Republicans Freak Out Over Hillary Clinton’s Book Interviews and Demand Equal Time

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Reince Preibus’s RNC is so worried about Hillary Clinton’s round of media appearances to promote her new book that they are demanding equal time from the networks that will be interviewing her.

RNC chairman Reince Priebus put out a statement dripping with fear as he announced that they were distributing a briefing book of anti-Clinton talking points to be used by Republicans. Priebus said, “It’s clear Hillary Clinton is testing the waters for a 2016 run for the White House but questions continue to surface about her failed record at the State Department from Benghazi to the Russian Reset and Boko Haram. Hillary is trying to have it both ways, trying to distance herself from Obama’s failed policies that Americans don’t like and using those same policies to try to run for President. We are going to make sure voters have all the facts about the Clinton-Obama foreign policy.”

CNN reported that Republicans are asking networks that are going to be interviewing former Sec. Clinton about her book to give them equal time:

The RNC has also begun a booking operation around the book, according to Kirsten Kukowski, the group’s spokesman, that plans to respond to what is likely to be an uptick in Clinton coverage over the next few weeks.

So far, Clinton has agreed to interviews with ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and Fox News. Kukowski said that the RNC has already begun urging those networks to book Republican guests in response to the former first lady.

The RNC has also released a laughingly bad 47 page briefing book for Republicans that blames every bad that happened internationally during Obama’s first term on Hillary Clinton.

The hypocrisy of the RNC is mind blowing. Reince Priebus is demanding equal time for Republicans while he is pushing the idea that only Republicans should be allowed to host and ask questions at the Republican primary debates. The RNC, along with the rest of the Republican Party, has for decades opposed the return of the Fairness Doctrine that provided equal time for both parties during media appearances.

Democrats don’t get equal time when a Republican releases a book. None of the networks rushed to book Democrats to counter the Obama hate that Sarah Palin was allowed to spew while she was being interviewed by networks like CNN and NBC about her latest ghost written tripe.

Former Sec. of State Clinton has written a book, and the networks will be interviewing her about that book. Republicans don’t get to stomp their feet and change the rules because Hillary scares them to death. This latest RNC stunt is coming from the same man (Priebus) who believes that he can scare Hillary Clinton out of running for president in 2016.

Hillary Clinton goes on television to promote her book and Republicans freak out. Hillary Clinton admits that she might run for president and Republicans freak out. It is clear that Hillary Clinton is already in the heads of Republicans.

Clinton owns the RNC, and it clear that there desperate flailing is another sign that they don’t think that they can stop Hillary Clinton.

30 Replies to “Republicans Freak Out Over Hillary Clinton’s Book Interviews and Demand Equal Time”

  1. Ok, CNN can give them equal air time. Any of them writing a book? They can come on and promote their book.

  2. Ol’ Rancid and his band of merry men are scared of a little ol’ female? Why the repubs know they are superior to women. That’s why they know whats best for women health. That’s why they think men should be paid more for the same job. Yep the repubs are REAL men. What a joke.

    I have some advice for ol’ Rancid. If you can’t find the crazy person on the bus. You are the crazy person on the bus.

  3. Reince Preibus is a joke and he would sell his mother to win the White House so he could keep his job. Hillary is running Preibus so get ready for it and while you’re at it start looking for another

  4. Yolanda @YRT211 · 17h
    @HillaryClinton Say Yes Now! Republican heads will explode with more stupidity! Vote Nov. 4, 2014 #ShutdownGOP @ChelseaClinton @billclinton

  5. I think Pribus will be looking for a new job after the elections in Novermber when the republicans, and lame stream media are scratching their heads wondering how the republicans got destroyed, and defeated.

  6. I don’t remember whether or not The Cuban Cowboy Senator from Texas went on a book signing tour to promote his coloring book…….

  7. Sorry you right wing cry babies…you got rid of the Equal Time requirement when the Left wanted to punch holes in RayGuns “voodoo” economics…so suck it up ya pansies!

  8. Shouldn’t Hillary get “equal time” for the thousands of hours of Republican political ads that masquerade as “Fox News”?

  9. What cry babies republicans are. They are soooooooooooo scared to death of a woman. Hahahhahahahahahahaha

  10. “Equal time”?

    Preibus is an ignorant freaking moron.
    Clinton is just a private citizen like anyone else at this point. Clinton doesn’t hold any political office whatsoever currently. She’s just someone who wrote a book and is doing publicity to promote sales of the book. People do that sort of thing nearly every day. There are no requirements or laws to determine an author’s political viewpoints before they are allowed to speak. Duh.

    How can Preibus not know that?
    That’s right, because he’s an ignorant freaking moron!

  11. Well there is always the demand by Dems for equal time for climate deniers. immigration, and a whole host of other stuff. Debbie needs to start demanding

  12. Oh, he claims that he had nothing to do with that crayon book in the phoniest humble brags I have ever seen.

    Part of the Ted Cruz Dork Machine.

  13. LoL!
    Give ’em what they want.
    The more they talk, the worse things
    get for them.
    They will whine & cry & name-call, &
    end it with their BENGHAZI war cry.
    They will Xpose for all to see that
    they have NOTHING! I mean, NOTHING
    to offer Americans.
    After all is said & done, they will
    have only themselves to blame.
    Poor Republicans…..
    They are drowning in a sea of Fear &
    Hate of their own making & no one is gonna throw them a flotation device.

  14. Do you mean the Canadian citizen with full confirmation that he was not born inthe United States?

  15. THEY were the ones who got the Equal Time doctrine dropped from FCC consideration. It’s like the plurality vote: you only like it if you’re on the winning side. Typical GOP demanding the very thing they voted to toss.

  16. What right does Princess Primrose (Reince Preibus) have to demand any damn thing. The GOP made their own bed, now let them lay in it. Karma is a bitch, isn’t?

  17. Give the regular obstructionist repukes, southern confederate redneck repukes and radical right wing cracked teanuts all the time they want.

  18. As long as they talk about how many hundreds of soldiers Bush got killed in his phony war.
    Time to rise up and vote out the radical right wing cracked teapots and their oil, insurance and defense contractor owners. At least the people saw the light and realized how idiotic “Juiced Up” Sharron Angle and The Flying Witch Christine O’Donnell, Joe Smith from Alaska and several others were and did not vote them in. Hopefully, people saw what the real helicopter gunship pilot Sarah Palin is and will never allow her to hold any public office. The idiots who voted for these nutcases did not learn from Bush Bin Lyin and his criminal gang- led by President Cheney, what the republicans are really about. They outed two CIA agents, who wanted to tell the truth that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Bush Bin Lyin’s bosses the oil companies and defense contractors got wealthy as our society was being brought down. These guys destroyed Iraq and then had to rebuild it using tax p…

  19. They instill fear fear to keep their member in line,now little ol Rancid is afraid of a woman. Hillary makes them shake and quake with fear. I love it. They demand equal time when they are failing. Good old Rancid cries like a woman. For once,I wish the networks would ignore the Lyin bumb,after all they do have Fox to spew their lies on all day long.

  20. Gee — I don’t remember the Democrats demanding equal time after all that C-PAC coverage the GOP got!!

  21. Yhe networks probably will cave to their demands. When the President asked for TV time to address the nation, all the networks refused. That was a very telling moment. Why don’t the D’s demand equal time on the Sunday morning gop propaganda shows? McCain is on regularly, plus Ms. Lindsey. They say whatever they want, with no interruptions, even though most of it is lies. The so-called hosts do nothing to fact check these clowns.

  22. Wasn’t it the Rethuglicans (during the Reagan era) that ABOLISHED the FAIRNESS DOCTRINE? Now they want it back – when it benefits them….

  23. Hillary needs to address her past pro-business (and effectively anti-consumer) positions that have people thinking “Hillary? Why not Elizabeth?”.

    She also needs to get Bill to finally apologize for NAFTA.

    Nothing the GOP rants about will change anyone’s mind about how to vote.

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