Republican Nightmares Have Come True as 66% Of Americans Want To Keep Their Obamacare


The worst nightmare of the Republican Party has come true as a new Bloomberg poll found that 66% of Americans want to keep their Obamacare.

According to a new Bloomberg National Poll, “The majority of Americans — 60 percent — say the law has so far meant no real change to their own health care. About a quarter say it has resulted in big changes, while 15 percent report small differences. Fifty-six percent favor keeping Obamacare with perhaps “small modifications,” while 10 percent would leave it as is. That’s the highest level of acceptance yet in a Bloomberg poll.”

The Bloomberg poll is the Republicans’ worst nightmares come true. Fifty-three percent said that that they oppose the law, but only thirty two percent of those polled want the law repealed. Republicans have painted themselves into a corner with their repeal or bust stance. They have nothing to offer the fifty six percent who want to keep the law, but modify it. Support for repealing the ACA has dropped to a new of 32%, so Republicans don’t have anyone other than their base supporting repeal.

On top of the political fallout from getting the reaction to the ACA entirely wrong, Republicans are being handcuffed by their own congressional dysfunction. House Republicans, who are getting pummeled on the campaign trail over their repeal position, have been begging Eric Cantor to get to work on a Republican ACA alternative. Cantor tried for months to fashion a bill, but negotiations broke down into dysfunction, because House Republicans can’t agree on what should be included in it.

Meanwhile, Democrats have been using the repeal position against Republicans on the campaign trail. It seems impossible to believe, but Republicans never imagined that the American people would want affordable healthcare. The darkest Republican fear concerning Obamacare has always been that once people got it, they would never want to let it go.

Obamacare is on its way to becoming as untouchable as Social Security and Medicare. With two thirds of the country wanting to keep their Obamacare, it is virtually impossible for the GOP to get rid of it. Americans may still hate the term Obamacare, but more and more they want to keep their affordable health insurance.

The ACA has turned into a political loser for Republicans, and public acceptance of the law has turned into a never ending nightmare for Republicans.

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  1. President Obama from March 2014: The fifty or so votes Republicans have taken to repeal this law could have been fifty votes to create jobs by investing in things like infrastructure and innovation, or fifty votes to make it easier for middle class families to send their kids to college, or fifty votes to raise the minimum wage, or restore unemployment insurance that they let expire for folks working hard to find a new job.

  2. But I thought with death panels, 10’s of millions losing their insurance, the President lied to me, me personally and its worst than slavery, Nazism, ok I made that up they cant spell Nazism and poll and poll after poll shows that the American have spoken and they don’t like it, how can this be?

    That poll is skewed. I got a email from uncle ned and he told me that god told him that us real mukicans still hate it and we will fight, fight, fight till its wiped off the face of the flat earth

  3. How high would this number be if all those states with disgusting republican governors accepted the Medicaid expansion and let their poor also have health care?

  4. That is all a part of the Republican delusion that has them believing that a majority of Americans agree with them and their agenda.

    I am amazed that Reps can remain so ignorant of the mainstream of this country in this day and age.

    I fervently hope that their delusions suffer a shattering blow from reality this November, they need that proverbial rude-awakening ASAP.

    As things are for me, I would be one of those get sick and die people if not for the ACA, it is literally saving my life.

    Thank you President Obama and all those who helped to pass this life-saving bill.

  5. I am amazed that Reps can remain so ignorant of the mainstream of this country in this day and age.

    It’s not so much ignorance as hubris.

  6. we have to oust at least republican governors this election and keep a majority so the tea party’s constitution of states can not take over our government. please read about it and get democrats who don’t vote, out and vote this november.

  7. Remember conservatism never fails its people that fails conservatism. Sounds like a cult or watch my mouth, Communism.

  8. I am really tired of those people who keep parroting the nonsensical statements against the ACA. These people haven’t a clue about what the ACA is or does.

    Most people are not affected by anything relating to the ACA.

    It would be asking too much that the pollsters design their questions in an intelligent way to get intelligent answers. But consider the people being polled that would be an impossible task.

  9. Cause and effect?
    There’s been a lot of talk recently about how healthcare spending in 2014 has been increasing really fast. That’s due, in part, to the fact that we just massively expanded coverage for millions of people. But Medicare spending, on the other hand, has been going up much more slowly.

    *Of course, there are temporary ACA-related things like the filling-in donut hole, which are increasing spending as well, so actual growth is likely less. Amazing!

  10. When does Obama get a little credit for this, he is being vilified by the rethugs day in and day out. I hate to see the red states who love their healthcare insurance still
    slamming Obama. The republicans are the party of hate, they are very quiet about their Tea Bag terrorists.
    Right wing radio preaches hate to the masses every day.

  11. DJ,
    The long term viability of a government subsidized health insurance is highly questionable. Medicaid is set to go broke and will bankrupt many states. Medicare faces steep cuts in the future if it is to remain a viable program, with its future liabilities in the tens of trillions of dollars.

    The government should not be in the insurance business at all. If the were to strictly subsidize medical clinics directly for the poor, I could see possibly making that work, but by subsidizing health insurance they have badly skewed the real costs of health care as they have done with college costs and flood insurance.


  12. I agree, nothing like private insurance companys raising prices until only a (relatively)few are insured, ensuring that the profits of the corporations are predicable and constant.

    Medicaids problems stem from not enough people working

    I really enjoy paying twice as much per person as the next country for healthcare. Thats what makes America great. We pay through the nose for corrupt and collusionary corporations profits. Plus we would have the pleasure of watching seniors die at 65 instead of in their 80’s.

  13. I saw this poll on the Bloomberg ticker the other day. Bloomberg mentioned nothing about the positives of their own poll. Instead the headline mentioned something to the affect of “ACA still unpopular with Americans and could spell trouble for Democrats come November”. Bloomberg TV skews conservative probably because it’s a corporate business channel. Bloomberg also released a poll showing President Obama hitting an all time low in their polling at a weak 43% which is disturbing. Hillary Clinton also has dropped in the Bloomberg poll to a very surprising 52%. Bloomberg is the new Rasmussen it appears.

  14. Here’s a new flash for your skippy … most people want to keep FREE stuff … there’s a good chance that at least 25% of the people that enrolled haven’t paid their premiums.

  15. You must be either uninformed which would not surprise anyone or just plain stupid. But you keep that bull shit coming my friend….it really does help the Dems get out the vote because no intelligent person I know believes the shit republicans spew. It’s too easy to fact check …. for an intelligent person anyway.

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