Oklahoma Republican Believes Homosexuals Should Be Stoned To Death

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On Tuesday, a website based in Oklahoma, MooreDaily.com, ran a story featuring Facebook conversations from a Republican candidate for the Oklahoma House of Representatives. Scott Esk, who is running in Oklahoma’s 91st District, made a number of posts last summer critical of homosexuality and stating that “we would be totally in the right” to execute gays by stoning them. He stated during the Facebook conversation that while he is a libertarian, and stoning gays to death is kind of against those principles, he feels that it would morally be the right thing to do by God, and that it is a shame that this nation ignores things that are worthy of death.

MooreDaily.com was able to catch up with Esk and ask him about his thoughts on stoning gays. He essentially said that he didn’t want to comment on private conversations and that he doesn’t plan on bringing up a law that would make homosexuality punishable by death. Which is good to know.

If you want to read the entire Facebook thread from last summer, you can check it out here.

What is truly interesting about that thread is that Esk was called out for both his contradictory statements and simply regurgitating scripture to make his points. When he was pressed to actually give his own thoughts, rather than cut and paste verses from the Bible, that is when he openly stated he had no problem with killing gays. Later down the thread, after getting pushback, he did what many anti-gay bigots who hide behind the Bible do — he brought up pedophilia. Essentially, he equated homosexuality and pedophilia and wanted to know what others felt should be a reasonable punishment for “victimful crimes” like pedophilia.

This whole thing comes on the heels of red states like Oklahoma and Kansas trying to find ways to lawfully discriminate against gays, or find ways to get around dealing with the inevitability of gay marriage. An Oklahoma representative proposed a bill that would make all marriages illegal if gay marriage was made legal in the state. Earlier this year, Kansas tried to pass one of the most discriminatory bills since the Jim Crow era, making it to where businesses would be able to lawfully discriminate against LGBT people if the business owners felt it interfered with their ‘religious freedom.’ Thankfully, the Kansas Senate nixed the bill, but only after much outcry from the business community, who knew it would be a deathknell economically for the state.

Finally, you have to love to self-described libertarian who seemingly has no problems with supporting laws based on his own personal religious views. It helps to show that many libertarians are really just self-centered a-holes that cherrypick laws they think should be enforced and then cry about government when it suits them. Laws based solely on moralistic grounds culled directly from the Old Testament? Sure, let’s get that bill written and passed! Pass sensible gun control laws or keep tax rates fair to keep public services operational? You are infringing on my liberty!


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  1. I think if this is true he should go ahead and do it…to see how he ll end up….we know the law ,and killing based on superstition isnt legal.

  2. The liberty these libertarians crave is their own absolute liberty to deny liberty to the “other”.

  3. I..I..can’t quite remember, but…I think god said something else about stones. Also — this dude is in the closet.

  4. Oakie looks at recent homophobic public policies emanating from Texas and proclaims: “Hell, we can do better than that!”

  5. Hes a closeted gay, using the fear of others’ sexuality to secure his place at the government trough.

    Closeted conservatism and political opportunism go together like a hand-job in the coatroom.

  6. The state I live in has really went bonkers. I didn’t think they could get anymore crazy and the sad part of it, that district is in the largest city, OKC, which is trying to sell itself as a world class city. OY

  7. May I remind Scott Esk that the Old Testament is just that. OLD. Show me where Jesus himself said one word about it…..ONE.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. These people need to sit down and read The Sermon On The Mount. That’s Matthew 5-7, Scott. Read. Internalize.

  8. The local GOP political TV commercials are all about who is the most anti-progressive, anti-choice, anti-gay, anti-Obama, anti-everything. Not a single positive candidate in the whole state.

  9. Sure did. “He who is without sin among you, cast the first stone.” Dude’s got more problems than just that closet.


  11. i’ve been muting all the political commercials….i can’t stand listening to the lies….it gets really bad during the local news, which i just generally watch for the weather

  12. These people are unbelievable. Get religion out of my American government! All of it!

    These religious nuts started getting into public office via school boards and city councils back in the 80’s, I remember Pat Robertson and Evangelical churches pushing for their followers to infiltrate government.
    Well they have and now they need to go!

  13. Is there some requirement that one has to get a lobotomy before running as a Republican candidate? You would think so from the plethora of brain-dead comments they regularly make.

  14. Maybe we need to have a little private conversation with Mr. Esk. Let him try and pick up a stone. I would kick his butt half way across the state and make sure all his buddies were watching while I did it.

  15. Well this stupid guy, had better take to all things they stoned people for. Everyone who has been married more than one time and the husband or wife didn’t die. Here in the South it’s common for people to be married 3 or 4 times. The preachers would have to be stoned too, for all their indulgences. They use church to find their side romance. All these would be stoned too.

  16. Its funny for these leaders to be saying stuff like this cause “Liberty and Justice for ALL” doesn’t seem to imply anymore.

  17. This guy reminds me of my aunts ex.He hated when she invited their neighbors to parties because they were gay. He would make fun of them & say horrible things.After 20yrs of marriage he left her for his boyfriend.After his boyfriend cheated & dumped him,he begged her to take him back.When she told him no,to get back at her he took out a bunch of fraudulent loans.He was a vindictive bitch,& my brother new he was gay when we were kids because he would always stay outside and watch the boys ride their skateboards shirtless,he always wanted them to get in the jacuzzi especially when he was drunk and touchy feely. He was a homophobic homosexual.This guy is gay and he hates it!

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