Determined to Become a Regional Party, Texas GOP Wants to Dump NASA, the FAA and the FBI


Texas Republicans want to get rid of of NASA, the air force, the Federal Aviation Administration and every other government agency established after 1776.  It’s as if their goal is to reduce the national GOP to a southern regional party.

On Tuesday, Sarah Jones reported on the  Texas GOP’s hate platform.  It calls for brainwashing the gay away, ending instate tuition for children of undocumented immigrants and establishing a neighborhood snitch program to report women who didn’t register their miscarriages with the uterus gestapo.

If you haven’t read Sarah’s post yet you really should because it is an eye opener into the level of crazy that comes with a Tea Party takeover of the GOP’s ideology.

The crazy doesn’t end there as you will see from a platform that, if implemented, would destroy the economy and leave the federal government in shambles.  The Lonestar Project outlines the economic proposals which make the Bush created recession look like good times.  These are the policies that Greg Abbott dreams of doing to Texas, with the added ambition of dragging the entire country down with his state. At least it seems that way since Abbott hasn’t said anything to denounce or at least distance himself from ideas that amount to a combination of hate and economic destruction.

The full document can be read here.

The GOP of Texas wants to eliminate every government agency created after 1776.  Of course, they want to re-institutionalize poverty for seniors by handing Social Security to for profit corporations and in the name of institutionalizing the dumbing down of America they want to eliminate public education.  After all, an ignorant serf is a compliant serf.

Ok, if the highlights didn’t scare you, hang on to your seats as we go on a very bumpy ride through some of the specifics.

They want to kill jobs faster than Bush’s policies did by eliminating every government agency that was established after 1776.  That includes the FBI, the CIA, the FDA, the National Weather Service, The Department of Education, the Federation Aviation Administration and the EPA.  NASA would cease to exist. It means we wouldn’t have a Justice Department, the U.S. Treasury or a State Department.  We also wouldn’t have an air force.  No food or water safety, nothing to assist states during natural disasters or the direct consequences of state Republican policy disasters.  And this barely scratches the surface.

This also means that our government would cease to have any clout at all in the international community because we wouldn’t have a state department, which means no diplomats.  This would eliminate our ability to influence world affairs and shape international political and economic issues.  Of course, having the military might to fight the wars that Republicans want us to wage or defend our allies might prove problematic without an air force.

Ironically, these Bozos overlooked the fact that under Article 2, the constitution anticipated that the Federal government would in fact expand its agencies and departments.  Within the context of consequences to the economy, this measure amounts to a job massacre.

True to the Tea Party doctrine, the Texas GOP is bound and determined to drive the economy into the ground.  As if killing millions of jobs wasn’t enough, They want to get rid of the minimum wage not only in the private sector, but at all levels of government.  The platform specifically calls for repeal of Davis-Bacon Act and and all other laws that establish a minimum wage.

No Republican effort to destroy the economy is complete without proposing a regressive national sales tax.  In combination, this platform is a declaration of war on the U.S economy, what’s left of the middle class and with even more devastating effects on people working for poverty wages.

Aside from creating massive levels of unemployment in an economy where there is already a substantial job shortage, eliminating the minimum wage would mean many more millions of Americans would have less disposable income and the national sales tax would make an already harsh reality in which people are choosing between shelter and food more devastating. It means a substantial price increase for everything from food to cars, clothing and housing.  Since fewer people will be able to afford these things, it means even more jobs will be lost.

Meanwhile, this would amount to a substantial tax cut for wealthier Americans since they spend a smaller proportion of their income on items that would be subject to a national sales tax.

The economic destruction elements of the hate platform offers the same many times rejected Republican policy of turning social security over to for profit corporations. It went over so well when Mitt Romney proposed it that President Obama won a second term.

As if screwing over the middle class, people working for poverty wages and seniors wasn’t enough, Texas Republicans want to spread the misery to children by eliminating public education and eliminating instate tuition for children of undocumented immigrants.  Wow, how low can you get when you take your hatred of immigrants out on their children, who if born in the U.S. would be American citizens under the U.S. constitution.  Moreover, this radical policy assures that our economy will face additional obstacles because we will lag behind other developed nations in the global economy.

If we didn’t know better, one might be tempted to believe that the draft platform was written by a some home-schooled first graders as a really bad April Fool’s joke.  But then, we are talking about conservative ideologues who cheered Eric Cantor’s downfall by the unknown economics professor David Brat who sounded like a male Sarah Palin during his interview with Chuck Tood.  I mean this guy flubbed a question on the minimum wage is about economics equivalent of asking Sarah Palin what she reads.

Although this hasn’t really been a stellar primary season ,so far, for Tea Party candidates, the Koch Brothers have what they really want, namely,  influence over the GOP’s policies and ideology.  The Texas hate platform is the latest confirmation of that reality.

This is good news for Democrats because the Republican Party’s radical shift is sending it down a path to regional party status. In some ways, Democrats really ought to thank Texas Republicans for wearing its xenophobia and determination to destroy the U.S. economy on its sleeve.

The last of the Millenniums

28 Replies to “Determined to Become a Regional Party, Texas GOP Wants to Dump NASA, the FAA and the FBI”

  1. I notice these clowns state they would ban all addictive things like Porn, yet allow smoking and drinking.

    I bet there are tea bags who think this will save them tax money. But the poor fools do not understand they would be out in the street starving were all this garbage to be passed.

    Nor do they understand they would be opening the country up to financial takeover by the richest investors. This is exactly what the tea party owners want. The numbers of the poor in this country would blossom like flowers in a field of alfalfa. All the people who supported this garbage would be among them

  2. Why can’t all these delusional tea baggers just move to one state. I’m willing to give them one, hell even a couple states if they will stay there and mind their own business.

    I find it funny that they want to roll the country back to the 1800’s. Yet they are enjoying all the conveniences of modern society. There should be a boot camp like an Amish farm where they go for 30 days or so. Bet they would have a different outlook.

  3. Everyone please get out and vote blue in midterm elections. We cannot afford to be complacent, now more than ever.

  4. The BEST THING that could happen to this country is to allow TEXAS AND FLORIDA to secede. Let them pay for all those ignorant rednecks to collect entitlements. They are 2 of the worst states for “freeloaders”.

  5. Ok, enough already..if Texas wants all of the Federal agencies and their respective payrolls out then give them what they want, no more military installations, no more money for air ports, highways, no more of any of that filthy money the rest of the country has been providing to these free money loving freeloaders…

  6. Some people need get their heads out of their asses and do some serious thinking when it comes to getting rid of the U.S.A.F., I know other branches of service have planes but the U.S.A.F. sets the pace for all of them.

  7. I downloaded the PDF and did a search for the items you list in the headline: NASA, FBI, and FAA. Of the three, only NASA is mentioned, but they only state “We strongly encourage the federal government and NASA to work with American citizens and American businesses to research and develop a new vehicle to continue human space flight and maintain America’s leadership in space exploration.” So I think that while there are homo-hating and rabid anti-choice measures in the document, your headline is outright false and should be rewritten to reflect what is really wrong with the platform.

  8. You also mention the Air Force, but it’s not mentioned in the document. Why lie when the document has so many real things to criticize?

  9. Its not a lie if the Texas baggers want to abolish all agencies that were not in the Constitution. I think the term they use is originalisism. Seeing that the Air Force didn’t come on line until 1947 it fits the criteria.

  10. When a state like Texas complains about federal agencies, I think the federal agencies (including military bases and NASA) should start to move to other, more friendly states. Like blue states, where people are not so opposed to paying taxes. Why should so much federal money (i.e., our tax dollars) flow into a state like Texas that really dislikes federal money so much? I’m sure that the good folks in Michigan or Pennsylvania or New York would like to see some of that federal money (and jobs) flowing in instead of out to such ungrateful recipients).

  11. The Articles of Confederation wasn’t completed until 1781 and the Constitution wasn’t completed until 1791 so what government are these people talking about in 1776?
    Clueless F**ks.

  12. So since Texas was acquired after 1776 then Texas is with their logic an illegal state and does not exist so their argument is moot.

  13. Eliminating the FAA is going to have some very interesting consequences. I don’t think these folks have any idea how many government services they take for granted.

  14. Well I know American Airlines is located in Dallas and I believe Southwest is too. Getting rid of the FAA will get rid of jobs. I forgot who said it but these people are all hat and no cattle

  15. You’d think this would sink them in Texas with the thought of all the jobs they are about to kill but according to Raw Story, Abbott has a 12 point lead over Davis. This is not good folks, if Abbott wins, you might as well kick Texas into the Gulf as it may be beyond hope. Abbott and the Tea Party will destroy this state, much worse than what Perry has done to us.

    I live in Dallas and I know a lot of people that are pissed about Abbott. I tell everyone to go vote.

  16. The air force is not an “agency.” It’s part of the armed forces, and those are described elsewhere but not as agencies. I think that this story’s headline veered toward the sort of misleading language the right wing excels in so I was sorry to see it. Makes me not likely to visit here again. Bye

  17. What these idiots don’t realize is if they do away with the FAA who is going to tell their private jets where to go and who is gonna investigate when something happens and it falls out of the sky because there is no regulation about who works on it.I guess you get Uncle Joe who was a great car mechanic but don’t squat about planes to work on it and take your chances.

  18. I’d say send them to Oklahoma,that state is completely useless and brings nothing to the rest of the US.I know I’ve been there.A state where you can’t buy ice at the liquor store and only have 3.2% beer which you really can’t call beer. Along with all the bigotry and hatred they breed down there,the Teabaggers would fit right in.

  19. Didn’t people learn anything when the government shut down. You will not be able to get any of your vital information and it puts things at a hault. Listen people these republicans are crazy and if you keep listening to them you will be out on the streets. They do not care about black people. They keep telling you that the Democrats are using us. You look into their party and you don’t see any blacks and you wonder why. They are a evil group of people. You better realize what they are up too.

  20. On the government agencies front, this is what the document states:

    “We further support abolition of federal agencies involved in activities not originally delegated to the federal government under a strict interpretation of the U.S. Constitution.”

    Other highlights include legitimising “gay cures,” opposing the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, “eliminating bureaucratic prohibitions on corporal discipline… in foster homes,” a gradual transition of social security to private pensions, and opposing “any laws regarding the production, distribution or consumption of food.”

  21. This is tornado season and the hurricane season has just started, so please GOP, just fuck off when your town gets blown to kingdom come.

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