The Republican Hate Platform Isn’t Working In Texas


Greg Abbott/Wendy Davis, via Burnt Orange Report
Greg Abbott/Wendy Davis, via Burnt Orange Report
The Texas press seems a bit startled and more than a little dismayed by the growing extremism represented in the Texas Republican Party, especially as seen during their rally over the past weekend.

Republicans added hate language like “reparative therapy” for gays to their agenda, along with calling for an end to in state tuition for children of undocumented workers. Texas Republicans also think that friends and neighbors should be turned into spies and snitches, fostering an atmosphere of distrust and fear. (A Southern Republican pushed for this same theory against women, wanting friends and neighbors to turn women who have had a miscarriage into the GOP uterus police. Not a joke.)

Basically, if you hate women, gays and immigrants, the Texas GOP has a platform for you.

While this kind of pandering to the easily manipulated that make up the GOP base has worked for Texas Republicans like Ted Cruz, the Texas GOP is following Cruz over the crazy cliff while the demographic revolution marches forward. The hate platform might not be such a great strategy for AG and gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott, who finds himself in an unexpectedly tightening race with Democratic state Senator Wendy Davis.


The Davis people kindly passed along a round up of press reaction to Abbott and his party, noting “From Midland to McAllen to Houston, Abbott’s Party Platform Called Out as ‘Unacceptable’.” Here are just a few snippets:

“It is troubling that Republican leaders like Greg Abbott and senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn, who all appeared at the convention, would condone such language.” –McAllen Monitor

“[F]or a party and its leaders, who are supposed to represent all Texans, to endorse reparative therapy in its platform, that’s not something we can get behind.” – Midland Reporter Telegram

“Even some Republicans wonder if the party has gone too far.”- Beaumont Enterprise

“The non-binding set of principals set a dangerous tone during this election year. And the anti-immigration stance displayed by the party via this document does not bode favorably for regions with high Hispanic populations, like South Texas.” –McAllen Monitor

Based on the platform, the Party “wants to turn employers and law officers into federal snitches, lock up many Hispanic voters’ parents and relatives, and deny Texas-schooled children the same college tuition rates as their classmates.” – Fort Worth Star Telegram

“…it is clear to me that if we seek to win the future Hispanic vote, we should at least be cordial to our neighbors from the south.” – Rep. Jason Villalba, Texas Monthly

Dallas Morning News: Gromer Jeffers Jr.: Texas GOP platform will hurt party’s efforts to win in Dallas: “Well, after the three-day Texas Republican Party Convention in Fort Worth, it’s going to be tougher for Emmert and his band of statewide hopefuls to win in Dallas County, a place where Democrats have controlled politics since 2006.”

Houston Chronicle Editorial: GOP cliff walk: “The question we’re left with in the wake of the rally of Texas Republicans over the weekend is whether “reparative therapy” might work on a political party so averse to the reality of a growing, changing, dynamic state that its members prefer a return to the 1950s…The ideologues don’t seem particularly interested in the gay vote, either. The 2014 Republican Party platform actually endorses the practice of training LGBT people to “convert” to heterosexuality. Never- mind that such therapies have been repudiated by the American Psychological Association and other major health organizations, not to mention common sense.”

Fort Worth Star Telegram: Bud Kennedy: “Texas Solution” guest-worker plan sent to GOP exile: “The much-ballyhooed, market-based “Texas Solution” guest-worker economic plan for America, passed two years ago, was discarded Saturday like many of the business-minded conservatives who supported it.”

Note the last quote, because when the party moves to the right of the business conservatives who support it financially, trouble is brewing (see failed extremist Ken Cuccinelli). I’ve often wondered why any business other than mega corporations would support the current GOP, as even their deregulation fever spells trouble for businesses that aren’t too big to fail. But also, some Republicans think the party has gone too far? That’s rather telling, especially given the Republican propensity for denial and defense.

As the Republican hate machine drives Texas Republicans further and further off the crazy cliff, independently-minded and strong-willed Democrats like Wendy Davis are waiting in the wings. Ms. Davis has been smart enough from the beginning not to run away from what her party stands for, even though conventional wisdom dictated that she should, especially in a red state.

But Wendy Davis, like another successful up-and-comer then Senator Barack Obama, knows how to read polls.

The Democratic party positions are the middle. This fact doesn’t please liberals, but it is the current state of affairs given that the Republican Party has gone mad. It will take the media longer to face this fact than it will the public.

Texas isn’t blue yet, but the Republican Party just can’t help themselves from scoring for the other side over and over and over again.

Image: Via Burnt Orange Report

19 Replies to “The Republican Hate Platform Isn’t Working In Texas”

  1. Republicans are their own worst enemies. What used to be considered fringe, and even extreme, seems to be mainstream Republican thought these days.

    In the past, Republicans kept most of their real agenda to themselves but they now suffer from the delusion that a majority of Americans agree with them but are too afraid to speak up.

    I’m glad that they have finally decided to let it all hang out over the last several years so that everyone can see their depravity.

    Even though the so-called “conservative” movement has made a lot of noise, and stirred up a lot of controversy lately, I believe they are doomed to failure. America is changing, and she is not going to be dragged back to the stone age, no matter what the cretins on the right believe.

  2. I live here in Texas and know plenty of folks who can’t stand Abbott. I’m voting for Wendy Davis, but every time i look at the polls it shows Abbott with a 12 pct lead. I know I live in wahoo land, but I wonder who are these retards that are voting for Abbott and this kind of a platform?

  3. Sane people may be turned off by the rethuglican platform but lest not be fooled, that piece of toilet paper of a platform still has its fans. Take it away Texans
    Texas city council member: ‘Get those blacks off the school board’
    Connie Trube, a city council member in La Marque, Texas is ignoring calls to resign after she was taped making racist remarks about the local school board.

  4. Problem is that the democratic positions are only in the middle when measured from the extreme right wing nutcase positions to the middle.
    The D positions are truly center right when measured against full range of political thought or even post war (WW II) political reality.
    This is why people are disappointted with the D’s is that they have accepted the nut cases stupidity as worthy of intellectual engagement thus surrendering the terms of the debate to the lowest common denominator.
    An example is when the financial meltdown occurred the D’s accepted that saving the “Bankers” not banks and doing minimal harm to the 1% as the first priority rather then saving main street and sending criminials to jail.
    Same thing with the ACA when single payer was never addressed and concern for the insurance companies balance sheets was given greater weight then saving peoples lives.
    The examples are too numorous to mention. no prosecution war criminals, no impeachment of w etc

  5. Yes Abbott will win. Just like Romney did when he was ahead in the polls… Now go back to the TV you are missing important information on FOX…

  6. Hmmm… reparative therapy… well, I guess we know where Marcus and Michele will settle after she gets out of federal prison.

  7. TEA-Republican out-reach efforts for Hispanic, Asian-America, smaller governments, LGBT and black voters, while continuing medical legislation over women’s rights to govern their own bodies seems to be failing by leaps and bounds. Rafael Eduardo Cruz, Rick Perry, Greg Abbott, Dannie Goeb, Ken Paxton and a host of others built that and were preaching to the choir in Ft Worth!

  8. A White Party to represent the values and interests of White People. That’s what I’m looking for.

  9. lets just be blunt – The repubs and their ideas on hispanics are nothing but racism

    They are sold out to the people there who still wish that segregation was in place.

    They hate gays also Some baptist churches eg first baptist of Dallas hate jews as well

    Good riddance to these people – they would find compatible ideas in Russia

  10. you mean the Bush Jr whobeat Ann Richards the former gov some years ago

    he had his pals put flyers on car windows showing two men kissing

    one was black

    Homophobic and racist

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