Extremist On the Horizon: Dave Brat Fits In With Government Destroying House Republicans

There is a close-quarter shooting technique known as the Mozambique Drill in which the shooter fires twice into the torso of a target, momentarily assesses the hits, then follows them up with a carefully aimed shot to the head to guarantee the target is dead and incapable of retaliating. With the alleged flagging popularity of the tea party, and alleged resurgence of establishment Republicans, many  political pundits believed that for all intents and purposes, the extremist teabaggers were officially dead and would not be menacing the less-extreme conservatives in the GOP. The defeat of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor at the hands of a libertarian posing as a teabagger on Tuesday should silence pundits who sounded the death knell of the tea party after 87 House Republicans joined Democrats to end the teabagger-Republican government shutdown and voted to raise the debt limit.

Apparently, even though Virginians elected a Democratic governor, lieutenant governor, and attorney general, voters in Cantor’s district agreed with libertarian candidate Dave Brat that Cantor was too liberal because he is not Ted Cruz. Now that Republicans in Congress will fear that the only safe electoral position is far to the right of a staunch conservative such as Cantor, they will certainly join extreme conservatives on most issues; at least as far right as the freakish libertarian who defeated him. Despite that Cantor only officially lost to Brat a day ago, there is no dearth of opinions as to why an unknown libertarian economics professor that Cantor outspent by as much as 30-to-one put an end to the tenure of the sitting House Majority Leader.

Brat, an economics professor and political novice, runs an Ayn Rand-based libertarian-funded program at Randolph-Macon College in Virginia. Despite the reports that Brat won because he opposes immigration reform and hammered on Cantor for refusing to rule out comprehensive immigration reform in any iteration, it cannot be overstated that Brat’s criticism of Cantor’s votes to raise the debt ceiling and end the government shutdown was an important factor in his victory. Even though Brat appears to be an extremist outlier in the conservative movement, his outrage that Cantor voted to raise the debt ceiling and end the government shutdown is not outside the mindset of the majority of Republicans in Congress and it is down to Brat’s economic ideology.

Brat counts the atheist, immoral welfare queen Ayn Rand as his greatest intellectual hero, and receives big money from the banking sector to push Rand’s Draconian libertarianism on college economics students. In fact, he “has taught classes for a program sponsored by BB&T bank that aims to spread Ayn Rand’s principles to economics students. BB&T bank gave Brat a $500,000 grant to bring the Ayn Rand program to Randolph-Macon College and co-authored a paper titled ‘An Analysis of the Moral Foundations in Ayn Rand.'” That is right; “moral foundations of Ayn Rand.” It is about as absurd and extremist an idea as a lunatic teabagger-libertarian can possibly be.

Brat also seriously considers a pressing need for a church model that fully supports unrestrained capitalism warning that “if we don’t get on that, a new Hitler will surely arise.” Brat, like fellow Randian Paul Ryan, is at odds with the Pope’s criticism of unrestrained free-market capitalism driving the GOP culture of greed and crushing income inequality devastating the economy and the overwhelming majority of Americans. Any chance of raising the minimum wage, spending on children, reinstating unemployment benefits, spending on healthcare, or other domestic programs are all but finished, at least in the House. Establishment Republicans will do anything to avoid Cantor’s fate for his vote to end the shutdown and raise the debt limit that means there will not be one penny spent on domestic programs to satiate teabaggers opposed to any spending.

It is important to remember that the only way Republicans were able to end the government shutdown and raise the debt limit was due to unanimous Democratic support. Brat’s position that Cantor committed a mortal sin by voting to end the shutdown and raise the debt ceiling was shared by 144 Republicans in the House and 18 in the Senate. He may be an extremist libertarian that teabaggers want to call their own, but he fits right in with the current crop of extremist “true conservatives” in Congress. Now that he took down Cantor, the 87 House Republicans who voted with Democrats will reconsider their treason against the extremist wing of the Republican Party and toe the extremist teabagger line.

One Republican, Representative Peter King (R-NY), warned that Cantor’s defeat will embolden Ted Cruz and Rand Paul to ramp up their push to bring governance to a full stop. He said, “My concern is a lot of things are going to be dead and pushed aside. I’m concerned that the Ted Cruz supporters, the Rand Paul supporters, are going to use this as an excuse to basically stop the government from functioning. Thank god there’s no debt ceiling bill coming up. Thank god there’s no way to shut the government down in the next few months. What Ted Cruz did last year was suicidal. We can’t allow Eric’s defeat last night allow the Ted Cruzes and Rand Pauls to take over the party, or their disciples to take over the party.”

King is correct in one sense; many Republicans will use Cantor’s defeat to continue keeping the government from functioning to hedge their electoral bets. However, as far as allowing Cruz, Paul, and their disciples to take over the party, establishment Republicans have no say in the matter now any more than in the past. Cantor’s loss either emboldened extremists to ramp up their insanity, or frightened less extreme Republicans to lurch farther right to avoid Cantor’s fate. It is safe to say that regardless what the Democratic-controlled Senate manages to pass, it is highly unlikely Republicans in the House will go along with anything they see as even remotely agreeing with Democrats; particularly if it includes spending that does not go directly to corporations of the rich.

The overwhelming consensus among political observers is that immigration reform is not going to happen now that Brat defeated Cantor for even thinking of supporting it regardless that it was very tepid and restricted support. Brat portrayed Cantor as a proponent of amnesty, which is a stretch of the imagination in any universe. House Speaker John Boehner had hoped to wait until Republicans weathered their primary challenges, but with Cantor’s defeat, the message he, and any other Republicans inclined to support even a watered-down Senate version, is “proceed at your own electoral peril.”

Even proponents of reform are likely to shift their tactics and will put pressure on President Obama to unilaterally change enforcement policies by demanding a giant wall and weaponized drone surveillance rather than take a chance of joining Eric Cantor by supporting any immigration reform package. In that sense, one primary defeat of a Republican leader eliminated any opportunity for Republicans to boost their bona fides with Latino and a majority of American voters. The teabaggers were vehemently opposed to immigration reform before Cantor’s loss, and by giving Brat the primary victory they effectively put an abrupt end to immigration reform.

Cantor’s loss to a relatively unknown libertarian extremist sent a message to Republicans in Congress that no-one is safe from teabaggers, or as they like to be called “true conservatives.” Many pundits are claiming that the tea party is now in complete control of the House, but the truth is they have run the place since the 2010 midterms and the Republican Party has no one to blame but themselves. John Boehner has not been in charge of his caucus since taking over as Speaker, and despite his poor attempt as a thespian to pretend he was outraged over the government shutdown and debt ceiling fiasco last October, he knew he had little choice but to follow the lead of Ted Cruz and House teabagger extremists.

Few Americans who care about this country will miss Cantor, but at least he had the good sense to join Democrats and end the disastrous government shutdown and vote to raise the debt limit. That he was defeated for voting to preserve the good faith of the United States and end the government shutdown does not portend good things for establishment Republicans or anything getting done in Congress. Whatever happens in the Democratically-controlled Senate, few Republicans will inflame teabaggers who demonstrated that the only safe Republican is one made in the image of extremist teabagger Ted Cruz or Ayn Rand libertarian Dave Brat.




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  1. I never thought one black guy could drive an entire political party to extreme madness. Imagine how they’ll go bonkers if Hillary wins in 2016.

  2. By the way did anybody watch Morning Blow today? He was droning on about how astute Brat is blah, blah. That guy couldn’t answer one simple question on minimum wage from Chuck Todd. Todd isn’t exactly the piranha of news journalists.

  3. Rmuse, you should get hired as Jack Trammell’s campaign advisor. He should attack Dave Brat on all those libertarian issues, point out that the guy’s a toxic combination of Paul Ryan and Rand Paul.

  4. Brat didn’t win this all on his own with just the tea party or even his extreme views. Brat won this with a lot of DEMs & independent voters. The point was to get Cantor out – let Brat start speaking & then sink himself so even moderate republicans don’t want to vote for him.

  5. The republican party created a monster with the tea party. That monster is now out of control.

    Does anyone else wonder about Brat winning so easily? Is anyone checking the voting machines?

  6. Even should Brat take a seat in the House, his real power will be just above that of the janitor who sweeps up the place at night.

    Of course, he’s already decided that a minimum wage isn’t necessary but that people need to be paid piece-meal…ooops..wait…no…that hasn’t happened either.

    Ah well…give this berk enough rope and he’ll shoot himself in the foot…several times…before November.

  7. I agree, the Dems need to spend money and get this guy defeated. If he can’t handle a question about minimum wage then he is in trouble. I really like when he thought that the first time he was on TV (not sure which show) he thought it would be all about Unicorns and happiness.
    On Rachel last nite she showed a poll about Cantor and most people said he was not doing a good job for their state and it had nothing to do with immigration If we can get him to loose then that is one more seat we take back

  8. Either the DNC backs Trammell, or we make contributions to individual candidates (including Trammell) *instead* of the DNC.

  9. When is the GOP going to realize they were duped by the Koch brothers?
    The master puppeteers have been pulling the strings on the GOP for decades, getting them to deregulate and destroy America for the sake of greed and power.

    “The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.” John Kenneth Galbraith

  10. You cannot shame the baggers. You cannot cite facts. Their main goal is to destroy the government and this might be an answer to break the fever or not.

    Since we know they get tons of free media via faux, the only solution is for big business to simply stop advertising on that propaganda machine. If the Chamber of Commerce wants stability for the markets you cannot keep enabling the very people who will destroy the economy with their stunts of shutting down the government, refusing to pay our debt etc….

    That is all

  11. Thank you Deanne for the amazing link to Koch Dark Money orchestrating our elections!

    I’ve been saying…RightWing Radio is destroying America!

    We need the Fairness Doctrine back or a reasonable facsimile!

  12. @AKoltz:

    I read a similar post yesterday. I hope you’re right. I am incredulous that people voted *for* Brat. It seems far more likely the votes cast were *against* Cantor.

    And yes, I’m waiting for an Akin-like comment to fall from Brat’s mouth.

  13. I will try to donate if possible. I have contributed to Grimes several times here and Wendy Davis in Texas a couple times. I think Democrats helped him win. I also think Cantor backers don’t want that extreme of a Rep. So, they will either vote the other way, or just stay home in November. I think he has a good chance, even though it is 76% Republican.

  14. Dave Brat Explains His Alternative To ObamaCare: Have People Pay More For Health Care!

    Read more at http://www.newshounds.us/dave_brat_explains_his_alternative_to_obamacare_have_people_pay_more_for_health_care_06102014#2mtVF9f357hqvO3P.99

    Brat’s solution, after he repeals Obamacare, is a “price based system” where consumers’ sticker shock discourages them from going to the doctor.

    The reason there’s a health care cost problem is just simple economics. It’s because the consumer isn’t seeing the full price of health care. Right? If you take your kid in for the sniffles you pay 20 bucks but the full cost is 200 dollars.
    So we need to get back to the price system where you see the full cost of health care then people will make smarter decisions.

    Any questions?

  15. DJ,
    What I see as a large part of the problem is that as consumers we are not allowed to shop for our healthcare, we just go to the doctors. Also much of healthcare is divided up in a monopolistic way pushing out true competition and retaining artificially high prices. There successful medical practices that maintain excellent pricing foregoing the insane hassle of insurance;


    Speaking at length with both my primary care doctor and another doctor I know personally, they both hold out little hope that the current system will remain viable the in influx of new Medicaid patients and the crushing costs of the new regulations foisted upon them with Obamacare. know several doctors who have recently dropped taking any Medicaid patients, and the emergency rooms of seen a considerable uptick with the influx of the “free” medical care that many are now getting.


  16. From what I am reading it seems that the American creed of greed kicks in. The doctors who are refusing the patients are doing so because they cant fleece the insurance companies or patients. That is there right but that is the main problem with our healthcare system today. If you don’t accept that then read this. Worth the read… A Bitter Pill by Steven Brill

    Now as far as the increase in ER visits, have it occurred to you that is how most people who now have insurance that is all they know along especially in rural areas the shortage of primary care doctors which could be easily fix but for politics would never be considered. I am talking about doctors who work in a system whose healthcare is way better than the US. Import primary doctors from Cuba. But we cant have that.

  17. DJ,
    You are correct in the shortage of primary care doctors, the problem is that they are remunerated on a much lower scale than specialists. As for them being greedy, I can only relate what my PCP does. He is extraordinarily compassionate, In his 60s he still volunteers in Africa for several weeks a year at his own expense under what could best be described as daunting conditions. He still has to make sound business decisions that affect the livelihood of nearly 30 people who work in his practice. As he explained to me the reimbursement level for Medicaid was causing him to hemorrhage money at a rate that jeopardized the viability of his practice. As for insurance reimbursements, they vary widely from one company to the next, I would not say he is getting rich, but he well deserves everything he makes as a fine doctor and a good businessman.

    As for importing doctors, why don’t we pay the doctors what they are worth instead of importing cheap labor like the do so often with the HB…

  18. That was HB-1 visas.

    I only scanned the Brill article, but much of the problem with the hospital industry is the cost shifting from those that pay little or nothing to those that pay cash or have insurance. No other industry gets away with tiered pricing depending upon how you are paying them. Also the markup on many of the medicines and hospital services are obscene and should not be allowed in a civilized society.

  19. So reading between the lines I swear you are advocating for single payer/ Medicare for all. Say it aint so

  20. Vote for Jack Trammell. His twitter handle is @jacktrammell

    He is the Democrat to beat David Brat.

    Come on people. The distinguished Richard Lugar was defeated in the Indiana primaries by Tea Party Lunatic Richard Mourdock “if a woman is raped and gets pregnant it’s god’s will” and it was too much even for the people of Indiana and he was defeated by Democrat Joe Donnelly.

    So let’s Richard Mourdock David Brat’s pathetic Ayn Rand worshiping, Constitution ignoring, crazy, nutjob ass.

  21. Da Brats economic solution. Put down all liquids. You have been warned

    Brat wrote:

    “If we make all of the people good, markets will be good. If markets are bad, which they are, that means people are bad, which they are. Want good markets? Change the people.”
    Genius, right? Or, as University of Michigan economics professor Justin Wolfers aptly says:

    “This dude just really wants us all to go to church, and that appears to be his economic policy conclusion.”

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