John McCain Predictably Blames Obama For Iraq Violence And Calls For Widespread Firings

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During an interview on Morning Joe Friday morning, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) predictably placed the recent flare-up of ethnic violence in Iraq at the President’s feet. The Senator claimed during the interview that the Iraq War had been won by the United States, but President Obama screwed up the victory by pulling out troops in 2011. Per McCain’s logic, the United States should have kept a residual force in Iraq indefinitely, mainly to secure the America’s ‘victory’ there. McCain also stated that the United States should have an indefinite presence in Afghanistan. Finally, Sen. McCain called for the entire national security team in the Obama Administration to be fired.

Below is video of McCain’s interview, courtesy of MSNBC:



Obviously, if you are going to have McCain on your show, you know he is going to blame anything and everything on President Obama and then claim that the answer to any problem is more boots on the ground. In this instance, a smug and condescending McCain constantly pointed out that “we had won the war,” but it was that darn Obama and his promise to not keep our troops in the country forever that screwed it all up. McCain constantly insulted the members of the show’s panel that asked him questions, namely Mike Brzezinski and the Huffington Post’s Sam Stein (thankfully, Joe Scarborough wasn’t on set) for having the temerity to ask him if he was advocating for indefinite troop presence in the Middle East and what exactly he meant by victory in a war.

The most pointed exchange was between Stein and McCain. After McCain had gone round and round with Mika, claiming multiple times that we won the war in Iraq but that we should have kept a “residual force” there, Stein followed up with a few questions. Stein wanted to know McCain’s definition of victory. He also pointed out to McCain that the United States trained and propped up a large Iraqi army, investing $25 billion into the Iraqi government’s military force. Essentially, shouldn’t the Iraq government, with a much larger military force than that of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) insurgents,  be responsible for the security of their own nation at this point? Considering the large investment made by the US into the new government’s infrastructure, and the insistence from Iraq that American troops eventually leave, should the President have still kept a large American presence in the country with no end date?

Instead of answering the legitimate and tough questions from Stein with thoughtfulness, McCain sneered at Stein and called him “confused” and proceeded to rattle off the same tripe that he had just unloaded on Mika minutes before. Essentially, in McCain world, American troops need to be in every corner of the world ensuring ‘peace.’ We need to start wars and never let them end. McCain brought up that the US has troops stationed in Japan, Korea and Bosnia, so it makes absolute sense for there to be a continued military presence in Iraq. (You have to love how he conveniently left out Vietnam.)

Of course, those are all vastly different situations than Iraq. With Japan, they were defeated in World War II. Per the treaty they signed, they are no longer allowed to maintain a military. With China, North Korea and Russia all within close proximity, and Japan becoming a trusted ally, it has been imperative to have military bases there. As for Korea, the United States was involved in the Korean War there in the 1950s. The result of the war was a division of the peninsula between two factions that are still at odds with each other. To assist our ally South Korea, American troops are stationed there. Finally, with Bosnia, the mission was organized by NATO. Due to it being an international peacekeeping mission, the United States has committed a certain number of troops to assist with finding war criminals and maintaining stability.

In regards to Iraq, an agreement was reached in 2008, prior to Obama being sworn in as President, that American forces would permanently leave by the end of 2011. McCain knows this, he knows that this agreement was waiting for Obama when he stepped into office, yet he continues to blame the President for losing the victory or something. The fact is, the United States agreed to build and prop up the current Iraqi government and military force. This cost the United States $25 billion and was supposed to allow Iraq to become self-sufficient. Anything that occurred in the country after our departure was on the current Iraq government and its military force.

The thing is, there is a lot of upheaval in the Middle East now, and it likely will continue for decades, if not longer. American intervention is not going to make things peaceful there. Obviously, our large-scale military operations in both Iraq and Afghanistan helped create the increased turmoil to begin with. By starting a war in Iraq, we basically destabilized the region. The same goes for the ongoing war in Afghanistan. McCain thinks the only way to fix the broken pieces created by our wars of choice is to have a large military presence in the area forever.

The fact that McCain ended the interview by calling for the firing of every member of Obama’s national security team shows the real impetus behind this latest temper tantrum from grumpy John. The man is still bitter about losing to Obama in 2008. He can’t let it go. Therefore, any upheaval in the world, McCain will claim it was totally preventable if Obama would have just been on the ball and ready to send troops. He is constantly going on TV and claiming that he ‘predicted’ such and such outcome. He is nothing but an angry man who feels that he was denied his opportunity to be President. However, based on the fact that he would have committed the United States to endless military intervention across the globe, we should all be very glad he got trounced in 2008.

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  1. I watched the interview with this goober this morning. He was trying to pick a fight and kept pointing to 2011 and how he was responsible for Rumsfeld being fired.

    He isn’t even coherent anymore. They need to find him a bed in one of those VA homes.

    As far as Iraq goes, when you drop your weapons, take off your uniforms, and run from the enemy. I say you’re on your own.

    One last side note; How desperate is MSNBC? They are airing Koch Industries commercials now. Seriously?

  2. Senile old coot. Can you imagine where we’d be today if he and Palin had won in ’08? It makes me shudder.

  3. Hubris often indicates a loss of contact with reality. Sen McCain has long been the personification of Hubris.

    October 18, 2001 McCain links anthrax threats in U.S. to Iraq. WRONG!
    March 13, 2002 McCain predicts that in Post War Iraq will be grateful to the U.S. for its role as liberator. WRONG!

    February 21, 2003 McCain explains how Iraq will pay for its post war recovery and development and will require no U.S. aid. The war will be brief with very limited U.S. losses and it will be conclusive. And Hannity confidently backs him up WRONG!

    April 23, 2003 McCain claims that the Sunnis and the Shias have no history of conflict in Syria and will be able to get along in the post war. WRONG!

    Why are we still giving the time of day to this blood gurgling psychopath?

  4. McCain sees himself as a wise elder statesman, while the lucid ones among us see who he really is – a soured loser. Imagine if he had been President, with his VP the bird brained Palin. The country would be in worse shape now than ever before. McCain is a shining example of why term limits should be imposed. The Sunday propaganda shows will feature little Johnny, and Ms. Lindsey, all rattled, and ready to hurl insults at the President. None of the so-called “journalists” will correct anything they say, just nod in agreement as usual,

  5. McCain and Karl Rove and Cheney should go on tour since they all share the same benighted view of history and causation plus an insane inability to apply facts to a situation. Nothing McCain says makes a positive impression on me and his constant whining and blaming of Obama is far beyond tiresome.

  6. Fareed Zakaria: Who lost Iraq? The Iraqis did, with an assist from George W. Bush

    Key passage:But how did Maliki come to be prime minister of Iraq? He was the product of a series of momentous decisions made by the Bush administration. Having invaded Iraq with a small force — what the expertTom Ricks called “the worst war plan in American history” — the administration needed to find local allies. It quickly decided to destroy Iraq’s Sunni ruling establishment and empower the hard-line Shiite religious parties that had opposed Saddam Hussein. This meant that a structure of Sunni power that had been in the area for centuries collapsed. These moves — to disband the army, dismantle the bureaucracy and purge Sunnis in general — might have been more consequential than the invasion itself.

  7. Nice try, Senator Songbird. Do try to sweep the FIASCO of Jethro Bush…you remember MISSION ACCOMPLISHED….under the rug dip stick.

  8. We have to give the American public credit. For all their foibles and loonies, when it came to a choice between Pres. Obama and John ‘Where’s my drool bucket?” McCain, and Yukon Wilma…they chose Pres. Obama. And then, again in 2012. Makes me think we’re going to be OK.

  9. Dude go away….You are not even relevant anymore….He is a NON FREAKIN FACTOR IN THE GOVERNMENT TODAY!!!! So why are they interviewing him anyway….Hey McCain it is very unbecoming of an elder man to do this much whining….If your not happy Go Fishing man!!! It works for me…IMJS

  10. This from the man that promised “I know where Bin Laden is, I know how to kill him, but I’ll only tell you if you vote for me.”
    Don’t try to tell me he cares the tiniest bit about this country or any other.

  11. Hold up!! Did he said he got Rumsfeld fired in 2011? And the trolls wonder why I call them idiots. I am done!

  12. I listened to a Vietnam vet speak the other day about his experiences there. I live in the South so his use of the word “gook” was uncomfortable if not unexpected. He is 45 years later still angry that his unit would move from one place to another, expecting the S. Vietnamese to be there waiting and to work beside them only to find that they were gone and would not stay. He’s still angry that when they left Vietnam that the S. Vietnamese “put their guns down and gave up.”

    I remember Vietnam. I don’t remember Korea. Of COURSE I remember both Iraqi wars. I know enough to know that these are all civil wars. I think our involvement only delayed the inevitable outcomes. Why are none of these people angry that we went in the first place? Could it be the money their campaigns and their Lobbying firms get from military contracts? Why are they not as ready to throw money at the problems that Vets have when they come home as they are to throw money at the Middle East?

  13. His rudeness nails it again
    The Bottomless Iraq Sinkhole Do you feel it? Do you have that sense of vertigo and nausea, all the way from gut to your ‘nads? As you hear the names chiming in the news like a roll call of shame – Mosul, Tikrit, Kirkuk – a chant of our national doom? The breakdown of Iraq is something that anyone with any sense knew was inevitable once we removed Saddam Hussein, the bottom peg of the Jenga game that is that nation. We predicted civil war and, goddamnit, it was gonna happen. There was no policy that was going to maintain order in that f*cked-beyond-f*cked country except for eternal occupation by the United States – oh, sorry – coalition of the willing or whatever the f*ck we called it. Once more, Barack Obama’s presidency is swallowed and squandered by the devastated landscape George W. Bush left behind. – See more at:

  14. Those kochsucker commercials are all over cnn too. Seriously? They should be as effective for pr as the ones from the petroleum institute.

  15. @djchefron, yup that’s what he said. McCain said he went to Bush and told him to fire Rummy because he wasn’t handling the war right. I guess he was the Yoda of the Bush Administration.

  16. This from the war monger whose foreign policy advisor during the 2008 POTUS campaign convinced McCain to call for U.S. military engagement against Russia due to its border dispute with Georgia … all while this same advisor was serving as a paid consultant for the Georgian government.

  17. If anybody needs to be fired it’s John McHate. He’s overstayed his welcome far too long and is now just another angry old white guy. One can easily see how he ended up in the bottom of his class… he’s really ignorant! Or the dementia is getting worse.

  18. This may make me a bad person in some of your eyes, but I wish this War Pig would just friggin’ die.

  19. All of the conflicts of the 1900’s into and including our present problems all stemmed from 1919 and the flawed Treaty of Versailles. Let Ol’ Johnny wrap his mind around that reality.

  20. I wonder do they ever scratch their asses, err I mean head and ask themselves of all the regions on Earth why is this the only one with straight lines for borders?

  21. No, no tour for those three. They need to go home, shut the door, and never be seen nor heard from again. Other than that, I agree with your post completely.

  22. If our “victory” depended on leaving an army of occupation in the country perpetually, then we never “won.”

  23. On Morning Joe this AM he kept saying that we had won the war in Iraq…we won nothing…Mission Accomplished?

    The Middle East was relatively calm until the 1950’s – we helped overthrow two democratically elected governments in Iraq and Iran. In the 1960’s and ’70’s, we were obssessing about Vietnam, and meddling in the Arab Israeli wars. In the 1980’s, Saint Ronald was elected following hostage taking in Iran, then he let a number of American soldiers be ambushed in Lebanon, so he pulled out of there. Reagan also started funding this Saudi guy – named Bin Laden I believe, to meddle in the Afghan-Russian conflict. Reagan also sent a lot of money and arms and chemical weapons to Iraq so they would fight Iran for us.Iraq used the chemicals against their own people. In the 1990’s, the Iraq war under Bush I. Neocons wanted more, but had to wait to 2000’s – Bush II.

    We have destablized the entire region after decades of meddling – under GOP administrations.

  24. Pay? Are you nuts. See, when we have trickle down with more tax cuts for the rich the war will pay for itself. Sheesh, after all these years you would think we believe in unicorns shitting golden turds. That’s the republican economic plan for everything.

  25. The press invites him every week. The media in this country is lazy and looking for easy ratings – The public is dumb and tunes in.

    Reminds me of the movie “Network”.

  26. Wasn’t expecting them to pay…it was a rhetorical question… Just saying – in my world – no more wars until we pay off the last one…

    Since that won’t ever be proposed by the GOP or the Tea Party, no risk of ever going back to war…???? Actually I’m a realist and know better.

    Remember when the GOP used to be known as the party of fiscal responsibility? Pre-Reagan….

  27. McCain’s also a great example of why there should be no “legacy” places in the nation’s military academies or colleges and universities. He was too dumb for any form of higher education, just like the dimwit he chose as his running mate. Imagine McCain and Palin trying together to replace a lightbulb!

  28. I want to start a ‘and then what’ requirement for all smart critics. You get to say your snarky things but you have to follow it up with real plans. So John McCain, who do we bomb, then what do we do?

  29. Read this comment over at Kos and had to share H/T endith . It was on McCains next race
    Maybe he could run…
    …for Condo president at whatever retirement community his wife ships him off to. I can hear him now…

    “Those of us here at Shakey Meadows cannot afford to wait for Trembling Hills to attack. We don’t want the smoking gun to come in the form of a bottle of Ensure. We must hit them first on the shuffleboard court, then…What? Okay…we’ll pick this up again right after nap time.”

  30. Thank you for bringing that up because it’s really a major point that a lot of people don’t know about.

    After WW1, the Middle East was sliced up into neat parcels… Irregardless of tribal or historical significance.

    After WW2, the same thing happened all over Africa… again.

    The impression of colonialism or even imperialism is at the core of all our woes now…. Republicans are all-in on that…

    We didn’t start it but we haven’t done anything to change or fix it… it’s getting worse and worse and it scares everybody more and more every day… that’s the problem.

    I love my country, I served my country, I will always be proudly American and Democrat….

    All you republicans and teabag-shitholes GFYs

  31. Hey McBush, put the blame where it REALLY belongs … on the Bush-Cheney administration for invading Iraq and further adding to destabling the Middle East with a lie!

    You lost the 2008 election and are still spewing sour grapes. Get over it!

  32. Since little Johnnies, haphazard at best, pick of the half governor……I personally think he is suffering from some serious PTSD. Either that, or McCain has turned into a stark, raving, lunatic and should be taken to a facility, to help him. Oh wait, he defunded those types of facilities. Hmnmmmm

  33. Hey McGrumpy, pipe down. We don’t need any war mongering out of you right now. You’re a war mongering lunatic, we know that, shut up.

  34. MSNBC is pretty desperate being they’re behind CNN in ratings… DEAD LAST… Maybe they should stop their race baiting and spewing hate people just might watch them and they just might pull ahead of CNN

  35. He’s a legend in his own mind. He’s loosing that too,he acts and talks like a senile old man,which he is. Easy money for hacking and spewing your nonsense.

  36. Here is McCain’s daily memo:
    Oppose Obama, It’s Obama’s fault. Let’s go to War, Now! It don’t matter with who, let’s just do it!

  37. McCain lost his credibility when he accepted “bird-brained” Sarah Palin for his VP running mate. Enough said.
    Now he want’s us to believe that “we” won the war in Iraq! Then he discredits Obama’s decision to accept Maliki’s decision to NOT keep American troops in Iraq (signed off by Bush, mind you)…McCain as President would have started WWIII, starting with the whole Middle East and including Russia…I really believe he woulda’. The man is a bit unstable if you ask me. Time for him to be retired and joined with that other war mongerer: CHENEY.

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