John Boehner Flat Out Lies With Claim Obama Put American Lives at Risk With Bergdahl Swap



Speaker John Boehner ignored the fact that George W. Bush released or transferred more than 500 GITMO detainees while spewing a web of falsehoods to claim that President Obama put American lives at risk by freeing Sgt. Bergdahl.



During his press conference with House Republican leaders, Boehner said, “The biggest issue here is the violation of a policy that the United States has had for many, many years that we don’t negotiate with terrorists. The fact is that we have violated that policy and, as a result, we have made Americans less safe here and all around the world. We’re going to pay for this. There is not any doubt in my mind. There are going to be costs, lives — lost lives — associated with what came out of this.”

Speaker Boehner was flat out lying. The United States, and other countries around the world have been engaging in these types of prisoner swaps for hundreds of years.

The Bush administration “put American lives at risk” under Boehner’s definition with the regular practice of releasing GITMO detainees to the Afghanistan government, who then released the detainees to the Taliban.

President Bush released several extremely dangerous detainees during his presidency:

– “A decade ago, the U.S. released three hardened Moroccan militants from Guantanamo and turned them over to the Moroccan government on the assumption they wouldn’t return to the battlefield.They wound up leading one of the most violent Islamist groups fighting in Syria’s civil war.” (Wall Street Journal)

– “Said Ali al-Shiri, who co-founded al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) in 2009, was transferred to Saudi Arabia in 2007. Shiri completed the kingdom’s rehabilitation program and promptly headed to Yemen, where he became AQAP’s deputy commander. He was killed in a U.S. drone strike last year.” (CNN)

– “Government documents indicate more than 500 detainees were released or transferred from Guantanamo while George W. Bush was president.” (PolitiFact)

There are several other falsehoods contained in Boehner’s statement. The Taliban are the enemy, not terrorists. The terrorists who carried out 9/11 were al-Qaeda. Sgt. Bergdahl was not a hostage. He was a prisoner. The transfer of the five detainees in exchange for Sgt. Bergdahl was a prisoner swap. President Bush executed the same sort of transfer more than 500 times as president, and no additional American lives were lost.

Speaker Boehner knew about the potential Berghdahl swap because he had been briefed about it in 2011 and 2012. On top of the briefings, the details of the potential swap had been reported on and been public knowledge for months. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) said today that the deal to free Bergdahl came together the day before and that the U.S. didn’t know where they would be picking up Bergdahl until an hour prior to his release.

Rep. Boehner’s comments today were nothing more than the latest attempt to gin up another Obama scandal. Boehner appears to be laying the foundation for a House investigation into the deal to free to Sgt. Bergdahl. Speaker Boehner’s remarks were inflammatory partisan politics at their worst.

If anyone is putting more American lives at risk, it’s John Boehner.

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  1. I saw some poll results yesterday and 43% said it was the wrong thing 34% said the right thing but what surprise me are the 23% who in other words who gives a rats ass.

    When you break it down over 71% of republicans said it was the wrong thing which is the base and the brain wash viewers of faux. So what I think, let them have their Kangaroo court and while I think he is a shyster, Frank Luntz, they would be wise to take his advise. Walk no run away from this. You will be sorry.

    Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.
    Napoleon Bonaparte

  2. You don’t understand. It’s not the releasing of the detainee’s, it is the swapping for them. It’s tit for tat. Just like how rats figure out pressing button A gives them a treat. Terrorists now know they can bargain and get something. Actions A lead to Actions B.

    Transferring prisoners misses the point entirely.

    Essentially, Obama made terror-ism “work”.

  3. The liberal spin never ceases to amaze me. Why don’t you include the fact that George W. Bush incurred an ENORMOUS amount of pressure to release prisoners from the left….so much so that Barack Obama used Gitmo as a political platform from which he decried the inhumaneness of it all. It was because of this pressure that Bush made concessions, and now, in spite of his willingness to appease opponents, liars like you misinform your constituency in demonizing decisions that started from the left in the first place.

  4. Poor Speaker Orange. He just cannot find a good SCANDAL to hang the Presi…er….excuse me…hang AROUND the President’s neck. This one is going to flash back on he and his pseudo-patriots worse than any other they’ve manufactured to date.

  5. In Speaker Boehner’s mind and the TBagger minds they could only hope that one or more of these five kill other Americans.Although they have not to this date killed any Americans. I can’t fathom why one would want to be like or vote for the Republican/TBagger leadership and members. They have done more damage to this country then ever other TBagger organization formed in this country. If they are the Party of God then I don’t want anything to do with that type of God.

  6. Let’s say that Bush did the same thing.
    So if Bush did it, then it is okay?

    If you have to go to a scoundrel like Bush in order to make your guy look good then maybe your guy is pretty much the same sort of thing.

    Who cares what Boehner said?
    The real question is: Is it in our best interest to trade very dangerous men for a deserter?

  7. I see you haven’t read the bios on these men. Well the info is out there remain in the dark and when the truth comes out then you would know

  8. Bullshit. Obama got the last guy out of that theater. You are carrying it way over the edge as if the Taliban was completely useless without these 5 guys. Im sorry, but that dog doesnt hunt. Your talking points dont work either

  9. Gitmo is inhumane and not only that it is not cost effective. Tell you what, why don’t you find out how much it cost the US to keep 167 prisoners there compared to a Supermax

  10. This is Obama’s trade.
    He made it without even consulting Congress.
    It’s all his – for good or for evil.

  11. Bush DID do the same thing. SO did Reagan.

    Its your assumption he is a deserter, and its obvious your news source isnt telling you the while story
    Tell us why the gop was hell bent to get him releassed until he was released? Even the quitter from Alaska demanded his release.

    Bugger off

  12. Wrong again. He consulted Congress in 2011 and 2012. Not one of them was against it. These guys were in prison for 14 years, do you really think the taliban wants them back after all that time?

  13. Think CONS 3 of the men were low level government workers , one was a police officer, only one could be considered hardcore and that’s because he was fighting other Afghans. Not one was accuse of killing or plotting to kill Americans. Look it up if you don’t believe me. I know you say let our soldier rot but I see you never served because one thing that is taught to us we will never leave you behind. That’s why the Government still spends millions to bring back bones from Korea to Vietnam.

  14. If Bush and Reagan traded dangerous men for a deserter than they’d be wrong.

    So if Bush did that, he’s wrong.
    So if Reagan did that, he’s wrong.
    So if Obama did that, he’s wrong.

    Now, of these three, which one is currently the President and should currently moderate his course?

  15. Again, its your assumption he is a deserter, you have no idea of the facts of the case and you are right now making a fool of yourself

  16. I’m against Gitmo.
    It should have never been opened.
    I wish Obama would get it closed.

    The only thing that is offensive in the whole thing is those that pretend that this trade off was something other than trading 5 terrorists for 1 deserter. In short, the Shiva shills are kind of sad but other than that I don’t really have a horse in this race.

    I wouldn’t care if they released all of Gitmo tomorrow for free.

  17. “President Bush executed the same sort of transfer more than 500 times as president, and no additional American lives were lost.” Actually it is widely believed that one of the prisoners released by Bush was directly responsible for the attack on the Benghazi outpost. (no snark, no BS).

  18. “I wouldn’t care if they released all of Gitmo tomorrow for free.”

    So that negates paragraph #2.

    5 terrorists of which 2 were fighters. 5 terrorists who were the enemy of the northern alliance when we attacked Afghanistan. 5 Terrorists who are now under suspicion of talking while they spent 14 years in jail.

    Move on, its obvious you have news sources that makes a fool of you

  19. The Taliban are not listed as Terrorist by the State Department now we understand that Bush sign a Executive order saying so but if I recall you CONS said when Obama did it he was breaking the law. Now which is it? Only white guys can do it but being President while black is an impeachable offence? Hypocrisy is thy name

  20. I watched Boehner on one of the morning news shows saying that he was told of the trade a few months ago. As far as the 5 that were traded, we have to let them go anyhow at the end of next year. So get Bergdahl in exchange or hold them another year and get nothing. Duh. Those 5 are on a VERY short leash. You heard Kerry say they will not be taken prisoner again. I am quite sure they’re being monitored.

    As far as Mr. Tangerine Man, he spins so much when he dies they will have to screw him in the ground like those dog tie off stakes.

  21. Hmmm seems to me if the Boys in Quatar step out of line there will be 2 B-2 stealth bombers minutes away (as I type)and let them do as Boehner urges them to do…there will be a drone hellfire up their arses and we can clean up all the Taliban in their company. That’s what I call a win win. :)

    He he he makes me smile.

  22. 2.7 million per year per prisoner at GITMO compared to seventy eight thousand at a supermax according to

  23. Sorry to burst your buble but the Taliban just like Jamas and Arafat’s Fatah are now legitimate political powers. As much as I’d liket o call the Tea Party a terrorist organization it is a political party as those above just the same.


  24. You seem to have lots of inside info… where you there in Congress the senate or other official standing?

    Also Obama was not running against Bush.

    One other thing the Nazi’s were far right (most dictatorships are)….see the resemblance???

  25. Um, “tit-for-tat” has been used by governments for centuries. This is nothing new.

    All prisoners will be gone from Gitmo one day; most will be released, some will be prosecuted. These five, however, could not be prosecuted and they were essentially stateless…so what to do? Hang onto them forever?

    It doesn’t work like that.

    They’d have to go sometime so why not get something for them in the form of an American POW?

  26. Bonner should worry about his armed radical bagger groupies, put in place by the likes of all these racist asshats that are trying to overthrow everyone that can think, this has nothing but repig hype written all over it just to keep the groupies cranked up about the POTUS, nothing to see here just political BS. These guys will never take credit for the America they have ruined. Cowards everyone of them

  27. Boehhner’s relationship to either facts or the truth is fragile at best.He says whatever he thinks will cover his behind.Facts or the truth are not important to him and the reason he ignores them is he is responsible for running the worst House of our history..if he were not so pathetic you could almost feel sorry for him-he has no control over the tea party or his caucus.

  28. “…we don’t negotiate with terrorists.”

    Want to make a bet? We’ve been doing that for YEARS.

  29. LMBAO at the American Taliban and their hypocrisy. Hide the children this is too good

    The Right Didn’t Mind When Bush Paid a Ransom to Terrorists

    In April of that year, Bush gave a speech that included the line: “No nation can negotiate with terrorists, for there is no way to make peace with those whose only goal is death.”

    A nice line. But of course, at that exact moment, the United States was negotiating intently with Abu Sayyaf for the Burnhams’ release. And not only that: The Bush administration arranged an indirect payment to Abu Sayyaf of $300,000,
    Read More

    But but why you always have to bring up Bush ? This is about the Kenyan usurper.
    You Baggers are a cancer and need to be cut out the body politic

  30. First of all Boehner suffers from a daily hangover, so he probably doesn’t even know that we had GW Bush as President. Secondly, the GOP/Teabaggers was going around with the battle cry, we never leave America behind”, now when President Obama warn them it was going to happen and he did it, the conservative nutcases and politicians cry, “we don’t negotiate with terrorist”. They think they can have it both way and that they are never wrong, when in reality they are never right.

  31. Bohner is always lying, so this is not new, he can’t help himself. PBO, schools him at every turn, and it eats at this crying mental midgets insides, I wanted to say soul but I know he does not have one.

    He knew of the deal, we have have all seen the reports that congress was consulted in 2011 & 2012. I’m sure he had this response in waiting as his minions pushed PBO to get Bergdahl home,”At all cost”, no less. But we all know better, we’re not as stupid as the orange man is. Tea billy’s, well that is another story.

  32. Your logic is pitiably poor. You say that because Bush did something, Boehner is lying when he claims that Obama doing something similar will be harmful. That’s ridiculous. The Bush Administration made many mistakes, and quite possibly cost American lives in the process. This latest Obama debacle outshines most of them. Putting Al Quaeda operatives and leaders back in the mix most certainly WILL cause this country harm, irrespective of anything Bush or Reagan or a Rove or any of your favorite targets ever did in the past. This is a new, independent action that must be judged on its own demerits. Obama and his minions are the most incredibly inept and naive bunch to occupy the White House in many, many years, dating back into the 19th century. There’s no excuse for his endangering, unlawful actions, and he should be held to account.

  33. The Taliban are the enemy, not terrorists.

    Lawmakers (including Congressional Democrats) have been attempting to pressure the State Dept. to categorize the Taliban as a terrorist group for years. (Bush should have done it a decade ago.) Claiming the Taliban are not terrorists is nothing more than wishful thinking.

    Sgt. Bergdahl was not a hostage. He was a prisoner.
    Incorrect. Bergdahl was never listed as a POW by the United States. (Nor has the U.S. ever applied that term to any of the Taliban detainees.)
    The Pentagon investigation found incontrovertible evidence and concluded that Bergdahl had walked away from his unit.

    Bergdahl has been listed by the Pentagon for the past five years as “missing/captured”.

  34. It is ludicrous to think that American service personnel have not been jeopardized
    by the prisoner exchange. Even if his conduct prior to the exchange is not taken into consideration, ignoring the fact that those who regained their freedom will act against the the future, forgetting the lives lost in the endeavor, we have done nothing short of surrendering our policies and opening a door best left shut by politicians of the past who understood how vital the position is, “no negotiations with terrorists”. But given the failings of current American government, the act was not as surprising as it is disappointing and a tragic breach of security and the well being of those in uniform.

  35. Amazing! Left, Right who cares. What matters is the results, you are all being played like a fiddle. All I get from reading these comments is the emotional rant, ad hominem attacks, etc.
    You all remind of children, when caught state “… but he did it.”
    Let me ask you folks this question: are the so-called “Free Syrian Army”, freedom fighters, or whatever you want to call them, composed of the same jihadist radicals we are supposed to be fighting?
    Answer: most definitely comprise a large element, and both these nut case parties are supplying them with money, arms, etc.
    Politics is akin to the pro-wrestling game, my guy is the good guy yours is bad, then next month they switch roles because they have to rejuvenate the fan base.
    Get smart and realize these politicians dance the tune their “handlers” wish, because after all their money put them there.

  36. Shiva,

    You’re wasting your time. You’re talking too much common sense logic for the right wingers on this board to take in.

    Six years ago the entire Republican Party and its base (and never has that word been more appropriate) had a collective schizophrenic break from reality when they saw a non-white man sworn in as President of the United States. They’ve spun off into a world of paranoid delusions, all they have to offer now is hate fantasies.

    They don’t want to raise the minimum wage (70% of Americans do), deny climate change and its causes (65% say its real and man is the cause), won’t do any immigration reform even though most Americans think there should be a pathway to citizenship, block gun control of ANY kind (most Americans are for some form of gun control). All they do is relentlessly attack anything this President does.

    And they’re STILL going to lose to Hillary in 2016!:-)

  37. If 4 of the 5 were low level government workers and they will be in Qatar for at least year and most of our troops will be out that hellhole how would they be threat to Americans? Unless you believe that they helped plan 911 then I DONT see your point

  38. It would seem that to Republicans, all terrorists are Al Qaeda, Al Qaeda associates, or Al Qaeda sympathizers.

    In other words, Al Qaeda is whomever they decide is Al Qaeda whether they are or not.

    Since the Republican bogeyman OBL was taken out, they had to quickly find another bogeyman. Al Qaeda is now that bogeyman.

    Bush didn’t go after OBL because he was needed to further their cause.

  39. It sounds like Bergs’ comrades knew he was unstable and threat to his fellow soldiers
    before he went for a “suicide by Taliban” walk. He should have been sent home or removed before this event.

    The US traded with OBL, Saddam, Noriega, When they were on our side. Who did we trade to get McCain back? Didn’t Reagan and Ollie directly ignore Congress to trade hostages for weapons?

    Situational decisions are made/not made all the time.

    All this GOP bickering is emboldening the enemy.

  40. As a Veteran whether or not the Soldier in question is a deserter or not is a moot question to me. WE NEVER LEAVE A MAN BEHIND!!! That is all that matters the Joint Chiefs will decide the rest. Want military moral to be trashed let the families of soldiers hear their loved ones will be left behind.

  41. WTF?! That’s where we’re at with Republicans. You want to believe the lies you’ve been fed, even though reality doesn’t support them. With this conflict you’ve created an alternate reality where facts don’t matter, science doesn’t matter, reality doesn’t matter, history doesn’t matter and math doesn’t matter… And that’s very dangerous.

    Limited space, and potential writer’s cramp, prohibits me from addressing how incorrect you are. But I’ll try.

    First, of the approximately $16 trillion debt we have, $11 trillion is due to Reagan, Bush and Bush.

    W released more than 500 Gitmo detainees. Where was the GOP outrage? In 2002 he paid a $300,000 ransom for release of an American captive.

    Under Obama the deficit has been reduced from $1.3 billion to about $700 million. Fifty consecutive months of private sector job growth. Federal taxes at a 60 year low. Federal spending at a 60 year low. Oh, and fewer (by far) executive orders, signing statements AND va…

  42. Golly gee, anyone remember Reagen and Oliver North? If I remember correctly, didn’t they trade arms for Hostages? North became a hero, Reagen became the God man of the rethug party.
    Then I must remember it’s OKIYAR

  43. Well according to the right ray gun didn’t know what was going on. But cut him some slack the American people trusted the nuclear codes to a man that had early onset of Alzheimer’s

  44. Seems Paws, these four votes against are under educated in the history of this country. Must be home schooled!

  45. “It is ludicrous to think American service personnel have not been jeopardized.”

    But Shrub, Cheney calling torture enhanced interrogation didn’t?

  46. This is nonsense. Everyone trades prisoners. The Israelis do it frequently. Reagan did it. This is not something that sets any sort of precedent. You really think the Talibs have never thought capturing Americans and using them for trades before? Seriously? They haven’t made a habit of it because it’s so freaking hard to capture a live American.

  47. At this rate we will have no one left in the military. No volunteers/enlistees. Guess the gun lovers that need their guns to be complete could be put into service over seas. If they don’t make it home, no big deal. They enjoy using their guns so much they can defend the Teapublicans.

  48. Just like War, tug of wars between Democrats and Republic will never end. I say get rid of everyone in Congress and just keep the Governors of each state, worry about what the United States needs. If we were to go to Mars and found life there, we would be the Aliens, so just like they attacked us on 911 is an act of terrorism, when we bomb other countries, we’re the terrorist to them. There is no difference, Putin Invades and everyone is screaming, but when we invaded Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia, this was okay? I think the world of politics is full of Crap! I don’t believe in anything they say, and the Republicans have already lost their credibility, they’re a bunch of idiots. The numbers don’t lie, I don’t believe in Democrats either but since Obama took office, alot of things have changed for the positive.

  49. you’re an ill-informed tool…the message here isn’t the prisoner swap – that’s what you lefties are trying to make the narrative, but the real story is that this President, once again, broke the law by failing to inform Congress…do some d@mn research and stop believing everything you see/hear on TV – especially if you are only listening to / watching one side of the story…listen to the stories from Bergdahl’s platoon mates, listen to the stories from the people that were part of the search teams, read the report about WHY the Army called off the search for the guy…I hate to break it you, but this isn’t some cooky conservative conspiracy theory, this is real life and the US has known for years that Bergdahl was a deserter and willingly went to the Taliban…why do you think they kept him alive?? Read any of Marcus Luttrel’s interviews about his experience – he’s not called the “Lone Survivor” for nothing…wake up

  50. Whatever. I don’t watch TV for my views or movies. I bet you cried at the Jessica Lynch fake movie. Every part of that rant came straight from right wing politics. No links to back you up nothing. Unlike you blood thirsty bastards I will wait for the Army to complete its investigation.Now I am done with it

  51. The issue here is your complete lack of research. Congress knew in 2011 and 2012 what the president was trying to do. And later the gop refused to attend briefings.

    No one knew if he was a deserter, and you have not researched the factors of his leaving the base.

    Get off breitbarts brain, there is far more information out there they wont give you

  52. I don’t watch tv for anything except sports. Never saw the movie you referenced…I watch movies for entertainment and nothing else…now that we’ve removed that part of your baseless attacks, let’s move onto the other parts…you say I don’t provide links to anything – so you’re just to lazy to read anything other than what your liberal rags give you…regardless, maybe these will help you start to see the light…for the record, I am ex Navy and served during 9/11…have you ever served our country?

    as for your claims that the 5 Taliban detainees were nobody’s, perhaps the end of this article will help clear a few things up for you..

    As for the Luttrel story…

  53. Shiva, you are completely misinformed…plenty of people have researched why he left base…he’s been gone since 2009, that is PLENTY of time for the Army to conduct their investigations…it’s painfully obvious that you have never served in the military, thus you don’t understand how it actually works…see the links I provided above…the most telling is, and should be, the reaction of the military community…especially those that served with Bergdahl…

  54. Luttral “From what I inderstand” meaning he don’t know jack he wasn’t there. The moonie times really? The only people that quote that rag is the fringe of right wing politics

    Second: Feb 23rd forgive but I am slow what month are we in and what is your point with that link

    Third: I am a disabled VETERAN child don’t ever question anybody’s military or lack there of if they don’t co-sign your bullshit

  55. Just because Bush released those detainees years ago, doesn’t make this exchange right. When are you left wing folks going to give up on the Bush crap. Try taking responsibility for your actions, instead of placing the blame on someone else. That seems to be the problem today; no one seems to want to admit wrong; just look at our President. He denies everything; “Oh I didn’t know about that” should be his epitaph. The old ‘Captain of the ship’ rule applies to everything that he has done right or wrong today. The only time he seems to admit to the problem, is when it will make headlines, and the media and their propaganda (not news today!) take it and run with it, just to make him look good. Every decision that he makes today is not based on what ‘the people’ want, but for votes. Oh yes! By the way the Taliban ARE terrorists. When the h___ are you going to admit that one? Enough said, Greg

  56. The President did take responsibility by bring a American home and in the process in so many words he told you unpatriotic Reich wingers to kiss his ass. Is that enough responsibility for you?

  57. You’re the only one bullshitting anybody…if you served, then you know how intimate you are with your platoon mates or shipmates…abandoning your post is abandoning them and they are family… he, by every single account there is – and yes that includes first hand accounts from people in his platoon and his team leader, WILLFULLY walked off base in the middle of Afghanistan…
    You linked a post to WikiLeaks, so let’s discuss what’s contained in that…First, the military does not classify anybody as “kidnapped”, as someone that was supposedly in the military, you should be fully aware of that…”kidnapped” and “criminal activity” are simply search terms for wikileaks…at the end of the report he is classified by the military as MIA or DUSTWUN…this was immediately following the event…the army did more investigating in the weeks following…let me ask you two serious questions:
    1 – Why did he willfully leave base?
    2 – Why was he asking for someone that spoke english in…

  58. The disingineousnes (sic) and hypocrisy of the Republican “Leader” is appaling. Because looking at the facts….Bush released about 500 Gitmo prisoners during his tenure. What happened? Not much, a few may have re-joined their pals, some tried to put on a leadership cap but were later “droned” (my word for whacked by drones) ;) So, why all the furor by Boehner and his whiners, over five “old” geezers, with no teeth therefore no bite. Just symbol-heads, has beens? These guys were most likely told: IF we catch you involved with Al-Quaeda or being naughty, we will find you and eliminate you “drone-style” got it? Okay, you can go now.
    That’s my take on it. So Boehner and his boohoo-hoo birds can chill out and STFU!

  59. you call into question the date of the link I provided about the Taliban calling off negotiations, yet it is in that very link that talks about the “bios” of these Taliban officials…you’re the one that remains in the dark…this administration is treating everyone of us like mushrooms…

  60. Everytime a rightie speaks,a Devil gets a new pitchfork.
    We leave no one behind,that was always how it was until this group of no nothing’s took over America. If it was their family member it would be a different story. By the same rules then Bush,Cheney and Rice should be held responsible for every service member killed and injured in Iraq. Their blood is on their hands. One man,a soldier,who served and his family who waited agonizing everyday for him,to further burden them is horrific. Punish Bush and Vo instead of making him a hero,He is the original “Coward of the World” along with his cronies cabinet. Punish them and make them pay for every wrong they have done and then we will have justice served.

  61. Greg, Oh stop with the crying and whining over this. Making a mountain out of a mole hill for sure. What’s with all the fear? These guys have been out of touch for 12-13 years! Leaders on the Taliban field have come and gone down (droned). Those that are running the show, have been doing it all these years—has anything got any worse? NO. Status quo. So, in your mind and the rest of the hand-wringers, these five old geezers are going to create a “surge” ? Or plan some effective way of fighting the Americans in the hills? Give me (us) A f-ing break!

  62. Oh you folks are so blind. Don’t you know that every Democrat voted for that Iraq conflict when Bush presented the plan to them. In fact they were given two times to decide. Many Dems were at first opposed to the war, but polls suggested that a majority of the people were in favor of the war. When the vote came around again, they changed their votes in favor of a military intervention in Iraq. By the way, the only man opposed to the war was a retired General, who stated that we would hae to commit at least 300,000 troups to win the war. That General was the recent resigned head of the VA. And – further don’t you even question my patriotism! I served voluntarily as an RN in the US Army Nurse Corps and watched as many soldiers died in my arms while trying to save their lives. I take my Country very seriously, and especially the politicians in office. Many of you were having your sorry butts wiped by your Mother when all of this was going on. Greg

  63. 1)I don’t know and neither do you. We do know that we left at least 2 times before this last time and we do know his commander knew he was going because Bergdalh ask could he take his weapon and night vision goggles, was told no and he left them.
    2)Who told you that? That he was asking someone in English, the rest was left out but I want to know where you got that from since I haven’t seen that info.

  64. Enough of them did vote for that conflict, and thats all that counts. By the way, I’m neither a Republican or Democrat; I vote for the one who is most qualified. I’m just as angry with the rigt ans the left at times. They all need to try to get along, and think of what the American people want, and not what their party prefers. My War was Vietnam, and we lost over 55,000 men in that lyin’ mess, and for what? As soon as we left the Communists took over. We didn’t accomplish a dammed thing. I’m still paying for that mess today, with a slow growing Cancer that will eventually cost me big time’ all a result of exposure to the stuff we were around in the Hospitals. I have a major resentment for our Leaders over that war, and take seriously what is going on today. Greg

  65. So, by calling Boehner a liar, the author is guaranteeing that the five Taliban commanders, leaders and masterminds who recruit and orchestrate violence from leadership positions, will just find peace and retire from the ongoing war being waged by Islamists against western civilization. I’m sure he wouldn’t bet his life on that.

  66. I honor your service and get everything that is do to you. If you haven’t already see your VFW rep they know how the system works and will get you what you earned. Take care of yourself

  67. They are not taliban commanders. Possibly 2 of them were. They were enemies of the northern alliance that we arrested to please the Afghanistan. You act as if the taliban was helpless without these 5. Dont you think its more then likely the taliban will think they talked during their 14 year stay at Gitmo?

    Your talking points are noted.

  68. Here’s a few questions. Were any of those five evil bad guys on that infamous ‘deck of cards’ the Bush gang so glibly published along with their wonderful “shock and awe” campaign? Just what were their legally punishable crimes anyhow? And why were they forced to spend 14 years of their life in a 100+ degree hellhole without due process? Why shouldn’t they be freed, now that hostilities are over, exchange or no? And why are the Reich wingers so damn scared of the boogy man?

  69. And why are the Reich wingers so damn scared of the boogy man?
    I don’t know but when one goes out and but duct tape thinking that would protect them from a Chemical or Biological attack one has to question their intelligence

  70. Dominick, maybe YOU are missing the point.

    How many times have you been reading and ignoring the fact that Swapping for priosoners/detainess have been DONE! Reagan did it, Bush did it. So, why the hissy-fit over the swapping of these five geezers now? Furthermore If the releasing of detainees WITHOUT anything or anybody in return would have caused you guys to have a heart attack! By the way, it is common knowledge that in war, ANY war the other side and our side KNOW that bargaining for hostages OR POW is a fact of WAR! Question: HOWMANY PRISONERS OR HOSTAGES have the Taliban had in their possession? How many were taken in IRAQ? ZERO! Bergdahl was the ONLY soldier in captivity. and he was NOT a hostage, he was a detainee. Furthermore, did he fight on their side? NO! Did he give them “secrets”-According to them: NO. So stop biiit-ching. This is okay. You can sleep at night. Nothing will happen. You just want to be contrary to the Commander in Chief’s decision just BECAU…

  71. Mike marcus: My sentiments exactly. The hand wringers are sooooo afraid of the boogeymen that they can’t see strait or stop sweating it out. they blame Obama for setting the Dogs of War on them by reeleasing the 5 long in tooth geezers.
    But here is my take on what our people said to those 5 guys: ——————“IF we catch you involved with Al-Quaeda or being naughty, we will find you and eliminate you “drone-style” got it? Okay, you can go now.” Proceed……..

  72. dcjchefron:

    Bergdahl is one complex young man—different than the hard nosed, Rambo types he was probably stationed with in that outposts. The guy is deep, and a bit way-out there. No wonder he “wandered” away.
    Because, first it took some b-alls to go into “Indian country” without a weapon. Knowing probably that he could be shot on sight and/or tortutured (head off)? So, another thing, he DID NOT join them! He did not go fight with them! He did not give them no secrets!Therefore he is NOT a traitor, like the NSA traitor. My feelings is that there is more to this guy, and Obama and his counselors did the right thing to get him outta there!

  73. What pisses me of is these wingers who claim to know what happen and more than a few of them never left mommy’s basement

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