A Fired Up President Obama Calls Out Democrats for Not Voting in Midterms


Speaking to a group of supporters from a corner of the room at a fundraiser in Weston, Massachusetts, President Obama said, “Democrats do have one congenital disease, and that is that we don’t vote during midterms and we don’t feel the same sense of urgency during midterms, and we like the presidential races and the hoopla and the glitz. But this is where the rubber hits the road.”

Obama voice was a little hoarse, per the white House pooler. “Some of you saw there was an interesting election yesterday,” Obama said referencing Cantor’s surprising defeat, drawing laughter. Obama then pointed out that Cantor’s defeat should not be used as an excuse to do nothing on immigration reform.

Detailing his agenda of (in part) getting immigration reform done, rebuilding our infrastructure around this country, investing in basic research and science, equal pay for equal work and a strong minimum wage, Obama told the room of supporters, “That’s what this evening is about. That’s what my presidency has been about. That’s what the next six months is going to be about leading up to the midterms…

And the only way I’m going to be able to do that is to make sure that we’ve got a strong showing in these midterms. I’m not on the ballot, but this is my last race — because the better we do in the midterms, the more likely we are to get the things done that everybody in this room knows needs to be done.”

Here’s where the President called out Democrats for staying home during midterms — he really wants to end the gridlock and start getting things done, “Democrats do have one congenital disease, and that is that we don’t vote during midterms and we don’t feel the same sense of urgency during midterms, and we like the presidential races and the hoopla and the glitz. But this is where the rubber hits the road. I’m going to do everything I can to make sure that the House of Representatives does the right thing, that we no longer have one extreme faction that is blocking what the majority of the American people want to see happen with comprehensive immigration reform.

But it would be a whole lot easier if Democrats vote in the midterms.”

Obama explained that he wants to keep the Senate not because Democrats are so perfect, but because Republicans are not a functioning party, “But I got to tell you, I really want to keep a Democratic Senate. And I want to tell you that I want to keep a Democratic Senate not because I think Democrats have a monopoly on wisdom. Sometimes people ask me what would I like for Father’s Day or Christmas or my birthday, and pretty close to the top of my list is usually a loyal and rational opposition.” This drew laughter. He continued, “We want a Republican Party that can function and with which we can negotiate and compromise and help move the country forward. But unfortunately, that’s not what we’re seeing in Washington right now from the Republicans.”

The President said that it’s urgent that Democrats vote because he needs Congressional action — he can’t fix everything from the White House, “On every one of these subjects, whether it’s climate change or minimum wage, I’m taking steps that don’t require congressional action, but we can make a whole lot more progress if we’re voting in the midterms.”

“You got to feel in your gut that this is really important and put everything you got into it. That’s what I’m going to do — despite having told Michelle that I’d already run my last campaign,” he said drawing more laughter. “It turns out I had to tell her I got one more left.”

Obama is running one more campaign. Obama voters should join him.

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  1. I voted; however, I can see how some Democrats could be disillusioned with the many DINO’s we see out there (Sen. Phillip Puckett)who is more interested in lining their puckets than public service to the citizens of VA.

    When I see President Obama question why there weren’t more voters, I’d have to say in most cases, unfortunately, you are running a Turd Sandwich against a Giant Douche.

  2. The Contract to rebuild America
    1. Expand Social Security

    2.Immigration reform

    3.Rebuild America with the 10 million dollars an hour we are spending in Afghanistan. That’s a 118 BILLION dollars

    4.Raise the minimum wage. Seattle set the standard at $15hr split the difference and raise it to $12.50

    5. Double the tax break for installing solar for your home

    6.Give interest rate relief for student loans

    7.Pass a Financial Transaction Tax
    We’re talking about a financial transaction tax (FTT) — a tiny tax of, say, less than half a percent: maybe 3 cents per $100 — on Wall Street

    That’s all for now. Please feel free to add your own suggestions

  3. A frigging tea party nut-job couple just murdered a couple cops in cold blood. And hardly more then a whisper of it mentioned on mainstream media. The president managed to bring home a POW and the media is pushing the faux conservative scandal narrative. And sadly America might be falling for it. A Bloomberg poll just released has the presidents approval rating hitting an all time low. The main driver of the presidents dropping approval was his supposed “mishandling” of the POW swap. Unbelievable! Democrats are doomed if this is the narrative of the media.

  4. It would do Democrats well if they heeded the President’s words. He warned us before the 2010 election that if we don’t vote, there would be a change. He was correct!

    I worked on the Primary election in my state and saw that Republicans outnumbered Democrats and Independents.


    Republicans win when Democrats don’t vote!

  5. I remember when we had many political parties. Then it was down to Democrats and Republicans, and now it’s down to one; The Republican Party, and the Crazy Republican Party. We need to take our party back.

  6. As a Democrat none of us have to be ashamed to be a Dem.Our President has gotten so much accomplished and with very little help even from his own party.Some have been running around with the GOP and not helping to push his agenda.wii continue to work hard for him.

  7. Hopefully Wisconsin is listening
    Still Waiting: Unlike U.S., Wisconsin Has not Returned to Pre-recession Job Levels

    After more than six years from the start of the Great Recession, the U.S. at long last has more jobs than it did before the recession. For Wisconsin though, that achievement is likely to be a few months in the future.

    As of April 2014, there are still 27,700 fewer jobs in Wisconsin than there were in January 2008, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. At the current rate of job growth, it means that Wisconsin won’t achieve pre-recession job levels until sometime this fall.

  8. Dear, Mr. President Obama,I would be happy to vote Blue a million times over, if we actually had a choice to do so. How do we change that?


    A seriously peed off American.

  9. Please for the first time ever have given my onion PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE John McCain SHUT THE ____UP JUST FOR OUR COUNTRY Sake P My fault because I haven’t voted, But know you have given me a Reason to register

  10. The one thing REPUBLICANS are afraid of and makes them nervous is: A LARGE VOTER TURNOUT BY DEMOCRATS! It’s their worst nightmare. They see what happens when the Black Democrats turn out to vote {{{{Shudder}}} The candidate of choice WINS! Ask Cochran about that. ;)

  11. Increase the Supreme Court to 11 Judges and give the president of the United States the ability to call a decision on the interpretation of the law into question using a “opinion of no confidence”, were the interpretation of law is then sent before congress to be rejected or ratified.

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