The Tea Party Appears To Have Replaced Eric Cantor With an Idiot


The man that the tea party defeated Eric Cantor with lied about having gone to Princeton and sounded like a total idiot while dodging simple policy questions during an interview with MSNBC’s Chuck Todd.

David Brat claims on his campaign website that he attended Princeton, but The Washington Post contacted Princeton, and the Ivy League school has no record of Brat ever attending. Secondly, The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Brat presented a 2005 paper in which he argued that Protestants are the key to economic growth.

However, the most compelling evidence that the tea party has picked another “winner” was the interview that Brat did with Chuck Todd on MSNBC:

Todd asked Brat a simple foreign policy question about arming the Syrian rebels, and this was the answer that he got, “Hey, Chuck, I just thought today we were going to chat about the celebratory aspect. I’d love to go through all this, but my mind is just…I love all the policy questions. I’m happy to do more, but I just wanted to talk about the victory.”

Brat was also tripped up on a question about whether or not there should be a minimum wage:

Todd asked if there should be a minimum wage, and Brat answered, “Um, I don’t have a well crafted response on that one. All I know is if you take the long run graph over 200 years of your wage rate, it cannot differ from your productivity. Right? So you can’t make up wage rates.” He said that he would love to pay the people in sub-Saharan Africa one hundred dollars an hour.

Brat has the rhetoric about Adam Smith and the Founding Fathers that the tea party loves, but he appears to know nothing about politics and issues. David Brat is in way, way, way over his head, but it seems that he would fit in well with the other House tea party ideologues who have wrecked Congress, because they have no interest in learning how to govern.

Eric Cantor was a lot of things, but he wasn’t an idiot. The tea party will take another step towards accomplishing their goal of killing the few last living brain cells in the GOP if David Brat wins in November.

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  1. So..they replaced a lying partisan hack with an idiot..sorry Prof. Idiot!. That’s actually a step up from Cantor but still way below 0 on the scale.

  2. This interview is why Palin only answers pre-approved questions, albeit word saladly. He knows nothing, just as she. Expect her resounding endorsement come Fall.

  3. I just finished reading Brat’s Ph.D. dissertation. The WSJ piece misses the boat a bit — it’s actually much worse.

    As for the “Princeton” thing, he was clearly gilding the lily, but I don’t think it’s an outright lie. He got an M.Div. degree at Princeton Theological Seminary (PTS), which is in Princeton, New Jersey — though it’s not part of Princeton University. On the campaign trail, he said he stood up to “liberals” when he was “in Princeton.” Clearly he wanted people to infer the University, but it’s technically accurate to say he was “in Princeton” (the city). Now the fact is there ARE no liberals at PTS, so one wonders where these “liberals” he was so manfully standing up to were found.

  4. Just another reason Dems should double down on Trammel. Fund him, get him some help, get some endorsements. Exploit Brat as fully as possible.

  5. Before you knock him for not going to Princeton, be aware that Brat attended Princeton Theological Seminary, which appears to be a separate institution:

    I know that Princeton University originally started out as a theological seminary–whether the two are still linked is unlikely as I believe the University is run by the State.

    You may want to check this information and make any necessary corrections.

  6. Why should we make corrections when he just reported on what the Brat said. Shouldn’t he be the one to clear it up? Jus sayin

  7. He reminds me of the Robert Redford character in “The Candidate” — in the last scene, the newly elected Senator has a “deer in the headlights” expression and asks his advisors, “What do we do now?”

  8. No really what were you expecting?? He was endorsed by idiots. But if we do not get out and get the votes, we will be in the same position as we were with “Cry Baby” Cantor. Who oddly blamed everyone and everything but the POTUS!!!

  9. The gopers will retain a rubber stamp vote, but he won’t be setting policy direction or is that mis-direction? They just keep digging the hole deeper…

  10. I’m hoping that there is some truth
    to the idea floating out there that
    possibly it was Democrats that took
    out Cantor, choosing to put up a ‘Palin’
    type candidate who is already proving
    to be more than a little shaky…..
    It sure would be a GREAT idea!

  11. It’s difficult to keep up with what he is saying at times as English appears not to be his primary language. But I believe he is implying that wages keep up with productivity or should keep up with productivity or something.
    Well, wages have definitely not kept up with productivity since Reagan took office (wonder why). And the minimum wage has even trailed the average wage increase since then.
    So either he is an idiot and doesn’t understand basic economics (which I thought he taught) or he is calling for an increase in the minimum wage.
    I go with the former.

  12. Only to make it clear that Brat attended the Princeton Theological Seminary, not the University.

    Brat can BS, but I think anyone who is going to criticise his education needs show HOW Brat lied.

  13. For the first time in my 71 years of life, I think I’m feeling a bit sorry for the Republicans.
    Where do they find these ???????
    Brat has a Theology? And he lies like a ganster????
    I don’t care who in the Democrat party ever runs against him, I will vote for the Democrat !

  14. GOOD Comments, I always double check and will on this. Too bad there isn’t both a mental acuity test and a list of qualification requirements for sitting members of congress-its like hiring day laborers from a local job fair. As I understand it the Democrat who will run against him is also a professor at the same college?

  15. Jealous much? Completely unknown conservative trounces establishment douche and will certainly win the general. He’ll add Congressman to his C.V., but yours will still list your mediocre career in cube-sitting.

  16. Glad to see we finally are starting to move forward away from all the gridlock in Washington. It was a race of arrogance against ignorance. Now we need to get organized and get informed on who we are voting for and what there are going to do for us the PEOPLE OF AMERICA .We the people are sick of the lies and big money Politian’s that are buying democracy from out from under us in middle class America

  17. Sounded to me like he was all for a wage increase in Africa. Is he planning to run for President of S Africa next?

  18. I wouldn’t be too cocksure about the general. I know Cantor gerrymandered this district, but old Brat appears to be pretty clueless about governing, the Constitution, and just why he wants to go to DC.

  19. I listened to these interviews. I’m a recent development economics graduate, and his answers are not at all unusual for many neo-liberal profs. I’m not sure how dumb he is based on these interviews or his publications.

  20. There’s no point in even giving someone who’s “name” is Heywood Jablome (sound it out, people!) the courtesy of a reply. Typical troll tactics.

  21. They went from a minus 10 on the common sense scale with Cantor to a minus 50 with Brat…what a bunch of flipping losers!

  22. Well, I don’t know. Cantor was either a liar or an idiot. I tend to lean towards idiot. If he believed the crap that he promoted, I’d go with idiot.

  23. The GOP has two choices: Do a complete turn-around and denounce the extremists, or follow them over the cliff. I predict the latter.

  24. He’s counting on his idiot no-nothing base not to know the difference between Princton (the city) and Princton (the university).

  25. I’m going to stick with my first impression of David Brat, “We have an over-brewed tea bag here.”

  26. In the interviews he does express an opinion on minimum wage, albeit one as generic as many politicians’. This article misrepresents his comments somewhat.

  27. I’m not sure what he thinks we should be jealous of exactly.

    Looking like a fool in front of the entire country? Why would anyone be jealous of THAT?

  28. I saw that interview. It seems to me that he should have had those policy issues down pat. After all, didn’t he just come off a campaign.

  29. Well its just not this article Google the Brat and minimum wage and you will find that just about anyone who dont teabag came to the same conclusion

  30. Saying he doesn’t have an opinion on it as yet is saying he doesn’t have an opinion on it until the Kochs and ALEC give him one.

  31. Straight from his own website:

    “he tested his rural values against the intellectual elite while at Princeton and against the powerful elite at American University.” (pause to control gag reflex.)

    “Dave’s journey led him to Princeton where he obtained a Masters in Divinity and on to American University where he earned a Ph.D. in Economics.”

    And from Princeton Theological Seminary–is it affiliated with Princeton University? No.

    So while not outright lying, he is certainly aiming to give a false impression. In other words, bearing false witness. A sin, one of the Big 10, according to the Bible. Uh-oh.

    (Could he have gotten an M. Div. at the real Princeton University? No, they don’t give Masters.

  32. Sessions is the one who said to our President “I can hardly stand to look at you.”

    What an outstanding douchebag, and yes, if he replaces Cantor, our government is in big trouble.

  33. There are no moderates left in that sewer of a party. When the orange one with no spine is talked about he would make a deal you know its time to cancel Christmas

  34. He didn’t really say he did not have an opinion, he said I believe “he did not have a well crafted opinion.” The key is “well crafted” By who? Apparently not the congressman.

  35. I’m thinking crap like this is just done to keep all eyes off of Ohio. Our constitutional rights were just thrown out the door by our own Supreme Court! Ohio has been a testing ground, done very quietly for many years.Go to this website and read all the articles on women’s rights, but 1st read the article on Job’s Ohio. Come back to Politicus and get the talking about it ball rolling, then spread it around on other sites. I’m just sick at heart!

  36. Pay Sub-Saharan Africans $100. per hour?


    Ladies & Gentlemen, I give you the dregs of evangelical American capitalist imperialism with it’s “divine dominionist” designs on the continent of Africa.

  37. My son went to The Hun School which is right next door to Princeton, so I could tell people he went to Princeton and I’d also be correct. Let the people infer what they like, right?

  38. What we need is a Teddy Roosevelt for our times. He/She has to be rich so they are untouchable. The progressive message needs to be shouted through all forms of media everyday. Our side needs a message machine that gets heard.

  39. Oh damned. Virginia has her very own Ted Cruz/Sarah Palin packaged in one body. Sounds like he has not been
    tutored on the talking points yet. When is the first Brat-Trummell debate? That should be fun! Popcorn please.

  40. Why are you apologizing for his sneaky inference that he went to Princeton? He used a shady tactic to make people believe something that is not true. Not good for your cred….

  41. Thank you KrisS and Shiva. Please help spread this around as much as you can. There is already 1 million dollars missing from JobsOhio, and Kasich doesn’t have to tell us where it went. He doesn’t have to let us have any info on JobsOhio. The only jobs created in Ohio were because of Pres Obama. Texas is emmulating Ohio’s war on woman because it was done a little at a time on the down low, and was successful. Kasich will not comply with the Freedom of Information Act in any form, not even on where he goes, or who he sees. I’m seeing Koch bros involvement here in Ohio big time. We didn’t see any of this coming. The entire state of Ohio could be the next Detroit. We need to get Gov John Kasich out of office now! Please help get the word out!

  42. Is Brat tenured? If so, I thought most of the GOP and certainly the Tea Party have expressed disdain for tenure. And if he was able to obtain tenure to teach economics – I will always tell anyone even thinking about this institution of higher(?????) education (?????) that any tuition at all is probably more than one should pay.
    As far as his economic philosophy – it seems to boil down to “be a fundamentalist Protestant Christian” to economically thrive.

  43. You want to talk about Idiots? Try agreeing to a conversation then railroading undisclosed policy issues into the discussion. Chuck Todd is a BULLY, and you, sir, are an Idiot for writing this up to get these types of responses… It’s about time we have someone with an economics background in congress rather than another lawyer…

  44. Mother Jones did a piece on this idiot, he wants slash social security payments to seniors by 2/3, he does not believe in global warming etc etc and has apparently been scrubbing everything off his facebook account.

  45. For someone who has a economic background I find it curious he couldn’t answer a simple question on the minimum wage saying let me get back at you this is a time to celebrate. Translation I am just a puppet and my I have to ask my masters KOCH and ALEC on what to say.

    That’s what passes for intellect with the baggers, I mean the republican party

  46. The Tea Party is comprised of local grassroots movements that you can influence. My concern with both parties led me to a Tea Party rally and I was surprised to see both Democrats and Republicans represented and respectfully speaking their minds and being respectfully heard. Attend one of the rallys and you’ll see kooks on both ends of the political spectrum. You’ll also see the path to sanity in government and you can influence the direction by your presence.

  47. You should attend a local Tea Party rally and speak your mind. If your position is respectfully stated it is respectfully considered. The venomous contempt observed in the postings here is not what you’ll see at a Tea Party rally. It’s apparent in the posts here where the ignorance and hate festers in our country.

  48. But how many people of color was there? I went to a bagger rally during the summer of 2008. I wore my Obama for President shirt and just listen. Then it struck me who was in attendance. And for the life of me I didn’t see anyone of color. No blacks, Latinos or Native Americans and where I live at you cant help but to run into Native Americans. So don’t try to white wash that mob. We see you and what the baggers stand for and we will not go back in time. We will not celebrate ignorance. Finally we will wipe you out of the body politic. Hopefully sooner rather than later

  49. Brat couldn’t give his opinion because he had not been schooled by the Koch Brothers on how to respond to questions.

    Not even the issue of minimum wage, which he should have an answer for already, being an economics professor.

  50. and for this, the American taxpayers have the privilege of paying this liar and idiot several hundred thousand dollars a year. Damn.

  51. The Brat said he would love to pay the people of sub-Saharan Africa 100 dollars an hour. BUT…BUT….BUT..WHAT ABOUT THE AMERICAN WORKERS ? Brat, you were not elected in Africa, you were elected in America, unfortunately.Where does your loyalty lie ? certainly not with the American People.

    Boo Hoo, cccrrrryyyy bbbaaaabbbbyyyy.

  53. Given this:

    “The man that the tea party defeated Eric Cantor with lied about having gone to Princeton”

    The headline you should have gone with was:

    “The Tea Party Appears To Have Replaced Eric Cantor With a Fraud”

    Fixed that for you.

  54. There are plenty of lawyers who understand economics better than this bagger, like Senator Warren for example.

  55. Let the witch hunt begin….to be fair, these “journalists” can’t trip over themselves fast enough to start digging into his college records while Obama’s Harvard/Columbia/Occidental transcripts were/are more guarded than Ft. Knox.

  56. Prof B in LA: There are quite a few Liberals at PTS! I know first hand. My father was Chairman of the Homiletics Department at PTS in the sixties, seventies and eighties and continued as a guest lecturer there after his retirement. He was a dyed in the wool Liberal, as were a majority of his students.

  57. I am so damn pleased at the idiocy of these republicans. It just gets better by the day. Glad that there is no hope for these incompetent nincompoops to win come November. Thank goodness for their unabated stupidity.

  58. Hm..The GOP is trying desperately to take control of the Senate so I would have to give you a thumbs down for that statement. But, if you meant the House, that’s a different story entirely. We can only hope the tea party ignoramuses fall flat on their face.

  59. You guys do realize that the interview was edited to remove all the answers Brat gave before the interviewer started to ask the same questions over again, right?

    There is an unedited transcript of the interview that gives a very different picture from what is presented here.

  60. How convenient that you didn’t happen to spend the 2 seconds to paste a link to this supposed “real” interview.

  61. Brat says: “All I know is if you take the long run graph over 200 years of your wage rate, it cannot differ from your productivity. Right? So you can’t make up wage rates.” As it turns out American productivity has risen over 250% since 1948, but American pay has risen just 113% since 1948. So, if Brat is correct, Americans should be seeing a hefty pay increase. (Google for this information. I did it. You can, too.)

  62. In a way the brat did when he suggested paying sub Saharan Africa 100 dollars an hour. I guess he could see African from his front yard

  63. OTOH – if you go and read the answers to the questions that his Dem opponent answered on MSNBC yesterday – Jack Trammell seems very prepared for the job and gave clear and concise answers. Will be waiting for David Brat’s Christian Reconstructionist – Dominionism side to pop out and doom him to the footnote in the history pages of ousting a Majority Leader in a primary but still loses the election.

  64. Blat never said he attended Princeton University. He attended Princeton Theological Seminary.

    Princeton Theological Seminary (PTS) is a seminary in Princeton, New Jersey, and the largest of ten seminaries associated with the Presbyterian Church (USA). It is the second-oldest seminary in the United States, founded in 1812. Reverend Dr. Archibald Alexander, and the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A.[1] It is unaffiliated with Princeton University which is in the same city.
    I do not support him, but the truth must stand. Please correct article

  65. Brat has said that “I am a virtuous Christian, and therefore I would never force someone to pay taxes toward the support of the poor” — clearly this fool does not have a clue about what Jesus Christ taught about both caring for the poor AND about paying taxes!

    The Pharisees had asked Christ if it was acceptable to pay taxes to Rome: if he said “yes” that would anger the people, if he said “no” he could get arrested. Here is what Christ responded:

    Matthew 22:21
    “And He said to them, “Whose likeness and inscription is this?” 21They said to Him, “Caesar’s.” Then He said to them, “Then render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s; and to God the things that are God’s.” 22And hearing this, they were amazed, and leaving Him, they went away.”

    In other words, PAY YOUR TAXES!

    Unbelievable, that this tool has the blasphemy to call himself a “Christian”!

  66. Just to point out tea party idiotic actions, they are selling t-shirts labeled “TRUST YOUR GOVERNMENT”

  67. Here’s the difference: Obama’s records are there for anyone to see yet the teabillies ignore that in deference to conspiracy theories and this guys has no records.

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