Tea Party Express Says Because Obama is Black, Americans Suffer and Die

US President Barack Obama gives a thumbsIn a column at Tea Party Express titled “Because He is Black, Americans Suffer and Die,” Lloyd Marcus, Chairman of the Conservative Campaign Committee, accuses President Obama of ” unprecedented unlawful power grabs, narcissistic behavior, blatant lies and ignoring of the Constitution.” He tendentiously claims that,

His black skin provides Obama perfect political cover, similar to an impenetrable suit-of-armor, providing the Left with a unique golden opportunity to implement all of their unsellable liberal utopian fantasies. The best interest of the American people even takes a backseat to the Left’s and Obama’s obsession with appeasing our enemies.

Marcus pretends to go back five years to show how “Team Obama (the MSM and Democrats) believes protecting their golden child and his agenda despicably trumps American lives.” In the process, he shows just how committed he himself is to telling blatant lies.

He begins with the Born Alive Infants Protection Act, which he says Obama voted against “three” times.

The law would authorize hospital staff to provide medical assistance and try to save the lives of babies who miraculously survive abortions. Before the law, hospital staff was legally forced to simply place the baby into a room until it died. To secure the radical feminist vote, Obama insidiously voted against allowing staff to assist these feisty infant survivors; acceptable collateral damage to furthering his political ambitions.

In fact, as The Washington Post fact checker points out, Obama told the Christian Broadcasting Network in 2008,

I hate to say that people are lying, but here’s a situation where folks are lying. I have said repeatedly that I would have been completely in, fully in support of the federal bill that everybody supported — which was to say — that you should provide assistance to any infant that was born — even if it was as a consequence of an induced abortion. That was not the bill that was presented at the state level. What that bill also was doing was trying to undermine Roe vs. Wade.

The claim that Obama denied rights to infant abortion survivors gets four Pinnochios. Yet Marcus blithely repeats it as if it is true. Remember, right wing demagogues don’t have to prove anything they say is true. It just is because they want it to be.

Marcus is also angry Obama’s DOJ did not treat Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev like an enemy combatant. Tsarnaev is an American citizen. He has Miranda rights. These were read to him. Presumably, Marcus would want his on Miranda rights upheld.

Then we come to the Benghazi embassy attack, and Marcus lists all the old lies we’ve heard so often before, attempting to build a case against Obama based on claims that just aren’t true. He says,

In a nut shell, the Administration denied Ambassador Stevens’ desperate pleads for extra security before the attack. Following the attack, the Administration blatantly lied to the American people about the cause of the attack.

But as The Hill reported last year, “Republicans have sought to cut hundreds of millions of dollars slated for security at U.S. embassies and consulates since gaining control of the House in 2011.”

Democrats enacted $1.803 billion for embassy security, construction and maintenance for fiscal 2010, when they still controlled the Senate and House. After Republicans took control of the House and picked up six Senate seats, Congress reduced the enacted budget to $1.616 billion in fiscal 2011, and to $1.537 billion for 2012.

In a nut shell, the Republicans in Congress denied the Obama administrations pleas for embassy security, but Republicans cut embassy security funding. You won’t find Marcus admitting this, however.

And of course, the obligatory jab at Hilary Clinton:

In a cold calculated act of political deceit, Secretary of State at the time Hillary Clinton lied to the parents of the victims while looking them in the eye and shaking their hands. Hillary vowed to punish the guy who made an anti-Muslim video, knowing full well that the attack had nothing to do with a video.

Sadly, the Republicans have succeeding in obfuscating the truth here, even to the extent that FactCheck.org can’t see that a “terrorist attack” is an “act of terror,” claiming on their Benghazi timeline for Sept.12 that, “Obama Labels Attack ‘Act of Terror,’ Not ‘Terrorism.'” How the two could be different things is anybody’s guess, but it is widely pretended by the so-called liberal mainstream media that they are.

I suppose, if as George F. Will and others have claimed, nonconsensual rape isn’t really rape, when it is, in fact, the very definition of rape, an act of terror isn’t really a terrorist attack even when it is, in fact, the very definition of a terrorist attack.

Unfortunately for Republicans, their Benghazi hoax has been fully exposed and Fox News is paying the ratings price for repeating the lies.

This is the modern Republican Party for you. So completely immune to facts that even the dictionary and the English language is powerless against it.

In the end, Benghazi is what Republicans do to make themselves feel better about Hilary Clinton.

And no attack on President Obama would be complete without an attack on Obamacare. Marcus claims,

While we have not yet experienced the true horrors of Obamacare once it is fully implemented, Obamacare is wrecking havoc on American lives.

In fact, Obamacare is working, as 17.8 million people enrolled in the coverage provided by the ACA, and the uninsured rate has hit its lowest point since 2008. Far from harming people, as do, for example, Republican lies about Obamacare, the ACA actually helps millions of Americans, including my son, by removing lifetime caps on coverage. Obamacare is so successful, in fact, that even people in the South want it, and some Red States, now that they have it, want to keep it.

All Lloyd Marcus of the “We got nothing” Party offers are more old and oft repeated and just as often refuted old lies, like “As Sarah Palin warned, there will be death panels, rationed care and diminished care.” None of these are true. The only death panel to be found is the Republican-controlled House of Representatives, which thinks it has the right to decide Americans can’t have healthcare, even when the ACA is the law of the land.

Marcus claims that “Obama ignored the law which required that he give Congress 30 days notice before transferring detainees out of Guantanamo” but even FactCheck.org can’t prove that’s true, and concludes that “Whether the White House’s interpretation is correct remains a matter of debate in the legal community.”

Marcus ends with a Tea Party paean to racism, saying,

What has emboldened Obama to continuously boldly go where no white president has gone before? The answer, his black skin suit-of-armor. Despite Obama’s multiple crimes and misdemeanors against the American people and the Constitution, serious opposition to the first black president is simply not an option for many in the GOP and MSM.

In other words, black skin is somehow an advantage:

It is plain to see the pattern of behavior of Obama and his minions. They protect Obama and further their agenda at any and all cost while engaging in maximum exploitation of his skin color for perfect political cover. Therefore, because Obama is black, Americans suffer and die.

Marcus may wish he had proven his case against President Obama, but if your premise is false, the argument which follows isn’t worth the ink used – real or virtual – to make it. And Marcus has followed his false premise with a bevy of already disproved lies.

Far from being an indictment of President Obama, Marcus’ column is an indictment of his own intellectual honesty and integrity, and it says far more about the emptiness of the Tea Party’s case against the president than it does about Obama himself.

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  1. Just blatant, outright, bigotry and racism. It’s difficult to understand how this can exist in todays society. That it has a following is even more astounding.

    It’s obvious that their small minds cannot be changed. There can be no enlightening. Therefore we must be the voting machine. Steam roll them out of existence. Relegate them to the rolls of pariahs in todays society.

  2. Your point being? This absolute has nothing to do with this article. Learn to articulate the debate better next time. (Eyes rolling up)

  3. His comment make it sounds as if he want to let the whole world know that Fox News is #1 without elaborate any further. It led me to assume that he is one of the foxers.

  4. The only way Obama’s race has anything to do with his success is because more people were motivated to get off the couch and vote for him. Maybe they saw in him someone who would truly represent them. Maybe it had more to do with that than race. But I’ll tell you what is a fact for sure. His election shows the power of the people. Use your power. VOTE.

  5. I think FOX comes on the local channels, the poor folks who do not have cable or satellite are a captured audience, that is one reason why in the south they constantly vote against their own interests. Very few of them have the internet.

  6. It totally hides the fact that although they are #1 by a wide margin, that margin is failing. Just like limp balls margin is failing. If you dont look in the mirror, there is no image

  7. The church’s down here in the south are now pushing guns and fox. Letting the morons know that they alone will fight the fight agaionst themselves

  8. I believe that Faux news stays high in the ratings is that misery loves company. A lot of old people are sitting at home mad at the world and realizing their lives are nearly over. All their dreams have passed them over. To stupid or blind to realize that you make your life and can be happy rich or poor.

    They turn on Faux who tells them it’s not their fault. It’s the minorities, or the government that is to blame for their pitiful existence. They lap it up in simple denial.

    I personally am nearly 60 years old. I have less materially and financially than I ever had in my life. My health is not to good. That being said, I am happier now than I have ever been in my life. My life is the result of my actions. I made some good choices, some well, not so good. Still in all every day is great.

  9. Everyday you wake up its a great day.Now if you don’t well, then you don’t have to worry about why when I put 2 socks in the washer only one comes out

  10. Unfortunately Shiva, 70 is also pretty much the age of the average mid-term voter. Unless we want the cranks to determine the make-up of congress for the near future we need to work hard to get out the vote amongst the “Presidential year only” voters. Remember the lesson of 2010!

  11. Thank you for your post. You answered a question I was unaware of having.

    It explains so much, if they don’t have internet access. They are a captive audience.

  12. “Therefore, because Obama is black, Americans suffer and die”.

    What it really means is that since I and my party are such waste of space, we are willing to kill off as many Americans as it takes to rid ourselfs of this “Black Man” It does not matter what color they are.

  13. Because he’s black, the American Right Wing is willing to destroy America. And because Clinton is a woman, it’s working to continue that policy. And because the American public is for marriage equality, gun checks, and immigration reform – the American public is wrong.

    And because the Pope and Jesus Christ are inclusive of just about everybody except the rich and the Righteous, their religion is being attacked.

  14. I wonder if this teahater scumbag and all the rest realize how IGNORANT AND PATHETIC these haters look. The 99% of us living in the real world know that his win means nothing to ALL of us living in the real world.

  15. Hi, “HI,” Fox is number one at what? Total television watching. There are approximately 333,000,000 people in the United States and between 5,000,000 and 8,000,000 watch “The Fox Opinion Channel.” That means between %1.5 and %2.4 watch FOC while between %98.5 and %97.4 watch something else or nothing at all. “HI” you and those like you who think that FOC has more people watching are, shall we say “HIGH.”

  16. The average age of Fox News watchers is 67. They are old stale and pale.
    Young folks don’t watch tv let along Fox News. Wake up. You really are out of touch with your own country.

  17. Yes Hi and that is because of ONE FACT!! FOX is the ONLY news <alleged) channel to be offered on base cable packages. And in some markets the only channel for news, So in reality Fox is #1 by default ONLY! And besides in this world the rest of us live in (reality) QUALITY of viewers is better than Quantity of viewers.

  18. Well, by gawd, there it is in black and white (pardon the reference.) They can’t come right out with it so they come in the side door. The irony is that the President hasn’t done anything that hasn’t been done by Presidents before him and some of them 10-fold what he’s done and not an eyebrow raised. It’s “because he’s black” that eyebrows raise. I’m a white southern gal that’s no spring chicken and I know what I know and see what I see and I’ve been seeing their prejudice, racism, bigotry, propaganda, et al, from jumpstreet in 2008!! It’s disgusting. The Reich wing strikes again.

  19. Just when you think the Tea Party’s leadership couldn’t stick another foot in their proverbial mouths they come up with this. This statement erases any doubt that the Tea party and their whole organizing principle is to oppose Pres. Obama because he is a person of color. They have validated the notion that they are little more than weekend kluckers who left their sheets in the drier before morphing into the Tea Party. Someone much wiser than me once observed “if it looks like a turd, and smells like a turd, it’s probably not a good idea to pick it up and eat it”. To those in the GOP I can only wish you bon appetite.

  20. Lloyd Marcus is black, so he could have kept this bit of BS and shoved it up his rear end. There’s no way he can convince me that he’s lived his entire life while being black in America and has never had to deal with racism, bigotry, discrimination, and all of the other sh*t we other blacks have had to deal with. Marcus is the type of black person (like Cain, West, and Carson)who appear willing to sell their very souls for the admiration of a bunch of tools who would be the first to turn on them, if they ever said one word with which they disagree. Each should remember how the members of the RNC turned on Michael Steele and made sure he wouldn’t be a two term chairman of the organization. It was only after the RNC turned on Steele that he was reminded that, for some in America, there are double standards and that one should never forget that race does indeed still matter to a whole lot of Americans.

  21. I remember J.C Watts who was in line to be I think the 4th ranking member. They pass him over and then he announce his retirement. He still is a republican but you rarely see him on the tube. Michael Steele could only get a contract with MSNBC and faux. Then there is Colin Powell. We don’t have to go through his accomplishments. He made the cardinal sin by pointing out to the republican its flaws and they kicked him to the curb. They will use you to say we are not racist but when the rubber hits the road they will 86 you in a heartbeat

  22. Did you not read the whole article that you posted? the ratings have gone down in the younger demo, ie the target group for advertisers.

  23. Well Marcus is right, when anyone questions Obama’s bad policy behavior people scream out racism….forget that they simply disagree with is politics and policies, to them it’s all about his color. NOT

    And if Hillary gets into office and people disagree with her politics and policies, then they’ll blame it all on gender…..forget people disagree with her policies.

    These same people blame the “GOP” with all the wrong doings….forget there are conservatives and independents. It’s always GOP.

    This site is a perfect example of surface thinking, nothing deeper for them to think about but the headline.

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