Surprise, Surprise! Alex Jones Calls Las Vegas Shooting a False Flag Set Up By Obama


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Well, that sure didn’t take long. Alex Jones, crazy right-wing conspiracy theorist and con artist, took to his radio show on Monday to claim that the Las Vegas shooting that took place on Sunday was a false flag operation to turn public sentiment against the so-called patriot movement. The alleged shooters, Jerad and Amanda Miller, were supporters of Cliven Bundy’s protest against the government, as well as other far-right, anti-government causes. Facebook posts by Jerad Miller recently hinted at this event, as he discussed ‘suicide by cop’ and pointed out that “there is no greater cause to die for than liberty.”


Alex Jones and his website, InfoWars, decided to fight back and throw out the conspiracy that the government set this whole thing up to demonize the patriot movement and justify investigations of certain militias and organizations as domestic terrorist groups. In an Infowars article, Kurt Nimmo claimed that the shooters use of the Gadsden flag, a known symbol of the Tea Party and other anti-government supporters, to drape over the slain police officers’ bodies was a government setup. Essentially, he is claiming that either the Millers were government agents themselves, or that someone inserted the flag afterward so that it would be reported out by the media as a way to highlight the shooters’ political leanings.

Around the same time this article hit the web, Jones took to the radio and claimed that President Obama, with the help of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, inserted certain items in Jerad Miller’s Facebook profile to show that he was a supporter of patriot groups, liked many Tea Party figures and so on. On top of that, Jones painted himself the victim, as he said that Obama and Zuckerberg obviously did this to make Jones and his movement appear to be responsible for this tragedy. Of course, in the world that Jones lives in, the Millers were actually working for Obama and went on a sucide mission in order to help the government confiscate everyone’s guns and place the freedom fighters in FEMA re-education camps.

Below is video of Jones whining about Facebook, courtesy of Right Wing Watch:



I wonder if Jones knew when he went on the air Monday that Jerad Miller actually wrote a post for the InfoWars site back in 2012? And if he knew that the post Miller wrote was about whether or not one should kill the police? Of course, if this was brought up to Jones, he’d just claim that Miller was a long-time operative for the Obama Administration that had been working on his cover for years. The great thing about being a conspiracy theorist is that you can continue to go down the rabbit hole as it never ends. Everything leads to something else that leads to another thing that points to a fork in the road.

No matter how much Jones complains about false flags or government operatives infiltrating patriot and sovereign organizations, the fact remains that gun fetishists who wrap themselves up in the 2nd Amendment have had a bad few weeks. We’ve seen mass shootings in Southern California, Seattle and now Las Vegas. At the same time, so-called ‘activists’ promoting open carry laws in Texas have done gun rights advocates a huge disservice by idiotically carrying assault rifles into restaurants and stores, scaring the bejesus out of normal citizens. Jones and his ilk can blame Obama and Eric Holder for trying to turn public opinion against guns and gun ownership. However, Jones and other right-wingers need to take a look at their audience, and realize that the crazies that they’ve courted have now come home to roost.


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33 Replies to “Surprise, Surprise! Alex Jones Calls Las Vegas Shooting a False Flag Set Up By Obama”

  1. I consider Alex Jones the Josef Goebbels of the Tea nuts. They drool at his every word. Mindless zombies of the Reich wing, ready to do their carnage all in the name of liberty and the constitution.

    We need to get serious about these idiots and get them in check. Quickly.

  2. Stop? You aint seen nothing yet! Has any republican leader and I used that word as satire spoke out against this execution of the very people who are sworn to protect us?

  3. “the fact remains that gun fetishists who wrap themselves up in the 2nd Amendment have had a bad few weeks”
    To say nothing of their victims and their loved ones.

  4. It can now be revealed that Alex Jones is actually an undercover FBI agent acting as an agent-provocateur (I hope I spelled that right) to prod Right Wing Nut Jobs into acting so that the jack booted thugs can take them out. Two down. Good start, Alex!

    Now, if I can just get a couple RWNJ talking heads to pick up and repeat this story Jones will find himself without a listenership. Feel free to tweet this.

  5. existential absurdity… recognizing that suicide will somehow grant you the ultimate liberty…

    ‘freedom’s just another word for nuthin’ left to lose’
    Kris Kristofferson

    so I’m guessing they’re feeling pretty free and liberated if there is an afterlife…

    unless they ended up where they didn’t expect…

  6. are they not ashamed of what they say? don’t they see how dumb they sound? this just confirmed that they have all lost their minds. LOL.

  7. Alex Jones please immediately proceed to the nearest bathroom. Removal of your suit jacket and tie are necessary. Then proceed to unbutton your shirt and go into a stall. Please proceed to the toilet, bend over the bowl and insert your head and flush at least 10 times to get all of the biological waste out of your head!!
    Thank You.. That is all

  8. When I heard of these shootings I did a search on there’s going to be a revolution….who came up, Alex Jones ie..Info Wars, this is what he preaches, the next American revolution! He is dangerous to America…a younger, more dysfunctional group of individuals go on line to get information about crazy conspiracy theories are drawn to him. I used to think he was a beck want a be, now I think he’s like a leader of the American Taliban….yes a terrorist! Whose going to do something?

  9. Just in case you weren’t already convinced that this guy is a complete lunatic …. with an equally delusional, mindless listening audience.

  10. OMG ! Can it get any more ridiculous then this? This guy is dangerous, does he know how this can affect the crazies out there? Pull the plug, no one should air this idiot

  11. This guy makes Sarah Palin seem like the Einstein of the universe. If he had a brain he would need an emergency Lobotomy. The only conning this guy ever did was to con himself into thinking he had a brain.

  12. Alex Jones is the worst kind of con-artist. If a normal person gets sucked into his program, they turn into strange, hateful, gun wielding, Obama hating paranoids. I’ve seen it happen to a couple of guys and it’s not a pleasant sight to behold. If they were stupid men, I might understand. But they weren’t, they were pretty nice guys. Perhaps they get caught up in that hateful world because they become weary of trying to solve problems with hard work and reason. Alex Jones, with his simple mind, offers simple solutions. Violence and guns, and a whole lot of anger. Quick and easy, problem solved.

  13. “Infowars?”

    Good name for him – he’s at war with information.

    I’m sorry, what the hell is wrong with this man? Does he believe this or is it, as someone suggested above, all an act for money? Well, I can certainly say I would not say the things this buffoon says every time something happens for all of Mitt Romney’s money.

    FEMA camps? Where are these camps? I do some traveling for the company I work for and I have yet to see any kind of camp. I’ve yet to see citizens being rounded up and carted off to some camp.

    Moreover, who is confiscating guns? In case he hasn’t noticed, you can’t walk five feet in this country without running into a gun. If guns are being confiscated, then why do we have so many on our streets?

    I would just like to return him and others of his ilk to their home planet.

    They’re bringing down the curve for the whole country.

  14. hahahahaha! you said alex jones has brains!
    i love his assertion that someone draped the teabagger flag over the slain officers to make right wingers look bad. yeah alex, you got us. we all carry around your stupid flag for just such an occasion.
    to qoute our president, “you just can’t make this stuff up”.

  15. The thing teabagger, Alex Jones seems to have forgotten is the Miller’s told their neighbors they hated police, the government and anyone who does not believe as they do and wanted to kill them and were saying it up to the point they went on their rampage. Though I guess it’s possible Obama made them say those things. [cough]
    I’m thinking if the Obama admin wanted to stage a false flag event they’d do it with Alex Jones…know what I mean? ;)

  16. I am sure it took Jones until Monday because he wanted to make sure he had his facts right. Ya, Jones facts? We don’t need no stinking facts!

  17. He got what he asked for, why not be proud and own it? It’s not as though he’s going to give back any of the salary he earned stirring up this hornet’s nest.

  18. With people like this dude inside the Republican Crazy House, it is no wonder that the Republicans have earned the title of being the Party of Stupid, and the ClownCar riders, and the Crazies. It fits. What Alex Jones is purporting is proof of that mindset in there. They have NO SHAME!

  19. The only options as I see it are the on/off button and voting.If this nutjob’s audience disappears so does he.Sponsors will be the first to jump ship.The vitriol in whole country precludes any cooperation and leads to programs such as this.

  20. Alex Jones is a coward enabler of these right wing reactionary fascists and is as responsible for these acts of domestic terrorism as the people who commit them. His total lack of honesty and integrity should be enough to get him bared from the air waves and indicted in criminal conspiracy.

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