Sore Loser Eric Cantor’s Campaign Blames Democrats and the Liberal Media For Loss

eric cantor defeat, AP

It’s a good thing Virginia has a “sore loser” law because we have some very sore losers on our hands.

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s pollster had some explaining to do after Cantor lost his primary battle to his Tea Party challenger David Brat by ten points when the pollster had predicted Cantor showed Cantor was ahead by 62 percent to 28 percent with 11 percent of voters undecided, and it went like this:

The Democrats did it, Mommy!

And, in case God is keeping score of how McLaughlin and Cantor were wronged in this huge error, it was the “liberal media”.

Also, the “Cooter factor”. Yes, that’s a thing now.

In an email to Shane Goldmacher of the National Journal, McLaughlin blamed Democrats for his bad polls and Cantor’s loss, saying that Representative Ben Jones — the actor who played Cooter in the “Dukes of Hazard” — wrote a letter urging Democrats to vote in the primary.

More on the “Cooter factor”:

Then McLaughlin cited the “Cooter” factor – the fact that former Rep. Ben Jones, a Georgia Democrat who played Cooter in The Dukes of Hazzard, had written an open letter urging Democrats to vote for Brat to help beat Cantor.

“Over the weekend Democrats like Ben Jones and liberal media were driving their Democratic voters on the internet into the open primary,” McLaughlin wrote. “Eric got hit from right and left. In our polls two weeks out Eric was stronger with Republicans at 70% of the vote, but running under 50% among non Republicans.”
“Untold story,” McLaughlin continued, “is who were the new primary voters? They were probably not Republicans.”

John McLaughlin had assured Cantor that he was up by 34 points with his “internal polls”. I put that in quotes because it’s becoming somewhat of an Achilles’ heel for Republicans —-their “unskewed” polls, their ability to bury themselves in denial ala Karl Rove’s shock regarding Ohio on election night. This is the broader point of Cantor’s seismic loss.

McLaughlin also blamed high turnout, but the National Journal was not impressed, noting that his estimate of who was a likely Republican voter was “way, way, off the mark”. Food for thought.

Did Democrats turnout in droves and destroy Cantor? The Virginia Democratic Party is no doubt pleased that Republicans think there are so many of them in a district in which Cantor won by a large percentage in 2012. This is a red, red district so much so that upon Cantor’s announcement that he won’t be mounting a write-in campaign, Democrats signaled that they won’t be all in on the race.

Also, according to Michael McDonald who specializes in American elections, the highest Democratic-leaning precincts had lowest total votes, so the loss didn’t happen there:

So no, Democrats are not responsible for Cantor’s loss. While there may have been some crossover, the evidence suggests it was low support for Cantor that did him in. McDonald pointed out the irony that the Republicans’ redistricting was meant to protect Cantor. He finished McLaughlin off with a tweet jingle, “If you need a poll That’ll make you look good Who you gonna call? McLaughlin!”

McLaughlin has a record of puffing up Republican egos and then falling flat on his poll, which begs the question — why would any candidate in their right mind use him unless they are so narcissistically fragile that they would rather have smoke blown up their precious bum than face reality? The problem with this is that reality, like the grim reaper, always comes calling eventually.

Republican pundits circled the wagons before anyone even knew why this stunning upset happened, claiming that it meant nothing. But as I wrote on Twitter in real time, Eric Cantor was the Number 2 in Republican House leadership. He was the “future of the Republican Party”. One of its “Young Guns”. His resounding defeat and rejection was a huge upset for the Republican Party. There is no denying that.

The point is not really the impact of Cantor’s loss on the 2014 elections as it seems likely that the seat will stay Republican, but a continuation of the reason the Republican Party is no longer a viable national party — and that is denial.

Republicans have been in denial about their party’s mistakes. This is a tough place for a party to be. But instead of facing up to it and pulling themselves up by their own bootstraps with some harsh accountability and reassessment, they’ve ignored post-mortems and doubled down on the hate they need in order to get out the vote. Catering to hate while fearfully and crazily redistricting (both parties redistrict when they can but to rely on it is foolish) instead of rebranding has brought them here.

The only reason a Republican hires McLaughlin is because they want to fool themselves into feeling good. The aura of hazy egomania combined with heady delusions of grandeur is not helping the GOP; in fact, it will be its demise. Its death is just taking a painfully slow time, assisted in its denial by a corporate media who love to pretend Republicans are the grown ups.

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34 Replies to “Sore Loser Eric Cantor’s Campaign Blames Democrats and the Liberal Media For Loss”

  1. But of course!!! You know..with all of this alleged magical power that we Dems and Libs have to run things the way we want…then why in the hell would we even bother with campaigns and elections and legislation and wasting all that time debating things. When we can just make things happen out of thin air…Get a Clue right wing! Act like the responsible people you claim to be.

  2. Wouldn’t it be nice if the Dems DID this. Beating the republicans at their own Rovian vote manipulating strategies.

    I very much doubt the Dems could have accomplished this… As Will Rogers pointed out: “I don’t belong to an organized political party. I’m a Democrat.”

  3. If Mr.Cantor is correct and I’m sure he isn’t. Then there certainly is a God who punishes mean spirited people who care only for the rich and not for the majority who pay their salaries. I hope we Democrats can put all of the do nothing but obstruct anything that will lift the lives of all people not just the ones that don’t need help at all.

  4. He lost because of complacency on the GOP’s part and his cockiness.

    This lead to very low voter turn out – in a very heavy GOP district on 65,000 voters out of 473,000 voted!!! THAT IS WHY HE LOST!!!!

  5. isn’t it more like even fools eventually tire of a fool?

    rule #1 in politics, which the ‘pundits and experts’ always forget…


  6. WaaaaaOHWaaaaaaohWAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaa

    what a whiner! Gee….and I’m almost out of magic fairy pixie dust to be able to sweep a lot of dip sticks….just like you…out of Congress.

  7. Nutcase Cantor was simply not crazy enough for the voters. They prefer a total lift off, not some nitwitty screwing around a la Canter. They voted, and they´ll get what they voted for. Screw them.

  8. “Then there certainly is a God who punishes mean spirited people who care only for the rich and not for the majority who pay their salaries”.
    If that were the case, Gohmert would be a bellboy at some cheap hotel, and Screechy Spice Palin would be flipping pancakes at IHOP.

  9. Isn’t it amazing how whenever something doesn’t go the way “the party of personal responsibility” wants, it’s always someone else’s fault?

  10. I think your numbers and analysis are off the mark in the article. Being an active Democrat in the 7th District, you had a lot more cross-over than you counted. The “Cantor-zone” is demographically supportive of him. It was the angry younger democrats who normally don’t participate in any other than major elections. They, we have had enough. I am one of many in my social network of folks that took the time to make our statement strategically. I didn’t see any “Cooter” letter either. It was my duty as a citizen to vote and make my voice heard. Many of us in this District quietly made that 15 minute stop in our day and did our duty. We asked others to remember to vote, too. We knew the Republicans would get overly confident and think Cantor had it in the bag. There were only 65,000ish votes cast and that was up from 45,000 the last. Where do you thing those folks came from? Who do you think they were? Tea Partiers? No way. To fractured to support that kind of increased motivation.

  11. Will you work just as hard for Jack Trammel? I know since the dummycrats wont support him the least I can do half wy across the country is to donate a few dollars. It might not be much but every little bit helps

  12. The Friends Of Dave Brat
    The most revelatory piece about how Dave Brat came to be the likely new congressman from the Seventh Congressional District of the Commonwealth of Virginia ran in Tiger Beat On The Potomac back on April 17. (We noted it at the time.) It also undermines the emerging character of Dave Brat, Ordinary Joe. A lot of the credit for his upset is going (rightly) to various radio hosts who took the payola from wingnut sugar daddies as described by Ken Vogel and MacKenzie Weinger. Mark Levin took almost $800,000 from Americans For Prosperity. Laura Ingraham was on the arm, too. Brat also seems to owe his job to Cato Institute president John Allison.
    Read More

  13. Cantor thought he had his district Gerrymandered so he’s be in Congress for the rest of his life, collecting that sweet, sweet lobby money. A Cooter d’ Etat happened and while Brat hasn’t got a grip on what is really going on, the Democrats can vote in force making this an especially sweet victory. Or there will be one more crazy person in Congress, which is broken all to Hell anyway.

  14. eric cantor like 99.9% of republicans look like they have a 2×4 wedged up their A$S. cantor lost for a million reasons!! he needs to look in the mirror!! that district is RUBY RED but it is a open primary! yeah, SOME democrats probably voted for brat but lets be freakin’ FOR REAL!! you can barely get democrats to vote in midterms for their OWN parties candidate!! cantor lost because the GOP has turned into a full blown WHITE NATIONALIST party!! and cantor was supposedly willing to work on immigration!! that’s a NO NO with todays KKK political party!! BTW don’t feel too sorry for cantor, he’ll become a lobbyist or slink over to the heritage foundation, like fellow mouth breather extraodinaire jim demint!! it’s called a GOP cluster F***

  15. Had nothing to do with immigration reform (which most in his district and in his state support). Nothing to do with a bunch of Democrats voting for Brat.

    He need look no further than his own approval ratings for the reason he lost – 30%. In his own district.

    I think some people – sane Republicans – are simply tired of gridlock and tired of the obstruction on everything, even policies Republicans would normally support.

    I’m sorry but opposing something is not good enough – you have to offer SOLUTIONS. Don’t like a Democratic proposal? Then bring your own and work WITH others to make it palatable to people in both parties. That is how governing works.

    You can say “no, no, no” all the time, but that will only work for so long and it will only get you so far. At some point, you have to GOVERN.

    Furthermore, they embraced the far right of their party; they embraced the Tea Party. You cannot govern from the extremes.

    His loss is his own doing.

  16. “Cooter d’ Etat”

    Congratulations, you win the internet today! :D

    Thank you, I needed that this morning. Now I have to clean the Coke off my iPad.

  17. @Paws, I’m just repeating what and official of a hispanic organization thats pushing for legal immigration, I forgot the name of the organization, sorry. the radio program was Ring of fire if that helps. BTW next time, try reading my post ok. because your absurd statement about cantors district wanting immigration reform/ amnesty is a joke, I don’t know where you get your information from but you’re really off base. try reading the article at THE SLATE by Boer Deng for yourself, his district does NOT want immigration reform/ amnesty

  18. Congress Approval rating in April 13%. The republican party stacked the deck more by putting up an unknown college professor, without money to run as his “opponent”. The script was written months ago exactly how this was SUPPOSED to come down. I have been watching the same thing happen for as long as I have had the time and tools to really watch politics. Both parties, dirty money and lobbyists get together and make their sordid deals. Good example and in VA too. A “democrat” sold out the healthcare for sweetheart jobs for him and his daughter recently. In their arrogance and contempt for voters and the way our system is set up. They think we are too stupid to know and helpless. Sometimes the voters throw out the script and ad lib. Then the scrambling starts to come up with BS excuses..instead of the REAL reason. Sometimes people are just smarter and have more power than they get credit for. That power thing cannot be allowed to stand. That could upset ALL the applecarts.

  19. I can’t tell you how many elections I voted in where Eric Cantor had no opponent running against him. Countless times Cantor’s name was listed alone on the ballot which I always left blank.

    I’m delighted Cantor lost as he was always so smug & thought he was invincible. While David Brat is an idiot & no bargain, at least the voters in VA’s 7th District gave Cantor the message that we the people despise him.

    Let Cantor believe all he wants that his loss was due to his stance on immigration; it was not. I’m sue it’s easier for an egomaniac like Cantor to believe it was immigration that cost him the primary rather than having to face the fact that people are appalled & digusted by his complete disrrspect for President Obama, his blatant obstruction, his “do-nothing” attitude & anti-women policies (just to name a few) all which hurt the regular middle class people much mote than they ever hurt the president.

    Now I will work to support Trammel, the Dem ru…

  20. What an embarrassment this Tea/Republican Party! Maybe that’s why such an unreconstructed “Reagan” Republican Larry Kudlow signed off his TV show. He couldn’t take it anymore like so many other of his brethren, who suffer…in silence. This is a tragedy for the nation.

  21. Maybe it’s as simple as VA. just doesn’t care much for Jewish people. When they found out George Allen was part Jew, he lost too.

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