isn’t willing to play the “helpless woman” game. In other words: she is an uppity woman who needs to be put in her place. If she gets elected, expect the hate to continue.

  15. How many senior citizens (which I qualify as) do you know who use computers for gathering information, as opposed to watching TV? Many people of my generation refuse to engage with modern technology, and the traditional media, “The Fourth Branch of Government” is now more corporately co-opted than at any other time in our history – their ratings may be in the toilet (like Rush’s), but no-one has pushed the flush handle yet, and my fellow geezers are too prone to not accepting change, it’s easier for them to go on believing the lies.

  16. Hate to disagree Joe, but the only one on your list that has any creditability left is Collin Powell. The rest are pure an simple mouth pieces for the rethugs.

  17. You should be disgusted at yourself for not recognizing all of the bull crap this president has had to put up with and you know damn well the repubs have obstructed against everything he tries to do and belittle anything good he has done. I did say “another person of color would never be elected president again” but not to another office. So, the people you listed are irrelevant to what I posted. I don’t have to be told anything, the members of the repubilican party have done an outstanding job of spewing their bile all over the place.

    “You Lie”- Joe Wilson showed no respect for the President during his 2009 State of the Union speech.

    MCCONNELL: The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.

    Newt Gingrich called President Obama the Food Stamp President.

    Sarah Palin: Shucking and Jiving.

    There are tons of stuff out there.

  18. . I wonder what you think of Alan Grayson’s fully prepared speech on the house floor where he even used a poster and easel telling us the “republicans want you to die quickly.”
    I don’t know? Lets ask the republican Governors that refuse to expand Medicaid which according to some over 17.000 will die. Not efficient enough for you?
    Harvard Study: States’ Medicaid expansion refusal will kill thousands

  19. Not saying the man hasn’t done a lot, or even he hasn’t done what he said he would do, but to say that what he has done has been effective is a little bit of a joke. For one, While the FAAC Act has made insurance a little cheaper, it hurts businesses. With the new regulations in health care, businesses either have to cut down hours or cut employees. Education is still a big joke, but that not his fault, I just saw somewhere it mentioned that he has improved education and just saying that is false. Regards to him as a Commander in Chief, well lets look at how Veterans are treated, military cuts, and some military actions taken during his presidency. Again, not saying he was a terrible president, but this is over glorifying him to an extreme.

  20. So the problem at the VA was known since 2005 and nothing was done. Every VA request for the funds it said it needed was not met by republican obstruction and that’s the Presidents fault

    What military cuts? Obama Increased Real Defense Spending by More Than 10 Percent
    Now in his budget he do want o cut to about 500 billion which is still more than the next 10 countries combined. And if you paid attention some things need to be cut. We have 1000’s of MBT in mothball but since they are built in the Orange one district he refuse to go along. Now that’s some welfare for your ass. Don’t get me started on the F-35. Almost 400 billion has been spent so far and guess what? It cant even do the thing that airplanes suppose to do, which is to fly.

    As far as military actions riddle me this how many died? I think you need to go back to the drawing board and come back later

  21. While the FAAC Act has made insurance a little cheaper, it hurts businesses. With the new regulations in health care, businesses either have to cut down hours or cut employees
    I know that the right wing talking points but among the people who have crunch the numbers its just not true
    What is most clear is that the current health care system is failing families, businesses and governments. The Affordable Care Act is the most serious effort ever made to address the myriad flaws in health care today. If it works as intended, the health of our economy – as well as our people – will be much improved.
    Read More
    The Economics of the Affordable Care Act

  22. Don’t worry….the history books will put it all in perspective. Obama will be vindicated. His accomplishments will ensure that his legacy remains infallible, to the detriment of all in the Republican Party who sought to diminish his status and block every goal he set out to do for the country, and by extension the world at large. Those in the Republican Party especially those failures in this Congress will be an asterisk in that book, their names will be forgotten (except for the outlandish few, like McConnell who set out to make this President a one term President –and FAILED!) Obama’s name will be remembered for a loooong time, among those Presidents like: Abraham Lincoln, John F Kennedy, Clinton, Franklyn D. Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson, Bush 1 & 2 and Nixon(for the wrong reasons). Yes, he will be up and in there with those. Plus, with special note how he had to overcome the vile attacks, non-cooperation, and spiteful pushbacks and name calling by the non-apologetic racists…

  23. And, Primogen1, don’t forget the BIRTHER embarrassment, AND-that at every turn, there was the shout of IMPEACHEMENT, for no impeachable offense. Except that they had no other thing to throw out there when they felt bowled over and outsmarted by the President.

  24. Indeed! And much admiration for the “persona” itself. History will assess Barack Obama as a leader who has always demonstrated “magnanimitas,” that is, nobility of intention, fortitude, courage to do the right thing. “YES, WE CAN.”

  25. This is kind of ridiculous. Obama has accomplished quite a bit in the face of unprecedented hostility and obstruction, but to say that he’s accomplished 100% of his agenda? Also, his education reform is hardly better than the Rs, full of “neo-reform” ideas pushed by Gates and the Waltons to privatize education and mindlessly test students. He abandoned labor in its time of need in Wisc. 2 years ago, and the labor law reforms he ran on in 2008. And don’t get me started on the national security state! His “bargaining” with the opposition has been largely a failure, Wall Street continues to run amuck, and inequality continues to grow. I’ve supported him, but it’s been a disappointment overall.

  26. Perhaps you havent noticed that the opposition refuses to bargain?

    Give up. You are no different then the guys that come in and say “IM a democrat but”

  27. Look, I support him! And I admire him personally. But he has NOT accomplished 100% of his agenda. His bargaining style was to make concessions without any from the other side, which is a weak style of negotiating that leads to less than half a loaf, every time. I, as a Democrat, have every right to be disappointed.

  28. To the average Joe, it may appear as though this President’s policies have “saved” our economy. Short term movements in economics and politics can be deceiving. Do just the tiniest amount of research by looking at world economic history, and you’ll see that he, and his predecessor, have set us up for economic disaster. Virtually insurmountable debt, an ever-growing Fed balance sheet, and the ever-expanded powers of our national government are going to crush this country in the years ahead. Will it be deflation followed by hyper-inflation? Will the dollar lose its world-reserve currency status? Will freedoms given up in the name of “security” be taken advantage of by the next President(s)? Anyone who thinks this President or the last has been good for our country does not understand our founding documents or the history of how empires fall. I’m urging you to diligently do your homework. It’s so important that everyone gets that Republicans and Democrats are killing us.

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