Louie Gohmert Tells Americans Without Jesus, They’re All Going to Hell

Louie-GohmertIncredibly, the Republican Party is only growing more extreme. We are seeing more incidences of violence, racism, anti-gay, anti-woman, anti-atheist intolerance, more threats of coups and race wars and civil wars.

And while they engage in these activities, they pretend they are not the racists, and that it is liberals who are to blame when they kill people with their guns. And when they act on the hate Fox News instills in them, covering their victims with Gladsen flags, Fox News just declines to talk about it.

As Media Matters pointed out,

In the 36 hours after the shooting, Fox News tread lightly around the Las Vegas story, producing regular news updates about the crime spree. But Fox provided almost no commentary, no context, and certainly no collective blame for the executions.

You know how different this would be if the killers had shouted “Allahu Akbar”:

But when Fox covers breaking U.S. news events involving terror acts by Arabs or Muslims? Recall that in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing last year it was a Fox talker who suggested American mosques be bugged and other Constitutional rights for Muslims be eliminated. And it was on Fox that viewers were told, “not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims.” It’s where there was a concerted effort to blame the larger Muslim community for the isolated event.

The racist, white supremacist, theocratic Tea Party faithful are only acting as their leaders seem to wish. Cuban anarchist Ted Cruz warns that Democrats will abolish the First Amendment (largely irrelevant given the regularity with which Republicans ignore it) and Tony Perkins says President Obama ill cancel the 2016 elections (unnecessary since Democrats have Hilary and Republicans have…what?). And George F. Will actually says women are privileged to be raped and the Washington Post Opinion Editor defends him. Can they get any crazier? Of course they can.

The Tea Party faithful are clearly taking their cue from their leaders:

We have seen Eric Cantor kicked to the curb by a virtually unknown – and from the evidence so far – a Tea Party idiot, David Brat (I know, those terms seem largely redundant at this point). Tom DeLay says Cantor’s defeat was a victory for God and Brat seems to agree, claiming his victory came “straight out of heaven.” There is Scott Esk, running in Oklahoma’s 91st District, who thinks homosexuals should be stoned to death (perhaps he isn’t aware of the New Testament and Jesus and the “he who is without sin cast the first stone…”?):


Is it any wonder the rank and file are killing people with their leaders stirring them to such frenzies of fear and hate?

And Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) Tuesday took time off from invented scandals to turn into South Park’s Cartman:

He took instead to the House Floor to say it’s “good news” that non-Christians are going to hell (it could be argued we’re there already) “consistent with Christian beliefs” and chided Americans United for Separation of Church and State’s Barry Lynn for not agreeing with him.

Watch the video courtesy of The Raw Story:

Gohmert, pretending Christianity is the only religion on the face of the earth, and that his beliefs are therefore applicable to all, demanded of Lynn, “So, you do not believe somebody would go to Hell if they do not believe Jesus is the way, the truth, the life?”

Lynn replied that people should not go to Hell for believing a “set of ideas.”

No, not a set of ideas. Either you believe as a Christian that Jesus is the way, the truth, or life or you don’t. And there’s nothing wrong in our country with that — there’s no crime, there’s no shame.

Lynn said, “Congressman, what I believe is not necessarily what I think ought to justify the creation of public policy for everybody.”
Lynn, you see, unlike Gohmert, is aware of the First Amendment (keep in mind Gohmert is a Texas Republican so cut him some slack), and the good pastor tried to explain religious plurality to Gohmert without success:

For the 2,000 different religions that exist in this country, the 25 million non-believers. I’ve never been offended, I’ve never been ashamed to share my belief. When I spoke recently at an American Atheists conference, it was clear from the very beginning, the first sentence that I was a Christian minister.

Gohmert didn’t like this! How dare Lynn not be offended? Why, why…this smacks of religious freedom!!!

So, the Christian belief as you see it is whatever you choose to think about Christ, whether or not you believe those words he said that nobody basically ‘goes to heaven except through me.’

Since Gohmert obviously picks and chooses which things to believe about Jesus himself, he has very little right to criticize Lynn, especially since if he were really following Jesus during that hearing, he would have turned the other cheek rather than argued and I would be writing about something else this morning.

Because it really matters what people believe about the afterlife in the halls of Congress. It’s only the United States Constitution, after all, that says there shall be no religious tests for office, and it’s only the Constitution’s First Amendment that guarantees ALL Americans freedom of religion, not just dimwit demagogues like Louie Gohmert.

Before you laugh at him though, remember that you can be sure there are more than a few right wing terrorists more than happy to hurry our way along to hell, now that he has pronounced sentence, and they have Gladsen flags to lay on our graves.

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  1. “keep in mind Gohmert is a Texas Republican so cut him some slack”
    I realize this was written with tongue-in-cheek, but no. No slack. It is long past time to hold these creatures of the night wholly responsible for everything that they do or say.

    They believe in the righteousness of everything they say or do, and they are nominally adults, so no, no more slack.

  2. Here’s a conundrum I pose to ‘Christians’ when they proselytize me.

    Per the bible Jews are god’s chosen and are guaranteed a place in heaven. The bible states that the only way to get into heaven is to accept Jesus as savior. Jews do not believe Jesus was the savior, they’re still waiting. How is it that Jews can get into heaven?

    There is some risk. I had a friend who became an Evangelical. When he brought up religion and why I didn’t believe, I posed my conundrum to him. His response was that he’d need to ask his preacher. That was three years ago. We are no longer friends, by his choice. I’d know him about ten years and was in his wedding, when he belonged to a more accepting religion.

  3. And it was on Fox that viewers were told, “not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims.”
    Hraf, there is the crux of the matter. We all know that Fox is an arm of the right-wing propaganda machine, thus they aren’t likely to admit that there is such a thing as a domestic right-wing terrorist.
    From a certain viewpoint, one of proaction and reaction, they shouldn’t be considered terrorists, because this gives them and their belief system a certain legitimacy – they are nothing more than vicious criminals, and need to be dealt with as such.
    Historically, there is some type of pattern that can be discerned concerning “domestic terrorism” by those in opposition to the party in power – I can remember the left-wing extremists ( the SDS, the SLA, the Weather Underground, the Black Panthers, etc.) from the late ’60’s and ’70’s, when Nixon was President and the Vietnam War was raging, but I don’t recall them having their own television network.

  4. A congressional hearing is no place to argue the tennants of a religion. Gohmert is as guily of violating the first ammendment as if he were to deny a person’s right to free speech or freedom of religion. Religion belongs in a house of worship, not the Capitol.

  5. Gohmert considers himself to be a forward recon scout for the dominionists in their war on the America – whenever they accuse anyone who doesn’t believe as they do of such things as “abolishing the First Amendment”, it’s nothing more than projection, because that’s how they feel.
    A thief is always worried about someone stealing from him…..

  6. Even christians should be afraid of this kind of thinking. There is a variety of ‘christian’ religions and it appears that if you do not believe exactly what ‘they’ believe, are you damned by them too.

    I’m sure they will get around to condemning catholics in the near future, but right now, they need their support.

  7. Its one thing for this idiot to go off on religion, its quite another to do it in the execution of his position as a representative. If we had a real speaker of the house this should have been stopped immediately. But sadly we have no one in that position. Ghoulmerts religion needs to be kept out of his job

  8. Wrong. Republicans are not to blame.


    Oh…and the moronic sheep who follow them, are part of them, who vote for them and in any way are associated with them.

    Don’t stone homosexuals. Stone Democrats and Republicans!

  9. What does he think of people who claim to be Christian, but who condemn people with the values demonstrated in the scriptures that Jesus Christ had?

  10. In light of the recent shootings in Las Vegas and Atlanta, I’m waiting to see how the shooting last night at a Catholic church in Phoenix turns out…..one priest has already died from gunshot wounds, another in critical condition.

  11. Since the religious right doesn’t believe in what Jesus asked of us, they will be the first to enter hell. I hope it happens tomorrow or maybe Saturday…

  12. Maybe we should make a rule that says the first time God is brought into the governing process by a politician – that he no longer gets to speak. He can leave the premises, go to church and discuss God with his fellow parishoners and leave governing to the people who understand that god and politics do not go together.

  13. It’s not so much that God and politics don’t go together, it’s that religion and politics don’t go together – God isn’t the problem, religion is.

  14. During the 2009 Presidential election in Uruguay, one of the candidates mentioned “God” in a speech. He was roundly chastised as it’s a secular country.

  15. I’m sure the 10 Jews and 1 Buddhist in the Senate are thrilled to hear that their colleague says they are going to hell

  16. I wonder haw many are agnostic or atheist? I know Barney Frank came out the other day and said he was an atheist but that’s the kiss of death running for office so he kept his mouth shut and this was Mass. we are talking about

  17. Ok Dave, show me one, just one Democrat or Liberal who has spewed this religious radical crap!? NO DAVE!! It is the Republican/Conservative Christians who are the ones. Your a coward or stupid for not placing blame where it belongs.

  18. I’m pretty sure that Jesus told us not to pass judgment on one another! Does Louie ever read his Bible, or does he just use it as a prop, to thump every time he wants to convey an air of false patriotism, and godliness????

  19. If Gohmert is correct (and we all know these good, pious god-fearing christians are never wrong), the prophets (like Abraham, Moses and Noah) are all in hell.

    In fact, in Gohmert’s view, every man, woman and child whoever breathed before Jesus was born is in hell.

  20. There were people living in Britain well before 2000 years ago. People living here almost 25,000 years ago. They must have been flushed

  21. I’m having a BIG problem with this.
    If I’m not mistaken, these ‘folks’
    are ’employees’ of the United States
    Government, right? I’ve been an ’employee’
    most of my life. As an employee, there
    are certain rules.
    For example, I worked as a Casino Pit Boss.
    If a Played asked me if I gamble I COULD
    have said “OMG NO! I’m not STUPID! I work too hard for my money to give it to a Casino!!” That’s my right, I could have said it all. The Casino would also have the right to fire my AZZ!
    These folks work for US as well.
    When they start saying Bat Sh*t Crazy
    things like this, there must be some way, other than having to pay them ’till
    another election rolls around, to #FireEmAll. It’s glaringly apparent he’s
    unfit to serve! We have to come up with some remedy for this. Freedom of speech only goes so far…………..

  22. If this man really believed in Jesus, he wouldn’t say and do such ungodly things to the poor and working people of this Nation nor would he worship the rich. Just because someone professes to be a Christian, doesn’t me that he is one. Christians,after salvation, are called to do good works.

  23. ummm… I think Gomer is just warning everyone that they’re all going to spend eternity in a very hot place, or a very cold place depending on which circle of Hell one is stuck in, with Gomer as the Maitre’D and MC…

    misery loves company and he’s clearly a pretty miserable person…


  25. Louie: not your f’ing problem! Either we are in the Land of the Free or we are not. You don’t get to dictate what other people believe in.

    Louie, by the way, go f*ck yourself.

  26. The likely replacement for Cantor is also a “dominionist” – Brat’s basic “economic” thesis is that one must be and a nation must be fundamentalist Protestant to be successful (read what he wrote as a thesis if you think I am making it up) Brat’s “economic” theory is equally as sound as Herman Cain’s 9 9 9 plan. I shed no tears for Cantor – but the Brat/Gohmert caucus can only be good for two people – Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert.

    Wonder if Brat has tenure???? I would bet on it. Just one more point of the absurdity of the situation.

  27. As Gohmert was badgering Pastor Lynne about whether people would or would not go to heaven based on their belief in Christianity, he forgot the most important thing–the decision as to who ends up in heaven is not his or any other person’s to make. According to the Christian Bible, the decision is entirely left to God. It always pisses me off seeing alleged Christians who are constantly trying to usurp God’s power. Whenever I see them doing it, it always makes me wonder whether they believe that God controls everything the way they claim he does.

  28. So, Gohmert, now you’re a “theologian”! What you claim to be “gospel” is not true.

    So quit “putting” words in Jesus’ mouth that he never said.

    Jesus was talking about TRANSFORMATION not hell.

    America was deliberately formed as a secular nation by our Founders and it will stay that way!

    We the people will not put up with your or any others’ extremist and ideological agenda! So don’t try to shove your beliefs down everyone’s throat. They aren’t ours!

    Get educated, stop judging and stop spreading false propaganda.

  29. good piece. one note…it is not a ‘Gladsen’ flag, it’s a ‘Gadsden flag.’ originally the ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ banner was used by Pennsylvania and Virginia troops as a battle flag in the Revolutionary War. I don’t know for sure, but since there was a ‘Gadsden Purchase’ (which added to the extreme south of the now states of NM and AZ) I’m guessing the banner may have been carried by US Army units in the Mexican War (1845-47). you can wiki it as easy as I could to know for sure…

  30. I played soccer with Jesus and admired his skills. He didn’t speak English very well, but was getting better at it. I had no idea I would go to heaven just because I was nice to him. Most people in school didn’t know him. Hope it’s not too late for a “meet and greet” party.

  31. I am a Unitarian Universalist and we do not believe in Hell, in the way orthodox Christians see it. But if the choice were between hell and the Jesus Crusty the Canadian Clown Cruz and his father believe in, I would choose hell.

  32. “Athiests are the most evil folks on the planet. They should come to Jesus or be shoved aside.” Louis Gohmert

    In cattle cars? You ignorant violent inbred Chisto Fascist pig.

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